TBLF Ch. 23

Yu Zhuo’s serious expression was like a white lotus.

He looked handsome, different from Ji Rang who looked wild at first glance. When he was not cursing or fighting, he looked like a good boy.

In addition, he is a minor, carrying a student ID in his pocket that he forgot to take out in the morning.

Haicheng No. 1 Middle School, which is a key high school.

Looking at the crowd of men, women, and children howling in the corner, they could not help but favor Yu Zhuo’s words. But as police, they had to collect evidence about everything. So, they first took the statement of Yu Zhuo and Ji Qian, and let them go to sit and rest. Then, they brought another person to interrogate.

The person called over started crying again. He said that Yu Zhuo and Ji Qian hit someone.

Ji Qian sat on a chair with her forehead raised and looked at him with a laugh.

Yu Zhuo had always been tense, maintaining his white lotus persona, and listening to her laughter, did not hold back, and sneered: “This group of silly people.”

Ji Qian leaned closer to him and said in a low voice, “Child, your acting is good.”

Yu Zhuo was a little embarrassed: “The situation compelled me to do it.”

Ji Qian laughed so hard. Then, she looked at him for a long time, and asked meaningfully, “Why are you helping me? Because of Ji Rang isn’t it?”

Yu Zhuo felt that there was nothing wrong with this sentence, and nodded.

Ji Yan smiled even deeper and looked at him with an expression which said “I understand”, and patted his head, “Good boy.”

Yu Zhuo: “?????”

No, why does it seem wrong?

After completing everyone’s statements, the young man who was kicked by Yu Zhuo also grievously lifted his clothes to show the police: “Comrade police, we haven’t really lied to you. Look at this, he kicked me. The bruise is also dark. “

Yu Zhuo also said loudly next to him, “You moved your hand first! You touched my sister’s chest!”

Ji Qian: “?????”

The young man squeaked, “Who touched her chest?! You are slandering people!”

Seeing that it was noisy again, the police hit the table fiercely: “Shut up! Is this a vegetable market, so noisy? The parking lot is monitored by surveillance. What is the fact, let us tell the evidence!”

The group of people changed their faces at once. They looked at each other, and bowed their head in guilty conscience, and finally stopped clamoring.

After a while, a police comrade sent over the surveillance video of the parking lot transferred from the hospital.

The surveillance showed that the group of people had gone straight to the location where Ji Qian had stopped after exiting the lift, and surrounded her and pushed and shoved her. All pictures from 369 degrees without any blind spots were recorded. In the video, the young man was indeed the first who moved his hand. Then, Yu Zhuo flew up and kicked him.

The policeman sternly said, “Are you still talking nonsense with your eyes open? Who made the first move? Ah?”

Yu Zhuo echoed: “Ah!”

The policeman glared at him: “You boy also shut up!” He pointed to the video of Yu Zhuo kicking people: “With this skill, haven’t you been in a lot of fights? What about being clean among mud and unstained? Do you use “Bai Lian” like this?! “

Yu Zhuo: “………”

With the video, they were proved right. Neither side was harmed much, and Ji Qian didn’t want to entangle with this group of people anymore. They were afraid to take responsibility anyway. Under the mediation of the police, the two sides eventually settled amongst themselves.

Leaving the police station, Ji Qian and Yu Zhuo walked out first. The group of people behind them was still behaving honestly at the police station. As soon as they got out of sight of the station, they rushed up and surrounded the two who were looking for a taxi on the roadside.

One of the middle-aged women pointed at Ji Qian with a sour face: “Your conscience was eaten by dogs! Is this how you treat us? Is it worthy of your mother?”

Ji Qian reached out to hail a taxi, turned her head and said with a very chilly smile: “Then you go approach my mother to reprimand me.”

It was not until Ji Qian and Yu Zhuo got in the taxi that she realized that Ji Qian was cursing her, and she was so angry that she cursed and stamped her feet.

Inside the car, the driver asked, “Where to?”

Ji Qian smiled and asked Yu Zhuo: “Child, where do you live? I’ll send you first.”

The space in the car was small. He smelled the scent of perfume on Ji Qian’s body. He uneasily sat by the window and pointed to the front: “Just drop me at the commercial square in front. I’ll go to my classmate.”

Ji Qian nodded and instructed the driver.

She also reported the address of the hospital. She had to go and drive her car back.

After doing all this, she leaned back, closed her eyes, a little tired, and rubbed the corners of her eyes.

Less than a minute after closing her eyes, a phone rang in the quiet of the car. Yu Zhuo heard the anxious voice on the phone: “General Manager Ji, are you okay? I just returned to the company and brought what you asked for. They say you were taken away by the police. I have contacted a lawyer. Which police station are you in? “

Ji Qian regained her cold temperament again: “It’s okay, I’m out. Pack up and inform the board of directors to meet tomorrow morning.” After a pause, she snapped again: “Tell them that none of them should be absent! Whoever doesn’t come should just never come again! “

She hung up the phone, and before she had time to put away the phone, another call came in.

