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Seeing so many reporters snapping photos of Lu Chengyu, Qin Dao laughed at the backstage and said, “Xiao Lu, you can be regarded as having stolen the limelight today.”

Qin Dao’s words might necessarily have had no other meaning, but it did in the ears of others. In addition, the entire crew had a lot of big names. Lu Chengyu wanted to invest in the entertainment industry to shoot movies and TV series in the future, so he didn’t want to offend these big names, so he smiled helplessly: “Director Qin, don’t make fun of me. I just participated in the premiere to watch the lively scene by the way.”

As soon as these words came out, the people who were a little bit uneasy around them all reacted. Lu Chengyu was different from them, and they may cooperate with Lu Chengyu in the future, not to mention that even the Mu family accepted his relationship with Yan Mu. No matter how big they were, they dared not offend the Mu family. In addition, many people had suffered from being chased by reporters, so some people who were familiar with this came forward to comfort him.

No matter whether the kindness was from the heart or on the surface, Lu Chengyu accepted it one by one. After the interview began, he sat in the background and waited for the movie to start. According to Lu Chengyu’s status among the artists, the order of his appearances should be at the back, but his background and wealth also predestined that he would not have to wait for the show like other artists, so he was invited by the host shortly on the field after the interviews started.

Also sitting on the court were Director Qin and the two artists who had big roles in the movie. After greeting the host and everyone on the scene, Lu Chengyu sat down in the empty seat next to Director Qin.

The host talked with him a few words to stir up the atmosphere of the scene, and then the reporter asked Lu Chengyu a few questions. Looking at the densely packed guns and cannons below, Lu Chengyu laughed then said: “The New Year is about to come, even our crew is having the premiere. It’s so lively.”

Although the words were not too funny, the host and the two artists on the stage showed a smiling face, which obviously gave Lu Chengyu a lot of face. The reporters on the scene did not dare to go too far. The first question was a question about the  movie.

“Chengyu, we took a look at your makeup photo, and many fans said it was handsome. Are you satisfied with this character?”

“I really want to say that I am very satisfied, but I am afraid that everyone will say that I am not humble enough. Before the premiere is over, I can only say that I am satisfied.” After Lu Chengyu finished saying this, he touched his chin, “Many times looking in the mirror, I also think I am handsome.” After speaking, he squeezed his nose and made a face.

This was an exaggeration of the role in the movie, and the plot in the movie had not been revealed, and the reporter was also not offended. He was more skilled in handling such situations than many entertainers in the entertainment industry. Director Qin, who was sitting next to him, couldn’t help but think about it. It’s no wonder that a person like Yan Mu was so devoted to Lu Chengyu, so young and good at dancing with the wolves. In the coming years, his prospects shouldn’t be underestimated.

The reporters asked a few more questions about the movie, and when they reached the last question, someone finally started asking him about his personal affairs.

“Chengyu, it took you more than a month to shoot the movie this time. Does your lover and his family have any opinions on this?”

“Of course, people in love don’t want to be separated, but he supports my decision very much,” Lu Chengyu’s mouth hooked, “The elders are very open-minded and will not control the life of the younger generations.” What this meant was that the elders of the Mu family respected his relationship with Yan Mu and would not intervene?

The reporters didn’t care if Lu Chengyu meant this, but the headline of tomorrow’s press release was already thought out, that is, “Lu Chengyu frankly confessed that the Mu family supports his same-sex love with the president of Huading. Is it a lie or a fact?”

In the old Mu family house, Mr. Mu sat in front of the TV. After watching a live broadcast of Lu Chengyu’s premiere, he looked at his grandson sitting next to him, and coughed: “This winter is very cold, you don’t need to accompany me. Your two cousins are here, go pick that kid home and have a good rest.” After speaking, without looking at Yan Mu’s expression, he turned to go upstairs.

When Mu Qihua on one side saw Mr. Mu go upstairs, Yan Mu raised his eyebrows: “Hurry up, the movie will start soon.” Don’t think that sitting here with a slumped face will make people look away. He said out of his inner anxiety.

“Well, then I’ll go first,” Yan Mu took the thick coat from the helper, and went out without delay, but his steps were a bit larger than usual.

“Tsk,” Mu Qihua threw aside the peanut shells in his hand, turned his head to complain to Mu Qirong, “He is all anxious, and pretended to be cold.”

Mu Qirong glanced at the peanuts that were thrown in disgust. He then pushed the peanut husks splashed on his side in the direction of Mu Qihua and was silent.

Mu Qihua: “…”

The younger brothers of other people’s families were all well-behaved and cute, so why was his younger brother a thing that evolved from a stone into a human?

Not long after the movie began, a dark shadow sat in the empty seat beside Lu Chengyu. He smiled at the people around him and said in a low voice, “Didn’t you say something is happening tonight?”

