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Han Tiantian still wanted to ask more, but the film was over, and the lights in the venue were turned on. She had to put down her doubts, stay in her seat, and listen to Director Liang on stage sharing some of the funny stories from the time of filming with the fans.

“Siyu, don’t be in a daze. There will be fan interaction later. You must adjust your thoughts.” She exhorted, a little worried.

Siyu was now completely in the state of words coming in her left ear and going out her right ear[1]. She was sitting there, but her soul had long drifted away, her eyes were open and staring at the floor under her feet, she didn’t even know what Director Liang said, let alone listen when Director Liang specifically said her name, boasting that she was talented and hardworking, so when Director Liang called several leading actors on stage together, only Siyu didn’t move.

“Siyu…Siyu, it’s time for us to be on stage!” Han Tiantian walked a few steps and saw no one coming from behind. When she looked back strangely, she saw Siyu looking dazed, so she quietly pinching her slender waist, and it was then Siyu came back to her senses, “What are you thinking, Director Liang called twice, everyone is watching you.”

Ji Lin and Xu Qingwan walked to the stage as soon as possible. Now, the cheers of the fans almost overturned the roof, but they soon realized that there were fewer people, so everyone’s eyes were fixed on Siyu.

Being dragged by Han Tiantian, Siyu walked over with a little erratic footsteps. Director Liang glanced at her and saw that her complexion was not good. He thought that her old illness was resurging. When he was on the crew, Director Liang saw that the weak girl took good care of her work, so even if he saw Siyu distracted, he didn’t blame her. Instead, he covered for her:

“It seems that our Siyu is still immersed in the plot just no  and is fascinated. It’s better for everyone to comment. Come on, do you think Siyu played well?”

When the fans saw Siyu, who stood next to Ji Lin subconsciously, and Ji Lin thoughtfully vacated a hand to support her, as if he was afraid that she would not be able to stand stably. The fans immediately went crazy and shouted: “Yes— ” Some courageous girls even took out the banners they had prepared and shook them. The words “I will always love sesame and custard” were printed on it.” The few big characters were striking and very eye-catching.

The sound went higher and higher, completely awakening Siyu, she shook her head, and forced herself to throw Fifth Master Lu out of her mind.

Only Xu Qingwan stood alone at the very edge. Director Liang had said a few words when introducing her, but Ji Lin and Han Tiantian found her too annoying, so they specially distanced themselves from her, and she stood alone awkwardly. No fans supported her, and the protagonists deliberately alienated her, she was just like an outsider, so seeing the scene where fans called Siyu’s name madly, her eyes went almost red with jealousy.

Just now she was escorted back by a group of tall and strong bodyguards. Those people didn’t worry about her shouting at all. They only said indifferently, “Ms. Zhou asked you to go back and stay honestly and get acquainted with yourself” and let her go. They disappeared as quickly as they came.

When Xu Qingwan heard them talking about Zhou Siyu, their tone was unusually respectful, and the stormy waves in her heart couldn’t stop at all. If it was on the order of the Fifth Master Lu, Xu Qingwan would recognize it, because she was also very scared of him, but the bodyguards also obeyed what Zhou Siyu said… Didn’t this mean that she was actually nothing in her hands?

After changing the individual, Xu Qingwan felt that she couldn’t accept it.

However, it was the reality, and she could not help but accept it. It was true that Siyu was much more popular than her. It was also true that there is a strong backer behind her. Xu Qingwan was standing on the stage, but everyone’s eyes were on Siyu. She looked like an invisible person, so she didn’t realize that at that moment as clearly as she was now, perhaps she hadn’t paid attention to her previous calculations against Siyu at all.

Xu Qingwan’s complicated psychological activities, Siyu didn’t know at all, and didn’t care about it. After Director Liang introduced all the leading actors one by one, the next step was the lottery draw.

The number of fans who came to the preview this time was relatively small, and everyone would receive a number before entering the venue. Those who were selected could ask questions or designate actors to do something unqualified, similar to Truth and Dare. At that time, countless fans rushed to the screening because of this benefit. Those who didn’t get the draw were bitter. In the end, they official stated that the live video would be released. This calmed down the “fans’ anger.”

The first one to be drawn was a round-faced girl. She still had the unfinished buns in her hand. She looked harmless to humans and animals, but she said something astonishing: “Brother Ji, can you hold the princess, Miss Siyu, then walk around on the stage?”

This request was nothing, but Ji Lin was a little surprised. He couldn’t help asking the girl: “Why?”

The girl smiled honestly: “It’s just… I watched the movie. There were many shots of the new emperor holding up Yun He, I want to know if these shots were taken by using extras…”

Ji Lin: “…” You mean that my strength is too small and you suspect that I can’t even lift my own sister!!!

