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March 12 was Yu Siyang’s birthday. It was a coincidence that Yu Siyang, who was an orphan, didn’t know his exact date of birth. So, Aunt Du from the orphanage set his birthday as the day when he was picked up. It was also March 12th.

It was a sunny day. The film crew ordered a cake on the first day of the film production and asked the cake shop to deliver it at noon, to celebrate Yu Siyang’s birthday, and also called a photographer to take some photos to send a draft through in order to brush the sense of existence of “Battle of Feishui”.

Chu Quan actually gave him a half-day holiday that day, so he could go back to rest after eating the cake.

Suddenly, Yu Siyang, who had been on vacation for a long time, looked dumbfounded.

The big guys were all filming, and he was unfamiliar with them. What was the point of taking vacations with Tang Hang?

And he was less daring to go out and walk around casually. A few days ago, he and Tang Hang ran out to eat a local Internet celebrity snack they found out from Amway[1] sold by netizens when there were no night scenes. They were recognized by melon-eating crowd who ran after him for three streets.

Yu Siyang never knew that girls could run so well, so he wanted to ask if all these girls practiced long-distance running.

The hot search on the next day included the topic of #YuSiyangChasedbyFans#. From the few pixelated photos taken by fans, it could be seen how embarrassed he was at that time, and he also appeared in various entertainment media. Although it was not a front-page headline, in Yu Siyang’s view, it was embarrassing.

Turning back to talk to Mr. Xue about this matter, he didn’t mention how wronged he was. Since he was besieged like this once, he had been honestly going between the hotel→crew→hotel, two points and one line.

“Then what are we going to do now?”

Yu Siyang had been forced by the costume designer to change out of costumes, and the life producer enthusiastically drove the car dedicated to picking him up, but he only came up with a sentence, “Hurry up. Let’s go”.

Tang Hang replied in seconds: “Back to the hotel.”

Yu Siyang was shocked, he finally had a vacation, but he was going back to the hotel directly. Wouldn’t it be too boring?

Tang Hang didn’t say much, he just stuffed him into the car, started the car, and drove to the hotel quickly.

Yu Siyang sat in the car stiffly, thinking that this birthday was very boring, it was better to stay in the crew to film, then go back to the hotel on vacation, and then? Sleeping with your head covered?

“Then what are we doing this afternoon?” Yu Siyang asked unwillingly.

Tang Hang said: “Take a nap.”

Yu Siyang: “!!!”

It was really going back to the hotel to sleep with his head covered! As a young man, how could he be so inactive! How could he waste a good afternoon! How could he not go out!

The hotel was very close to the crew, and it took less than ten minutes to drive there. Yu Siyang hadn’t figured out how to convince Tang Hang to take him out, when Tang Hang had already taken him into the hotel elevator.

After helping Yu Siyang swipe his card to open the door, Tang Hang ignored Yu Siyang’s “really can’t go out to play” eyes, pushed him in, and closed the door smoothly.

Yu Siyang was pushed forward, the lights in the room were not turned on, the thick curtains were still closed, it was dark, Tang Hang didn’t give him the room card, and the lights couldn’t be turned on.

He turned helplessly and fumbled for the doorknob and wanted to open the door and ask Tang Hang to get the room card back.

Suddenly, in the darkness, a warm body leaned over from behind him, a pair of powerful arms wrapped around his waist, and firmly hugged him into his arms.


Yu Siyang was shocked, his body twisted cleverly, and his left elbow hit the abdomen of the person behind him with an elbow, his left hand clasped the veins on the opponent’s wrist and slammed it.

The person behind him snorted, and it was obviously painful.

Yu Siyang was a little proud. The kung fu he had learned from the martial arts instructor for so long was not just used for filming, hum, he was a man who knew kung fu, it was not so easy to attack him.

Thinking like this, turning around, he was about to hit a fatal blow to completely subdue the gangster. At this time, he heard a familiar voice: “Yangyang, do you want to murder your husband?”

Yu Siyang paused and said in shock: “Mr. Xue?!”

Warning 18+

The man didn’t speak and took him into his arms. In the darkness, he accurately found his lips and kissed him unceremoniously.


