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Because the number of fans coming was very small, after the end of the screening, everyone was assigned a movie poster with several autographs by the leading actors. This could be regarded as a surprise. When they got this special gift, fans almost went crazy, holding on tightly to them.

Liu Yu kept the poster carefully and properly. These posters were out of print and only available for a limited time. Those fans outside who were not so lucky to participate would definitely be envious. She estimated that if this signed poster was sold outside, it would definitely be worth a lot, but she won’t sell it, as there was not even enough time to treasure it, how could she bear to sell it.

When leaving the scene, Liu Yu used her years of star-chasing experience, squeezing a way through the crowd and in front of Siyu who was sitting on the side of the stage, rubbing her hands a little nervously, she called out embarrassedly. “Hello, Miss Siyu…”

Siyu was signing a signature for a fan who had also squeezed in. She raised her head when she heard the words, blinked her eyes and looked at Liu Yu, with a confused expression on her face.

Her eyes were the most beautiful, black and white, as if hiding a stream of autumn water, so when Liu Yu saw Siyu looking up at herself from below, she was hit in the heart all of a sudden.

So soft and cute, I really want to pinch it! Liu Yu shouted in a bold and unrestrained manner on her heart, but she was very shy on the surface. She glanced at Ji Lin, who was sitting on the side, from the corner of her eyes, and then blushing under Siyu’s gaze, she asked in a low voice: “Miss Sister, it’s just that… Just now about the ideal-type question, can I ask you one more question?”

Siyu also recognized Liu Yu, because of the girl’s question, she thought about it for a long time, and was absent-minded during the follow-up interaction. She felt her heart beating, but then she looked at the exit again, but Fifth Master Lu had quietly disappeared, making her heart even more confused.

So, when she saw Liu Yu now, Siyu couldn’t help but raise her vigilance: “What’s the problem?”

Liu Yu suppressed her excitement and asked: “Miss Sister, do you think Brother Ji fits your ideal type?”

Sitting aside Ji Lin kept listening to their conversation with his ears raised, and secretly cast a curious gaze towards them upon hearing this.

Surprisingly, his sister replied very decisively: “No.”

Ji Lin: “…”

He silently picked up the shards of his broken heart and comforted himself that it didn’t matter if he was not her ideal type. He could still be the ideal brother, right?

Liu Yu was a little disappointed at Siyu’s answer at first, but afterwards, this was actually a good thing. Anyway, their Sesame Custard fan group supported Siyu and Ji Lin’s sister and brother CP. Siyu simply denied it, but did not explain that there was nothing private between the two, was it just a pure sister and brother relationship?

After sending off the last batch of fans, Siyu was relieved. The preview screening was very successful and the feedback from the fans was very positive, because all the people invited were selected through a lottery. The media was declined, so that the first audience’s response was purely based on the quality of the film. It was not difficult to imagine that many movie reviews would soon appear on the internet.

Director Liang also seemed very happy. He pulled the group of people and said that he was inviting everybody out to have a private celebration party. Siyu also remembered Fifth Master Lu saying he would come to pick her up later, so she had to make the excuse of being unwell. Because she was so absent-minded during the screening, so no one doubted her excuse. Director Liang waved his hand and let her go.

Ji Lin was worried and wanted to follow: “Sister, I’ll take you home first.”

“It’s not necessary for you to go, Siyu has an assistant.” Director Liang dragged Ji Lin saying that the male lead couldn’t be absent and dragged him away, “Relax, it’s Siyu, you have to drink for her today.”

Ji Lin wanted to say something, but a lot of people rushed up and pushed him outside. When he went, Han Tiantian as the leading actress, naturally couldn’t say anything. She saw Siyu’s expression was a bit strange and nothing else, so she was relieved for the most part, and asked her to go home and have a good rest, and also followed the brigade.

However, she sighed in her heart as she walked. Siyu looked okay. There were a lot of troubles in her own place. The woman Xu Qingwan had an unknown number of handles on her in her hand and she didn’t know what she wanted to do to her. In case she didn’t handle it well… Tiantian’s face was dark, and she tried her best to suppress the restlessness in her heart.

Siyu didn’t notice Han Tiantian’s worries. She was still confused now. When she turned around and walked towards the back door, only to find that Xu Qingwan did not follow the large group to rush to the field. Instead, she stood as if waiting for her specially, staring at her gloomily.

Xu Qingwan was now an invisible person in the crew because Director Liang was annoyed by her, so it was expected for her to be unhappy.

However, Xu Qingwan did not choose to stay for this reason. She just wanted to take this opportunity to ask Siyu one thing: “Zhou Siyu, what is your relationship with the Lu family?”

God knows how long Xu Qingwan had been holding back. From the beginning of seeing Fifth Master Lu, to Fifth Master Lu unabashedly showing his intimacy towards Siyu, and then coldly watching the bodyguards treat herself like a piece of rubbish, Xu Qingwan had completely lost her initial intentions towards Fifth Master Lu after seeing his charm. Now, her heart seems to have fallen into an ice cellar.

That was the Lu family! That was the top family that she had looked up to all her life but had never been able to approach! Why was Zhou Siyu always like this, always trying to take advantage, so that she herself always seemed to be in despair, it obviously shouldn’t be like this!

An intense jealousy gnawed at Xu Qingwan’s heart. She gritted her teeth and looked at Siyu’s profile. Her voice couldn’t conceal her resentment: “Is it because the Lu family is behind you, so you have targeted me again and again. But you climbed up smoothly by yourself?”

