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“Teacher, then I’ll go back first.” Lin Jianlu said when Yan Han came out.

“Yeah.” The young and handsome infirmary teacher said goodbye to him gently and politely. “If you have anything to do, come see me again.”

Sending Lin Jianlu away, Li Hongqing turned around and asked Yan Han: “Tummy pain? Do you have diarrhea? Are there any other symptoms?”

The teacher in the school infirmary was not only young, but also serious and responsible, so he wanted Yan Han to lie down and get himself checked.

Considering his current situation of disguising himself as a woman, Yan Han certainly couldn’t let him check. He simply said that he had a bad stomach.

“I don’t think you look like you had a bad stomach.” At this moment, Li Hongqing was not like the gentle and elegant look just now. He seemed as if he wanted to take advantage. Then, he patted the hospital bed next to him:

“Come on! Don’t be shy, lie down and the teacher will check for you.”

Yan Han: ???

Just now he looked like a teacher, but now he had changed his appearance. Was it because there were only two of them in the infirmary?

So this teacher was a pervert?!

Suddenly he remembered the social news he saw some time ago, teachers QJ students and the like, so now looking at the other party’s mean face, Yan Han subconsciously rolled up his sleeves.

I don’t know if you have persecuted girls before, but since you have met me today, I will walk you to the heavens!

Without concealing anything, Yan Han revealed his vicious side.

He picked up Li Hongqing by his clothes.

Li Hongqing immediately persuaded: “Oh don’t don’t! I just made a joke with you!”

“Are you kidding me like that?” Yan Han barked his teeth. Although he looked thin, he could easily lift Li Hongqing who was about the same height as him.

Li Hongqing was a weak doctor, where could he struggle? Yan Han’s posture of grabbing the collar of the opponent with one hand seemed to be like catching a baby chicken.

Seeing a fist, he was about to scream, and he howled and begged: “Don’t! Hero, pardon my life! I’m really kidding you! Actually, I’m here to meet you!”

“Here to meet me?” Yan Han didn’t let go of his hand, and his ferocious expression didn’t relieve at all.

Li Hongqing didn’t dare to play mysterious anymore and said in a frantic manner: “I know your identity. I was arranged to help you here. You can treat me as an NPC!”

“My identity? What is my identity?” Yan Han asked him.

Li Hongqing glanced down, and swallowed his saliva: “The identity of a man disguised as a woman…”

Yan Han: “…”

With Li Hongqing’s eyes facing each other, Yan Han could not calm down for a long time.

He didn’t release him immediately, but turned his head and asked the pentathlon in his heart: “What the **** is going on?!”

The system did not say that there would be NPCs before!

[I didn’t say there won’t be.] Xiao Wu’s voice was innocent.

“So you knew there would be an NPC here to pick me up, but you just didn’t tell me?” Yan Han said, “You have to make sense, right? If I could think of another NPC waiting for me, what would you do??”

[I, I, I…] Xiao Wu still felt wronged, so he couldn’t help crying: [This matter is not within my jurisdiction. If you want to blame, you have to blame this NPC!]

Yan Han: “…”

[woo woo woo woo!]

Okay, okay, he was wrong, Yan Han found crying the most annoying, especially since the crying was still in his head, and it was accompanied by the sound of water droplets…

This tearful sound effect was too big!

He still brought echoes, are you inside a stalactite cave?

It made him want to go to the bathroom again!

“I was wrong Xiao Wu, don’t cry, I shouldn’t blame you, it’s all this NPC’s pot.”

[Really? You know.]

“Really.” Yan Han admitted his mistake simply.

…He couldn’t be more positive with someone inside the stalactite cave.

Yan Han had no choice but to put his anger on the NPC: “So why didn’t you come to meet me earlier?”

Having said that, he finally released him this time.

“I had to confirm your identity first, cough cough cough!” Li Hongqing, who was let go, took a few deep breaths with lingering fear and rubbed his neck again.

