TBVSR Ch. 46.2: Guarding

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If he hadn’t decided to change, then Xu Xiangming’s face would have already been put in the pot by him.

But at this moment, he had to choose to be patient.


The corner of his mouth evoked a faint smile, he picked up the egg that was just out of the pot, and began to peel it.

The surface temperature of the egg was very high, but he didn’t seem to feel the stimulation of the high temperature at all, and his face didn’t change.

Xu Xiangming was a little suspicious, he touched the egg, and immediately withdrew his hand from the heat.


What a freak this guy was!

Qiu Li put the peeled eggs on his plate, and his dark eyes glanced at him coldly: “Take it easy.”

Xu Xiangming still didn’t believe in it, so he fished out three more eggs from the hot pot and put them into Qiu Li’s hand: “Continue peeling!”

Qiu Li continued to peel the egg shells for Xu Xiangming with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

His long fingertips had turned hot and red, but he didn’t seem to feel it at all, there was no pain at all.

Some of the girls around couldn’t stand it anymore, and they all said: “It’s not necessary!”

“Aren’t you bullying people?”

“Is it interesting?”

When Qiu Li picked up the third egg, Jiang Yu, who had heard the news, squeezed into the crowd and saw Qiu Li’s hot red fingertips. She was furious, grabbed the egg and smashed it directly at Xu Xiangming, “You *****!”

Qiu Li was in a very depressed mood, but suddenly he heard Jiang Yu, the most polite little girl on weekdays, shout out a foul curse, and he was suddenly happy and looked at her with a smile.

She looked really angry. She trembled with anger, and pushed Xu Xiangming away forcefully: “What qualifications do you have to bully him!”

The boyfriend she managed to cure a little bit, was bullied by Xu Xiangming like this, Jiang Yu with a violent temper grabbed the eggs on the plate and smashed them all at him.

Xu Xiangming suffered a few times, and it hurt a little, but he didn’t dare to do anything to Jiang Yu.

After all, she was Teacher Bai Shuyi’s student, and offending her was equivalent to offending Esmera’s most powerful boss.

He embarrassedly said: “You are not too embarrassed to say that you looked for such a shabby boyfriend.”

Jiang Yu said angrily: “Not all people are born with a golden spoon, what’s wrong with being shabby, poverty is not a place for people to laugh at casually, but ignorance is. A guy like you who is useless and only knows how to spend his parents’ money to make a living, has no right to laugh at others.”

As soon as this statement came out, the surrounding girls nodded in agreement, and looked at Xu Xiangming with more and more contempt.

“You…you don’t talk nonsense.”

“I don’t think she is talking nonsense.”

This voice came from Xue Jiayi, who was walking over slowly from not far away.

As soon as he saw that it was the “female devil” Xue Jiayi, Xu Xiangming’s vicious aura instantly vanished, and his legs softened.

Most of Esmera’s students come from wealthy families, so they were not fuel-efficient lamps.

Xue Jiayi didn’t want to intervene in this matter, but it was really harsh to hear Xu Xiangming say that people who were poor were shabby, and they were still divided into three, six, nine, and so on.

After all, unlike Bai Shuyi, who came from a ballet family, Xue Jiayi came from a low-level background. When she was studying ballet, her family background was not even as good as Jiang Yu’s.

So this topic hit her sensitive spot at once.

“According to what you mean, since I didn’t come from a wealthy family, I’m not worthy of Esmera, right?”

“Ms. Xue, I… I didn’t mean that.” Xu Xiangming completely lost the domineering aura he had just now.

“Then what do you mean? Why, I also come from a low-level background, so I’m not worthy to teach you!”


Xue Jiayi looked at Xu Xiangming with cold eyes: “Next time, if you let me hear similar words, I will expel a student. You are a substitute for Class F, and you still did this!”

Xu Xiangming was so frightened that he didn’t eat breakfast, and left the cafeteria in a daze.

Before stepping out of the door, Jiang Yu said, “You insulted others, don’t you need to apologize?”

Xu Xiangming gritted his teeth and looked back at Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu would not let Xu Xiangming go, no matter how much others looked down on her or said things behind her back, she didn’t care.

But to say that to Qiu Li… no.

That was the boy she had protected for so long, the one she had promised to take care of.

“Since Teacher Xue has stopped her words, I believe Esmera is not a place where one doesn’t need to apologize for bullying people.”

