TBLF Ch. 25

This chapter almost gave me a cavity…

At school the next day, Ji Rang packed up his desk.

This desk has been used by him as a trash can. There was everything in it except textbooks. Ji Rang held back his impatience and took it all out. An empty bottle of Coke, a ball of scrap paper, two car magazines, a cigarette case, a broken earphone, and a Rubik’s Cube.

He tilted his chair and leaned back, just enough to reach the wall, took the Rubik’s Cube and twisted it a few times, and he started feeling better.

After thinking about it, the Rubik’s Cube was put back into the desk, and everything else was thrown away.

Qu Dazhuang was called by Ji Rang as soon as he entered the classroom. Seeing his frowning expression, he suddenly said seriously: “Brother Ji, is there another bastard who is itching for a beating? You say, who!”

Ji Rang patted his head with his notebook: “Fatty!” Qu Dazhuang hugged his head aggrievedly, and listened to Ji Rang coldly saying, “Go and get me a set of textbooks. From first year of high school to now, every subject is required. “

Qu Dazhuang stared at him incredulously.

Ji Rang waited for a long time without responding, and kicked him: “Did you fucking hear?”

Qu Dazhuang withstood the beating from the big man, and grasping Ji Rang’s hand, he started crying with a sad face: “Brother Rang, are you in trouble? Tell your brothers, even if you go against a sword or down in a fire, we brothers will save you!”

“Liu Haiyang!” Ji Rang roared so loudly that it silenced the entire Class 9, “Drag this idiot out and kill him! Don’t let him show up in my sight for a week!”

When morning lessons got over, Ji Rang got all the books he needed.

There were a dozen old and new books, Liu Haiyang panting, threw it down with a bang on his desk, which led to a cloud of dust.

Ji Rang’s eyes twitched fiercely as he looked at the books piled high at his feet.

Damn you would I even have time after all these studies?

The boss spent the morning in self-doubt and self-blame. As soon as the school bell rang, he sent a message to Wu Rui and asked him to come to the classroom of Class 9.

Wu Rui didn’t usually go to the cafeteria to eat, but brought his own meals. There was a microwave oven in the teacher’s lounge, which he was the only one in the grade who could use at will.

After a while, Wu Rui, who had been warming up the meal, ran over with his lunch box.

Class 9 was a forbidden place for good students to talk about. He didn’t even dare to pass by before. Now he walked into the classroom through the back door, and he felt a little excited inside.

Only Ji Rang was in the classroom, sitting in the last position with an ugly expression, looking at the pile of books on the floor as if he was imagining killing his father’s enemy.

Seeing him come in penetratingly, he stretched his feet and hooked a chair to ask him to sit.

Wu Rui felt that he should compliment him: “Student Ji, you are so active!”

Ji Rang kicked the stack of books and asked desperately: “I have to finish all of these?”

He actually had no hope anymore.

Unexpectedly, Wu Rui said, “No, you just need to study six subjects.”

At that moment, Ji Rang felt like a dying person who was injected with adrenaline, and the whole person came alive immediately: “Really?”

“Of course, the college entrance examination only tests six subjects. Except for the junior college subjects, you can choose the three subjects you like best and excel in these remaining six subjects.”

Ji Rang suppressed his excitement: “Then I don’t want to choose math!”

Wu Rui pushed his glasses: “Oh, that won’t work. Mathematics is a junior and a required subject.”

Ji Rang: “???”


Wu Rui felt that the school tyrant who had handed in a blank paper from the very beginning of high school didn’t know that the school had already implemented the shift system after this monthly exam.

He briefly explained to him: “The juniors are Chinese, mathematics, and English. These three are compulsory exams. You can take classes in your class, that is, class 9.”

“Primary three subjects refer to choosing the three subjects you are good at from the six subjects: physics, biology, chemistry, politics, history, and geography, and attending different classes according to the assigned schedule.

Only then did Ji Rang know that they didn’t divide according to arts and science from long ago.

Liu Yao should have explained this earlier, but he had never attended class before and knew nothing about the learning situation around him.

Some thoughts in his mind, like a spark, snapped and flashed by.

