TBVSR Ch. 98

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At first, Qiu Li thought that Jiang Yu was just joking by handcuffing him.

But gradually, he found that the situation was starting to turn wrong.

Jiang Yu crossed her legs, sat face to face with him on the bed, pulled out a small schoolbag, took out the wolf spray, rope, and even… he even saw the human safety electric shock baton.

Qiu Li’s Adam’s apple rolled visibly, and said, “You have a strong sense of security. You still bring these when you go out…”

“No.” Jiang Yu smiled sharply at him: “This is for you.”


Jiang Yu picked up the electric shock baton and gestured in front of Qiu Li: “I tried it, it hurts a bit.”

“Jiang Yu!”

“Don’t worry, it’s only a little bit, anyway, it makes you feel weak.”

“Are you crazy.”

“I’m not crazy, you are crazy.”

Jiang Yu patted Qiu Li’s cheek with a stick: “I can’t bear your pain, but I don’t want you to die, so Ah Li, behave, don’t try to escape, don’t make me angry.”

Qiu Li took a deep breath, calmed his throat, and said to her: “You know I’m not normal, but you still rushed up, do you really think I can’t bear to do anything to you?”

Jiang Yu looked at his cold black eyes with a chill.

It had been almost two years since she saw him, and he was not what she remembered.

Over the years, he had changed a lot. It could be seen from her five senses. He was no longer a high school student wearing a blue and white uniform.

The hostility was getting heavier.

Jiang Yu asked uncertainly: “Will Ah Li hurt me?”

Qiu Li’s face was tense, and he pulled at his handcuffed hands. The beam of the bed was swayed by him. He pretended to be fierce and yelled at her: “I will kill you.”

Jiang Yu was so scared that she backed away.

He thought she was scared, and if she was scared, she would stay away from him, and never get close again in this life.

Then, he watched Jiang Yu’s trembling hand pick up the electric shock stick, then she gently poked his hand with the tip of the stick.


Qiu Li: “…”

He fell on the bed half-length weakly, looking at the little girl who was sitting cross-legged beside him: “You really can do it.”

“Who let you threaten me.”


“You want to kill me.”


Qiu Li looked at her aggrieved appearance, a little regretful.

How could he forget, this girl was really solid-eyed.

Jiang Yu put down the black electric shock stick in her hand, touched his face, and asked distressedly: “Does it hurt?”

“Try it.”

“It should be okay, the store said that this is the lowest version, and the damage is extremely low.”

Jiang Yu turned the electric shock stick to the minimum and was about to experiment on her lap. Qiu Li kicked the stick and looked at her angrily: “Are you stupid? Are you still trying this thing on yourself?”

Jiang Yu smiled: “Do you still care for me?”

Qiu Li looked away, sulking himself.

For a long time, she touched his hand, took it over and put it on her chest, sipped, and rubbed it lightly: “Then you behave better.”

Qiu Li didn’t feel it all over his body, but there was a feeling in his hand, and the feeling was extremely strong.

“Don’t be fierce to me in the future.” The little girl said softly: “I didn’t sleep last night. I came from Beicheng early in the morning. Within a few hours of seeing you, how many times have you attacked me.”

Qiu Li was also uncomfortable. He calmed down his tone as much as possible, and said to her: “You have waited for so many years for the “Swan Lake” performance, and you don’t want to prepare well. Instead you came here to smash me, is it fun?”

“Jiang Yu can stop dancing, but she can’t live without Qiu Li.”


Qiu Li was silent, and his heart struggled.

Her words were not only soothing, but also tempting…it was a very strong temptation.

He could deal with anyone and anything, because he didn’t care.

But for Jiang Yu, there was no alternative.

The little girl jumped out of the bed, went to the bathroom to dry her face mask, and carefully wiped Qiu Li’s face and neck: “Sleepy, stop making trouble tonight, and get a good night’s sleep.”

“Are you going to handcuff me like this for the rest of my life?”

“If you are disobedient, I will handcuff you forever.”

“How to be obedient?”

“Just… don’t run, stay by my side obediently.”

He said coldly: “Jiang Yu, if I want to run, can you handcuff me?”

Jiang Yu pondered for a moment, and then unlocked his hand with the key: “You are right, you want to run, I can’t keep you with me forever.”

Seeing that Qiu Li got rid of the handcuffs, he got up and wanted to leave.

Not two steps away, Jiang Yu turned her back to him and took off her outer skirt gracefully and slowly.


She had a slender figure with a slender waist, the butterfly bones of her shoulder blades were tender, and her skin was as white as milk…

She put on a small sling and ultra-short and ultra-thin summer trousers and pyjamas. Looking back, Qiu Li had already rushed back to the bed and pulled the sheets to cover himself with the speed of light.

She walked up to him, leaned over his ear, and whispered in a seductive voice: “Look, even if I don’t handcuff you, you still can’t bear to leave.”


When Jiang Yu took a bath, she had been paying attention to the movement outside.

Until she walked out of the bathroom, Qiu Li kept her previous actions, covering himself with the sheet, and he didn’t move.

His handsome face was obviously stiff, his eyes avoided her and he didn’t dare to look at her.

Jiang Yu shook her furry handcuffs in front of him, and said, “If Ah Li doesn’t take a bath, he will be shackled again.”

Qiu Li calmly ran into the bathroom embarrassedly.

Jiang Yu leaned against the bathroom door, and heard the sound of water flowing from inside. Her mobile phone rang “ding”. It was a text message from Bu Xi.

