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Halfway through the training camp, the students also began to put all their efforts into their practice for the final performance.

Jiang Yu and Wen Lun cooperated to complete a duet dance between the black swan and the devil, and the tacit understanding between the two was very high.

Wen Lun was a very strict person. It could be seen from his demeanour that he had received the most academic ballet training since he was a child. Therefore, his every movement, even every frame of expression, had strict specifications, and he strove for perfection.

He helped Jiang Yu dig out the details of many movements.

In the past, when Jiang Yu danced, she tended to develop her own characteristics after mastering the basic movements and interpreted the dance herself.

But under Bai Shuyi’s request, she had to abandon the so-called “wild ways” of the past and perform every action in accordance with the requirements of the norm.

Wen Lun also gave her a lot of help.

Of course, except for Jiang Yu and Wen Lun, the other classmates didn’t relax either.

The last training report performance was directly related to their official entry into Esmera’s rating classes.

Who didn’t want to be able to enter the ABC class and play the main role with a name on the stage, so the students in the DEF class desperately squeezed forward. And the students in the ABC class naturally had to work equally hard to keep their positions.

More importantly, if you fail in the training report performance, you would be directly expelled from the school!

Everyone squeezed their heads to get into Esmera, and if they were expelled from the school as soon as the training was over, it would be too bad.

So during this time, they worked hard and practiced dancing in the dance studio until late at night every day, then they dragged their tired bodies back to the dormitory, fell asleep, and went to train again the next day.

Jiang Yu finally understood why Esmera could reach the highest threshold for domestic ballet academies.

The harsh competition elimination system made the students here strive to be at the top.

In view of this, in the middle of the training, the Esmera Activity Center organized a carnival dance for the students to relax.

Students could invite their relatives, friends or lovers to participate in the dance, and food and drinks were provided for free. Everyone could revel and relax at the dance party without restraint.

Of course everyone was very happy to have a chance to relax. Mu Zixian and Lin Miao started to make themselves up in the afternoon.

“I heard that you can call your boyfriend here.”

“What if you don’t have a boyfriend?”

“You can also call your brothers and sisters at home, or your parents.”

“Forget it, I don’t want to call them.” Lin Miao simply said to Mu Zixian: “Let’s go together.”

“You want to accompany me, what about Jiang Yu.”

“Are you still worried about her, she must be calling her boyfriend.”

During Qiu Li’s part-time job in the cafeteria, he had taken away the souls of many girls. Even if they knew that he was Jiang Yu’s boyfriend, there were still many girls who secretly stuffed him with love letters and gifts.

Jiang Yu walked to the balcony and sent a text message to Qiu Li: “Boyfriend, if you are free tonight, come to the school tonight.”

Qiu Li was reading a book in the city library when he saw the text message, so he put down his book, walked to the rest area and called her back: “I haven’t finished my winter vacation homework, what’s the matter?”

Facing the winter sun, Jiang Yu’s voice became lazy: “Oh, then you can do your homework well.”

“Say what’s the matter.”

“Nothing, a very boring dance party is being organized in the art center, family and friends can participate in that kind, I wanted to ask if you are interested in accompanying me.”

Qiu Li stood by the floor-to-ceiling window, basking in the warm winter sun, the corners of his mouth hooked: “Xiaoyu is… taking the initiative to ask me out?”

Jiang Yu said: “Just…so you know, the ratio of males and females in our school is seriously insufficient, and my best friends have already agreed to accompany each other.”

“There’s your classmate, that kid named Wen or something.”

“Last time I was with Wen Lun and just said a few words, someone took a knife and slashed his arm, this time if I was with Wen Lun to participate in a misunderstanding, won’t someone chop off their hands in anger?”

Even across the phone, Qiu Li seemed to be confused. Sensing the smile on the corner of the girl’s mouth at this time, his mood also became warm, “What time?”

“The party starts at 8 o’clock in the evening! Call me when you arrive, and I will pick you up at the door!”

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yu’s enthusiasm suddenly became high, and she joined Mu Zixian and Lin Miao to dress up.

Lin Miao watched Jiang Yu put powder on her eyebrows with great interest, and she was even applying false eyelashes, even though she never wore eye makeup.

“Tsk, it’s really a woman who pleases herself.”

“It’s not what you think.” Jiang Yu brushed her eyelashes and said, “He is a very important person to me.”

“We all know that he is important to you, otherwise you wouldn’t be so angry when you saw Xu Xiangming bullying him in the cafeteria that morning.”

Jiang Yu simply did not explain.

She kept reminding herself that Qiu Li was her target. The series of actions she did were all to help him and only to heal him.

If there were really emotional waves and throbbing, it was also just strong sympathy and pity after learning about his life experience, she really just wanted to help him.

