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Siyu was afraid that Mu Yan would continue speaking, and really encourage her to play the heroine herself, and immediately interrupted and said, “Mu Yan, I know, it’s a good thing to be able to make a TV series. As for the issue of actors, let the crew choose. Let’s not worry about it.”

Mu Yan thought about it. Although she liked Zhou Siyu very much, it was probably of little use. If she was really dissatisfied with the selected actors, then she could discuss it again.

“It’s also…Oh, by the way, Koi, you can hype a little bit about the adaptation of the TV series.” Mu Yan suddenly remembered and exhorted, “Just give your fans a little bit of the news, don’t need to say too much, we will discuss with the crew and help you stir up the heat first.”

After speaking, Mu Yan suddenly remembered that the popularity of “Fashion Strategy” did not need to be specially hyped. It was originally a topic which was already hot. It’s the first time she has met a comic book author like Koi, who could always catch hot spots inexplicably…

Siyu agreed, and when she hung up the phone, she thought about it and posted on Koi’s Weibo. She posted this:

@Koi that Lives for Hundred Years: The latest news from the editor, “Fashion Strategy” will soon be filmed in a television series, and your male god will soon cease to be a paper man. Happy, is it unexpected?

Usually, Siyu was very cold on Weibo, usually posting updates, and drawing pictures of her own silly brother when she was bored, and generally rarely posted irrelevant things, so most of the people who followed her on Weibo were real fans, and as soon as she posted this on Weibo, a large number of people exploded in an instant.

“Fashion Strategy” is going to be filmed? Can we lick male gods and goddesses in the real world?!

The comics fans immediately fried the pot, the koi was so because it was planning such a big move! Television series, ah, television series! Did you find an actor? Is the script set? The most important thing is, when will the filming start? Hurry up, they are ready to chase the drama!

@Sweet Hard Candy: Oh, I told others yesterday that if this manhua can be made into a TV series, this girl’s heart will explode. As a result, it was announced today that it would be filmed! Are you really a koi carp?!

@Miao Miao Meow Meow: Ah, ah, I was so excited I went downstairs and ran ten laps! I chased it from beginning to end, always dreaming of such a day! I am complete!

@How to do: Am I the only one worried about casting? After all, every character in the comic is so handsome and beautiful. I’m afraid that no actor will be able to perform. In case there is a tragic filming situation…

@Braised Shark Fin: Who said there is no such thing! I recommend Brother Ji! Isn’t Koi a fan of Ji Lin, if Ji Lin could come to play a role, she would be very happy!

@Rock Sugar Pot: Although it seems unlikely, I also vote for Wen Yuan! The actor is super suitable for gentle characters!

@Prolonged syndrome: Don’t think about it, what is the position of Brother Lin, he shouldn’t come to pick up this kind of idol drama, don’t force it.

@Sweetheart Dried Fish: I want to force it! Koi promised me a lot and I must check it out! The hope of the whole village rests on you!!

Siyu: “…” The readers nowadays really dared to think more and more.

Siyu did not have too far-reaching prospects. After all, this was the first time her work was being filmed. It was estimated that there would not be any major investment or production. As long as it could be successfully shot, Siyu would feel quite satisfied.

However, seeing the fans so enthusiastic, Siyu’s heart still felt warm. There were so many people who liked her work and silently supported her from behind the scenes. For her, it was the happiest thing.

Although the filming of “Qin Guo” had ended, the publicity work had just begun. Siyu was taken to an announcement after having rested for less than half a month. After Shen Yue had been idle for so long, he finally waited until the work started, and the whole portrait seemed to have been injected with chicken blood. Siyu, whose face was sleepy and yawning, was clearly in contrast to her.

“Sister Siyu, don’t you stay at home these days? Why do you seem to be tired?” Shen Yue asked puzzledly.

“I have something to do.” Siyu said vaguely. Because of the filming, the update of the comics has been slowed down a lot.

In addition, Mu Yan actually sent the script of “Fashion Strategy” and asked her to help modify it, saying that this was the intention of the producer. Siyu had no choice but to allocate a part of her energy to that. After the revision, the revised script was handed in.

The medicine was very useful, it was only because of the medicine Fifth Master Lu sent, otherwise Siyu would not even be able to stand up.

Shen Yue didn’t know that she had another side job, and wondered to herself, didn’t Sister Siyu put away all her work? Where is there so much to do?

Siyu no longer satisfied the curiosity of her own assistant. She closed her eyes and raised her small face, and let the makeup artist apply makeup on her face. The makeup artist was a middle-aged woman, perhaps the age of her mother. The weak and slender girl gave birth to a feeling of compassion. Seeing Siyu’s face was pale, and she had lost a lot of weight due to days of fatigue, and her chin was pointed, she couldn’t help saying a few more words: “What do you think of this makeup? The lights on the stage will be very bright later. If the makeup is too heavy, it will look greasy under the lens, but your face is so pale. If you don’t apply more powder to cover it, it will look bad.”

Usually, these make-up artists were not so careful, they were all headed towards the direction of heavy makeup, which had caused many artists to suffer from criticism. When they came on stage, they seemed very unnatural. Of course, Siyu would not ignore people’s kindness and said softly, “Light make-up is fine, and the audience should be used to my appearance, it’s okay.” The makeup artist responded and put on light make-up on Siyu.

This time, Siyu followed a group of leading actors and actresses from “Qin Guo” to participate in this live broadcast. The program was called ” Star Show Live Room”. The content was various interviews with artists, and they would be broadcasted live simultaneously on the internet. Siyu came here mainly to promote the movie, and basically the main actors were all here.