Ji Rang looked down at the pink whale pen resting on the desk, and his throat began to tighten: “You said that the junior three students, the students in each class of the whole grade choose arbitrarily, and then gather in a classroom?”

Wu Rui nodded: “Yes.”

The sparks in his head exploded like fireworks.

Could he go to class with Qi Ying?

Just now, the big guy who felt hopeless in his studies felt cordial even when he looked at the mathematics textbook: “The shift system has begun? Can I still sign up now?”

Wu Rui smiled and said: “After the monthly exam results are available, they will start to conduct classes and you can sign up at any time. If you choose physics at the beginning, and after a period of study, you find that you really can’t learn it, you can change to other subjects.”

Wu Rui asked him seriously: “Student Ji, which three do you plan to choose? I personally suggest that you read the six textbooks first to understand the specific content and difficulty of each subject, and then based on your situation make a choice.”

Ji Rang’s bad mood all morning was now as beautiful as a flower.

He turned the pen in a circle and held the whale cap in his palm: “No, I have chosen.”

After lunch, Yue Li walked back to the classroom holding Qi Ying. Just as she was rubbing her bulging belly and sitting down, a girl at the door shouted: “Yue Li, someone is looking for you.”

She stood next to her and asked, “Who?”

“I don’t know, a stranger.”

Walking out, there really stood a tall and thin girl outside the classroom. Seeing her come out, she smiled generously: “Student Yue Li, I have something to tell you. Can you come with me?”

She pointed to the location of the corridor entrance.

In broad daylight and at school, Yue Li nodded and followed her without any doubt.

Then she saw Ji Rang leaning against the wall waiting there.

The tall girl brought her there, turned her head and slipped away.

Yue Li suddenly became nervous. The gangster left her the impression that he was mostly violent and fierce. Although the last time he helped them move the tables in the classroom, her impression of him improved, but standing alone in front of the gangster she was still a bit scared.

She stammered: “Classmate..Ji, why are you looking for me?”

Ji Rang’s face was always cold, but then he passed the milk tea in his hand.

Yue Li’s eyes widened: “For…for me?”

He nodded.

Yue Li had a hard time saying “no”.

She to God: I vowed that I would not be drinking milk tea for a semester to focus on physical education. Last time I couldn’t hold back and drank once, and within a few days the physical education class was taken over by the math class. She has been so scared since then that she has been strict with herself recently and dared not touch dairy products anymore.

But milk tea given by the big boss should be okay!

Ji Rang kept his hand stretched out for a long time, seeing her not answering, his eyebrows gradually became impatient, Yue Li shrank in fright and snatched it over.

Ji Rang said, “I want to ask you something.”

Yue Li thought to himself, when did the boss become so polite as to give gifts before inquiring about things?

Ji Rang then asked uncomfortably, “Which three elective classes did Qi Ying choose?”

Yue Li didn’t understand why he wanted to ask this. After all, the boss didn’t look like someone involved in learning, and casually said: “She chose history, geography and chemistry.”

Ji Rang’s lips twitched slightly, and he returned to his indifference in an instant: “Okay, go back.” After a pause, he deliberately put on a cold tone to scare her: “I asked you about this. Don’t tell her, otherwise… …”

Yue Li’s head shook his head like a rattle: “Won’t tell, won’t tell, God knows, you know, and only I know!”

He waved his finger and Yue Li ran away.

She ran back to the classroom and looked at Qi Ying who was sitting in her seat reading a book, and then at the milk tea in her hand. She said silently in her heart: “God, you see, I didn’t want to drink it on purpose, but the boss forced me to drink it. You will not blame me for being scared by him, would you?”

Then happily took a sip.

Ah, it’s delicious.

Before afternoon class, Liu Yao’s office welcomed an uninvited guest.

He was holding a cup of water to make tea. Hearing the words of the young man behind him, he almost knocked the water cup over and turned around in shock: “What did you say you want to do?”

Ji Rang: “I want to sign up for the three elective classes.”

Liu Yao looked at him like a ghost.

But his surprise was expected, for more than a year, Ji Rang had never let him down with his unwillingness to learn. Suddenly he said that he wanted to learn, obviously no one could accept it.

