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Fifth Master Lu paused for a long time. Siyu noticed that his gaze was fixed on her lips, his warm thumb rubbed her lips, as if playing with some rare antique, making her feel inexplicably hunted. It was the illusion of the viewer’s eye.

Fortunately, Xu Qingwan was a restless person. She twisted her body desperately, trying to break free from the bodyguard, shaking her neck, and shouting to Siyu, “Siyu, what are you doing? Ask your friend to let me go. We are at the premiere. It won’t be good to be seen like this…”

She completely forgot that she had moved her crooked mind first and followed Siyu all the way to here, with unclear intentions. Seizing the handle of others, she also secretly prayed that Siyu better have some ulterior secrets, so that if she got the evidence on her hands, she could use it wildly.

Now she was speaking in a high-sounding tone, as if the sneaky actions she had just done didn’t exist.

Siyu heard Xu Qingwan speak, but she was relieved. She pretended to look towards Xu Qingwan, quickly avoided Fifth Master Lu’s hand, and then pulled herself away. Only then her feeling of being stared at became a little bit weaker.

“This is not my friend. My words don’t work, Xu Qingwan, you should not beg me.” Seeing Xu Qingwan looking at her eagerly, Siyu frowned.

She was not a fool, and had learnt a lesson from what happened to Han Tiantian. Xu Qingwan followed her silently. It was already clear what she wanted to do. Siyu didn’t want to let her go so easily.

Xu Qingwan’s arms were still clamped, so she maintained a tense twisted posture. Her whole upper body was painful and numb, which made her face slightly distorted. Especially after hearing Siyu’s straightforward refusal, a trace of resentment suddenly appeared in her eyes. .

It seemed that Fifth Master Lu didn’t really notice her until then. He retracted the hand that was still on Siyu’s lips, hung to his side, and unconsciously rubbed his thumb, as if he was still reminiscing about that momentary soft touch, while the other hand slowly turned the prayer beads.

“Your words work.” The first sentence of Fifth Master Lu’s opening was for Siyu’s sake. When Siyu looked over incomprehensibly, he lowered his eyes and chuckled, not even giving Xu Qingwan a look from the corner of his eyes. “What do you want to do with her?”

Fifth Master Lu asked her? Siyu thought she had heard it wrong, but after observing, she found that Fifth Master Lu’s expression was serious. He was really asking for her opinion.

From the very beginning to the present, Siyu dared not say how much she knew about Fifth Master Lu, but one thing was absolutely certain, this man had an extraordinary desire to control, and everyone must follow his instructions to the letter, then only would he be satisfied, but as long as there was a slight deviation from the established track, he couldn’t bear it. For example, all the medicines Siyu drank were prepared by him in advance, or for the dress given to Siyu, all styles and colours were all personally selected by him. What he liked, there were many examples of people being unlucky because of disobedience in front of him.

So, when Fifth Master Lu suddenly asked her opinion, it made Siyu a little dazed. She whispered, “I, I don’t know…?”

Because Fifth Master Lu was very serious, Siyu couldn’t follow. Thinking about it seriously, she felt that Xu Qingwan was really annoying, but for her, it would be fine to keep her so far away that there was no intersection with her, and she hadn’t thought about other more excessive methods.

Looking at Siyu’s expression, Fifth Master Lu could roughly guess what the little girl was thinking, so he sighed softly in his heart, thinking she was too soft.

“Throw her out.” Fifth Master Lu didn’t wait any longer and made a decision on his own.

“Wait, Mr. Lu, no- Fifth Master Lu, listen to me, I didn’t mean it!” Xu Qingwan felt the sudden increase in the strength of her shoulders, it was so painful that she could not pretend to behave anymore, she realized that who was in front of her. This man with extraordinary temperament was not joking, she suddenly panicked, “I…I promise I won’t be like this next time…” At this moment, all her jealousy was left behind, and Xu Qingwan only knew that she could not be dragged out just like that. Outside, there were so many media reporters outside, and she would be over as soon as she went out!

Siyu suddenly remembered about Han Tiantian, and immediately said, “Wait, I have something to ask her.”

The group of black-clothed bodyguards saw that she was speaking, but did not ask, they let go of their hands very simply, and stood silently in the corner like a shadow.

“Xu Qingwan, before the preview, did you scheme against Han Tiantian?” Siyu stepped forward and frowned.

Xu Qingwan was wearing high heels and almost couldn’t stand firmly when she was let go. The hair that had been carefully made had disintegrated in the struggle just now, and her whole person looked embarrassing. She looked up at Siyu, who was wearing a long skirt and looked cold. Her eyebrows flicked, she wanted to sarcastically say something about her, but the gaze of the man behind Siyu caught her attention. It made her feel as if he was looking at a dead thing, she suddenly shrank, as if being controlled by someone, nodded, and confessed in a ghostly manner: “Yes.”

She regretted it as soon as she said it. How could she admit it?

But the look in Fifth Master Lu’s eyes was too awkward, as if she would be cut off by a thousand swords if she didn’t tell the truth… If Xu Qingwan had ever been romantically thinking of this man before, she lost all those thoughts now. Her whole person trembled involuntarily.

Regardless of Xu Qingwan’s regrets, Siyu continued to ask, “Who is the person you are scheming with, and is there any recording of Han Tiantian in his hand?”

Xu Qingwan shook her head violently this time.

Seeing her uncooperative, Siyu said in a low voice: “You tell me about that person, and I will let you go back to the meeting place. Otherwise, these people want you to disappear. It’s a very simple thing. Do you understand??”

