SLDH Ch. 69.1: Auspicious Deer

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On the afternoon of the next day, the wish power over M had accumulated to a terrifying level, and countless light spots gathered and circled, and gradually began to compress, forming a brighter wishful light.

At this time, even without the help of glasses made of the Sanskrit branches, Mi Wan could easily feel that layer of light of wish force, even just standing near this piece of wishful light, her own spiritual power seemed to be running spontaneously and the speed of cultivation was comparable to the time when the world’s aura was most abundant five hundred years ago.

Obviously, it was not only her who discovered this. During this time, she would always meet many demon clan members and demon hunters near M University. Obviously, they also came to practice.

After thinking for a while, Mi Wan lowered her head and sent a message to Fan Chen: The Wish force has begun to compress, does it mean that the power to repair the demon bead was enough.

Fan Chen’s reply came back quickly: Yes.

Mi Wan smiled and then asked: Because of the wishing power, the aura near M University has become unprecedentedly rich. Many demon races and demon hunters have come to practice, do you want to come too, absorb some aura, it would help you recover from your injury.

Fan Chen: I can’t go.

No, not wanting, Mi Wan felt sensitively wrong and couldn’t help but ask: Why?

Fan Chen: If I practiced there, then the sky-long wish will be absorbed by me.

Mi Wan: Isn’t that wishfulness exclusive to sika deer? Can you take it away?

Wishfulness was the desire of human beings to get something for someone. This was a kind of specific directional force. Other people could not take away this kind of power, at most they could only be drenched on the side. For example, like Mi Wan now, under the wishful force, she could only get a bit of aura. But it was basically impossible to steal the wishful force.

Fan Chen: I am the demon king.

Five words, domineering answer.

Mi Wan: Great! (Thumb expression.)

Well, you are strong and reasonable, Mi Wan couldn’t refute it.

Putting away her phone, Mi Wan couldn’t help but feel a little happy, because she could chat with Fan Chen as easily as before. After hiding from Fan Chen for many days, she was also embarrassed, okay. During this time, she had been thinking about how to break this embarrassing situation. After all, she still didn’t want to lose the friendship of the demon king. Well now, because of the sika deer, they could chat again as before, which made her really happy.

When a person is happy, he would want to do something to celebrate.

“Little sparrow, are there any recent festivals?” Mi Wan raised her head and saw the sparrow demon coming in from just outside.

Festival? The Sparrow demon thought about it, spring festival? The Lantern Festival, just after the Lantern Festival, the Arbor Day, the Arbor Day did not seem to be on holiday, May 1st, May 1 had a period of time, right …

“It will be Qingming Festival in a few days, and it will be possible to have a holiday …” the sparrow replied.

“It’ll be there in a few days? Then do you have anything you want recently, go to the mall to buy it, and it will be reimbursed as a holiday benefit.” Mi Wan generously said.

“…” Qingming Festival holiday benefits? Buy what? Ingot candles, paper money and coins? He didn’t want this benefit.

As Fan Chen expected, in the early hours of the morning, the wish force finally saved enough energy and compressed into a dazzling golden light sphere. The light sphere fell straight down from the air and fell into M University’s laboratory.

The golden ball of light accurately fell into the sika deer’s Dantian. After a burst of shock, the ball of light began to rotate at a high speed. The golden wish force between the rotations pulled the little remaining blue demon power and began to reorganize into a demon core.

During the rotation, the golden wishing force seemed to be assimilated by the little blue magic power and began to slowly transform into a blue light group. Then the blue light group became smaller and smaller, slowly turning into a rich dark green, and after a while, the dark green light group turned into a solid, and eventually turned into a dark green bead.

The dark green bead quivered in the Dantian for a moment, and then burst out countless strands of pure demon power. The demon power overflowed from Dantian and flowed into the eight channels of the meridians. Wherever they passed, the dry and cracked meridians began to regenerate and reorganize at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Outside the door of the isolation room, Xu Zhuang was still seriously recording the sika deer’s sign data. Although he had always been optimistic, he knew clearly that if the sika deer’s condition did not improve soon, she may die at any time.