He didn’t dare to say that although he was a bit confirmed since yesterday.

Most people really couldn’t grow so good-looking.

So if you want to blame this on someone, you have to blame the Lord God, how could anyone hide it from the NPC?!

On this point, Yan Han and Li Hongqing reached a consensus.

Yan Han still didn’t let Li Hongqing off easily when he found the person behind him. “Even if you are the NPC who is in charge of receiving me, you can’t say that you are not a pervert. Come on, have you ever harmed a little girl?”

“It’s wrong! It’s a big mistake!” Li Hongqing hugged his head again, “I just wanted to try you to see if I found the wrong person.”

Yan Han’s eyes were still fierce and evil.

Li Hongqing lightly spoke with a big ballast-like local accent: “…There is a camera in this room, where would I dare to molest a little girl. Besides, I am bent! Bent! If you want to be molested, you have to do a good job and be a boy…”

As he said, his eyes fell involuntarily, and they fell directly on Yan Han’s skirt.

Yan Han: “…”

Yan Han wanted to tell him not to waste his time. Lao Tzu is actually just like you, and he likes to have a good life.

But he was not familiar with him, so let’s not talk about this fringe topic.

Brother Yan asked him straightforwardly: “Let’s talk about it, what benefits can you bring to me?”

“Oh.” Li Hongqing became serious when he mentioned his job. “The main reason the Lord God arranged me here is because he was afraid that you will have some accident in school and you will be sent to the school infirmary and you will reveal your identity. As for the others… Is it counted if I help your physical appearance?”


Giving him an angry kick, it was really shocking that the gentle and handsome youth suddenly showed a mean side.

Yan Han said, “What else?”

“Also? Look at your rough look. It must be very bitter to mix here! Then I can teach you some tips for whitening, skin care, body beauty and weight loss. We can make facial masks, practice yoga together, and under my training, you can become the most beautiful women’s clothing boss in the school!”

Yan Han: “…”

Speaking of excitement, Li Hongqing’s tone couldn’t help but rise, which showed that he was full of boundless prospects for the future.

…What a shit!

Forget Xiao Wu, why was this NPC’s mind also full of these things!

No wonder the saying went that it dissimilar people do not enter a family.

He could see that they must come from the same organization.

Yan Han wanted to say that he didn’t want to wear a mask or practice yoga.

Later, when he thought about the requirements of the pentathlon, he didn’t have the confidence to say this.

But the point was obviously not this!

Becoming beautiful was really not his urgent need now.

“Oh, right,” Li Hongqing suddenly slapped his head before Yan Han went crazy enough to beat him: “I also brought you a hidden mission, which is a reward for you to unlock my NPC. You will get one random treasure chest after you complete it.”



“What hidden task?” Yan Han immediately focused on this task.

“Show love to welfare institutions.” Li Hongqing said: “The task is completed as soon as the love value reaches 100 points.”

When the voice fell, a light curtain appeared in front of Yan Han’s eyes.

There was some information on welfare institutions, as well as the channels through which he could give his love and the corresponding love value.

After a cursory glance, Yan Han felt that this task was acceptable, but not excessive.

And it was indeed a good thing.

Yan Han said that he took the task and asked Li Hongqing: “Are there any other NPCs like you in the school?”

“No, I am the only one who can meet you.” As he said, Li Hongqing was still struggling, “So you have to be nice to me! Be nice! You know?”

Yan Han didn’t bother to care about him.

Having settled with Li Hongqing, Yan Han felt refreshed on the way back, feeling that holding the urine this morning was not in vain.

Seeing Li Hongqing’s unhurried and unreliable behavior, if he casually went to the women’s toilet to fill the water, he might not know when they would meet.

In short, he could go to the office building or Li Hongqing to go to the toilet in the future. One problem was solved.

He didn’t worry that if he won’t have a toilet to go to, he won’t always think of his bladder, his urinary will disappeared, and the big stone that was pressing on his heart also fell to the ground.

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