SLDH Ch. 68.2: Wishes

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“Sister ~~” Suddenly, a soft waxy child’s voice suddenly sounded in Mi Wan’s mind.

“Little Sanskrit Tree?” Mi Wan raised her head in surprise, she looked around, and then saw a small golden spot above the sika deer. It was the size of a mung bean, a twinkle of light.

“It’s really my sister and my Lord. I didn’t feel wrong.” The Little Sanskrit tree said happily.

“Little Sanskrit Tree, why are you here?” Mi Wan said strangely.

“I’m here to send the blessings.” The Little Sanskrit tree explained.

“Blessings?” Mi Wan looked at the light falling slowly and seemed to understand something.

“Today, a lot of people came to me to make a wish, and all of them made the same wish. I think everyone feels it is so urgent, so they have given priority to this wish.” The Little Sanskrit tree explained in detail, “Because there are a lot of wishes, I was escorted by a ray of spiritual power here, but I didn’t expect to meet my Lord and sister here.”

As soon as the voice of the Little Sanskrit tree fell, a lot of light spots suddenly appeared in the sky above the sika deer. Those light spots were small, like sesame seeds, but there were a lot of them. They came out one by one, and the speed was very fast. In a moment, a small light curtain gathered above the sika deer. At a glance, there were about thousands of them.

“Little Sanskrit tree, can your blessing power cure the sika deer?” Mi Wan asked uncontrollably.

“No, it is hurt too much.” The Little Sanskrit tree said, but the light spots of the size of sesame seeds all fell on the sika deer. These were the wishes of the praying person, and it must be communicated.

Thousands of light spots, the willingness of thousands of people slowly submerged in the body of the sika deer, but it seemed as if the mud cow entered the sea quietly, and the frequency of the sika deer’s breath did not fluctuate.

Mi Wan’s eyes which had brightened just now, dimmed again.

“Sister, you have a very strong desire in your heart.” The Little Sanskrit tree said suddenly.

“Wish?” Mi Wan stunned.

“Well, I can feel your wish, and your wish is about to overflow from your chest.” The light spot transformed by the Little Sanskrit tree slightly shook, and then, a light spot of the same size as the one that had just fallen into the body of the sika deer Mi Wan’s chest floated out.

Mi Wan looked at this scene dumbfounded: What was that just now? What was coming out of her chest?

“It turns out that my sister also wants to cure this sika deer.” The Little Sanskrit tree suddenly said.

“I didn’t make a wish to you, how do you know?” Mi Wan surprised.

“I am a wishing tree, and my instinct is to perceive the desires of other people’s hearts. As long as your wishes are strong enough, I can perceive them.” The Little Sanskrit tree said proudly, but it was a wishing tree, if it was an induced wish, how could it be fulfilled?

“You are mind-reading.” Mi Wan couldn’t help but sigh.

“It’s not that exaggerated. I only have a sense for strong desires. For example, you just hoped that the sika deer can get better, and the Lord…”

Fan Chen smiled and glanced at the Little Sanskrit tree, then the Little Sanskrit tree froze and shut his mouth silently.

“What’s wrong? Why don’t you speak?” Mi Wan asked strangely, why say only half of it.

“I … I just felt more wishing power. What a huge wishing force, I haven’t felt it for a long time.” The Little Sanskrit tree was suddenly excited, and the light spot representing it jumped in the air, “Sister, Lord, I’m going back, I’m going to collect the wishes.”

After finishing speaking, the golden light point representing the Little Sanskrit tree disappeared from the ward.


While the Little Sanskrit tree disappeared, the sound of someone opening the door was heard outside the isolation room. Mi Wan was just about to move, but her body was first hugged by Fan Chen, and then there was a feeling of dizziness. When she recovered, they had left the laboratory and now floated over the M campus.

Fan Chen still held her hand so that she would not fall.

“Let’s go down.” This feeling of not stepping on the ground made Mi Wan a little uncomfortable.

“Wait a minute, I’ll show you something.” Fan Chen said, pulling a branch from his pocket.

“The branch of a Sanskrit tree?” Mi Wan recognized it at a glance. The branch in Fan Chen’s hand carried a strong wish power, but there was no breath of demon power or spiritual knowledge. It was a real branch of the Sanskrit tree. ” Didn’t you say that with the present heaven and earth aura, the Sanskrit tree can no longer give birth to branches?”