Siyu did not want to threaten people, but in the face of a cunning person such as Xu Qingwan, only taking advantage of this opportunity to set out the point of truth from her mouth was the best option, because she was obviously very scared of Fifth Master Lu.

When Xu Qingwan heard this, she was a little shaken. After thinking about it, she still didn’t dare to continue to be stubborn, and reluctantly confessed the reporter she had called as a set up.

After getting the detailed information, Siyu planned to ask Lu Xingzhou to warn him. As soon as she took out her mobile phone, Mr. Lu frowned, “Who else do you want to call?”

He was still standing here, but this little girl had something else to do. If she don’t find him to solve it, who else would she want to find? This little girl’s courage was getting fatter and fatter.

Siyu replied naturally: “Lu Xingzhou, isn’t he the president of Huanyi? He should be familiar with the media circle. I’ll ask him if he can contact this person to retract the manuscript…”

Xu Qingwan listened carefully, feeling cold for a moment. After a while, listening to Zhou Siyu’s tone, she seemed to have a very good relationship with the president of Huan Yi. In this way…Was there any chance of overthrowing her?

Fifth Master Lu frowned more tightly. He didn’t bother to ask any more, and simply ordered his hands to do the work. By the way, he threw Xu Qingwan, who had lost her soul, back to the hall, and then stepped closer to Siyu, smiling but not smiling: “You, now think of Lu Xingzhou first in everything, huh?” The last sentence ending was lightly raised, as if smiling, but Siyu somehow heard a thick threat.

She shook her head with a strong desire to survive: “No, absolutely not, I just think it might be more convenient to find him…”

Fifth Master Lu looked at this little bunny with dodgy eyes, and he was full of anger. He searched for all kinds of rare medicine for her. He managed to fatten this girl a little bit, she was not as thin as when they first met, she was only bones when they first met, but the little girl turned her head and refused to admit it, and she contacted Lu Xingzhou much more often than him—and even when she contacted him, it was he took the initiative.

That did not work.

He put this white rabbit by his side to fatten her and keep it, not to sell it to others. Therefore, Siyu’s various behaviours of “turning her elbows out” made him feel very, very unpleasant.

Fifth Master Lu acted casually, but with his long legs, he stopped in front of Siyu, the hand holding the Buddhist beads gently lifted her chin and looked at her for a few seconds. Siyu was still immersed in doubts. At that time, the man leaned down slightly, and touched her eyelids with his lips like a dragonfly.

Siyu: “!!!”

Siyu was stunned.

What is he going to do?

This action was not a kiss at all, it was just a touch. Even though Fifth Master Lu only touched her eyelids, but this scene to Siyu was already shocking enough. This surprise even overwhelmed her impulse to vomit blood. She just stared at the man in front of her blankly, and could not speak for a long time.

Fifth Master Lu was right and confident. He didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with this kind of affection. His thumb rubbed her lips, and the cold Buddha beads fell on Siyu’s chin. It was a bit uncomfortable. Then, Fifth Master Lu coaxed her and said, “If you have any questions next time, remember not to look for someone else, eh?”

Siyu’s mind still didn’t react normally, and she didn’t listen. She just nodded numbly, not knowing what she had promised.

“Don’t be afraid.” As if able to guess Siyu’s mood, Fifth Master Lu said warmly, “It’s not interesting.” It was just a temporary stamp. He was already thinking about the little girl’s courage, afraid that it would scare her. This time he didn’t choose the wrong place, and he didn’t say anything wrong, right?

Fifth Master Lu has been in a high position for many years, and he was well versed in the principle of giving in to get something. If she stayed, he would be burnt into a ball when the little girl reacted, so he patted Siyu’s tender cheek very thoughtfully and said: “Go back, I’ll pick you up later.”

Siyu floated back to the venue like a wandering soul, a mess in her mind, she naturally did not pay attention to Fifth Master Lu’s last words and walked far away. Too bad, when she returned to her seat, she almost tripped over Han Tiantian’s outstretched feet, but even so, she still lost focus and almost fumbled and finally sat back in her seat.

At this time, the film got over. The Princess Yun He played by Siyu was already dead, and a small, suppressed cry could be heard in the venue. Fans were immersed in the film, and no one noticed Siyu’s gaffe.

Han Tiantian was also wiping her tears. After almost tripping Siyu, all her three souls and seven spirits came out of the play. She quickly held Siyu’s hand and asked, “Where did you go? Are you uncomfortable? Why were you swaying while walking?”

Taking a closer look, Han Tiantian glimpsed Siyu’s red tinted cheeks, ear tips, and the most on her pupils, especially her apricot eyes filled with water, looking as if someone bullied her and she had cried, Han Tiantian was shocked.

What’s this? Didn’t Siyu go out with Ji Lin just now? The two people had such a good relationship, it wouldn’t have been a quarrel, otherwise, why would Siyu’s face be flushed and she seemed to have cried?

Han Tiantian called out worriedly: “Siyu?”

“…I’m fine.” Siyu reflexively replied, her eyes gradually regained focus, and she was shocked, ashamed, and panicked. Her emotional look her eyes look wetter. After a few seconds, Siyu couldn’t help covering her face, pretending to be calm and useless, “No, I still can’t accept it…”

Fifth Master Lu was joking, right? Or what is the hint of this action, implying that he would find her to settle accounts again?

Siyu tried desperately to find excuses in her heart, but Han Tiantian next to her showed a surprised look and involuntarily started to replenish her brain.

What can’t be accepted? The relationship between Siyu and Ji Lin broke down!

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