FPH Ch. 14

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‘What did you say?’ Chu Zhaoyang raised his chin slightly and looked at him disdainfully.

The blind date seemed to have understood something, so he pointed at Gu Nian and scolded: “Since there is a man in your life, why do you have to come to a blind date and play with others?”

“I’ll tell you, this is not over, I’m going to sue you for assault!”

“What about evidence?” Chu Zhaoyang asked indifferently.

The blind date pointed to the surroundings, “There are so many people watching!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the people around all bowed their heads. It was time to eat, drink, and chat.

“Stupid idiot, don’t you know who this hotel belongs to? This hotel belongs to the Yan family, under the banner of Yanhui. The only ones who can call him brothers are those from the eight major families. People in the city who stand up against the eight major families will have the right to sue others? Your brain is flooded!”

He didn’t know who said all of this disdainfully.

The blind date panicked for a while. He didn’t expect these people to have such a background, and he had already become timid.

“Broken.” Chu Zhaoyang said lightly, without even the slightest expression.

Some people who were familiar with the news of the eight major families recognized him. This man with a paralyzed face and who cherished words like gold was probably the one who was from the top eight families.

Yan Beicheng was alive and well. Because of this, he paused for a while before nodding: “Well, it’s just broken.”

“What are you still doing, hurry up and drive him out!” Han Zhuoli greeted the security guard.

The blind date pointed at Gu Nian with a bad face: “You wait for me!” “

Then he was taken away by the security guard.

Han Zhuoli looked at Chu Zhaoyang, and then at Gu Nian. Hehe, he even held a girl in his arms.

Gu Nian also realized that she was taken into his arms by Chu Zhaoyang just now. She was surprised when she was pulled into his arms, but she was immediately distracted by the clamour of the blind date, and didn’t care about Chu Zhaoyang’s posture at that time.

Now, the aroma of mint from Chu Zhaoyang’s arms suddenly rushed towards her, filling her body like an invisible thick fog, tightly surrounding her. Obviously, the aroma of mint should be cool and refreshing, but at this time Gu Nian felt too hot, so she blushed, and tried to withdraw herself from his arms.

For some reason, Chu Zhaoyang’s arms tightened around her, looking down at her hot red ears, it was as if a sweet fragrance was slowly drifting towards her.

A blazing light flashed in Chu Zhaoyang’s eyes, and his scalding palm moved down her shoulder, clinging to her bare arm, and the pulp of his fingers moved down on her arm.

Gu Nian felt as if her arm was about to burn. Wherever his fingers passed, it became unspeakably hot and numb, and she couldn’t help trembling.

Just as Gu Nian was about to dodge, his fingertips with electricity had slipped to her wrist, then he took advantage of the situation, and pulled her away.

Gu Nian was surprised, but today she was wearing unfamiliar high heels, so she was not able to walk fast. Chu Zhaoyang took long strides, and Gu Nian was pulled along by him, so she stumbled a little while trotting behind him.

Han Zhuoli’s voice came from behind him, “Hey, why did you leave without saying a word! Lao Chu, Lao Chu, just introduce her to your brothers first!”

Gu Nian couldn’t hear what Han Zhuoli said later.

She was dragged to the parking lot by Chu Zhaoyang, and he walked straight to the black Bentley.

Walking in a hurry, the slightly sharp heel suddenly stepped on a small stone on the bluestone surface.

Gu Nian twisted her ankle and was about to fall, but was pulled by Chu Zhaoyang, so her whole person spun half a circle, and her back was pressed against the door of the black Bentley.

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