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The signboard with the word “Night” shone brightly in the dark night.

Si Huang didn’t go to the front door, but to the back door. There were not many people in the dark alley, and Si Huang always filtered out those sticky and ambiguous voices. She just walked to the back door of Night, but there was a man dressed in hip-hop style clothes standing there. When he looked up and saw Si Huang, he frowned and said impatiently, “Why are you only coming here now, do you know how much my time is worth! Forget it! Now, take it, the time is up, I’ve already told the manager, it’s up to you if you can seize the opportunity.”

Seeing the man throw the guitar in his hand, Si Huang caught it.

“Let’s go! Why are you standing there!”

Si Huang: “…” He probably understood what she was here about.

She pressed the hat on her head, the brim of the hat covered most of her face, and the corners of her mouth drew a shallow arc, following the man’s footsteps.

The man… was Zhou Li who had been stunned for a moment, thinking: This kid is really good-looking, just by looking at his chin and mouth, I can tell he is a handsome guy.

Further, he couldn’t help but look nostalgically on the shadow covered by the brim of the hat and think: If the whole face is so good-looking, as long as the singing is not particularly bad, he will not be left behind.

There were two worlds: one inside and the other outside of Night. The quieter the outside was, the livelier the inside. It was no exaggeration to say that it was like ghost crying and a wolf howling.

The dynamic music suddenly disappeared, and the people below immediately howled:

“What’s going on? It’s stuck? Hahahaha!”

“Is A Li going to play?”

“A Li! A Li!”

The women’s screams overshadowed the men’s complaints.

The lights on the stage were lit without any opening remarks, and Si Huang in the dark was pushed onto the stage by Zhou Li.

If it was the first time for an average young man to experience this kind of situation, he would probably be nervous, and wonder why no one gave him a warm-up.

Zhou Li also had a bad heart, but then he saw Si Huang walking towards the stage. He was tall and straight, with straight and slender legs, and his aura spread invisibly. Why wasn’t he nervous?

When Si Huang, dressed in black casual attire, stepped onto the stage and sat on the high chair, the voices calling for Zhou Li from below also stopped, and the remaining sounds were all doubtful.


“Looks good, these legs are really good.”

“Hey! Singer, take off the hat!”

Si Huang raised her chin, and found that this was the best observation point, where she could see the people below clearly, making it easier for her to find someone.

[Your Majesty, are you going to earn a lot of faith value again? 】 Five Treasure God’s cheerful voice sounded in his mind.

From Five Treasure God’s point of view, the last time Si Huang earned a lot of Faith was when she performed in front of the public.

“Yeah.” Si Huang chuckled lightly, killing two birds with one stone was also good.

Her voice was transmitted through the microphone, low, mellow, lazy, and casually gorgeous, perhaps because of the incorrect rendering of the scene, it made people feel that it should be a gorgeous voice that was aloof, but it was also full of color and anger which was enough to make one’s heart go numb.

“Fuck! My ears are going to be pregnant!” A feminine man’s scream resounded throughout the audience.

Si Huang was startled, but before the scene became chaotic, her slender fingers plucked the strings.

She knew how to play most of the modern musical instruments, but she was best at the piano. In others, she could only be said to be better than an amateur.

Soft music sounded.

It was not the explosive songs and music that catered to the occasion, but it was soothing and a little gloomy.

Most people knew that healing music could also be said to be the most depressing, and the songs of sadness also represented deep feelings.

Si Huang sang an English song, and the moment she opened her mouth, most of them showed surprised expressions. This pure accent paired with her unique voice was really amazing.

There were also many people who had heard this song and knew the story behind it. This was a sad love song. To be more precise, the original singer of this song expressed his own freedom through the song. The lyrics told that his girlfriend betrayed him, so he also decided to forget her, and told himself and everyone that such a woman was not worthy of being sad for, and he was better off without her.

From the time it first came out, it had been used countless times by broken and romantic people to satirize their lover’s betrayal.

However, such a malicious song, sung by Si Huang in a soft and hoarse tone, made everyone who heard it feel a feeling of being deeply loved, a kind of grief, and envy and anger at the unhappy ‘girlfriend’.

Ahh…he must have loved that woman so much, even singing ‘It’s all over! Let it all tear like a gust of wind! ‘, they could still feel it. What was more intense than the irony was his helplessness. He was so suppressed that he sang these words with a hoarse voice.

The audience fell silent, everyone’s ears were captured by the voice, and everyone’s eyes were inseparable from the soulful singer on the stage.

Due to the height and light, even though the hat covered half of his face, but the pair of squinted eyes in the dimness were so bright that one could not ignore it. They couldn’t see his complete face clearly, but he still showed a twelve-point beauty and mystery, especially those eyes, everyone who looked at him felt that he was looking at them as he poured out the endless deep feeling from his singing.

‘How nice if this man loved him! I will never betray him!’ How many people suddenly had this idea in their hearts, not only women, but even men.    

Si Huang didn’t know the inner thoughts of this group of people and didn’t pay attention to the happy voice of Five Treasure God in her mind. The reason why she didn’t close her eyes was to find the figure she was looking for. With the help of her strengthened five senses, she finally found her prey among the densely packed heads.

The corners of her mouth twitched.

The lights were on, the guitar was sounding, and the chorus was here again.

And everyone who caught this smile felt their heartbeat tighten.

The taste was too indescribable, it could also be said that it was too tasteful, but it made people not know how to describe it.

“Ah–! I’m going to be your girlfriend!” She didn’t know which woman’s crazy screams were inserted in the middle of the song.

It was followed by a series of screams of “Aaaaaaah”, both male and female. She could even hear the choked sobbing and shouting in this voice: “Male God, don’t be sad! Her betrayal of you is definitely the biggest loss in her life!”

No matter how crazy everything below the stage was, Si Huang on the stage was not affected, and the soprano of the sub-high was sung by her with ease.    

This was such a huge contrast from the beginning where the few people were quiet because of the surprise, but once the singing started, they could feel Si Huang’s performance with all five senses, and they felt that all this was so natural—this underage boy had something on his body. A natural and powerful aura that could make people crazy for him!    

Seeing that the song was about to end, Xia Qitong, who was in the dark, took back his deep eyes and said to the manager beside him, “Sign him.”

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