Liu Yao walked back to the desk and sat down, and looked at him for a long time, as if trying to see through him, wondering if he was playing a prank.

Ji Rang continued: “I want to choose history, geography and chemistry.”

Liu Yao became more and more incredulous.

Did he even choose the subjects???

Ji Rang frowned: “Can’t I?”

Bad students are willing to learn, there is nothing wrong in it. Liu Yao quickly said: “Okay, of course! History, geography and chemistry, right? I will help you arrange the classes in a while. But you kid, that class is not like our class. The students from other classes would also be there. If you are in class, don’t do anything wrong, or you’ll see how I’ll clean you up!”

Ji Rang nodded at him impatiently.

Nowadays, all classes are arranged automatically through the computer, so Liu Yao just entered Ji Rang’s name and student number in the elective subjects. In the second class in the afternoon, history is on the fourth floor of the Moral Education Building.

In the afternoon, after the first class end bell rang, Ji Rang found the history book and went outside.

The few people in the back benches yawned and looked up, looking confused and asked: “Where are you going, brother?”

Ji Rang said: “Going to class.”

Qu Dazhuang said excitedly: “Where are you going? I’ll go too!”

Ji Rang glanced at him: “You will go for a fart. Have you taken any elective courses? Have you signed up? Have your classes been scheduled?”

After the words fell, he left without looking back.

Qu Dazhuang stood there in a daze, and after a long time he turned around and asked Liu Haiyang: “Why does Brother look so handsome today?”

Liu Haiyang: “…I don’t know.”

The elective classes had started on Monday, and there had been several classes held already. At the beginning, the various shifts were mixed in, which was quite fresh, but the staff became used to it after it became fixed.

When Ji Rang walked in, the class bell hadn’t rang.

The noisy classroom suddenly quieted down.

Yue Li, who was holding a cell phone and chatting with Qi Ying, thought it was the teacher who was here, so she slammed the cell phone into the desk, and looked up, to see Ji Rang standing indifferently at the door.

After seeing her and Qi Ying, his black eyes flashed, and then he walked straight over.

Yue Li finally reacted, and understood why Ji Rang asked her in the morning to find out what Qi Ying’s elective subjects were going to be. Her expression suddenly became vivid, and she even thought of giving up her seat to the boss.

Qi Ying also saw him, with some surprise, Ji Rang smiled at her, and then walked to the second-to-last row to sit down.

It was three rows away from her.

But it was enough.

In the same classroom, in the same class, when he looked up, he could see her sitting back, as well as the ends of her soft hair brushing her neck.

Before the teacher came, Qi Ying secretly looked back at him.

She looked happy with a bright smile on her face. The bangs on her forehead were slightly moved by the wind outside the window, and her eyes were shining like stars. She looked very beautiful.

There was a place in his heart that turned into a vast ocean.

The two boys sitting in the front row of him whispered excitedly: “School flower is smiling at us!”

As soon as the words fell, the stool under their buttocks was kicked and they almost fell.

Turning his head with horror on their faces, the boss leaned on his chair and folded his hands, his eyes cold: “Shut up, don’t interrupt my class.”

Boy: “…”

The teacher hasn’t come yet for you to listen to a fart lesson!

They dared to be angry but did not dare speak, and silently turned away. After a while, the teacher walked into the classroom. The history teacher was a gray-haired old teacher, who holding a chalk and writing a title on the blackboard: “Students, today we would be studying the industrial revolution and the development of capitalist economy. Have any students previewed this section?”

Yue Li wrote down to convey the teacher’s words, Qi Ying looked at it, and then raised her hand obediently.

There was a delay in the delivery process. The old teacher on the stage had already started talking about the beginning of the industrial revolution. He raised his glasses and asked, “Does Qi Ying have any questions?”

Yue Li confidently stood up to help her answer: “No, teacher, she just told you that she had previewed.”

The old teacher probably thought that the child’s reflex arc was very long, and nodded repeatedly: “Oh, the teacher understands it, let’s put our hands down.”

Ji Rang almost laughed from behind.

This little fool was so fucking good.

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