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Being watched by Xie Lin’s icy gaze, Fu Yuanzhou woke up instantly and realized that he was not dreaming but was holding Yu Fei. He bounced and almost fell off the bed. He quickly pushed Yu Fei away and rolled onto the innermost area of the bed.

“Why did you come in?”

Xie Lin didn’t move, looking at Yu Fei from outside: “Don’t just enter his room, he is an Omega.”

“Zhou is an Omega?” Yu Fei blinked, as if he had realized something, “I’m sorry, my sensitivity to pheromone is a little low. I didn’t smell that he is Omega. I’m sorry, Zhou. I won’t do this anymore.”

“It’s okay, I don’t care.”

Fu Yuanzhou said dryly, but soon he reacted. Xie Lin said this, but he himself had done this before. He came into his room every night and watched him do his homework. He stayed for a long time, and sometimes he would sit on the bed, leaving his scent of red wine behind, which made it difficult for him to fall asleep at night.

Was he… jealous?

For a moment, Fu Yuanzhou was a little taken aback. He already knew Xie Lin’s intentions, and it was hard not to guess in this regard.

Xie Lin’s expression remained unchanged, and he turned and left. Yu Fei stood up and said with a smile to Fu Yuanzhou who was still on the bed.

“You lazy head, me and my brother came to tell you to get up, we came to your house as we are going out to dinner, so wanted to tell you to get ready in advance.”

“OK …… I know.”

Seeing Yu Fei’s face, Fu Yuanzhou had a stomachache as well as a headache, so he quickly glanced away.

If he didn’t look at this face, he could still treat Yu Fei as someone else, but as long as he looked at it, it would always remind him of the fact that Yu Fei was now a man.

The gender had changed, couldn’t this face have changed? He used to think Yu Fei was good-looking, but now he felt that Yu Fei was too good-looking, and it broke his heart.

“Zhou…” The room was quiet for a while, and suddenly Yu Fei’s voice sounded again, but it no longer had the hint of smile in it, but sounded a little more aggrieved: “Do you think I am ugly?”

“How could it be… …”

Fu Yuanzhou almost couldn’t answer this question and didn’t understand why Yu Fei asked him that way.

Even if Yu Fei in her last life was hacked by half of the world when she first debuted, the people hacking her had used all kinds of reasons, but nobody called her ugly, or they would die tragically, even cosmetic surgery was rarely mentioned. Everyone knew that such a prosperous beauty was completely impossible to be achieved through surgery.

“Then why don’t you look at me?” Yu Fei said dully, “Everyone says I look good, I thought you would think the same way, so before I confidently said that I would surprise you… if you think I’m ugly, wouldn’t it have… actually been better if I hadn’t returned?”


Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t stand his tone, and looked up at Yu Fei, Yu Fei was looking down and looked very sad.

His face had such a revealing expression, Fu Yuanzhou felt bad, and he could not ignore such a look from Yu Fei so he coaxed: “You look good, I could not help but ……”

“What can’t you help?” Yu Fei looked at him immediately.

“Can’t help…” Fu Yuanzhou got stuck, as if it was inappropriate to say something and his head started to hurt again, “Can’t help…”

Yu Fei curled up the corners of his lips and said softly: “I couldn’t help my heartbeat speeding up, even…fancying you.”

He lightened his tone on the last few words, and Fu Yuanzhou didn’t catch it at all.

“No.” Fu Yuanzhou denied. Even if there was, he had to say no now. “I just think you are good-looking, nothing more.”

“…Sure enough, I haven’t been here for many years, and you are still very unaccustomed to me being this distance.”

Yu Fei sighed lightly, squatted down in front of Fu Yuanzhou, held his hand, and looked up at him: “So Zhou, you have to look at me more and often so that you can accept me faster.”

He grabbed Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, and let his fingers rub his lips without any imperfections, and pressed his hands against his face: “Don’t hate me, don’t leave me, okay? I really missed you. After going abroad, I often dreamed that we were playing together, but you were always with my cousin at that time, and you rarely cared about me…”

“I care about you.” How could Fu Yuanzhou stand Yu Fei acting like a baby with him? Even if he changed his gender, as long as he was still Yu Fei or had the same face, his principles and bottom line would be adjusted for her again and again.

Yu Fei curled his eyes and smiled, then he briskly let Fu Yuanzhou get up, and left the bedroom. Fu Yuanzhou sat on the bed, looking at the ceiling with open eyes. He was in a daze for a long time. He sighed heavily until his mother knocked on the door of his room. Then he got up to wash and change clothes and went out with the others.

The restaurant they had booked tonight was a garden restaurant. There was only one table of guests in the huge garden. The night breeze was cool, and the violin music was melodious. Under the soft starlight, the two families had a happy atmosphere as they remembered the happy past and the laughter continued.

Fu Yuanzhou sat between Yu Fei and Xie Lin, feeling a little uneasy. He found that Xie Lin and Yu Fei didn’t have any thoughts to communicate with each other. Their brotherhood was weak, but instead they paid more attention to him.

One was an ex-girlfriend who had become a man now, and the other was someone who had confessed to him by piercing the window paper. The two were still brothers. Only if he could sit still would this awkward situation be avoided…

“Sorry, excuse me.”

Suddenly, Yu Fei’s mobile phone received a message, he apologized softly, got up and left his seat, his short departure made Fu Yuanzhou secretly relieved, and he took the opportunity to put two more bites in his mouth, lest he could not eat again for a while.

Yu Fei walked out with his mobile phone. The service staff in the restaurant were of high quality. They smiled and said hello to him but couldn’t help but look at him a few more times after he passed by, there was not even one exception.

When he walked to a place that no one else could see, Yu Fei unconsciously touched his trouser pocket, as if looking for something, but didn’t find it. He was startled, suddenly laughed and shook his head, and muttered to himself softly, “Forget it, Zhou doesn’t like me smoking, so I quit.”

He opened the message on the phone, and there was a voice message on it. He clicked on the voice message. Someone in it was saying in English: “I will find a way to send what you want to your side.”

“Thank you, I will pay you the money.”

Yu Fei typed in reply, tugging at the corner of his mouth, under the dim light, his pink tear mole showed an inexplicable strangeness, as he said with a smile: “I won’t give you to anyone again.”

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