Feeling the familiar breath, and the unique smell of lemon scent mixed with faint scent of cigarette on the opponent, Yu Siyang slowly relaxed, embraced the opponent’s thin waist, and kissed back passionately, pouring out the lovesickness from being apart for one month.

The hot palm of Xue Chengxiu moved restlessly, kneading his waist through the clothes, and then gradually dissatisfied with his palm, he leaned in from the hem of his clothes and started to pull them up.

In the room without a trace of light, only the sound of tangled lips and tongue could be heard for a while. Yu Siyang only felt like he was on fire, burning him out of reason, and he just wanted to burn up with the other party.

The kiss was still in progress, and Yu Siyang’s hands wandered around Xue Chengxiu uncontrollably, pulling the shirt hem out of his trousers, putting his cool fingers in, and stroking the tight and not exaggerated abdomen muscles of the other party.

Comparing to the flatness of his abdomen, he suddenly got a little jealous of Mr. Xue’s abdominal muscles.

Xue Chengxiu opened his eyes suddenly and gasped, holding Yu Siyang’s thin waist with one hand, and supporting his hip with the other.

Yu Siyang felt as if he was floating in the air, with no focus on his body, and he was about to fall at any time. He couldn’t help but raise his hand to get the support of the wall, but with a “pop”, he turned on the light.

The two had stayed in the dark for a long time. At first there was light, and their eyes narrowed slightly uncomfortably. The entangled lips were slightly loosened and pressed against the tip of the nose. The two looked at each other’s eyes and breathed together.

Xue Chengxiu’s eyes were long, narrow and sharp, but now because his desires had not yet been satisfied, his eye sockets were red, and his eyeballs had become bloodshot, as if he wanted to eat something.

Yu Siyang hugged Xue Chengxiu’s neck and asked in a hoarse voice: “Why are you here?”

Xue Chengxiu kissed his lips, and his voice was too dumb: “Of course I have to come for your birthday.”

“Thank you.”

Yu Siyang smiled, lowered his head and actively kissed the other party’s slightly thin lips, and tried to run after touching the other party’s tongue, but was gently bitten by Xue Chengxiu and entangled into his mouth presumptuously.

Then he picked him up, turned and walked to the big bed in the room.

Xue Chengxiu looked at the beautiful young man below him intently, as if he wanted to imprint every look and every movement deeply into his soul. There was an unsatisfied beast in his heart, screaming crazily–



He’s all mine!

Warning end

When Yu Siyang woke up, his mind was chaotic, and for a moment he even almost asked an ultimate philosophical proposition- Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

“Wake up.”

Suddenly, his head was slapped twice, and Yu Siyang turned his head to look, he was first surprised, and then relaxed.

Thinking that it was his birthday today, the director gave him a half-day holiday. Tang Hang said he was going to the hotel for a nap, so he came back, and… ahem, there was a Mr. Xue in the hotel room.

He really took a nap, but it was a verb, not a noun…

He was very refreshed, and he should have been cleaned by Mr. Xue when he was asleep.

“It’s almost eight o’clock, are you hungry?” Xue Chengxiu said softly: “I will call room service.”

Yu Siyang buried his head halfway in the quilt and nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

Xue Chengxiu chuckled, kissed his forehead, picked up the phone and called room service.

Yu Siyang was tossed for an afternoon, his whole body was sore and weak, he stretched out his hand from under the quilt and hooked Mr. Xue’s finger, and asked: “When did you arrive? Didn’t tell me in advance.”

Xue Chengxiu immediately grabbed him and held his hand and started playing with it, “I wanted to give you a surprise.”

“First, startled, then surprised.” Yu Siyang emphasized, “At first I thought there was a gangster.”

Xue Chengxiu commented: “Yes, the start was quite ruthless. It seems that your kung fu was not learned in vain.”

Yu Siyang was proud and said that he could also go the way of martial arts stars in the future, and what he had in his hands was real kung fu.

Xue Chengxiu flicked his forehead, and when he heard the doorbell, he went to open the door, gave the waiter a tip, and pushed the dining car in by himself.

All he ordered were relatively light dishes, and the staple food was noodles.