“This is from a long time ago, someone else sent it to me.” Fan Chen explained.

“Oh ~~” Mi Wan was clear, too, Fan Chen was a tens of thousands of years old demon. It was not surprising that he had a branch of the Sanskrit tree. “Why do you show me the branch of Sanskrit tree?”

Fan Chen smiled and said, “I didn’t want to show you the branch of the Sanskrit tree, but let you see other things through it.”

Something else?

While she was feeling doubtful, Fan Chen used his demon power to change the shape of the Sanskrit tree branch. In a flash, the Sanskrit tree branch turned into two pairs of wooden glasses, floating quietly in front of them.

Fan Chen picked up one of them and put it on himself, then picked up another one and handed it to Mi Wan.

Without being reminded, Mi Wan took the glasses and put them on herself, and then she saw a fantasy world. There were countless light spots rising slowly under their feet. The light spots were small, only the size of sesame seeds, but their number was too large. They came from all corners of the city and condensed in the sky above University M until it became too big to hover. Looking from afar, it looked like a nebula in the universe.

Fan Chen glanced at the silly Mi Wan and flew a little higher. Then, the two people’s vision became wider. Mi Wan found that beyond Cannes, on the edge of the city, in the darkness where the neon lights were no longer visible, there were still countless light spots floating and gathering towards this side.

“Is this … the wishes the Little Sanskrit tree was talking about?” Mi Wan asked in a whisper.

“Yes.” Fan Chen nodded.

“Then … Why can these wishes only hover in the sky?” Mi Wan found it a little strange. After all, the wishes brought by the Little Sanskrit tree had already been sent to the sika deer’s body. But in the sky above University M, there were much more wishes than the Little Sanskrit tree transferred just now. Why didn’t they fall?

“Because it is not enough.” Fan Chen explained, “The reason why the Little Sanskrit tree can send the wish force into the body of a sika deer is because those wishful forces were people’s wishes directly to the Sanskrit tree. Transferring the wish power to the body of a sika deer, even if the wish cannot be fulfilled, it does not prevent the Sanskrit tree from blessing. But this huge wish is different…”

Fan Chen pointed to more and more light spots under his feet and continued: “This huge wishful force is self-conscious. If people’s wish is to cure the sika deer, then only when the power of these wishful forces accumulate enough, will it fall.”

“You mean … as long as there is enough force, the little sika deer can still be saved?” Mi Wan looked at Fan Chen in disbelief.

“The animals don’t want to give up, so … I gave them three days to wait for a miracle.” Fan Chen chuckled, “It seems that they are doing well.”

The Lord Demon King did not expect that that group of animals could really make so many humans pray for the sika deer.

“Human blessings can reshape the sika deer’s demon bead?” Mi Wan finished asking, and then answered him, “Yes, you told me before that the power of human faith can increase the cultivation of demon races, wish power is also a kind of power of faith, so it is also useful. Yes, yes, the former Mountain God also retained consciousness because of the villagers of Guyuan Village.”

“But these wishes are not enough.” Fan Chen frowned. If they couldn’t accumulate enough wishes in three days, the small sika deer would still die, and these wishes would also dissipate between heaven and earth.

“I have a way.” Mi Wan’s eyes lit up. “We should go back to the pet shop first.”

Fan Chen didn’t ask much, and supported Mi Wan to dive down from the air where they landed in the yard of the pet shop.

Landing on the ground, without waiting for Fan Chen to ask, Mi Wan, while pulling out her mobile phone from her pocket, explained: “Now there are many people on the Internet who are concerned about sika deer, and we can engage in a blessing ceremony.”

While speaking, Mi Wan called Xu Zhuang’s phone, and soon, Xu Zhuang answered the phone.

“Hello, boss, are you asking about the situation of the sika deer again? The situation of the sika deer is still not improving, and there is no change in the body’s indicators.” These two days, he was called to ask about the status of the sika deer many times, so as soon as the phone rang, he got ready just like customer service, to pick it up and talk about the status of the sika deer first.

“Old Xu, do you have a Weibo?”

“Huh?” Xu Zhuang froze for a while, the boss didn’t come to ask about the sika deer, “No.”