As she was thinking, Siyu suddenly heard a slightly dissatisfied voice from the other end of the dressing room, “I said how did you help Qingwan sister with such makeup? This is not suitable at all!”

Siyu looked back through the mirror, only to see that Xu Qingwan had come without her knowing. After many days of not seeing her, Xu Qingwan’s self-confident aura seemed to have dissipated a lot, she looked a little haggard, and her assistant was now staring at the makeup artist assigned to her arrogantly.

These make-up artists belonged to the program group, and each artist did uniform makeup on the show. Just like this assistant, it was really rare for someone to react like this. The ratings of this “Star Show Live Room” were very good, and the artists who could be on it all saw a rise in their exposure rate. Where could they offend the makeup artist, even the big-name superstars did not have so many requirements.

The makeup artist’s complexion didn’t look good right away, and Xu Qingwan stopped, “Xiao Lin, don’t trouble others.”

After saying that, she raised her head and smiled at the makeup artist, “It’s okay, just do it this way. Everyone is the same, and I can’t be special.”

This seemed to be a relief, but in fact it was better not to say it. Xu Qingwan’s assistant put pressure on the front and said everything, then she came late and apologized. Why did she go? Wasn’t this still a vague expression of dissatisfaction with the current makeup? The makeup artist curled his lips. This person was not a big player, but he didn’t expect her to treat herself like one.

In fact, Xu Qingwan would have stood up and stopped her assistant immediately, but recently everything went wrong and she was in a really bad mood. Every time she talked about a film, she would suffer at the most critical juncture. Afterwards, no director dared to use her. Of course Xu Qingwan knew that Ji Lin was behind this, so she felt wronged.

Also, in recent days, the investors who had made good deals with her before don’t know why, all of them rushed to say that they were busy and not available. She had made appointments many times, and she didn’t see anyone in person. Xu Qingwan was not stupid, and she immediately saw that why they were busy. They deliberately alienated her, but this shouldn’t be, she shouldn’t have offended them, right?

In this way, everything was hindered. Since her early removal from the “Qin Guo” crew, she hadn’t found a new role until now. This live interview was for all the leading actors. Although Xu Qingwan’s role had been cut a lot, it was still counted as the third female, so she was not left behind.

With such a rare opportunity to show her face, Xu Qingwan naturally hoped that she would appear beautifully. She was holding her breath in her heart, and she didn’t stop the assistant’s arrogance in time.

Just thinking about it, Xu Qingwan raised her head and looked in the mirror. Suddenly she saw a familiar figure in the mirror, her expression froze. It was Zhou Siyu again!

Xu Qingwan remembered that Wang Dong, who was most closely related to her, suddenly called her a few days ago and scolded her for buying the navy to go against Zhou Siyu. At the same time, he warned her not to provoke others in the future. Xu Qingwan was baffled. But as soon as she asked, Wang Dong sounded angry and refused to say why.

She would not have thought that the reason Wang Dong refused to say was because of shame! Originally, he wanted to give a gift to flatter Siyu, but he was dragged out of the community by Fifth Master Lu’s bodyguards. What if it spread out, would he be able to show his face in future?

Xu Qingwan didn’t know the inside story, nor what kind of ecstasy soup Wang Dong had been poured by Zhou Siyu, and was so jealous…

Siyu did not pay attention to Xu Qingwan, in fact, they were not the same, Siyu regarded her as the air, she didn’t even go over to speak, and turned around after putting on makeup. Unexpectedly, Xu Qingwan saw her ignore her and smiled, and blurted out, “Siyu, I haven’t seen you for so long. Are you ignoring me?”

Shen Yue immediately raised her eyebrows and was about to refute. Siyu patted the back of her hand to signal her to keep quiet, and then turned her head, her eyes rested on Xu Qingwan’s left arm-when there was a wound from the fire last time. The place where she burned was scabbed over earlier, but it was not completely gone now, leaving a scar. She didn’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional, but Xu Qingwan had picked a dress which bared her arms, just enough to expose the scar in front of people.

Siyu could even think that Xu Qingwan would definitely find the right angle for the camera to capture the scar when she would be on the stage later, so that she could have another article written about her.

She smiled slightly and asked, “Ms. Xu pays so much attention to appearance and is afraid that she will not be glamorous when she is on the show. Why not change into a more suitable dress and cover your arms?”

Xu Qingwan reflexively had to raise her hand to touch the scar, but she barely controlled it halfway. She was also heartbroken about it. Because she wanted to use her injury to hype, Xu Qingwan deliberately didn’t follow the doctor’s prescription to take the medicine, so the wound was now healed but the scar was still there, it looked very obtrusive on her arm.

“I won’t bother. Speaking of which, Siyu, have you got another new job after filming? I heard that you have been idle at home these days? It’s not very good. You can borrow help from Director Liang. “Qin Guo” has become famous, and you should seize the opportunity to receive more announcements to popularize yourself.” Xu Qingwan was poked in the painful spot, her eyes a little cold.

She was still not willing to blame Ji Lin, so she blamed Siyu for the destruction of her filming prospects. It must be because of Siyu’s instigation that Ji Lin did this!

Siyu had long heard from Ji Lin that he deliberately pushed Xu Qingwan into mess, so that Xu Qingwan could not get a good show, so, she was happy to stand on her brother’s side to insert the knife, and said with a smile: “New job… There are many, I can’t pick it anymore.”

Seeing Xu Qingwan’s increasingly stiff face, Siyu slowed down, stared at her, and said in a brisk tone, “But, I’m too tired, so I pushed them all away. Why, you ask, do you need me to introduce some to you?”

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