Feeling insulted, Ji Lin didn’t say anything, bent down to carry Siyu, and lifted her up with little force. Siyu was still thinking about a line to reject this request, but she was caught off guard as she was lifted up by Ji Lin.

Ji Lin seemed to think that this was not enough to remove this “allegation”, and did not stop at a simple princess hug, but lifted Siyu up and put her on his shoulders, letting her sit on his shoulders like a child. After finishing the action, Ji Lin held his sister proudly and walked around, but refused to let her go. He insisted on maintaining this posture and asked the girl who asked the question: “Is it proved now?”

Siyu was taken aback by his bold move. She didn’t know where to put her hands. In the end, she could only hold Ji Lin’s arm slightly. When so many people looked at her, she was thin-skinned and her face was almost burning: “Ah, enough is enough.”

The girl opened her mouth and nodded sharply after the reaction: “Yes, yes, Brother Ji, you are really good, and you are so stable with Siyu in your arms!” It was unexpected CP candy!

Fans present screamed frantically. Siyu could see the screen of the mobile phone flashing continuously. She felt embarrassed, and was about to tell Ji Lin to put her down. Suddenly, from the corner of her eyes, she caught a glimpse of the last row of exits. A person, wearing a pear-white Tang suit with a string of Buddhist beads in his hand, was staring at her with a slight squint. The light cast a shadow on his face, and his expression could not be distinguished from between happiness and anger.

Siyu held her breath almost instantly.

Fifth Master Lu! How long had he been standing there? The scene where Ji Lin walked around with her in a circle just now, he didn’t see all of it, right?

A sense of guilty conscience from nowhere came to Siyu’s heart. She herself didn’t know why she cared about whether she was seen by Fifth Master Lu, hurriedly climbed down from Ji Lin’s arms, a little at a loss. She quickly retracted her gaze, not daring to take a random glance over there.

Ji Lin didn’t expect Siyu to jump down suddenly, but his sister was still wearing high heels. What should he do if she got her feet twisted, so he hurriedly reached out to help, only to find that her sister had turned her side for the first time and avoided his hand.

Ji Lin: “…” He admitted that he shouldn’t lift Siyu up without saying hello, but she shouldn’t ignore him!

Siyu didn’t mean it, but when she thought of someone on the other side staring at her indifferently, she unconsciously… But then again, why should she be afraid? She didn’t do anything wrong!

Director Liang didn’t notice the undercurrent surging here, and smiled and picked the next lucky fan. After hearing her number, Liu Yu stood up slowly in disbelief. This was too lucky; she must try to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow!

Liu Yu swallowed, and under the crazy hint of the group of sesame-custard girls around her, she took the microphone handed by the staff, with a tone of excitement, she said implicitly: “I…I want to know everyone’s ideal type!”

This question cut through everything. When the fans watched the excitement, the hall immediately burst into joy, only Siyu had a slightly bitter face.

The leading actors answered one by one. Ji Lin thought for a few seconds and said honestly: “I really didn’t think about it, but it must be the same as me and treat my sister well.”

Liu Yu was excited and almost even dropped the microphone. Don’t stop, listen, what kind of affection is this between sister and brother!

Fifth Master Lu leaned against the wall, curled his lips when he heard the words, his smile was unclear. Just now, the little girl was picked up and walked around the room. After she found him, she deliberately avoided his sight, which made him very uneasy. Now he wanted to hear how Siyu would answer.

In the end, it was Siyu’s turn. Her smile had frozen. Although she did not deliberately look at Fifth Master Lu, she could still feel an indifferent gaze following her, causing her back to sweat constantly.

Ideal type, what did he want me to say, she always felt that she would suffer if she said anything casually…

The fans in the audience waited for a while, and then Siyu slowly said: “I have no special requirements. I don’t like picky eaters– ” As she said this, Siyu couldn’t help but secretly observe Fifth Master Lu’s expression. As expected, as she said, the big man’s smile deepened, and his smile made Siyu’s hair stand on end. So, she turned the conversation very wisely and said: “…I don’t really mind all of the above. Really, I think picky eaters are good.” When she said this, she felt the temperature of the line of sight nailed to her body. After saying this, she said, “I will continue to work harder, if I like someone, naturally I won’t care what he looks like.”

After finally coping with this problem, Siyu wiped her cold sweat and let out a sigh of relief in her heart. Fortunately, Fifth Master Lu was not angry… Thinking of this, she was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly reacted, no, why should she care if he was not angry or not?

The scene of Fifth Master Lu lowering his head and touching her eyelids flashed in Siyu’s mind. It was obvious that she was so scared that she could remember so many details, even the focused look of Fifth Master Lu when his eyes were slightly down. She remembered it very clearly.

The dazzling lights on the stage enveloped her, it was obviously not hot, but Siyu felt that the tips of her ears were very hot.

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[1] Not able to understand anything she was hearing.

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