TBLF Extra 9 (Ch. 109.2): Gentle Princess × Wild Tyrant

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Beiman was backed by the snow-capped mountains. It was cold in winter and cool in summer. Now in this spring season, the weather was still cold. Ji Rang asked the servant to send a lot of warm skirts over, and everything sent over was better-looking than what other beauties had in the palace.

When Ji Rang came over, the little princess was sitting on the steps in front of the temple, holding a withered flower in her arms, with her head lowered. He wondered what she was thinking.

He saw last night that she put the flower by her pillow when she slept.

He stretched out his hand to stop the maid’s salute, and when he walked over, the little princess was too lost in thought to find him coming.

Until he said: “What is this?”

Qi Ying was taken aback by him again.

She was in a rush to salute, but Ji Rang dragged her arm, sat down next to her, and asked, “What is this?”

Qi Ying whispered: “Trumpet Creeper.”

The flower petals had fallen a long time ago, leaving only a bare branch. Ji Rang couldn’t imagine what this flower looked like. He asked, “Do you like this?”

She hesitated and nodded slightly.

Ji Rang took the flower branch and greeted the attendant who was waiting outside: “Go, plant it outside the hall, we will see the flowers bloom next year.”

The attendant looked at the obviously dead flower branch: “…Yes.”

Qi Ying felt that the Maharaja was a little bit ignorant, and couldn’t help but say: “Your Highness, it’s just a dead flower branch that can’t be planted.”

Ji Rang turned his head and glanced at her: “Really?” He smiled coldly, “If you want it to live, it has to live.”

Qi Ying didn’t dare to speak for a moment and lowered her eyes.

Ji Rang was stunned. He stood up, took the little girl’s slender wrist, “Eat.”

The wrist was so thin, soft and tender, he couldn’t help rubbing it with his fingertips. The little princess got goosebumps because of his actions.

He left after eating.

The news that the Maharaja was eating at the Changle Hall soon spread throughout the harem.

The Maharaja had never been close to female sex, so the imperial consort position was vacant. At the beginning, there were some beauties who wanted to fight for favor and engaged in all sorts of troubles in the harem.

They all died later.

They were all killed by the Maharaja. One beauty just sneaked up on his bed in the middle of the night, so he chopped off her hands and feet and threw her out of the palace.

Then the beauties had an epiphany.

It was okay to show your face in front of the Maharaja, but if one day he was in a bad mood and thought of you, the time to die would come.

Self-preservation was the only rule for survival in the Beiman Harem.

Now the little princess who had come from Yuncang didn’t understand the truth, and she started to follow the footsteps of the others again, so everybody thought that her death was approaching.

Everyone mourned for the little princess.

In the end, she did not die the first time, nor did she die the second time. Instead, it was the Maharaja, who went to Changle Hall for three meals a day.

The beauties in the harem could not sit still, looking for a day, they collectively went to visit the little princess.

The little princess was soft and tender, speaking politely, with the gentle air of Yuncang nobility, and she looked particularly easy to bully. It turned out that the Maharaja liked this type???

The beauties looked at their long legs and big breasts and sighed silently.

The beauties in the harem had lived cautiously under the tyranny of the Maharaja over the years, and their desire to fight for favor had long since disappeared. To live was their only purpose!

But Ji Rang didn’t know.

As soon as he heard that the beauties had all gone to the Changle Hall, he rushed over with a murderous aura.

On the way there, he imagined hundred kinds of scenes of the little princess being tortured.

The hostility was so heavy that the servants felt that the Maharaja was going to kill again today.

As soon as he entered, he saw the little girl wearing a red cloak, chatting with the beauties smiling.

When Ji Rang arrived, the atmosphere in the hall changed instantly. Everyone shivered and knelt down.

His icy eyes first glanced at the trembling little princess, and then cast an emotionless glance at the kneeling beauties: “Go! Whoever dares to step into the Changle Hall again in the future, I will cut her legs!”

The beauties left the Hall of Changle afraid and trembling.

The little princess was almost crying.

Did the Maharaja mean to put her under house arrest? What did she do wrong? She had been cautious in her words and deeds these days, and the Maharaja was also calm yesterday when he ate here!

She knelt on the ground, not daring to raise her head, Ji Rang walked over, raised her chin with his fingers, and forced her to raise her head.

Seeing the little princess’s red eyes, where she was holding back her tears, she looked very pitiful.

Ji Rang felt his fingers stiffen, he pulled the little princess from the ground, wrapped her palms, and asked, “Why are you crying? I didn’t yell at you.”

Qi Ying said: “The concubine did not cry.”

Ji Rang reached out and touched the corner of her eye, spreading the water stains on his fingertips and asked: “Then what is this? Is your saliva?”

Qi Ying: “…”

What was going on with this person!!!

She flushed with anger. She looked even more attractive.