Siyu was suddenly stopped by Xu Qingwan and was very impatient. Now that she heard her nonsense, she felt even more baffled. She was afraid that Xu Qingwan had delusions of persecution, and she had targeted her again and again? Where could she have so much idle time, and if she remembered correctly, it was obviously Xu Qingwan who came to bother her first, right?

Siyu frowned, her voice calming down: “How’s it any of your business?”

She couldn’t think of any other words besides these words. What was her relationship with the Lu family, why should she explain to Xu Qingwan? After saying this, she wanted to bypass Xu Qingwan and leave.

Unexpectedly, Xu Qingwan suddenly started to trouble her. When she passed by her, she suddenly grabbed Siyu’s arm. Her grip was extremely strong, her nails were sharp as she pinched Siyu’s delicate skin deeply. There were a few thin drops of blood that came out from the scratched area, and her strength was getting heavier and heavier, such that it looked like she was about to take off her arm.

Siyu’s skin was very pale, and even a small bump would be very conspicuous. Xu Qingwan made such a move, and the place where she pinched Siyu immediately turned green, and she suddenly let out a breath of pain.

“You make it clear!” Xu Qingwan didn’t want to give up, she didn’t know if she didn’t pay attention to controlling her own strength, or did it deliberately, but she dragged Siyu to keep her from leaving, her eyes gloomy, “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it will not be different this time. You shouldn’t have such a good reputation, and you shouldn’t have such a close relationship with A Lin, none of this is right, it must be your relationship with the Lu family——!”

Xu Qingwan was immersed in her thoughts, the more she said the more excited she got. The plot of this life had deviated too much from her previous life’s cognition, and in the final analysis, the problem lied with Zhou Siyu!

A faint hatred appeared in Xu Qingwan’s eyes, looking at Siyu as if she was looking at someone with deep hatred, why didn’t Zhou Siyu follow the script? Without her, she would definitely be able to live better than her previous life.

Siyu felt that Xu Qingwan was going crazy, her logic was chaotic, why was she doing this?

Before Siyu had time to ask, she suddenly felt a terrifying killing intent coming from behind her. The killing intent was like a violent wind, blowing across the narrow aisle inch by inch, wrapping everything in its path as if it was going to thwart everything. The imposing manner firmly locked Xu Qingwan’s momentum.

At the same time, Siyu smelled the scent of sandalwood floating from a distance. Perhaps she had been with Fifth Master Lu for a long time, as she was already familiar with this smell, so she could recognize it easily.

Xu Qingwan had never felt such a terrifying sensation. She panicked and unconsciously let go of the hand holding Siyu’s arm. In the next second, she was restrained by the two black-clad bodyguards who rushed over. These two people might have seen the scene where she was threatening Siyu just now, and they locked her hands very simply, with enough pressure to snap off her arms.

Before Xu Qingwan’s scream came out of her throat, somebody covered her mouth first. She could only scream silently, while shedding cold sweat and tears, and she looked very pitiful.

But no one in the room cared about her anymore.

Siyu rubbed the pinched area and looked up to see Fifth Master Lu approaching step by step. His face was still full of anger, his eyes were as cold as ice, and his Buddha beads were not turning. Siyu seemed to have never moved. She had never seen him look like he was so full of anger, and she was a bit dumbfounded.

Seeing Siyu standing in a daze, Fifth Master Lu mistakenly thought she was frightened by her. He coldly glanced at Xu Qingwan, who was unable to move, and closed his eyes. Only then did Fifth Master Lu slowly pull back his momentum.

“I said I would come to pick you up.” As he was worried about Siyu’s feelings, Fifth Master Lu had tried his best to keep his anger away, but he still had a cold face. He walked to Siyu and took her hand to take a look. When he saw the blood stains from those conspicuous nails, he immediately sneered, “You sure are courageous.” With that said, Fifth Master Lu looked at Xu Qingwan’s side and squinted slightly, Xu Qingwan seemed to have been caught by him. The look in her eyes was scared, and she suddenly struggled hard, because her mouth was blocked, and she couldn’t speak, so she could only open her eyes helplessly.

Fifth Master Lu’s fingertips touched Siyu’s wound lightly, and she hissed slightly. Seeing this, Fifth Master Lu lowered his eyes and coldly ordered his subordinates: “Take this woman away.”

She dared to hurt his guard. There were people who really cannot live or die!

Xu Qingwan was rarely wise. She heard a bad omen in Fifth Master Lu’s indifferent tone, and began to twist her body desperately to get rid of the shackles, but unfortunately she couldn’t express her plea, perhaps Fifth Master Lu was too provoked, he motioned to his subordinates to stop gagging Xu Qingwan’s mouth.

“Siyu, didn’t you agree before, as long as I tell the person who colluded with me in targeting Han Tiantian, you will not pursue it anymore?” Xu Qingwan resisted the pain in her body and looked at Siyu. “You promised me, you can’t say nothing!”

Siyu sighed. Xu Qingwan really succeeded in annoying her today, so she didn’t plan to say anything, only said: “I just promised you to let you go back to the meeting. But now that the preview is over, it’s no longer in my control. Besides, I’ve told you that I’m not the master.”

Siyu glanced sideways at Fifth Master Lu. She was caught by Xu Qingwan just now. Now she recovered, seeing Fifth Master Lu she remembered the specious kiss again. Her whole person was a little nervous, so she glanced at him and took it back quickly.

Fifth Master Lu was very satisfied with what she said, and a smile appeared again on his face: “Yes.”

Xu Qingwan’s eyes darkened for a moment.

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