“Then you go to open one now, it’s better to get a certification, the sooner the better.” Mi Wan ordered.

“Why … why?” Xu Zhuang was a little ignorant. At such a time, how could he think about opening a Weibo.

“Didn’t you say that the situation of sika deer is very bad, you have done everything you can, and the rest can only be left to prayers?” Mi Wan said, “Then you open a Weibo, take a video of the sika deer, and send it to the Internet, and let everyone pray together.”

“No … No, I will feel like I’m rubbing the heat.” Xu Zhuang was a low-key introvert who didn’t like rubbing his heat as a celebrity. These days, many reporters asked him to interview him but he didn’t go.

“How can this be rubbing the heat? The netizens have seen the small sika deer being taken back by you. Of course, the netizens have the right to learn about the treatment of the small sika deer. They are waiting to ask you through various methods, it will not be as good as you taking the initiative to explain yourself.”

“But …” Xu Zhuang was still hesitating.

“But what is …” Mi Wan was angry, why was Xu Zhuang so hesitant, “Now, immediately, immediately go open a Weibo, or I’ll fire you.”

“I will open it now.” Xu Zhuang resolutely agreed since he would be fired if he did not open the Weibo.

“I’m so annoyed, how stupid.” Mi Wan hung up the phone angrily, and then chased a WeChat in peace: send a Weibo within ten minutes and @ me, I will forward it for you.

Fan Chen smiled and asked, “The person you just called was the veterinarian who brought the sika deer from Qiyang Mountain?”

Although Fan Chen had been to the pet shop a few times, he did not meet Xu Zhuang, so he did not know him.

“Well.” Speaking of Xu Zhuang taking the sika deer from the black bear, Mi Wan asked a question that people across the country were curious about. “Why did the other animals disagree when other vets wanted to take the sika deer, but as soon as Xu Zhuang came, they agreed.”

“Does this Xu Zhuang like animals very much?” Fan Chen asked.

“Well.” Mi Wan nodded.

“People who often help animals and love animals carry a special breath on their bodies. This kind of breath will be perceived by the animals and such people can easily gain the trust of the animals.” Fan Chen explained.

“It turns out to be so.” Mi Wan nodded suddenly.

At this time, Mi Wan’s mobile phone rang, it was Xu Zhuang who had completed the registration, and posted the first Weibo about sika deer and at the same time @ her. Without any hesitation, Mi Wan immediately reposted it, and then reposted this Weibo to her circle of friends and WeChat group.

As soon as Mi Wan’s news came out, no extra language was needed. The students in the group opened Weibo and began to repost this Weibo about Sika Deer.

#The sika deer’s operation has been completed, but the injury is too serious, whether it can survive depends on itself, the only thing we can do is pray #

Attached below was a two-minute video of the sika deer in the ward.

Suddenly, Xu Zhuang’s Weibo began to be followed, liked, and forwarded ~~~

At ten o’clock in the evening, the number of tweeted posts on the sika deer exceeded 100,000, and the number of comments exceeded 200,000, and the number was still increasing.

At 10:30 in the evening, the Weibo staff contacted Xu Zhuang and made an official certification: the man who saved the sika deer. (Xu Zhuang black line.)

By twelve in the evening, the Weibo had been forwarded more than half a million times, there were more than one million comments, and more than ten million likes.

At this time, Mi Wan had returned home, she was lying on the window sill, looking up at the starry sky with her glasses, looking at the increasing number of light spots, she couldn’t restrain her excitement: “Fan Chen, look, there are so many wishes.”

“Well.” At the other end of the courtyard wall, Master Demon King lay in the same posture.

“Is the sika deer saved?”

“If the wishes can continue to increase ~~”

“Then let’s wait and see, I think it must be done.” She didn’t know why, but as long as she remembered the animals headed by the black bear in the video, the continuous prayers, people bending their knees, there was a voice in her heart that kept urging Mi Wan: Think of a way to save the sika deer.

She thought, this was probably the thoughts of other people.

Lord Demon King may not have seen so many wishes in a long time, but he liked them, because the human beings at this moment were at their purest. And humans had always been a contradictory race.

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The Little Sanskrit Tree: I was scared to death. It turned out that the Lord has a crush on my sister.

Fan Chen: deadly stare ~~

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