Ji Rang, which had never been close to female sex, suddenly found his mind had become turbulent.

He took the little princess into the inner hall, walked to the side with the heating stove and sat down, then pinched the little girl’s waist with both hands, lifted her up, and let her sit on his lap.

The little princess blushed even more.

However, he was contented, pondered for a while, and decided to explain his behavior just now: “The harem is sinister. You are here for the first time. They have no good intentions. Don’t interact with them in the future.”

Qi Ying stared at him blankly.

Unexpectedly, his behavior just now was to protect her.

Of course, she also knew that the harem was sinister, and she had seen her father’s harem before. Today, she also worked hard to deal with it. She didn’t expect that those beauties didn’t seem to be malicious to her, but they had come to warn her.

Qi Ying couldn’t help saying: “They have no malice.”

Ji Rang lowered his face: “I say that they have it.”


Qi Ying dropped his eyes again and said nothing.

Ji Rang: “…”


He put his arms around her waist. The waist was thin and soft, as if it would break with a pinch, and it felt very good to the touch.

He touched for a long time and asked: “How old are you?”

The little princess raised her eyes and whispered: “The concubine is sixteen.”

Then the little princess was eaten by the Maharaja that night.

He never touched the beauties in the harem. He only felt upset when he saw those beauties, but for the first time he tasted desire and hope in the soft body of the little princess.

He took the tossed little princess into his arms and forced her to answer: “Are you afraid of me?”

Qi Ying wanted to say she was not afraid.

He pinched her by the waist and said coldly, “Be honest.”

The little princess couldn’t help but be frightened, and she said aggrievedly, “I’m afraid.”

Ji Rang was unhappy when he heard the truth: “Why are you afraid of me? I’m so good to you.”

Qi Ying: “…”

He wrapped his arms around her, so she couldn’t breathe, and threatened fiercely: “Don’t be afraid of me!”

Qi Ying: “…”

What a moody tyrant.

No beauty dared to come to Changle Hall again. Everyone walked around Changle Hall, for fear that one day they would encounter the Maharaja when they got close, and they would lose their lives without fault.

Except for Luo Xiao, Qi Ying had no one to speak to.

The palace was made up of black stones piled up, cold and heavy, there were even no flowers, and people couldn’t breathe in the oppression.

Ji Rang soon discovered that something was wrong with his little princess.

He went to see the imperial doctor, and the imperial doctor said that she was congested.

Ji Rang looked at the trumpet creeper that had withered within two days outside the hall.

It was a guard who rushed to Yuncang overnight and uprooted the piece of trumpet creeper outside the city wall, brought it back and planted it in the Changle Hall. But the climate and soil of Beiman were really not suitable for planting flowers, and the plant died in two days.

Ji Rang thought for a while and issued a decree: to recruit flower specialists from all over the world, if they could plant living flowers and plants in the palace, he would give them a hundred acres of fertile land, and countless gold and silver.

The unpopular harem became lively.

Every day, a steady stream of flower specialists come to the capital to plant flowers in the palace.

Planting flowers naturally required fertilizer, so a…very unpleasant smell began to fill the palace.

Ji Rang didn’t expect this either. The Changle Palace was the focus of the experiment, so the taste was even heavier. He was suffering from a headache, so he waved his hand and took Qi Ying to the summer palace for a holiday.

The summer palace was on the top of the snow-capped mountains.

Although it was cold, the scenery was good and there were hot springs.

Qi Ying had never seen hot springs and was very happy. Ji Rang’s little princess had regained her aura again, which made him feel relieved. So, every year he took the little princess out on vacation.

Sometimes it was a snow-capped mountain to enjoy the snow in the hot springs. Sometimes it was the grassland where he took her to hunt on a large horse. He also brought Qi Ying back to Yuncang to meet her concubine mother, and when he drove off with his little princess, everyone around breathed in disbelief.

Later, many flowers grew in the palace. The killing air was dissipated, and the cold harem became full of life. Qi Ying was very happy. When Ji Rang saw that she liked flowers so much, he ordered every family in Beiman to plant flowers and grass. Whoever planted the largest and most beautiful flowers would be rewarded.

As a result, the gloomy capital began to take on color.

Ji Rang also personally planted an acacia tree in Changle Hall.

The flower specialist said that this tree was very hardy, and when it grew up, it would produce beautiful white flowers.

Ji Rang hugged his little princess and asked her, “Do you like the tree planted for you alone?”

Qi Ying said: “I like it.”

Ji Rang asked: “What else do you like? I will find it for you.”

Qi Ying: “…Some people have already said that this concubine is causing harm to the country.”

Ji Rang’s fingertips brushed her lips: “I have killed them all, don’t be afraid.”

Qi Ying: “…”

People like you had to talk more!

But would the tyrant care what others say?

He only wanted his little princess to be happy.

When he first saw his little princess, he wanted to give her the greatest love in the world.

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