“Grandpa said it’s cold, he was worried if you go home alone, asked me to pick you up early.” Yan Mu looked around. Some actors in the play had already left early, “Are you sleepy now?”

“Not sleepy, let’s go back after watching.” At any rate, he had his own performance, and Lu Chengyu did not need to go to other places to catch heat like other people. “I think Director Qin did a good job in this film.” Yan Mu nodded, holding his hand, he started quietly watching the movie. Although he was not interested in movies and TV series in the past, he would still watch the films played or invested by Lu Chengyu seriously.

Director Qin had a good control over the whole movie, and did not arrange the film into an artist album because of the gathering of big names, but instead reproduced the blood and suffering of that year for the audience. After the movie was over, many people stood up and applauded. Lu Chengyu was also one of them. He sighed: “Director Qin and the crew can finally hand in a satisfactory answer.”

Sure enough, by the next day, there were many people praising the movie “The Universe” on the Internet. Some people saw the blood and tears of history, some saw the sacrifices of the predecessors, and some saw the future in the movie, but no matter what it was, this movie finally conveyed a belief to the audience.

Because the next day was New Year’s Eve, Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu got up early, and after making a good lunch, they began to prepare New Year’s Eve dinner.

Because his cooking skills were not as good as Yan Mu, Lu Chengyu could only sit with his hands folded on one side. Looking at Yan Mu who was seriously handling the fish, Lu Chengyu smiled and said, “This fish is so big, how can the two of us finish eating?”

“This is called ‘It’s better to have more year after year’,” Yan Mu put the fish in the pot, looked at the fire, and then covered the lid, “I adjusted the sauce, and the steamed fish was dipped in the sauce, so it won’t be too spicy. It’s not too bland, you’ll love it.”

There was a faint smell of chicken soup in the kitchen, and Lu Chengyu took a deep breath. In past years during this time, he just got something and made do with it. Today he was afraid it was the first time in the past ten years when he was celebrating the Spring Festival seriously.

Putting the washed pea tips into the net, he walked behind Yan Mu to wrap his hands around his waist, and kissed his cheek: “Thank you.”

Yan Mu noticed something wrong in his mood and turned back to hug him. “What’s the matter?”

Lu Chengyu shook his head: “It’s nothing, I just think it’s nice to have someone by your side.”

Yan Mu looked at his eyes, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “This is also my idea.” Before when he was abroad, the atmosphere was not strong, so he did not celebrate the festival. Later, when he returned to China, because of family reasons, he didn’t have the heart to spend the holidays. Only this year was he careful about what kind of food and decorations to buy, even the lanterns hanging at the door were carefully selected by him and Lu Chengyu.

With an important person around him, he understood the meaning of the Spring Festival and its unique happiness and joy.

In the evening, chicken, duck, fish and various dishes were placed on the table. Yan Mu also specially opened a bottle of Laffite 1982. Lu Chengyu shook the red wine in his glass and watched the noisy Spring Festival Gala on TV. He smiled and said: “Is this a combination of Chinese and Western?”

Yan Mu clinked glasses with him: “I thought you would call it a trench.”

Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows: “Did you secretly scan Weibo recently, otherwise how do you know the word trench??”

“I call this gathering topics to approach your partner,” Yan Mu slightly raised his lips. “Occasionally, it’s interesting to scan Weibo.” He felt even more interesting when he saw those netizens wish him a good relationship with Lu Chengyu for a hundred years.

There were fireworks outside, and it looked very beautiful in the night sky. Lu Chengyu tilted his head to watch the fireworks exploding and disappearing outside the window. After a long while, he looked back and met Yan Mu’s tender eyes: “Happy Chinese New Year.”

“Happy Chinese New Year,” Yan Mu said with an expression. He softened, got up and walked to sit down beside Lu Chengyu. The two looked at the fireworks outside the window together, with smiles in their eyes.

The two people left a large table of food, but they had a beautiful and intense exercise on the bed, so when they got up the next morning and found that it was snowing outside, both of them were a little surprised.

“Wow, there is a lot of snow outside,” Lu Chengyu lay on the window, looking at the white mass outside, before speaking for a while, “Heating is a very great invention.”

Yan Mu glanced at his soft pyjamas. He reached out to help him put the cap of his pyjamas, touched the soft dog ears on the cap, and then said, “Go downstairs, I’ll make breakfast for you.”

Lu Chengyu jumped out of the bed and put on the furry slippers, smiled and blew a kiss to Yan Mu: “My dear, muah.”

Yan Mu coughed dryly: “Well, muah.”

Lu Chengyu saw him say these three words expressionlessly and laughed. He made a sound, and there was still a smile on his face after washing.

Seeing him coming out of the bathroom, Yan Mu was silent for a while and said: “Just now my cousin called and said that Shengrong Group had begun to accept the review.”

Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows and smiled: “You did it?”

Yan Mu did not deny: “The information about Shengrong you gave Lao Cao was very useful.”

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