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Suddenly having his eyes covered while leaning into someone’s arms, Fu Yuanzhou was startled, completely unaware of who this person was.

Of course, it could not be Xie Lin, this was not his voice, not to mention Xie Lin would never call him “Zhou”. Only Yu Fei would call him that way. On WeChat these days, Yu Fei got acquainted with him and joked that he would call him that way only in the future.

At that time, Fu Yuanzhou was still a little happy, but at this time he was only astonished. He couldn’t think of anyone else who would call him that, and this person’s behavior was also very similar to Yu Fei, but the other party was obviously a man, so he could not be Yu Fei, could it be that she instigated this person to play a prank on him?

Fu Yuanzhou pulled down the hand of the man behind him, but the man did not force him and put his hand down obediently.

When he turned around, because he was so close, Fu Yuanzhou could smell a very shallow rose scent coming from this person, and it was the smell of pheromones.

It was still an Alpha…

Fu Yuanzhou raised his eyes slightly but when his eyes fell on the person, he was stunned.

“Zhou.” The other party smiled at him. It was undoubtedly a very beautiful face. It was beautiful and bright, with black hair and white skin, bright red lips, and a reddish mole under the left eye. It was so coquettish and erotic, as if he would be seduced by him if he looked at it more.

At this moment, Fu Yuanzhou suddenly remembered what had happened in his previous life. Yu Fei later entered the entertainment industry. At first, she had a bad reputation. She was so beautiful that she was easily hated. Her face looked dangerous and charming, and it was the easiest for people to be overwhelmed by her and be seduced by her when they were caught off guard.

Undoubtedly, this was Yu Fei’s face.

Now it appeared on a man.

Fu Yuanzhou felt like he was punched by someone. His brain was dizzy, his stomach was burning, such that his legs had become weak. Fortunately, he was held by his opponent in time. The hands that were holding him were beautiful, slender and strong. But they were a man’s hands.

“Yu…” Fu Yuanzhou’s voice trembled, “You are Yu…”

“Well, I’m Yu Fei, it’s been a long time, and you’re Zhou.”

Yu Fei smiled at him, dazzlingly.

When he held his wrist, Fu Yuanzhou looked as if he had been burned, and withdrew his hand back. His face turned pale, his expression was flustered, and his voice was trembling. Yu Fei quickly recovered and laughed, expressing concern: “What’s the matter with you? Are you not feeling well?”

“He didn’t eat breakfast, maybe it is low blood sugar.”

Xie Lin walked over to stabilize Fu Yuanzhou, took out the chocolate from his pocket, and put it to his lips. Fu Yuanzhou took it in his mouth and swallowed it, feeling better, but his brain was still dazed, and he hung his head and dared not look at Yu Fei.

“Xiao Fei, where is your mother?” Xie Lin’s parents looked around.

“She went to the bathroom and will come right away.”

Not long after Yu Fei finished speaking, his mother came and rushed forward and hugged her sister. Both sisters’ eyes were flushed with excitement.

The three elders were reminiscing about the past. Xie Lin patted Fu Yuanzhou on the back. Yu Fei stood beside him. After watching them for a while, he suddenly said: “Since you were young, you two have had a better relationship. I always followed you like the superfluous one.”

Xie Lin glanced at him, stretched out his hand and said: “No. You are very welcome back.”

“Well, brother.” Yu Fei smiled and shook hands with him, “Zhou if you feel this uncomfortable, do you want me to help you enter the lounge?”

“No, let’s go now.” Noting that the elders were walking outside, Xie Lin helped Fu Yuanzhou to follow, “Let him rest in the car.”

The group of six people were divided into two cars. One for adults and one for children. While riding in the car, Fu Yuanzhou kept his eyes closed and leaned on Xie Lin. He looked dazed and wilted. Yu Fei, who was sitting in the co-pilot seat, kept looking at him in the rearview mirror and asked: “It’s really just low blood sugar? No need to see a doctor?”

“I’m fine…”

Whenever Yu Fei called him “Zhou,” Fu Yuanzhou trembled in his heart. He didn’t feel uncomfortable, but he didn’t dare to open his eyes to see Yu Fei.

As long as he saw that fascinating face, his heart would fall to the ground and be broken into pieces. One part of him laughed at him for being in delusion of reconnecting with his ex-girlfriend, and the other part was crying with grief, and further a refrain of “Yu Fei is an Alpha” kept repeating in his ears.

Not only A, but even his original gender had changed, and he was now a man.

After becoming a man, Yu Fei was a little taller than him, and that face was still so good-looking, with a beauty that transcended gender, whether it was a man or a woman, it would not appear to be ill-suited on Yu Fei.

But this was only for others, not for Fu Yuanzhou.

The former girlfriend turned into an aggressive male Alpha. At that moment, if he hadn’t been feeling so weak, Fu Yuanzhou felt that he could even have escaped through the glass of the airport, and it would be better to never see Yu Fei again.

However, when he cared about his body, and as long as he thought that it was Yu Fei, Fu Yuanzhou still talked to him, because he couldn’t bear to ignore Yu Fei, especially when Yu Fei said that he was like a superfluous one, which made him even more conscious.

But when he finished speaking, he shut up again and almost slapped himself in the face-he finally understood why Yu Fei was called Yu Fei now, the name had changed and it was not his ex-girlfriend’s, and he didn’t know what he should do now?

Wake up, Yu Fei is already a man, and is Xie Lin’s cousin. All his thoughts should be over at this moment. He should not worry about it anymore!

The two cars stopped one after another as they returned to the villa area. Xie Lin helped him return to his home to rest. Fu Yuanzhou laid on the bed and fell asleep tiredly. He went to bed late yesterday because he was so happy that he would be able to see Yu Fei.

The sleeping Fu Yuanzhou had many chaotic dreams, most of which were related to the two Yu Feis. He dreamed of Yu Fei’s broken eyes and tears when he broke up with her in his last life, and also dreamed that Yu Fei, who became a man, pursued him and asked him if he wanted to associate with him.

Fu Yuanzhou opened his eyes, and Yu Fei’s face appeared in his vision. He was not yet awake, so he thought he was still dreaming.


Yu Fei lay down on the edge of his bed and looked at him, while calling him with a very soft voice. His tear mole was a fascinating light red, and when he looked at people tenderly, people’s hearts would easily melt.

In a daze, Fu Yuanzhou saw him as Yu Fei. He stretched out his hand in a daze, wanting to get closer, hugged Yu Fei, and whispered: “Xiao Fei…”

Yu Fei did not refuse. He even opened his arms proactively, hugged Fu Yuanzhou in his arms, hooked his waist, bowed his head and kissed his hair softly, leaving a light rose fragrance behind him.

…Wasn’t he supposed to hold Xiao Fei in his arms? How come Xiao Fei was hugging him?

After lying in Yu Fei’s arms for a while, Fu Yuanzhou suddenly realized that it seemed something was wrong. At the same time, the bedroom door was opened. Xie Lin stood at the door, looking at the two embracing people as his eyes darkened.

T/N: Why does it seem like a scene of a husband coming back and catching his wife cheating on him? How many of you had guessed YF’s gender change, such a twist, isn’t it?

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