TBLF Ch. 63

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When he arrived at school the next day, Qu Dazhuang looked at Ji Rang with a grimace and kept on staring at him for the whole morning study.

In the end, Ji Rang couldn’t help it anymore and hit him with his English book: “You fucking look at Lao Tzu like this again, believe it or not Lao Tzu will dig out your eyeballs.”

Qu Dazhuang aggrievedly hid behind Liu Haiyang and reprimanded him: “You are a liar! You have deceived my feelings and hurt my heart!”

Ji Rang wanted to kick him to death: “How did I hurt you?”

Qu Dazhuang: “You lied to me that you only ask for leave when you are sick, which made me worry for two days in vain! What happened? You obviously asked for leave to go play with the little fairy!”

Ji Rang said, “Who the hell asked you to ask questions about the branches and leaves of West Africa[1]?”

He was too lazy to explain too much, and simply said that he was sick.

Qu Dazhuang refused to comply and insisted that Ji Rang compensate him for his mental loss, and then he was beaten up by Ji Rang, and suffered a psychological and physical blow.

I will cry if I continue to tell his sad story.

There was a physical education class for Class 9 in the afternoon. Ji Rang had a lot of homework leftover over the past two days. He was the only one in the classroom, halfway through his work. Someone at the back door probed his head in and walked in while eating a popsicle and asked him, “Why didn’t you go to gym class?”

It was Yu Zhuo. This person should have just finished physical education, as his whole body was sweaty. Seeing him writing questions, he was shocked: “You didn’t go play sports to do math papers?!”

Ji Rang glanced at him and calculated trigonometric functions on the draft: “Why not?”

Yu Zhuo held back for a long time, before squeezing out a sentence: “It doesn’t fit your school domineering temperament.”

Ji Rang felt that this little kid who used the young and dangerous as his idol was beyond saving. But at any rate, who asked him to be her precious brother? He still had to mention a few words. He can’t just watch him fall.

So, he stopped writing and asked him quietly: “Is it great to study well?”

Yu Zhuo sucked on the popsicle: “It’s pretty awesome.”

Ji Rang asked again: “Is it too good to fight fiercely?”

Yu Zhuo thought for a while: “Yes it is.”

Ji Rang: “Isn’t it the best to learn and fight fiercely?”

Yu Zhuo: “!!!”

Ji Rang: “If you want to do it, be the best.” After making his point, he picked up the pen and continued to calculate the problem.

Yu Zhuo, who was eating a popsicle, felt that his outlook on life had been greatly impacted within ten seconds. He suddenly felt that he was narrow-minded before, and he only wanted to fight and kill with his fist, but the real boss had already stood on the shoulders of giants!

Yu Zhuo licked the popsicle and left with a heavy face.

Only after returning to his classroom did he realize that, he had forgotten why he had gone to find Ji Rang?

Oh, he wanted to ask if Ji Rang went to Yancheng with his sister this time.

Forget it, it doesn’t matter, he should re-set his life goals first.

After school in the afternoon, Ji Rang went to pick up Qi Ying. She was talking to Yue Li and laughing when she came out of the classroom, and he thought that no one could notice that this girl who smiled with starlight in her eyes had deep scars in her heart.

How could she hide so well?

He was angry and distressed.

When she ran over happily, he had to conceal all complicated emotions and smile casually.

She seemed to leave all her sorrow in Yancheng, and asked him sweetly: “Should we go to do our homework together?”

Ji Rang remembered the business tonight, so he could only lie and refuse: “The air conditioner at home is broken. The maintenance worker will come over in a while, so I will go back early.”

She was not disappointed and said softly: “Then I will go home too.”

Ji Rang took her to the bus stop, watched her get in the bus and leave, then turned back to the school gate and rode his mountain bike to find Chen Fengzhi.

The Chen family was in the jewelry industry, and several internationally renowned jewelry designers have come out from their family. The golden jubilee jewelry brand of the Chen family is known as one of the three major jewelry giants in China, which shows its strength.

However, as the high-profile eldest son of the Chen family, Chen Fengzhi studied psychology that had nothing to do with jewelry and became a psychiatrist, and that too very well-known in the industry.

He is a few years older than Ji Qian and is Ji Qian’s university senior. The relationship between the two was good. At that time, Chen Fengzhi had not gone to New York for further study. Ji Rang was tied up and brought to him to receive psychotherapy. He jumped out of the third-floor window and ran away. He also broke his favorite Jingde Mudan porcelain.

Later, Chen Fengzhi drove his red Ferrari to school to block Ji Rang. Ji Rang thought he was the same as the previous psychologists.

To the contrary, Chen Fengzhi came to him to extort money.

To make him pay for that expensive Jingde porcelain.

In the end, the matter ended with Ji Rang smashing his pocket money card on his head.

There was smashing, but they also made some contact with each other. At least Ji Rang no longer rejected him as much as before and was willing to reply to him and answer his phone calls.

Later, Ji Rang learned that Chen Fengzhi’s seemingly unintentional chatting was actually trying to treat him psychologically. During the most difficult time, he led him to get past it.

Although he didn’t open the knot in his heart in the end, he never let him lose faith in life.

It was also a way of living if you got over it.

Ji Rang still recognized Chen Fengzhi’s capabilities.

