TBLF Ch. 24

The school bully, who is not even afraid of the sky falling, felt that his face had been lost at this moment. What could be done? Can he beat her?

Ji Rang collapsed thinking that he would have to not show up in front of her for at least half a year, to see if it might make her forget this scene.

He stuffed the candy in her hand, turned his head and wanted to run away.

Qi Ying grabbed his wrist anxiously.

Her fingers were thin, and soft like cotton, which seemed as if they could be broken with little effort.

Ji Rang stopped. His back stretched a little tight, he tilted his head slightly, pursed his lips, and didn’t speak, as if asking: What else?

Qi Ying handed the notebook she had prepared a long time ago to him. Ji Rang looked down and said: Why are you hiding from me again?

Apart from the graceful handwriting, he could see the feeling of grievance.

He pressed his lips and didn’t answer; Qi Ying turned the page again and wrote: I will be good in the future and won’t annoy you.

Ji Rang’s heart curled up and hurt.

Qi Ying turned another page: I’ll ask you to eat strawberry pudding, OK?

He was distressed but also found it funny.

Is Lao Tzu a kid?

He loosened the corners of his lips and slowly uttered a few words: It’s my fault, I won’t hide.

She blinked, her eyelashes fluttered like a flapping butterfly, but the corners of her mouth curled up.

He also smiled, glanced at the strawberry candy she was holding tightly in her palm, and poked her forehead with a finger, “I want to eat, you know?”

Don’t fucking confess again.

Early Monday morning, a new beginning.

When Qu Dazhuang stepped into the classroom listlessly with his schoolbag on his side, he raised his eyes at random and almost fell on the ground.

Fortunately, Liu Haiyang quickly grabbed him with quick hands, and cursed, “Do you fucking have rickets, that you can fall on the ground.”

Qu Dazhuang’s fingers trembled and pointed to the position of the last row by the window: “Comrade Hai, I didn’t have a dream, did I? Is that brother? Is he actually reading an English book?”

Liu Haiyang’s body shook, and when he fixed his eyes, he looked as if he saw a ghost.

That’s right, not only reading an English book, but also keeping a draft book on hand to memorize words while reading.

The two held each other and rushed over.

The vocabulary book that Ji Rang usually didn’t know where to find was densely packed with English words in the first unit. Looking closely at his mouth, it seems that he is still reciting it.

Qu Dazhuang’s eyes widened with fright: “Brother! What are you doing!”

Ji Rang’s face went pale: “Don’t you have eyes?”

He ignored him after saying so, while the pink whale pen in his hand moved quickly, writing.

Qu Dazhuang felt that his outlook on life had been impacted, so he stayed in his seat and took a look back from time to time. The big guy who usually sleeps or plays games in class, really spent the whole morning studying, and reciting every! single! word!

After class, Ji Rang went to the bathroom.

Qu Dazhuang sneaked up to his seat and glanced at the vocabulary book.

Yes, it is really a textbook, not comics nor his mobile phone.

Qu Dazhuang held Liu Haiyang’s hand as if he was crying: “It’s over, I must have been possessed.”

Liu Haiyang slapped him on the head: “You fucking read  novels all day long!”

All day long, Ji Rang was listening to the class.

After mathematics made him doubt his life, physics, geography, and chemistry caused the boss to collapse one after another.

Is this even fucking learned by humans?

Is it because he hasn’t been studying for too long and is out of practice, that it is so difficult to study now?

The boss is very irritable.

The brothers of the big brother were shaking silently.

Don’t know anything, dare not ask anything.

Don’t ask.

After school, Ji Rang was expressionless and packed his schoolbag. In fact, there was nothing to pack. He didn’t receive any new books at the beginning of school. After Qu Dazhuang helped him receive them, he didn’t know where he threw them.

Even the books used for today’s lectures belong to Liu Haiyang.

Yesterday they made an appointment to play basketball in the second middle school next door after school today.

Qu Dazhuang and they had begun to discuss how to defeat the group of people in the second middle school on the basketball court for a while. As a result, Ji Rang carried his schoolbag and said, “I’m not going.”

Qu Dazhuang cried and said with a sad face: “Don’t do this! If you are not here, we would be the ones being defeated!”

Ji Rang went straight out: “I have something.”

A group of people hurriedly followed and said bitterly, “What’s the matter? Let us accompany you. We can go to the second middle school after we finish it!”

Ji Rang kicked the nearest person: “Don’t follow Laozi!”

When he got angry, everyone dared not follow him.

Qu Dazhuang looked at his back walking away, gritted his teeth and said: “Can’t bear it! Usurp the throne! I want to usurp the throne!”

Luo Bing: “Recorded.”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

Ji Rang stepped out of the school gate, stepped on his mountain bike, and soared all the way to the nearest mall from the school.

After parking the car, he went straight to the optical shop.

He could not see the blackboard.

In the past, he didn’t attend classes, so myopia did not affect him. Today, he discovered that the blackboard was very far away from him. He couldn’t even see the teacher’s face.

After entering the store, a clerk greeted him immediately and asked him enthusiastically: “Classmate, do you want glasses?”

He nodded, and the clerk asked again: “Do you want lens or frame?”

Ji Rang said: “Both.”

The clerk led him to take a vision test.

After the test, the result was 100 degrees for the left eye and 150 degrees for the right eye.