“Come on, come back to life.” After every inspection, Xu Zhuang would silently encourage the unconscious sika deer, although he knew that the sika deer could not hear or understand.

After encouragement, Xu Zhuang took out his mobile phone and took a picture of the sika deer in the isolation ward, intending to update the latest status of the sika deer on Weibo. After all, tens of millions of people were now paying attention to the status of the sika deer.

#The status of the sika deer has not improved … #


Suddenly, a sudden instrument sound sounded in Xu Zhuang’s ear. Xu Zhuang was stunned and stopped editing the Weibo. He hurriedly looked at the detection equipment in the ward, and then … Emoji.

In the ward, on all the instruments for detecting the vital signs of sika deer, the data indicating the vital signs of sika deer were rapidly recovering.

“Teacher, teacher, come on …” Xu Zhuang ran out excitedly, “The Sika deer seems to be waking up…”

And just as he ran excitedly to inform the others in the laboratory, the sika deer in the ward suddenly moved, her slender eyelashes flickered, and she opened her eyes blankly, but closed it again with just one click.

The sika deer who had just regained consciousness suddenly had countless sounds in her mind. The sound was noisy, but it was warm.

“Fawn, you need to get well.”

“Fawn, be healthy.”

“Little deer, big bear, they are still waiting for you to go back, you must stick to it.”

“Fawn, get better and go back to the forest.”

“Little deer, wait for you, my sister will buy you delicious food.”

“Fawn …”

Fawn, are they calling me? The Sika deer was indifferent, until all the voices receded from her mind, then only did she have some strength to open her eyes again. The moment she opened her eyes, the bright light punctured her vision straight, making her subconsciously close them again.

So dazzling.

“Quick, turn off the extra lights, just leave one light.” In the confused room, the sika deer heard a human voice. Then, she noticed that the light outside was dark, and then she tried to open her eyes again. This time, the light outside was much softer.

“Wake up, the Fawn really woke up, check it out quickly.”

The Sika deer found that there were many humans around them. They all wore white coats. Everyone had a happy look on their faces, and they were revolving around her. If it was in the past, seeing so many humans, the small sika deer would definitely be scared to the deepest part of the forest, but at this time, she didn’t know why, the sika deer felt that these humans were particularly kind. There was an intuition telling her that these humans would not harm her.

“Professor, all indicators are normal, and the deer is as strong as if she had not been injured.”

“It seems that the dangerous period has passed, now it is as long as the wounds can be cured.”

Injury? Sika deer looked inside her body, she had many wounds hit by boulders, and there was also organ damage, but it was not serious. As her demon power was already warming the wounds, she should recover in about two or three days.

“At this speed, as long as the deer can recover for another half month, she will get better.” Said one of the men in a white coat.

Half a month? Sika deer subconsciously slowed down the nourishment of demon power to the body. The instinct as a demon told her that she should not reveal her identity.

“Little deer, how are you feeling now, are you hungry?” A gentle male voice asked softly in the spotted deer’s ear.

The little sika deer rolled her eyes. This was a very kind human being. He had a breath that made her very comfortable. Then she couldn’t help but touch the fingertips of this human with the tip of her nose.

“Haha, it’s really the man who took the sika deer. Look, the deer is really close to you.”

“Professor!” The young man was embarrassed.

The people around laughed loudly, and the deer was also a little happy, but she was still weak, so she closed her eyes and slept again.

At 2:35 in the morning, the man who took the sika deer updated Weibo again and informed the netizens across the country that the sika deer had passed the dangerous period and woken up.

Also attached was a picture of the sika deer opening her eyes.

Suddenly, the netizens who had not slept were all excited.

“The deer woke up, which is great.”

“Fawn’s eyes are beautiful.”

“I want to steal it home to raise. Fawn follow sister, don’t go back to the forest.”

“Although I also want to steal the deer home, the forest is the deer’s home.”

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