Xue Jiayi looked at Jiang Yu lightly, she really didn’t like this girl.

She danced so much like that nasty woman.

But this little girl seemed to be sure that she would not slap her own face, so she dared to use her power to do it.

Xue Jiayi thought of the letters on the soles of the Elita shoes.

A difference of one letter.

People had been dead for many years, and that dazzling letter, instead of hurting her, has become an eternal humiliation for the living.

“In Esmera, anyone insulting the personality of others is not allowed.”

Xue Jiayi said coldly: “This is the palace of art, not a place for you rich young masters and young ladies to bully others.”

Because Xue Jiayi was present, Xu Xiangming did not courageously refuse, he just walked back like a quail, and weakly said to Qiu Li, “I’m sorry.”

Jiang Yu said coldly, “I can’t hear, you haven’t eaten, do you want to pick up the eggs on the ground and eat them?”

“I’m sorry!” Xu Xiangming increased his volume and roared, “I’m sorry, I won’t dare anymore!”

Qiu Li returned to the bar and continued to fry eggs without giving him another look.

Xu Xiangming seemed to be greatly humiliated, and when he walked out of the cafeteria, he burst into tears.

The students ate the melon contentedly and dispersed.

Xue Jiayi also gave Jiang Yu a bad look, and said lazily: “Boyfriend has been brought to Esmera, it should be your job, you are letting others do it, you are quite calculating.”

“Teacher Xue, sorry, I will get him to go back.”

“No matter who it is.”

Qiu Li said lightly: “As long as someone does the work that needs to be done, it’s fine.”

Xue Jiayi was very busy, so too lazy to care about such trivial matters, she walked out of the cafeteria on her high heels.

Jiang Yu quickly grabbed Qiu Li’s fingertips and gently helped him blow: “Did it feel hot just now?”

Qiu Li wanted to say that he didn’t feel it, but looking at Jiang Yu’s anxious expression, he changed the words: “It hurts.”

Jiang Yu clenched his fingers and put them to her mouth, blowing gently.

The cool breeze fell on his fingertips, and it felt very comfortable.

“Does it still hurt?”

Qiu Li looked at her puffed cheeks, very cute, and couldn’t help but pat her lips with his fingertips: “It still hurts, sister.”

“But do you feel it?”

“I do now.” Qiu Li said confidently: “You know, this is a psychological disorder, it hurts whenever it wants.”


It was quite inexplicable.

Jiang Yu simply said: “Then stop working, go back now, find a hospital, don’t let the burn stay untreated.”

“It’s useless to find a doctor.” Qiu Li put his hand to her cool earlobe, squeezed lightly: “I just need my girlfriend’s help.”

Jiang Yu’s soft earlobes were pinched by him maliciously.

This guy… was probably just cheating and taking advantage of her.

She pushed his hand away: “Cheat me.”

“I didn’t cheat.”

“You obviously don’t feel pain!”

“It hurts.”

“I don’t believe it.”


Only those who were pampered were qualified to act like a spoiled child.

Qiu Li never had it, and he wanted it too.

Jiang Yu rubbed his hand: “Then tell the truth, does it hurt?”

“Well, don’t worry.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, he just wanted to reassure her.

He lied to her, he felt it…

But all the trials and tribulations he endured for her could not be ignored.

But Qiu Li enjoyed the feeling, even the pain.

Jiang Yu frowned and said, “Don’t come in the future. For the next days, I will do public service myself.”

Seeing him being bullied here, Jiang Yu felt uncomfortable.

“I’m a man who has a beginning and an end.”

Qiu Li still smiled and said, “With Xiao Yu’s protection, what am I afraid of.”

Jiang Yu knew that he would not give up halfway, so she didn’t continue to persuade him.

If Qiu Li was willing to listen to her advice, her task would have been completed long ago.

“Okay, I’ll protect you from now on.” Jiang Yu held his hand tightly and assured him: “If someone bullies you, come and tell me.”

Qiu Li looked at the sparkling light in the girl’s eyes, and he could feel her sincerity at this moment.

He immediately turned his eyes away, his heartbeat quickening uncontrollably.

The sleeping dragon had a little princess beside him. The little princess held a sword in her hand to resist the darkness and guard the last starlight for him.

From then on, his dreams were safe and sound.

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