“Your boyfriend is really, really good.” Lin Miao leaned back against her small make-up table and sighed, “There are many girls who confessed to him these days and gave him gifts.”

“Really?” Jiang Yu put down the mascara and asked Lin Miao, “Why don’t I know about it?”

“People want to dig your corner, would they dig it in front of you?”

“That’s too immoral.” She was a little bit annoyed: “What’s going on with girls now, are other people’s good ones there for them to steal?”

“It’s not that others are bad, but Qiu Li is too good.” Mu Zixian stood in front of the mirror and changed her skirt, as she said leisurely: “Don’t mention anything else, just his looks could kill a lot.”

Jiang Yu’s eyes revealed a little worry.

That’s right, Qiu Li’s external conditions were indeed obvious, and even his IQ was high. No girl used to chase him earlier because no one dared to chase him.

Jiang Yu brought him out of his cold world step by step, so that he no longer treated others rudely, but it was definitely not to make him popular with girls!

Qiu Li was not an ordinary boyfriend, he was her target and entruster, there was no need to mention the 300 million, the task must be completed, if it was cut off halfway, then it wouldn’t be worth it!

She asked Mu Zixian to borrow a double eyelid sticker and carefully attached it to her upper eyelid. Lin Miao came over and tore off the double eyelid tape she had put on with great difficulty.

“What kind of double eyelids are you putting on? Your single eyelids are already pretty!”

“You’re kidding me.”

“It’s not the double eyelids that make you look good. Your single eyelids have the taste of an oriental classical beauty. It’s your characteristic!”

Jiang Yu looked at herself in the mirror, her eyes were indeed the pure phoenix type[1], with long and narrow tails, smooth upturned corners, and a very high-level beauty.

“It’s like an Oriental model in a foreign blockbuster style.” Mu Zixian came over and put a double eyelid sticker on her left eye then let her compare it: “Look, it seems vulgar all of a sudden, who said double eyelids look good on everyone?”

“Isn’t the double eyelid a universal aesthetic?”

“Then you can ask your boyfriend, if he says it looks good, it must be good.”

Jiang Yu decisively sent a text message to Qiu Li and asked: “Boyfriend, do you think my single eyelid looks good?”

Qiu Li: “Your eyes are very distinctive, very much like a star.”

Jiang Yu pursed the corners of her mouth and asked contentedly, “Who is it?”

Qiu Li: “Guan Yu.”


Jiang Yu: “You tell the truth?”

Qiu Li: “It’s just like you.”

Jiang Yu: “It’s like your sister!”

Qiu Li put down the phone and went to the commercial shopping center in the city, and he was going to choose clothes for himself to go to the dance.

However, after shopping for a long time, he could not choose a suitable clothes.

From Jiang Yu’s few words, he knew that the standard of this dance party would not be low. The dance party that the family members, parents and friends of the classmates could come to participate in, naturally could not be a casual student party.

A suit should be decent enough.

It’s a pity that he didn’t have enough money to buy a suit good enough for this dance.

He stood in front of a haute couture store and stopped for a long time, looking at himself in a sweatshirt in the mirror.

Qiu Li suddenly discovered that in the world where his little swan was located, there seemed to be no place for him.

If he forcibly stood beside her, he would only appear abrupt and out of place.

This discovery made Qiu Li’s joyful mood instantly drop to a low ebb.

He was born in a wealthy scholar family. His father and mother were well-known researchers in the academic world. He never felt how downhearted he was, and he never felt inferior because of these worldly things…

He lived a life of ignorance for many years. When he tried to integrate into the world again, he realized that he was really down and out living on that meagre scholarship.

He took out his phone and dialled the owner of the underground fight room. However, the phone only rang once, and he hung up immediately.

He had also promised Jiang Yu that he would not do these things again and bruise himself…

He couldn’t let her down again.

Qiu Li stood at the entrance of the haute couture shop for a long time, rubbed out his mobile phone, and sent a message to Jiang Yu, “I won’t be there at night.”

As soon as the text message was sent, Qiu Li wanted to withdraw it.

He knew that Jiang Yu was looking forward to the dance tonight, and as a boyfriend, he should also accompany her to participate, even if it was only a brief appearance.

His fingertips trembled, but he still didn’t withdraw it.

Jiang Yu replied in a second, “Why? Didn’t you agree to come?”

Qiu Li leaned against the wall, feeling that his fingertips weighed thousands of pounds, he replied with difficulty: “It’s stupid to participate in this shitty dance.”

Jiang Yu: “…”

Putting down the phone, Qiu Li turned around and walked out of the commercial center, returned to the city library, and buried himself in a pile of heavy and old professional books.

When he was young, it was really hard to like someone decently when he met someone he loved very much.

The only thing he could do was work harder. At least, the little swan should be able to live an elegant and decent life in the future.

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