Chen Fengzhi now lived in an apartment in the center of the city. It was on the sixtieth floor. He lived on the top floor, saying that he wanted peace and quiet.

Simply sick!

Ji Rang was almost annoyed to death while taking the elevator.

When he went to ring his doorbell, Chen Fengzhi in his nightgown opened the door with red wine in his hand, and when he saw him, he sighed and said, “Unfortunately, it’s not a beauty who came to me.”

Ji Rang was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and went straight to the subject: “I want to ask you, people who have shown suicidal behavior, will they have suicidal behaviors again if their psychological condition has not recovered?”

Chen Fengzhi was sitting on the sofa with a chess game on the coffee table in front of him. He played with himself. He took a sip of wine and walked a white queen diagonally without raising his head: “Who tried to commit suicide?”

Ji Rang was expressionless: “If you don’t answer my question properly, you will have to go to the garden downstairs to find your chess board.”

Chen Fengzhi raised his head helplessly: “I’m on vacation, and you have to force me to go to work.”

Seeing Ji Rong’s increasingly cold eyes, he raised his hands and surrendered, “Okay, suicide, right? You said this person, are they psychologically satisfied or relieved? How many suicidal attempts have they made? When was the last time?”

Ji Rang hesitated and said, “It should be only once.”

Chen Fengzhi: “Should?”

Ji Rang: “…”

He gave a general overview of Qi Ying’s situation.

Chen Fengzhi nodded as he listened, and after he finished speaking, he meditated: “According to what you said, the situation is very serious. According to our general statistics, a person who committed suicide has experienced suicidal thoughts until the thoughts enveloped him completely. The recovery period for the cure is two years. And you said she has completely recovered in less than half a year, right? It is basically impossible if you are sure that she has tried to commit suicide.”

He talked about a lot of professional psychology diagnosis, Ji Rang heard it in a cloud of fog, and in the end, he was completely confused.

He interrupted the endless Chen Fengzhi: “Just tell me what I should do.”

Chen Fengzhi took a sip of red wine from his cup, and said slowly, “Simple, let patients regain the sense of being needed and loved. For example, raising a cat and raising a dog starts with the most subtle sense of responsibility. And also helps in shaping the mind.”

Ji Rang nodded thoughtfully.

When things were settled, he didn’t want to stay in this room sixty floors above the ground anymore, so he said goodbye and left. Chen Fengzhi said behind him: “If I have a chance someday, let me meet the little girl you mentioned.”

Ji Rang opened the door: “Let’s talk again.”

If it was not necessary, he actually did not want to take her to a psychiatrist.

That is telling her clearly that she was mentally ill.

The little girl will be obedient but sad.

He didn’t want to do things that made her sad.

When he got down from the apartment, the sky was already dark. He straddled his legs, got on the motorcycle, took out his cell phone and sent a message to Qi Ying: Are you afraid of rodents?

She returned quickly: Not afraid.

He smiled and put the phone back in his pocket.

At around nine o’clock in the evening, Qi Ying, who was still working on her homework, received his call.

He smiled on the other end and said, “I’m downstairs in front of your house.”

She exclaimed in a low voice: “Why are you here?”

Ji Rang said: “I have something for you, you come down.”

She ran to the window with her mobile phone and looked down. Her window was just facing downstairs. She saw the young man standing under the row of camphor trees outside the unit building. His shadow was stretched very long by the light of the street lamp, shaking and throwing it on the ground.

She whispered: “Then wait for me.”

After hanging up the phone, she saw that Wu Yinghua and Yu Cheng outside were watching TV. She whispered, “Uncle, I’ll go down and buy some ice cream to eat.”

The two of them were fascinated by the drama and did not pay attention to her flushed face from lying and waved their hands: “Go. By the way, take the trash away from the door.”

She answered with her head buried, put on her shoes and hurried out, and after walking to the entrance of the corridor, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Then she went downstairs with the garbage.

First, she went and threw away the trash, and then quickly ran to him and looked up at him, with joy in her eyes: “Why are you here?”

Ji Rang also laughed and stretched out his hand hidden behind him.

He carried a small pink cage with a fluffy snow-white little hamster in it.

Her eyes widened, and she gave a little “Wow”.

Ji Rang said, “My son, you will raise it for me.”

Qi Ying was so surprised that she stammered: “You…your son?”

Ji Rang: “Well, it’s very important to me. Now I have transferred the custody of it to you. Three meals a day, even one must not be forgotten, you must give him water, clean the cage, play with him, remember, OK?”

She was so innocent and soft and asked him: “Are you really going to give me your son? Could you bear it?”

Ji Rang: “…”

This little fool believes in everything.

He sternly said: “No way, I am too busy with tutoring every day, and I can’t take care of it. Can you help me take care of it?”

Her eyes lit up with excitement, she nodded seriously, took the cage in his hand carefully, and asked him softly, “What’s its name?”

Ji Rang: “…”

Does it still need to have a name?

Qi Ying looked at him expectantly.

The big guy with a short-circuit in his brain bit his tongue and said: “It’s called Ji Xiaorang.”

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[1] Something unrelated to him.

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  2. This is the wrong mindset in many of Asians brain… or perhaps in most 3rd world countries: Mental health is important, just as important as physical health.
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