IHSB Ch. 97

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It was rare for Gu Mingli to be speechless and stare at the people around him who were scrambling after the mobile phone with dead fish eyes.

Bai Mohua felt a little guilty, and when he looked at his phone screen again, he yelled, and he murmured dejectedly.

“It’s dead…”

Gu Mingli folded his arms and hehe’d twice, “Did you breastfeed yourself?”

Bai Mohua: “…”


Just answered with a guilty conscience.

“Hahaha… I laughed so hard, I haven’t done it yet, brother, you are really talented.”

“I just added blood to myself, and I was killed in seconds… Hahaha…”

“Oh shit, brother, where did you find such a treasure? He has been responsible for my laughs for a year.”

“Hahaha… I don’t want to talk, I just want to laugh…”

There were bursts of cheerful voices coming from the earphones. Bai Mohua’s thin-skinned face suddenly flushed red from the laughter.

“I just said… I’m not suitable to be a nanny.”

Bai Mohua didn’t forget to argue softly for himself.

Gu Mingli squinted at the past, “You played support before, but you insisted on rushing to the front line to play the main force, and you couldn’t hold back.”

Bai Mohua shrank his neck, “I can’t control or move since I played for the first time.”

“Shooter, you fight in close quarters!”

“Also… not proficient.”

“Then why are you running behind the mage and hiding behind the tank?”

“Isn’t that… absorbing the experience of the previous two times and not rushing forward.”

Bai Mohua’s voice became weaker and weaker, Gu Mingli clutched his heart, and was out of breath for the first time.

And the people in the team also heard the conversation between the two of them, and each of them was laughing. They still had a little resentment in the fight before. After all, they were tired of Bai Mohua several times, but now they heard their conversation and their resentment vanished.

Hahaha… How could there be such a cute person in the world.

Gu Mingyu, who came out and heard all their conversations, couldn’t help but laugh too.

“You are really talented.”

Nuan Nuan looked blank, she had never played this game, so she didn’t know anything.

Bai Mohua was dejected, was he really that bad?

Gu Mingyu patted him on the shoulder comfortingly, “It’s okay, I’m good at playing games.”

Bai Mohua’s eyes lit up instantly, and then both of them turned their attention to Gu Mingli.

Gu Mingli instantly felt a chill all over, and had a premonition that he was going to be dragged down.

This premonition succeeded, and later Gu Mingli was pestered by the two of them to play games with them, and he experienced the feeling of living each minute like a year.

Watching his registration swish down, Gu Mingli clutched his heart and almost passed away.

Nuan Nuan sat next to her third brother with her bare feet, looked at her thin lips with adoring eyes together with her cousin, as her third brother elegantly and ‘civilized’ scolded people who were scolding him and Bai Mohua for playing games until the person opposite had to go offline directly.

Bai Mohua’s adoring eyes were about to turn into substance. He had endured being scolded before, and he really wouldn’t talk back. Fortunately, Gu Mingyu scolded a few people for him.

Although Gu Mingli was fierce, he was still very kind to his own people.

Just started a game, and the few friends that Gu Mingli brought in quickly slipped away. One of the laggards could barely win with Gu Mingli as a big boss, but the two… these two who are on horseback were just like bombs. Same, after a game, their brains were buzzing, and they slipped away…

In the end, only Gu Mingli, the one who couldn’t escape, was dragged by his brother and Bai Mohua to play game after game, and also died game after game.

In the end, Gu Mingli was so exhausted that he lost his cell phone, spread out on the sofa and quit.

“If you come again, let me die!”

Gu Mingyu put away the phone with unsatisfactory intentions, and gave his own younger brother a peachy look.

“You can’t do it.”

Gu Mingli, who had a bad temper, had been tricked so badly by the two of them, and they still had the nerve to say he couldn’t do it!

He picked up the pillow and threw it at his own brother.

Gu Mingyu turned around and ran as if he had expected it long ago. While running, he picked up two pillows, one handed to Bai Mohua to pull his teammates, and the other held a counter-block by himself.

“Come and help! Why are you standing there!”

Bai Mohua was in a daze, but he obediently lifted up the pillow and subconsciously touched Gu Mingli lightly.

Gu Mingli looked over with a fierce look, he turned around and ran in a panic, screaming while running.

“You can’t beat me!!!”

Nuan Nuan was also forced to join in the back, the four of them fought back and forth naively, but the three together couldn’t beat Gu Mingli alone, and Nuan Nuan was taken hostage in the end.

The little girl looked at the third brother and cousin opposite with innocent eyes.

Gu Mingyu stared at the two of them, “I suspect Nuan Nuan is a spy!”

Bai Mohua nodded seriously.

After the reaction: “???”

There was a sand sculpture at the actor level, so things often developed in an unbelievable direction.

Gu Mingyu raised the pillow with both hands in the posture of holding a gun, and he looked at Nuan Nuan with a mournful expression.

“Say! Why did you betray us? You must have been held hostage by him on purpose! The purpose is to let us tell the secret!”

Bai Mohua “???”

Nuan Nuan “???”

The little girl was hugged by Gu Mingli, quickly waving her little hands and shaking her head, as she said in a childish voice.

“I’m not, I didn’t!”

Gu Mingyu: “You have, he must know how much we care about you, but even so, I won’t tell the secret even if I die.”

The veins on Gu Mingli’s forehead popped out.

Before he could continue talking, his fingers turned into spears, and he said “bang…” with a calm expression on his face,

Gu Mingyu covered his heart, pointed at Gu Mingli with trembling fingers, and shouted tragically, “I won’t let you succeed!”

Then his pupils dilated and he fell to the ground as if he was really injured.

Bai Mohua: “…”

Who am I, where am I, and what am I doing now…

At this moment the door was opened, and the manager stood at the door looking at the situation inside, then he hesitated and closed the door, it must be the wrong way for him to open the door.

Open it again… His artist and boss was still lying on the ground like a dead person.

The rest of the people each hugged a pillow, Gu Mingli was expressionless, while Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua were both dazed.

Manager: “…”

Gu Mingli kicked his own brother, with a disgusted expression on his face, “Okay, this is over, your acting skills are over.”

Gu Mingyu opened his eyes and sat up slowly, tidied his clothes with a smile on the corner of his mouth, it was a beautiful face that blinded people’s eyes, still looking noble and elegant.

If they hadn’t seen his sand sculpture strength with their own eyes, the people present would have believed it.

Gu Mingli was obviously so poisoned by such a scene that he was immune to it, and he was able to take on the scene very well and knew how to make the ‘scene’ end faster.

It was also very powerful.

Although the expression was a little paralyzed during the process, and the lines were a little indifferent, but this did not prevent Gu Mingyu from being a dramatist.

The agent asked weakly, “What are you guys… doing?”

Gu Mingyu laughed, “We’re playing games.”

But the agent, why do I think it’s weird? What game can you play while lying on the ground?

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