YXBG Ch. 22: Farewell

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Lu Xianxian sat in the teacher’s office, still sobbing. Because it was school time, there was only Teacher Laura in the office. She stared at Lu Xianxian with interest, and the latter just turned away from her.

“Just now, Xiaomei said, you are her…sister-in-law?” She thought it was a little funny. How old was this girl, still in high school? Children nowadays were really precocious!

However, Lu Xianxian was unsure of her, so she hung her head, unwilling to speak.

A trace of clarity flashed in Laura’s eyes. She walked over to sit next to Lu Xianxian and said softly, “Would you like to talk to me, maybe I can help you.”

Lu Xianxian’s gaze came across her slender wrist, and she couldn’t help but want to laugh at her. How could such a weak person help her, but she really longed for someone to listen to her patiently and share her feelings. The gentle voice and warm fragrance of the woman in front of her made her heart soften. After hesitating for a while, she finally talked about herself slowly. Xianxian originally thought that those words would rot in her heart for a lifetime, and no one would ever be able to understand, but once the conversation started, it was much easier to talk.

Her father was a taekwondo master, and her mother was a standard strong woman. Because the business was relatively busy, she had always let her husband look after her daughter, so she followed her father in the taekwondo gym since young. What she saw was the neat moves. What she heard was the magnificent shouts. In her heart, only by being strong could she get what she wanted. So, she kept working hard to make her father think that she liked martial arts, so he deliberately cultivated his daughter, and let her learn judo and grappling. As for Fang Duo, she felt that as long as her daughter liked it, she had no opinion.

Laura sighed. She picked up her slender wrist and squeezed it. “Humans are all visual animals. You have to understand this. Look at your wrists. The bones are very slender. So, at least you have to make yourself thin first. Yes, it’s important to be confident and constantly improve yourself.”

Lu Xianxian listened blankly. The woman who seemed to be weak in front of her was explaining a brand new field for her, a normal one, which should belong to a girl.

When Xiaomei came to see her after school, Lu Xianxian was no longer in the office. After Lu Xianxian returned to Zhang’s house, she went through all the formalities almost at the speed of light. Without even saying goodbye to Yin Zhefei, she returned to Taipei.

Yin Xiaomei secretly breathed a sigh of relief, now it’s all right, she could continue to sell photos.

However, Yin Zhefei’s emotions were very depressed, and there was a feeling of guilt in his heart that made him irritable. Yin Xiaomei was very witty not to harass him. Seeing her brother’s distressed look, Xiaomei couldn’t help but sigh: Losing love is really a terrible thing!

Zhang Xiangyi’s method was even more extreme. He didn’t know what to do, so he asked the school to expel the girl. However, even so, he was still angry and felt that Lu Xianxian had been treated unfairly.

Yin Xiaomei couldn’t help thinking, brother, you still take care of yourself, you reported me to Yin Zhefei, I will not let you go so easily!

It seemed as if everything was about to settle down.

That day, Chang Mei left school early and returned home. Yin Ruoji would be back for dinner in the evening. She wanted to prepare dinner in advance so that the family could gather together. A Chun carried a big carp to the side to scale, and the two of them chatted with each other.

“Ting –!” The doorbell rang suddenly.

“I’ll open the door.” A Chun quickly wiped her hand on the apron and ran out. Chang Mei wondered, could it be that Xiaomei came back earlier from school?

At this time, she heard A Chun curiously said: “Miss, who are you looking for?”

Chang Mei came out and saw a very enchanting woman standing outside the door with delicate makeup on her face: “I’m looking for Mrs. Chang Mei, ah, Great, you are at home!” She looked over A Chun’s shoulder and saw the person she was looking for. Although she seemed to be smiling in a friendly manner, it was as if she was wearing a mask on her face.

Chang Mei found it a little strange, the woman in front of her was a bit familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she has seen her: “Hello, you are?”

“I am Mr. Yin Ruoji’s secretary, my name is Wen Xuan.” She smiled and stretched out her hand.

Oh, Wen Xuan, Chang Mei just remembered that she was the secretary next to Yin Ruoji, but Wen Xuan seemed to keep her head down as long as she passed by. She said strangely: “Miss Wen, why are you here?”

Wen Xuan, acting like the host, sat on the sofa without being invited. She smiled embarrassedly: “It’s really rude, but the doctor said it’s better for pregnant women not to stand for too long.”

“Oh, are you married? Congratulations.” Chang Mei said polite words, but her heart felt more and more strange about her intentions.

“No, I’m not married, but this is exactly why I came to look for you, because the child in my stomach belongs to Mr. Yin.” She smiled and watched Chang Mei’s reaction.

Chang Mei’s face turned pale, and she felt like her head exploded suddenly. She maintained her composure, sat opposite Wen Xuan, and asked faintly: “When did you get pregnant?”