“Ms. Ji, why did you stop the work of the project in the northern part of the city? Now all the workers are making trouble, and even the company is rumored to be bankrupt, the foreman ran away, Xiaolin can’t control it alone, Lao Yang and I are already driving there! “

Ji Yan said coldly: “Wang Zhenyang’s hand is very long. I just stopped it now, and he spread a rumor to create trouble.”

On the other end of the phone, she continued: “I arranged for Rao Mo. He should have arrived. You don’t have to go there. Go back to the company first and I’ll be there in a little while.”

Ending the call, she threw her cellphone to the seat next to her a little irritably, and her fingers rubbed against her temples.

Yu Zhuo pursed his lips and hesitantly said, “Why don’t you turn off the phone for a while and take a break?”

Ji Qian paused and smiled at him: “Child, there is no such thing as a break in the adult world.”

As she said this, the car turned on a traffic light and stopped by the street. The driver said, “The commercial square is here.”

Yu Zhuo scratched his head: “I’m going.”

Ji Qian smiled and waved.

He pushed the door open and got out of the car. When he wanted to close the door, he looked back and said seriously, “Adults also need to rest, they are not robots.”

Ji Qian was stunned. He closed the door, waved to her, and turned away.

There were several skateboarding teenagers in the square. He ran over and a boy jumped with his board. The boy who jumped from the board gave a high five in the air. The boy couldn’t stand firmly when he landed, and the skateboard fell far away.

Seeing this Yu Zhuo laughed: “You’re so bad after practicing for so long, get out!”

Inexplicable youth.

Ji Qian smiled unconsciously, and the phone in her bag started whining and shaking again.

Alas, I can’t go back.

Yu Zhuo did not go home until the evening. He didn’t dare to tell his family that he went to the police station for a glorious walk. After eating, he followed Qi Ying and went into her room.

Qi Ying couldn’t shake him off, so she just let him in, and rushed to the side of the bed, took the strawberry candy from under the pillow, and hid it.

Yu Zhuo fell on her bed and held his mobile phone to send her a message: Sister, the girl we met at the hospital today was Ji Rang’s sister. The last time she asked me to help forward a letter to him.

Qi Ying was still working on the papers, and when she saw the information, she replied “Oh”.

Yu Zhuo changed his posture and said: I think Ji Rang’s relationship with his family isn’t very good. His sister is very good. They can easily meet each other but need help to transfer things. There must be some inside story.

Qi Ying: You are as gossipy as Lili, so you have a bad result.

Yu Zhuo:???

Is there any need to link gossip with grades?

Why did you start a personal attack?

Yu Zhuo ran out of his sister’s room indignantly.

School started on Monday. Qi Ying woke up earlier than usual and did not eat breakfast at home. She ran out with a slice of bread and milk.

Wu Yinghua went to knock on Yu Zhuo’s door: “Your sister has already gone and you haven’t even gotten up yet! Is there any activity today? She left so early?”

Of course there are no activities in the school.

Qi Ying was going to catch Ji Rang.

Ji Rang began to hide from her again after school got over last Friday. Qi Ying had already experienced his hiding from her, so she estimated that she would not see him again this week.

She thought that if he wanted to give her strawberry candy today, he would definitely go to school very early.

She wanted to hide in the classroom and wait for him! And ask why he started hiding himself again!

When she arrived at school, it was not yet bright, the dormitories on the other side of the campus were starting to be lit, and the wake-up music was playing. She trotted all the way with her schoolbag on her back, and when she got to the classroom, the door had not yet opened.

Classroom key for Class 2 was kept by the learning committee member Huang Botong, who came the earliest.

Qi Ying waited at the door for a while, Huang Botong came holding the book, was a bit surprised when he saw her. He pushed down his glasses, and waved to her.

Opening the door and entering the classroom, Huang Botong found his English book and told Qi Ying that he would go to the English corner to recite the English text.

This was his daily habit.

Ji Rang was expected to sneak in during this time.

Qi Ying nodded.

As soon as Huang Botong left, she was alone in the classroom. She packed up her textbooks, thought about it, moved the stool away, squatted down, and took the history book down to read.

After just reading about the meaning of the Renaissance, through the gap in the table feet, she saw someone coming over.

Wearing a pair of white sneakers, the legs of the track pants were a little tight, revealing a half-skinned ankle. The steps were large and fast, and he quickly walked near her, leaning over, and put the candy on her desk.

Qi Ying popped up from under the table.

Ji Rang’s soul almost flew out in fright for a moment.

In the quiet early morning, the sky was hazy, and in the empty classroom a head suddenly appeared.

What the fuck is this a school thriller???

He almost picked up the chair next to him and smashed it over.

He was so scared that his brain did not recognize Qi Ying for a moment.

About one second, or two seconds? He didn’t know; that moment of thrill made his mind blank for a moment. When he reacted, he almost collapsed.

Ji Rang couldn’t wait to bring her over and beat her up: “Why the hell are you hiding here?!”

Qi Ying blinked with big eyes, with a smile on her face, her eyes burning, as if to say to him excitedly:

Caught you!

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