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The fourth period was a Chinese class. He endured it for a while, and then raised his hand to ask for leave to go to the bathroom.

“Go ahead.”

The young Chinese teacher was easier to talk to. She gave Yan Han permission and he ran out, but after holding back for too long, he had to clamp his legs and couldn’t run anymore. He could only hold his stomach and walk towards the distant office building.

The office building and their teaching building were not the same building.

In order to facilitate activities, there was a trestle bridge on the second floor that could be directly passed through. Yan Han had already inquired about the route. At this moment, he jogged down to the second floor with his legs clamped, and he had to go through the long corridor to the other side to walk on the trestle bridge.

With the tossing this morning, the eldest brother was almost ruined.

He was afraid that another Lin Jianlu or Lin Jianxiong would come out and ask him why he ran to the second floor again, so even though he was in a hurry, Yan Han’s footsteps were still light.

He gritted his teeth, and was very impatient, passing through several classrooms like a gust of wind, and finally walked onto the trestle corridor.

Brother Yan was sweating abruptly.

The trestle bridge leading to the office building was very long, but decorated very bright and wide, it gave a feeling of freedom, just like Yan Han was about to be liberated.

Students with no reason couldn’t go to the office building casually, especially during class time. It could be troublesome to get caught.

But Yan Han was now driven by the urge to urinate. He was risking his death and rushing back to the office building.

As long as he walked through the trestle bridge, and entered the area of the office building, he could solve the problem by finding a toilet on the second floor.

Victory was just around the corner, but Yan Han had to clamp his legs and move forward.

As he was moving his legs with difficulty, a thin and tall man in a white coat crossed the trestle bridge. He saw Yan Han, and he immediately walked over: “Classmate, are you okay? What’s this… Why are you uncomfortable??”


He was on the other side of the bridge as soon as he looked around. When he was suddenly stopped, the eldest brother’s heart collapsed to a certain extent.

But as soon as he looked up, he saw a familiar and delicate face, and Yan Han quickly recognized that this was the teacher in the infirmary yesterday.

“Eh, it’s you?” The infirmary teacher apparently recognized him, “Why is it uncomfortable?”

In Yan Han’s current situation, his face had almost turned green, and he looked a bit unhealthy.

Seeing that the other party had completely misunderstood, Yan Han had an idea and simply said: “My stomach hurts a bit, teacher…”

As expected, the teacher became nervous and couldn’t check anything now. He asked Yan Han, “Can you still follow me to the infirmary by yourself? Do you want me to find two classmates to inform your head teacher?”

“No, no, teacher, I can go.”

What a **** it is a soaking **** and suffocating a hero.

There was a time when Brother Yan wanted to break his head but never thought that he could have such a day.

He clamped his legs and followed the teacher into the infirmary to walk back. The infirmary was on the first floor. Fortunately, there was an elevator, so he wouldn’t have to continue walking for too long.

Yan Han speeded up his pace almost as soon as he saw the three words “infirmary”.

Walking into the infirmary, Yan Han said, “Teacher, I will go to the toilet.”

And he walked directly to the inside of the infirmary.

Yesterday, he lay here all afternoon, vaguely remembering that the inside was like a luxurious private ward. Although the medical equipment was not perfect, it was enough to temporarily deal with some accidents and wait for the ambulance to come. The school also considered many details. Yan Han had reason to believe that there should be a separate bathroom inside.

“Ah?…Oh, okay.” Li Hongqing didn’t expect this classmate to be like a living rabbit, as soon as she walked in, she jumped out.

He hadn’t reacted yet, but suddenly remembered something, and quickly stopped Yan Han: “Hey! Wait a minute, classmate, wait a minute, there is someone in there…”

The voice of the teacher in the infirmary was still lingering in his ears. Yan Han was rushing to the door of the inner toilet and found that the toilet door was indeed locked.

As soon as he was about to knock on the door, he heard the sound of flushing the toilet, followed by the sound of running water from the faucet.

…They should have just finished going to the toilet. Although there are people, it seems that my luck is not too bad.

What did that sentence say, if God wants to make you prosper, he must first make you suffer.

The eldest brother felt like he could stand the test.






Yan Han’s legs couldn’t help being clamped tighter.

He thought the person inside would come out with just one wash, but the sound of running water inside was endless!

Was there anyone who washed hands like this? This was so much water consumption!

The eldest brother had lived for twenty years or so, and he could be considered to be an old pro, but on the first day of the journey, he almost peed his pants. If anyone knew this, his old face would really have nowhere to go.

Yan Han finally couldn’t help but raise his hand. Just as he was about to knock on the door, the door of the bathroom was suddenly opened from inside, and a familiar figure that he no longer wanted to see came into his eyes.


The two sides looked at each other, people on the outside couldn’t get in, and people inside couldn’t get out. Yan Han felt that this was the **** nemesis sent by heaven to stop him from peeing!

Lin Jianlu: “Why are you here?”

Yan Han no longer had any reason to answer his questions.

“Are you finished? Can I trouble you to come out!”

His situation was urgent!

Chasing Lin Jianlu out, Yan Han shut the door “boom” and locked it.

Lifting up his skirt and taking off his leggings, he moved in one go. After finally urinating, he exhaled deeply, thinking that this morning was a **** nightmare!


The moment the urine came out, it was like a mountain torrent erupting, breaking the sky and the earth. It was like a drop of water piercing through a stone, breaking through a cocoon and becoming a butterfly, and his whole life was freed and sublimated!

Damn, he didn’t expect that peeing could feel so cool! He didn’t remember it being so exciting even when he played with his right hand before!

The power from the depths of the soul made him tremble. After solving his physical needs, Yan Han spent a long time inside, making sure that he had no urine had dropped before he tidied up and walked out of the bathroom.

The teacher in a white coat outside saw him come out and asked nervously: “Classmate, are you okay? Come and lie down!”

“Teacher, I seem to be fine.” Yan Han said.

He just deliberately stayed in it for a while longer, in addition to wanting to pee all at once, but also to make an excuse for himself to come to the office building.

He said: “I had a terrible stomachache just now, but I went to the toilet and it seems to be all right now.”

What Yan Han considered was that Lin Jianlu was also a school disciplinary committee member at any rate. The school was so strict about skipping classes, he couldn’t just ask about it.

In fact, the other party had not left.

When he came out, he saw Lin Jianlu talking with the young infirmary teacher.

Yan Han couldn’t help but put his gaze on the other person again. It was also during class time. What did Lin Jianlu come to the school infirmary for?

And he just went to the bathroom just after class, right? Why was this less than half a class time…

Could it be a bad kidney?

Gee, it was a pity.

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