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In the next few days, Lu Chengyu didn’t meet Song Junyan very often, they just occasionally met each other, and the other party only greeted him politely. Naturally, Lu Chengyu regarded him as an ordinary neighbor, never asking about the other party’s private affairs, so there was a strange harmony in the communication.

After a few days of observation, Lu Chengyu found that Song Junyan was very scheming and should not be taken lightly. He personally thought that it is human nature to have a gap in his chest, but to put all his energy on calculating others is a bit crooked. He doesn’t really appreciate this kind of person. In contrast, he still prefers people like Cao Jingshen and Yan Mu.

On Friday afternoon, the company held a summary meeting. As Yan Mu’s assistant, Lu Chengyu sat beside Yan Mu the whole time. Because of the serious quality problems of Liang’s real estate this time, Huading Real Estate, which was named and praised, had seen a significant increase in the real estate transaction volume in recent days. This was a rare phenomenon in the housing market that has gradually weakened in the past year. This made many senior executives happy, and Lu Chengyu himself was happy, because he still had 3% Huading shares.

At the meeting, Lu Chengyu was specially praised by Yan Mu. Other executives seemed to agree with Yan Mu’s praise of Lu Chengyu. When the meeting was over, the atmosphere among everyone was very good.

However, Lu Chengyu discovered that although Yan Mu looked as usual throughout the meeting, there seemed to be something wrong. After these executives left, he walked up to Yan Mu and asked in a low voice: “Boss, what’s wrong with you?”

Yan Mu shook his head: “It’s okay.”

Lu Chengyu saw that his cheeks were a little red, and he stretched out his hand to touch his forehead, then frowned: “Your forehead is so hot, is this all right?!” He handed the work notes in his hand. Cao Jingshen on one side said, “Brother Cao, help me get it. I’ll take the boss to the hospital.”

Cao Jingshen felt that Yan Mu’s behavior today is the same as usual. He really didn’t see that he was sick. Seeing that Lu Chengyu was going to send him to the hospital. He helped the two of them to collect their things and said: “Hurry up. Anyway, there is not much to do this afternoon. If there is anything, I will call you.”

Feeling his arm being held by Lu Chengyu, Yan Mu looked at his arm and said nervously, “I’m fine, I can go home and take the anti-fever medicine to sleep.”

“It’s more reassuring to go to the hospital to see it. Someone used to do this like you and ended up burning with pneumonia.” In fact, this person was he himself in his previous life.

Lu Chengyu raised his wrist and glanced at his watch, “It’s already past five o’clock, it’s almost time to get off work, it won’t affect work, let’s go.”

Yan Mu stopped talking when he saw this and went out with Lu Chengyu. He got out of the conference room and was dragged into the elevator again. Seeing that Lu Chengyu pressed the -1 which went straight to the parking lot without hesitation, he felt a little dizzy in his head, not knowing whether it was because of a cold or something else.

After finding his car, Lu Chengyu stuffed him into the co-pilot seat before turning around and sitting in the car. While starting the car, he said, “Boss, you can’t care about your body like this.”

He drove the car out of the parking lot, and after thinking about it, he decided to send Yan Mu to the hospital opened by Zhang Zeyun, “You don’t think for yourself, but also for the so many employees of Huading. You are everyone’s food and clothing parent.”

Yan Mu listened quietly to the scolding, Chengyu was preaching, and when he waited for the traffic lights, he hesitated and said, “Are you too?”

Lu Chengyu was taken aback, seeing that the car in front had already started, and after he stepped on the accelerator to keep up, he said, “What am I?”

Yan Mu’s gaze fell on the swaying safety symbol hung on the car, “It’s nothing.”

Lu Chengyu hit the steering wheel, turned the car, and avoided a passing sports car, suddenly laughed and said: “Of course I am very worried about you. Apart from being your employee, I am still your buddy.”

Yan Mu looked away and said a low hmm.

Lu Chengyu tilted his head and glanced at Yan Mu, seeing that he was looking straight ahead, and he didn’t seem to have a fever at all. If he hadn’t touched his hot forehead just now, he was afraid he wouldn’t even know that this man was sick.

Most of such people are firm and broad-minded, and they are destined to be successful people.

Even if he died once, he couldn’t be like Yan Mu, because he treated himself better and valued enjoyment privately. He didn’t have such a high level of consciousness to let him work with a high temperature of 40 degrees.

The car was moving at a constant speed in the constant flow of traffic. Lu Chengyu turned on the traffic radio and just heard the DJ playing the opening song of “Flying Birds”. It was sung by a few actors from their crew. It was not very good, but it was praised as an alternative promotion by this DJ.

He heard the two sentences he sang, saying they were singing, rather than shouting, but after post-processing, they were not as scary as the recording scene, but he still felt a little embarrassed.

“Life is a drama. Who cares about sorrows and joys”?

“Today you rejoice, and tomorrow you cry.”

“Men and women are all acting, and who is in love with who?”

Lu Chengyu gave a dry cough and wanted to change the channel. But was stopped by Yan Mu. He looked at Lu Chengyu and said, “Singing was good, but the lyrics are not very good.”

“Haha,” Lu Chengyu laughed dryly, “The lyrics are all made up, who would take it seriously… …” You let your friends listen to the songs they sing in front of them, so that they can’t feel comfortable at all. It’s not about howling together in KTV.

“Although this song is not professionally sung, but the lyrics have a kind of self-ridicule about the status quo of the society. The flashy society, the restless people, the men and women who face ups and downs in love, finally walking on the road of separation and reunion, can’t guess the ending, no one can guarantee that the end of the road is happiness,” DJ’s voice is gentle and magnetic, like a lover’s whisper, which is especially clear in the quiet car, “The world is full of joys, sorrows and anger. Sadness and music are all related. No one can help you to replace them. Only you have to be strong. Waiting for time to take away all the bad things and usher in a new future. Thank you for listening to today’s “Tiantian Tingting”, I am yours Xiaotian, welcome to listen next time, our frequency is…”

Yan Mu moved his eyebrows as he watched Lu Chengyu’s somewhat stiff expression.