Wen Xuan laughed at her fake composure in her heart and said leisurely: “It was when Mr. Yin went to Singapore to discuss business. It’s been almost two months now.”

“Then you should go to him instead of me.” Chang Mei’s eyes were clear as water, staring at her.

“I will naturally look for him,” Wen Xuan leisurely annoyed, “but I want to come to say hello to you first, so that you won’t cry and make a lot of noise when Mr. Yin divorces you.”

“The vulgar people tend to think other people are as vulgar as them. This sentence is suitable for you, Miss Wen. If Yin Ruoji wants to get a divorce, he will come and tell me in person, as for you, don’t be so casual when you don’t know who the father of the child in your stomach is.” Chang Mei was not as weak as she looked at all.

“You–!” Wen Xuan was suddenly angered, and she sneered: “I just thought Madam would say so, here, this is a paternity test I got from the hospital. If you don’t believe it, you can see for yourself.”

“No, I said, you go to Yin Ruoji.” Chang Mei pushed aside the glaring white paper; her expression as usual.

“Don’t you dare to see it. I’m afraid that you will not be as calm as you are now.” Wen Xuan didn’t expect Chang Mei to have such an attitude, angering her. If she could do it, she would just play the weaker side in front of Yin Ruoji.

“Miss, you are so shameless, you can’t be so shameless!” A Chun who stood on the side couldn’t help but choke out. She didn’t have much culture, and she spoke very straightforwardly.

“Who are you, a poor nanny, dare to say that to me!” Wen Xuan stood up with anger.

“Yes, I’m a poor nanny, but I can’t do your kind of sordid behavior. You are a lark and dare to come here to go wild! Madam has a good temper and doesn’t care about you. I’m not that good. Get out for me right away!” said A Chun, already picking up the shoehorn by the door, and shouting: “Get out!”

Wen Xuan jumped down, knowing it would be useless to stay, grabbed the papers on the table and hurriedly left.

“Bah!” A Chun cursed fiercely at her back. Turning her head, she saw Chang Mei sitting on the sofa, her tears emerging drop by drop. A Chun closed the door, sighed and persuaded: “Madam, don’t believe in that little fairy, Mr. Yin is definitely not such a person.”

Chang Mei nodded, but her tears showed no signs of stopping. She choked up and said, “Go ahead, I’ll sit by myself for a while.”

“Eh, okay.” A Chun responded, carefully looking at Chang Mei. Madam seemed to be really sad. She carefully handed over the tissue box, turned and went into the kitchen. But before she could work on the fish again, the doorbell rang again with a “jingle”.

A Chun was so angry that she picked up the kitchen knife on the chopping board and ran out cursing: “You shameless woman, dare to come back!”

Seeing her like this, Chang Mei was shocked, and quickly got up to hold her.

“Do you dare to come back! Watch me kill you!” A Chun opened the door fiercely, scaring the man outside and taking two steps back.

“Hey, Lady, calm down, I’m not a bad person.” Yun Xin stepped back, staring at the kitchen knife in A Chun’s hand in horror.

“Who are you?” A Chun put away the kitchen knife suspiciously, and looked at him sternly, because he was still a foreigner.

“My name is Yun Xin, I’m here to see Ms. Chang Mei, is she here?” Yun Xin gently smiled, trying to soften the murderer in front of him.

“I am…” Chang Mei said softly and walked out, her eyes were still red and swollen from tears. She looked at the man in front of her and said kindly: “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Yun Xin looked at the beautiful woman in front of him. Unexpectedly he could not speak for a while, the woman in front of him, with the classical temperament of the East, and the elegant demeanor of the West, she had eyes like hibiscus, clear and moving, and more importantly, the familiar facial features made him frightened. There were still tears on her face. What made such a beautiful woman sad, he almost wanted to come forward to wipe her tears and give her some comfort.

“Hey! What’s the matter with you!” A Chun’s big face moved up at the right time. Although this man was good-looking, she knew that he was not a good thing when he looked so obsessed.

Yun Xin came back to his senses, his face flushed suddenly, and he quickly said, “Hello, I’m here to find a little girl named Vixen.”

“Vixen?” Chang Mei said politely, “Excuse me, you might leave. You’ve got the wrong persom.”

“No, no, I didn’t find the wrong person, she’s here. Wait a minute,” he took out a piece of paper from his briefcase, “Her Chinese name is Xiaomei, and I have been to Sunshine Orphans. The dean said that she was adopted by you.”

“Xiaomei?” Chang Mei was taken aback for a moment. “What are you looking for her for?”

Yun Xin knew that he had not found the wrong place and smiled on his face: “If there is nothing wrong, I am her uncle.”

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