TBVSR Ch. 31.1: Acknowledgement

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After coming out of the art class, Jiang Yu didn’t speak.

Qiu Li followed her slowly, with his head lowered as he stepped on her shadow.

At the intersection of a traffic light, Jiang Yu stopped, took out the pair of VCI ballet shoes from her schoolbag, and handed them to Qiu Li.

“That night, after I called you…you brought over the shoes in less than twenty minutes.” Jiang Yu looked at him and asked calmly, “Where were you then?”

“Do you doubt me?”

“That’s right, I doubt you.”

Jiang Yu looked at the boy’s unruly face and asked: “Aunt Zhou, did you ask her to cut my shoes?”

Qiu Li smiled, as if it didn’t matter. He replied easily: “So what if it was me?”

“So what? Why did you do this!” Jiang Yu asked him inexplicably: “You took so much trouble just to make me wear your shoes?”

“You think Lao Tzu’s money is not clean. If I didn’t do this, would you have come to me for help? Look at how bad your shoes were, how many people were laughing at you behind your back, couldn’t you hear them.”

“No matter how bad the shoes were, they were the shoes I bought with my hard earned money.” Jiang Yu’s eyes were a little disappointed: “I didn’t take notice of the ridicule of others, because to me, those fundamental things are not important.”

“I am not you. It may not be important to you, but it’s important to me.”

The smile in Qiu Li’s eyes became colder and colder: “That’s right, if you weren’t desperate, would you see me?”

When he said this, he himself became the one who was at a loss.

Although she was mentally prepared, Qiu Li was clearly a murderer with no bottom line after all, and she should not look at him with the thinking and vision of a normal person.

However, after getting along for such a long time, she knew he was clearly just a boy who was a little withdrawn but had a good heart.

Even Jiang Yu gradually began to have a good impression of him. She really didn’t expect that he would do such a thing.

And he didn’t feel that his actions were wrong.

“Bribing, calculating, even intimidating… Qiu Li, do you think this is normal, is this your usual style of behaviour?”

“My style is to want to treat you…”

His incomplete self-esteem made him unable to say “yes”, so he finally looked away, and sneered lightly: “Forget it.”

There was nothing to say.

Jiang Yu didn’t plan to let it go easily: “Qiu Li, you should apologize to me.”

“I should apologize, just because I don’t want you to be laughed at?”

“No, because you bought someone to cut my shoes. You did something wrong.”

“What kind of moral model are you?” Qiu Li looked at her and smiled sarcastically: “You are too honest, girlfriend.”

Jiang Yu was not a moral model, just a pair of shoes, she didn’t need too much brooding. But if she couldn’t change Qiu Li’s mind, then her mission would never be accomplished.

In order to achieve the goal, she had to do whatever she could, or Qiu Li would definitely make bigger mistakes in the future.

Because of this, she must make him realize the seriousness of the matter, “You apologize, and it will be over.”

“I won’t.”

Qiu Li’s rebellious character was beyond agitated, he would never feel sorry by himself. He would never feel that he had done something wrong and would never apologize.

“Okay, if you don’t apologize, don’t call me girlfriend.”

Threatening with “break up” seemed a little silly, but this was the only tie between Jiang Yu and Qiu Li.

Qiu Li’s eyes darkened, and he became more and more frivolous: “You want to break up with me just for a pair of shoes?”

“Is there any difference? Conspiracy and calculation, what am I in your eyes?”

A pale smile appeared on the corners of his mouth, and his voice was hoarse: “In Xiao Yu’s heart, what am I?”

The next day , Jiang Yu found Wu Silin, and then went with her to Lin Quwen’s office of the Lingque Art Class to clarify the truth of the matter.

Although Wu Silin had a motive, she didn’t do it after all.

The punishment of dropping out for her was too severe.

After Lin Quwen learned the truth, she finally decided to let Wu Silin go home to reflect on her mistakes for two months, and then return to the art class to continue her ballet studies.

As for Aunt Zhou, considering that she did receive money, although there was an element of being threatened, her salary was deducted for half a month, and it was settled at this time.

When she came out of the office, Wu Silin looked a little embarrassed and asked Jiang Yu hesitantly: “Why did you do this?”


“Don’t you hate me, why did you speak for me? If I left the Lingque Art Class, isn’t it in your favour?”

“Some seemingly trivial mistakes will even affect your future life. And not everyone has the chance to regret.”

Jiang Yu looked at Wu Silin and said lightly: “I hate you, but it’s not so deep that I would want to affect your future.”

Wu Silin listened to Jiang Yu’s words, feeling more and more apologetic, she bowed deeply to her, and sincerely apologized: “I’m sorry, Jiang Yu, because I bullied you before. I hope you will forgive me. If there is some use for me in the future, you can ask anything, and I will do my best to help you!”

Jiang Yu knew that Wu Silin said this from the bottom of her heart, so she gladly accepted her apology.

Past grievances had been eliminated.

Soon, the [Knowledge] app sent a message that [Lin]’s entrusted task was completed, and she received a reward of 24,000 yuan.

After walking out of the art center, Jiang Yu was in a good mood.

Everyone had the opportunity to start over when they did something wrong. How precious.

Jiang Yu began to understand the importance of [Knowing], and gradually understood the importance of what she did.

If she could use her own efforts, through the mirror of time and space, to leverage the fate of some people in the future, so they won’t have to be reborn, and they could resolve their regrets.

What a rare thing this was.

This was true for Wu Silin, and the same was true for Qiu Li.

Two days later, Jiang Yu sent Qiu Li a text message, wanting to ask him to have a good talk.

After waiting for a while, there was no reply.

That guy, Qiu Li, had a bad temper. When he was good to you, he was good to the core but he could freeze you to death when he was cold.

Jiang Yu couldn’t wait for his reply, so she went straight to the Shuixitai community and knocked on the door of his house.

But it happened that when the elevator door opened, Jiang Yu saw a man in a jacket knocking on his door.

“Are you looking for Qiu Li?” The man in the jacket looked back at Jiang Yu and nodded: “Who are you?”

“I’m… his classmate.”

“Girlfriend.” he said: “Then you help me tell him that next time he is short of money, remember to come to me, he is now a ‘star player’ in our field, how many people are waiting!”

“What field?”

“Fighting arena.” The man in the jacket lit a cigarette, and his eyes lingered on Jiang Yu: “It’s no wonder, such a beautiful girlfriend can’t be raised without a little blood.”

Jiang Yu hurriedly asked: “He has worked there with you? What does he do?”

“Being a human meat bun.” The man in the jacket walked into the elevator slowly: “This guy’s bones are very hard, even if his head is bleeding, he still hums with eyes like wolf cubs, so he is very popular with customers.”

“Ding”, the elevator door closed, and the corridor suddenly became quiet.

Jiang Yu understood, that pair of expensive VCI ballet shoes… he didn’t steal it or swindle it, it was him who went to the fight arena for others to vent at, and was beaten…

No wonder she saw him covered with injuries that day, and he ran away when he saw her; no wonder that every time she asked about this, he would be vague and avoid answering, preferring to let her misunderstand…

The most difficult debt in the world was not a high amount of money, but an unrequited sincerity.

Jiang Yu’s whole body was completely cold. She squatted on the ground against the wall, hugging her knees, and her body couldn’t help twitching.

She was so sad, she really didn’t know what to do.

Qiu Li received so many punches, all over his body, just to give her a pair of ballet shoes, so that she would not be laughed at.

She was almost stepping on his flesh… when dancing on the stage.

Qiu Li loved her so much, he loved her so much, he loved her so much that he would do such crazy actions, even at the cost of all means of conspiracy…

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