The clerk led him out to choose lenses and frames: “This is an anti-glare lens. It won’t be affected by looking at the computer, but the price is a little bit more expensive. And this is an ordinary lens…”

Ji Rang interrupted her impatiently: “Take the best.”

The clerk suddenly smiled: “Good!”

After choosing the lens and choosing the frame, the clerk couldn’t help saying: “Classmate, you look good in everything you wear. Look at this, the black frame suits your temperament. This fine gold rim is also very good, do you want to try it?”

Ji Rang thought to himself, there were so many damn rules for buying glasses, he didn’t bother to try them, and pointed with his fingers: “That’s it.”

After picking it up, he filled out the bill and paid. Ji Ran was bored and waited aside. He saw the boy wearing a middle school uniform and carrying a huge schoolbag at the counter next door was also picking the frame.

He tried every dozen frames in that row.

He still seemed unsatisfied, and turned to Ji Rang to walk over towards his counter. After taking not more two steps, he saw Ji Rang leaning on the counter, and a panic suddenly appeared on his somewhat dazed face.

He turned around and started to leave.

After he almost reached the door, Ji Rang finally remembered who he was.

Wu Rui from Class 1 of high school. The first ranker who shows up at the flag-raising ceremony every Monday.

Ji Rang stared at him, suddenly thought of something, and followed him two steps forward, calling him: “Stop.”

Wu Rui tensed and had to stand still. He swallowed his saliva, turned around and asked carefully, “Ji…Student Ji, what’s the matter?”

Ji Rang walked up to him, looked him up and down, saw him shivering, frowned and said, “I won’t hit you, just want to ask you something.”

Wu Rui breathed a sigh of relief, straightened his schoolbag, and asked tentatively, “What’s the matter?”

Ji Rang said, “Do you want to make some pocket money?”

Wu Rui shook his head in horror: “Ji…Student Ji! I won’t do anything illegal! Drugs… Drugs are untouchable!”

Ji Rang almost couldn’t resist beating him on the spot.

How many fucking rumors have these people in the school spread about him?!

Ji Rang took two deep breaths, trying to make his tone not sound so scary: “I’m asking you, do you want to earn some supplementary tuition? You can ask for as much as you want per class.”

Wu Rui finally understood what he meant when he came over, and his eyes showed joy: “Thank you! That’s okay!”

He is an extremely poor student who receives a scholarship every year. Although the most important task now is to study, if he can make a little money to subsidize his family within his ability, it will be a great help to his family.

He suddenly had a slight affection for this legendary fierce school bully.

How friendly! Also introducing him to part-time jobs!

Wu Rui pushed the frame of the glasses, which were almost about to break, and said happily: “I don’t need too much money, just give me half as a tutor in the tutoring class. Who is it for?”

Ji Rang: “Me.”

Wu Rui: “…”

Is it too late to say no now?

Too late, Ji Rang pulled his schoolbag and brought him directly to the cafe on the first floor.

Wu Rui had never visited this kind of high-end coffee shop in a mall. He sat in his seat a little restrainedly, and asked in a low voice: “Ji Rang, are you kidding me?”

Ji Rang took the menu while ordering coffee, and squinted at him: “Do you think Lao Tzu is joking? What do you want to drink?”

Wu Rui: “Anything… will do.”

Ji Rang said to the waiter: “Two cups of Americano.”

After ordering, he took out the notebook from his schoolbag and threw it into Wu Rui’s arms: “These are the notes I took during the class today. You tell me what is wrong.”

Wu Rui opened his notebook in a daze and looked it over: “This…this is all wrong.”

Ji Rang’s expression changed, and he suddenly stood up and walked toward him. He frowned and looked particularly fierce with his sullen face, Wu Rui was almost scared enough to cry.

Then he saw the school bully sitting down beside him, frowning and pulling out a pink whale pen that was completely incompatible with his temperament.

“You speak, I will change.”

Wu Rui woke up a little at this statement.

The school bully doesn’t seem to be making fun of him, he seems to be really interested in learning.

Wu Rui looked down at the notes he had made again.

More than terrible.

A sense of responsibility suddenly rose in Wu Rui’s heart. He closed the notebook and for the first time mustered up the courage to look directly at the young man he was afraid of even looking at from the back.

“Student Ji, you don’t have the foundation, so you can’t learn this way. Let’s add each other on WeChat, and you can send me your test papers and transcripts from your first year to the present. I’ll go back tonight and make a study plan for you based on your situation. What do you think of starting the formal tuition from tomorrow after I make the study plan?”

Ji Rang suddenly felt that people should not be blinded by superficial considerations.

This nerd is quite admirable.


Ji Rang said blankly: “There is no paper. From the first year of high school until now, I have handed in blank papers every time I took the exam.

Wu Rui: “???”

After half an hour of in-depth communication, the first ranker finally knew what kind of problem he was facing.

He begged the boss: “Can you get the most basic textbook tomorrow?”

The boss nodded solemnly.

When leaving the cafe, Wu Rui, whose impression of Ji Rang has improved rapidly, couldn’t help asking: “Student Ji, why do you suddenly want to study hard?”

He wanted to hear the reason, and see if the boss was making fun of him on a whim.

Ji Rang glanced at him: “Just think about it what the hell it is for.”

After speaking, he looked down at the pink whale pen in his hand, raised his lips and smiled.

He just wanted his name to be closer to her on the results list.

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