Yu Siyang got up from the bed with his hands and feet together, with a mess of hair, and expressed dissatisfaction with the noodle dishes on the dining car, “I can’t have any chicken drumsticks for my birthday.”

Xue Chengxiu picked up the person from the bed and placed it by the dining table, “No chicken drumsticks. Only eggs.”

Yu Siyang picked up a piece of noodles, pretending to be reluctant, “Okay, then I will eat it.”

Xue Chengxiu laughed, squeezed his cheek, and accompanied him to eat a large bowl of longevity noodles.

After eating the longevity noodles, Yu Siyang’s stomach was rounded, leaning on the chair and groaning, and suddenly remembering Mr. Xue’s abdominal muscles, he looked a little bit envious and jealous when he looked at Mr. Xue.

“What’s the matter?” Xue Chengxiu took the person into his arms.

“You say, I have practiced martial arts for so long, why didn’t I get any muscles?” Yu Siyang was almost puzzled. It stood to reason that his exercise volume was relatively large. According to the fitness coach, he even drank the tasteless fitness milk powder to increase muscles, but the muscles just couldn’t be trained, it was simply unscientific.

Xue Chengxiu didn’t want to answer this question. He didn’t like muscular men. His lover would be perfect if he got a little fatter than he was now.

So, he changed the topic, and brought a file bag over, “Look at it.”

Yu Siyang opened the file bag suspiciously and took out a thick stack of documents from it.

The first document was a criminal judgment. The defendant Xue Chengji was sentenced to 30 years in prison and his property was confiscated.

The second document was the details of the accounts of the two education funds, both of which were extremely large.

When he saw the first document, Yu Siyang was so happy that the culprit finally received punishment.

The second document puzzled him.

Xue Chengxiu explained: “In view of Xue Chengji’s surrender and information about the transfer of funds, the sentence was not particularly serious. These two funds contain most of the funds transferred by Xue Chengji. After the court confiscated a portion of the funds they are to be returned to the victim.”

Yu Siyang looked at him with scorching eyes, “That…”

“Yang Yang,” Xue Chengxiu rubbed his hair, “counting the recoveries from Yu Zhongmin, Yu Fang, and the financers who absconded with the money. With those funds, plus the funds returned by Xue Chengji here, you have been able to pay off all the arrears, and there is still a surplus.”

“Really?” Yu Siyang couldn’t believe it, and a heavy mountain weighed on his heart actually just began to move away, happiness came too suddenly.

Xue Chengxiu nodded affirmatively.

He knew that his lover was a very serious and hardworking person. In the heart of this child, the huge debt was his responsibility, and he would never evade responsibility due to changes in the relationship. This child seriously made him feel very distressed.

Therefore, Xue Chengxiu patiently cooperated with the Xue family and Xue Chengji and even mediated with the Du family. He wanted to bring back the things that belonged to the child reasonably and legally, so that his baby could live without a haze and happily do whatever he wanted. And wilfully reject what he didn’t want to do.

“Great.” Yu Siyang cheered and threw himself into Mr. Xue’s arms, holding his neck, and bending his eyes with a smile, “Thank you.”

Although Xue Chengxiu never mentioned it, Yu Siyang knew how much hardships he must have faced to do this. If he hadn’t met this person, there would still be a lot of ups and downs in his life. He was not afraid of ups and downs or hardships, but to this day, he could no longer imagine how gloomy and boring he would be if there was no such person in his life.

The beloved person gave him a hug. Mr. Xue was obviously very happy. He hugged the person in his arms and his expression immediately changed. “I prefer to use actions to express gratitude.”

Yu Siyang felt that his sore waist was even more uncomfortable. He turned into a drama king in minutes, pretending to be weak: “Backache, back pain, leg cramps.”

Xue Chengxiu was angry and found it funny at the same time, “Is it necessary to give you some super calcium tablets?”

Yu Siyang smiled flatteringly. “All I need is a quiet night’s sleep.”

Xue Chengxiu flicked his forehead, hugged the person in his arms, and kissed him deeply.

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[1] Pyramid scheme wherein one recommends to others in order to trap them.

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