“Is the equipment useful for you?!”

Jiang Yu: “Useful, just…why the handcuffs are pink!”

Bu Xi: “Hahahahahahahaha…, I ordered a suit at a s** shop. [laugh cry]”

Jiang Yu: “…”

Bu Xi: “It’s still easy to use.”

Jiang Yu: “The quality is not very good. With his strength, if he wants to break free, he can break free any minute.”

Bu Xi: “Stupid girl, if a man wants to go, let alone handcuffs, you can’t tie him up with a fairy rope; if a man doesn’t want to go, the handcuffs are just **** toys.”

Jiang Yu: “I wore the nightdress you bought, but he didn’t leave. [Hehe…]”

Bu Xi: “Ah, look forward to it!”

Jiang Yu: “What to expect.”

Bu Xi: “It’s a spring night. [Shy]”

Jiang Yu: “Ah, after thinking too much, he won’t.”

Bu Xi: “Heh, men.”

Jiang Yu: “…”

In the bathroom, Qiu Li looked at the hazy fog and at the little girl leaning against the back of the frosted door, breathing more and more quickly.

“Xiao Yu…”

“Huh?” Jiang Yu turned around: “What do you need?”

He knew he shouldn’t, but the overwhelming taste in his mind made him unable to control himself and he went to open the Pandora’s box.

He hadn’t longed for it for a long, long time.

“Tell me about your two years.”

He just wanted to listen to her voice, like he used to on the phone…

“In the past two years, there seems to be nothing special, neither particularly unhappy nor particularly happy, as I felt that something was missing.”

The hot water slapped him, and he closed his eyes.

Jiang Yu seemed to know what he was doing, and continued in a low voice: “I really thought I didn’t love you anymore. I have been thinking about it for a long time. You hypnotized me and wanted me to forget you as soon as possible.”

“It wasn’t until I dreamed of you that night that I suddenly realized that the piece that was vacant in my heart in the past two years was…you.”

Qiu Li opened his eyes suddenly, and his brain was blank and numb.

Jiang Yu lay on the bed and played a game with Bu Xi. She heard the bathroom door open and the hazy mist gushing out. The man had put on the pyjamas she prepared for him and was wiping his wet hair with a towel.

She looked away, continued watching the video, and said casually: “It’s over?”

“The bath is over.”

“I know it’s a bath, did I say anything else.”


Jiang Yu patted the soft sheets beside him: “Come on.”

The fluffy pink handcuffs were put on the pillow blatantly, as if they were demonstrating to him.

Qiu Li walked to the bed stiffly, and handed her his wrists obediently.

Seeing that he was so well-behaved, Jiang Yu patted his forehead with satisfaction, and then handcuffed him.

Although as Bu Xi said, if she really had the ability, he wouldn’t leave even if she didn’t handcuff him.

But Jiang Yu was still unsure. He changed his volunteer school without saying a word, tore up the agreement with her, and left her without looking back…

Qiu Li’s heart was crueller than hers.

“I won’t leave.” Qiu Li looked at the handcuffs on his wrists: “I can’t sleep with my hands raised.”

Jiang Yu glanced at the bed beam, and seemed to feel that it was uncomfortable to sleep like this. She thought about it, and simply handcuffed the other end of the handcuffs to her slender wrist.

“That’s it.”

Qiu Li: “…”

When the light was turned off, the little girl was still sitting on the bedside and playing games, Qiu Li lay on her lap, and raised his hand accommodatingly to follow her movements.

Looking at her from his angle, her beautiful eyes showed a blue light, her neck was slender, her muscles were distinct, her collarbone and acromion lines were smooth, and she was so beautiful that he felt blasphemous after a second glance.

The two years she was most proud fully blooming, he had missed it.

Jiang Yu noticed Qiu Li’s gaze, and subconsciously pulled the hem of his pajamas to make the front look looser and make certain parts…not too obvious.

“Two more rounds.”


Qiu Li pulled the sheet to cover his face.


After trying hard to keep him overnight, even using handcuffs, she was playing games here?

Jiang Yu only played a round, put the phone down, turned off the night light on the bedside, and plugged the phone into the socket to charge.

She got into the bed, leaned on her sharp back, and fell asleep peacefully.

The two people’s wrists were handcuffed together, so no matter how they adjusted their posture, they didn’t seem to be comfortable.

Jiang Yu asked him: “Can’t sleep?”

Qiu Li asked angrily: “You can sleep?”

“I can’t sleep either.” Jiang Yu hesitated for a few seconds, and tentatively said quietly: “Then do you want to do something?”


Qiu Li’s five senses became clear in an instant, not to mention sleeping, even if he was asked to do 500 push-ups, it would be fine!

He couldn’t let her seduce him in this way, otherwise he would really be unable to control it.

“Xiao Yu.”


The little girl’s toes had already touched his ankle lightly.

“Close your eyes.”

His magnetic voice rang in her ears: “Back on the day we met for the first time, the wind was very light, and there was a slight itchy feeling on the face. There were curses and noise in the alley ahead. You slowly approached. And then saw me lying in a pool of blood, did you see…”

“I saw it.”

“You instinctively felt the danger, as if there were countless ants biting in your heart, the night and fear fall at the same time, you turned around and ran, never looking back, never…”


Jiang Yu interrupted him mercilessly. Then, she kicked his hips with a soft kick, “Bad son!”


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