“Such a deep interpretation, even the writer of the song didn’t think of it,” he turned off the radio, and sighed. “The writers of other dramas have a harmonious husband and wife, and their sons and daughters are in harmony. Where did he come to this kind of insight, this is all bluffing? A young girl and a young boy listening to this song.”

Yan Mu asked, “Don’t you believe these lyrics?”

“Why would I believe in this stuff?” Lu Chengyu casually said, “I live by myself. What is ruthless and what is not? If there is love, then where are the golden wedding, silver wedding and diamond wedding in this world? If others have true love, it does not mean that I will meet true love. If others are betrayed, it does not mean that I will be betrayed. If I have time to struggle with a song, it’s better to go do something else.”

Yan Mu stared at Lu Chengyu in a daze, as if he wanted to see exactly what this person looked like. Although he could not see through and understand, he found that his emotions were still easily influenced by this person.

When the car drove to the hospital and stopped, Lu Chengyu reached out again to check the temperature of Yan Mu’s forehead, and found that it seemed to be even hotter. He bent over to unfasten his seat belt for Yan Mu, “Get off, I’ll go and register for you.”

Yan Mu, when he got out of the car, watched Lu Chengyu slam the door handsomely, his mouth raised, and he followed Lu Chengyu, watching him line up for himself to register, and then led him to the internal medicine department.

When, they arrived in the internal medicine department, the person in front just saw Lu Chengyu, and the attending doctor looked up and recognized Lu Chengyu. After all, there was such a big trouble last week and people were still admitted in their hospital. How could they not know these doctors, “Mr. Lu, Why are you here, is your body uncomfortable?”

“It’s not me, it’s my friend.” Lu Chengyu put Yan Mu on a stool and sat down. “He seems to have a fever. Please help him to check it.”

The doctor looked at Yan Mu and recognized that this is the person who took care of Lu Chengyu last week. It seems that he is still a good friend with their elder master. He took out a thermometer to measure Yan Mu’s fever and looked at his tongue and pupils. After listening to the lung sounds, he said, “Recently There are many people who have caught colds for a while. Although young people are strong, you can’t handle it carelessly.”

Lu Chengyu sat with a smile, and after asking the doctor some more questions, it was time to take his temperature. The doctor took the thermometer and said, “This temperature is a bit high, it’s already 40 degrees Celsius, I’m afraid we need to start a drip.”

“Then trouble the doctor, please make an order, I’ll get the medicine.” Lu Chengyu turned to Yan Mu, “You are not against it?”

Yan Mu shook his head. After Lu Chengyu left with the medicine list prescribed by the doctor, the doctor said: “Mr. Lu is very concerned about your body.”

Yan Mu nodded to the doctor: “Yes.”

The doctor was about to say something, when Zhang Zeyun came in wearing a white robe, he stretched out his hand and patted Yan Mu’s shoulder: “What’s wrong with Brother Mu?”

“It’s okay, I have a small cold,” Yan Mu said with a calm expression, “The doctor has prescribed good medicine for me.”

Zhang Zeyun sighed after asking Dr. Ming what was going on. “You burned to forty degrees, why do you still look like an okay person?” So, thinking about people like Mu Ge with a low facial expression, most people really can’t see what’s wrong with him.

The corners of Yan Mu’s mouth moved: “It’s okay.”

Zhang Zeyun helplessly took off the badge and put it in the pocket of his white coat, “I will get you what medicine is prescribed.”

“Xiao Lu has already gone to bring it for me,” The corner of Yan Mu’s mouth bent slightly, “He’ll be back in a while.”

I don’t know if it was an illusion. Zhang Zeyun felt that Yan Mu’s tone seemed to contain a certain emotion called ostentatiousness. He glanced at Yan Mu with suspicion. Mu Ge wouldn’t be so boring; he must have heard it wrong. He gave a dry cough, “I said it was really strange for you to come to the hospital with him last week, and he came to the hospital with you today. This is also very destined.”

Then, Zhang Zeyun saw Yan Mu praising him. The corner of his mouth, even though the curvature is small, he still saw it at a glance, and couldn’t help sighing again at the moment. Like Mu Ge, in front of his crush, his IQ also plummeted.

When Lu Chengyu came back, Zhang Zeyun had arranged a bed for Yan Mu, a separate ward, and the newly changed bed, it seemed that the treatment was pretty good.

After Zhang Zeyun helped Yan Mu hang up the drip, he said to Lu Chengyu, who was sitting on the side asking for it: “The two bottles of medicine will hang for about two or three hours. Don’t worry I’m here with him, you can go back first.”

“It’s okay,” Lu Chengyu smiled, “I won’t go to work tomorrow. I won’t have much fun when I go back anyway. I will wait until the boss finishes with the drip.”

“That’s OK,” Zhang Zeyun nodded, “Then I’ll go to another ward. He took out his name badge and put it on. Looking back, Yan Mu’s eyes fell on Lu Chengyu, so he said, “Brother Mu, then I’m leaving.”

“Well, thank you.” Yan Mu thanked Zhang Zeyun.

“My brother, don’t be so polite to me,” Zhang Zeyun smiled at the two of them before walking out of the ward. When he turned to close the door, his gaze swept across Lu Chengyu’s hair and saw the soles of his feet again. When he retracted his gaze, he saw Yan Mu looking at him, he smiled at Yan Mu and closed the door.

Lu Chengyu did have the charm that made Brother Mu like him.

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