TBLF Ch. 22

On the weekend, Yu Cheng took Qi Ying to the city hospital for routine treatment. Yu Zhuo didn’t want to listen to Wu Yinghua’s nagging at home, so he went with them.

The hospital was overcrowded at all times. When they reached, there were already two patients in front of them. The attending doctor asked them to wait outside for a while.

In the morning, Yu Cheng wanted to let the two children sleep a little longer. So they got up late and didn’t get to eat breakfast. Originally, he planned to wait for the check-up before going for lunch, but now he didn’t know how long they will have to wait. So he let Yu Zhuo accompany Qi Ying and he went downstairs to buy breakfast.

There was one seat left on the row of chairs in the corridor, and Yu Zhuo asked Qi Ying to sit while he stood next to her leaning against the wall playing games.

They saw an emergency as a group of people rushed into the corridor noisily. The doctors and nurses in front were pushing a stretcher. On the stretcher was a middle-aged man with blood on his head, followed by few old and weak women, children and young men, who were crying all the way.

This disturbance was so big that even Yu Zhuo was distracted from the game and looked up curiously.

Then he saw a familiar figure following at the end of the crowd.

Wearing a black and white suit, sporting short hair and red lips, stiletto heels, cold and gorgeous, she looked incompatible with the hospital.

There was a woman who looked like an assistant next to her, reporting something to her as she walked, Ji Qian looked serious, and occasionally nodded, her high heels stepping on the ground with the sound of da, da, da, cold and fast.

The group of people quickly passed by them and disappeared around the corner.

Qi Ying obediently sat in a row of chairs and tilted her head to look. Yu Zhuo said in surprise: “Hey, isn’t this not that, that…” He suddenly remembered her because she had given a letter to him to pass on to Ji Rang. But he swallowed the words back.

After a while, Yu Cheng came back, carrying soy milk fritters and a bag of steamed buns. He thought that the corridor was too crowded, so he took Yu Zhuo and Qi Ying to the rooftop to eat.

It was already autumn, and the wind in the morning was chilly. The three of them sat down on the benches. Yu Cheng urged them to eat quickly and not to catch a cold.

Yu Zhuo bit the steamed bun and took a sip of soy milk. He looked around boredly, and saw a tall figure standing on the edge of the roof making a phone call.

In the beginning, he didn’t actually hear what she said. Later, she probably quarreled with the person on the other end of the phone, and her voice became louder, so it floated into his ears intermittently with the morning wind.

“The company’s business… it’s not your turn to dictate…”

“I didn’t touch him! What happened even if I hit him, how much did he eat from the Chengbei project…”

“Don’t talk about my mother, how many years has my mother been dead!”

The last sentence almost came out in a roar.

After roaring, she hung up the phone, and turned back fiercely.

Halfway through, she saw three people having breakfast sitting on the bench there. It was not a glorious thing for Yu Cheng to have eavesdropped on somebody’s calls, but he didn’t mean to do it! A little sorry, he bowed his head and said to Yu Zhuo: “Eat fast!”

The icy anger on Ji Qian’s face was like the mist that evaporated after the sun rose, and disappeared in an instant.

She raised her eyes and smiled, with long and thin eyebrows, beautiful and graceful, walked over in high heels and said hello, “It’s you, kid.”

Yu Zhuo was almost choked to death by the steamed bun.

He drank two sips of soy milk and nodded uncomfortably.

Yu Cheng glanced at him curiously: “Do you know each other?”

Ji Qian nodded: “My brother and them are in the same school.”

Yu Cheng suddenly realized: “Oh, hello, hello.”

Ji Qian responded with a smile, and looked at Yu Zhuo again: “Thank you for your help last time.”

Yu Zhuo suddenly became flustered: “You’re welcome, it was..nothing.”

Ji Qian laughed. She has been out in society for so many years, and she has her own way of dealing with people and things. Even if she is dressed in a suit and has a cold temperament, she can still show a kind and gentle side to Yu Zhuo.

She looked at Qi Ying, who had been drinking soy milk quietly, and smiled and asked Yu Zhuo, “Is this your sister?”

Yu Zhuo said: “My sister.” He was afraid that Ji Qian would misunderstand that Qi Ying was rude, and explained: “My sister can’t speak and hear.”

A flash of surprise flashed in Ji Qian’s eyes, and she quickly recovered as usual. She looked at Yu Cheng, “Did you bring her here for treatment?”

Yu Cheng nodded.

Ji Qian smiled earnestly: “I wish your little sister a speedy recovery. I have something else going on so I must leave.”

She waved her hand, and Qi Ying smiled sheepishly at her.

Ji Qian saw that the little girl laugh so beautifully and softly, and wanted to poke her cheeks.

When Ji Qian came downstairs, Yu Cheng told Yu Zhuo, “This student’s parents must be pretty good. Although she looked rich at first glance, she was polite and qualified, unlike some wealthy people who are prideful to heaven. Her brother should be pretty good too.”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

He thinks it is better not to let his father know who her brother is.

The three of them returned to the corridor after breakfast just as the patient came out. The attending doctor was named Feng. He smiled and waved to Qi Ying: “Yingying, it’s your turn, come in.”

Since the last appointment with the expert doctor, Dr. Feng talked to the expert twice more and improved the prescription for Qi Ying’s treatment. During the routine diagnosis and treatment, he found that she could already some high-decibel sounds.

Doctor Feng prescribed a new prescription to Yu Cheng, and said with a smile: “The situation is better than we expected. I thought it would take at least four or five months. But the sound of normal decibels is already beginning to be heard.”

Yu Cheng was so happy that he shook the doctor’s hand and thanked him again and again. Yu Zhuo sent the doctor’s words to Qi Ying via WeChat and asked her: “Sister, you will be able to hear soon. Are you happy!?”

Qi Ying nodded and replied by typing: “It will be much more convenient to listen to the class.”

At the end of each class period, she had to rely on the help of classmates to sort out the knowledge points in the book, answer questions and solve problems, and Qi Ying always felt that it must be troublesome for them.

If she could hear, it will be much more convenient.

She wouldn’t have to rely on writing to communicate with classmates, and she can…

Hear the general’s voice.

Will it be the same as before, with the hoarse and low voice that roared at the soldiers all the time?

When he called her name, the word “yingying” seemed to be wrapped in gravel, as if he didn’t understand softness at all.

But it still sounded nice.

She shouted in her heart.

Yu Cheng took the medical card to pay for the medicine first, so that Yu Zhuo led Qi Ying down slowly. The two people didn’t want to take the elevator so they went down the stairs. Qi Ying was using her mobile phone to send a WeChat message to Yue Li, sharing the good news that she would soon be able to hear her voice, when a group of people rushed down the corridor behind her.

Yu Zhuo hurriedly pulled Qi Ying to the side, while the running group of people shouted: “Hurry up! She will stop in the elevator in the middle when she goes down, so let’s go to the parking lot entrance to stop her!”

Yu Zhuo frowned.

He recognized these people as the crying family members of the patient who were walking in front of Ji Qian in the corridor just now.

Then the person they want to stop is Ji Qian?

Reaching the first floor, Yu Cheng was found at the western medicine receiving office, but Yu Zhuo was still frowning.

After taking the medicine, Yu Cheng took them to the parking lot and prepared to drive home. Their car was parked near the exit, and when they got into the car, Yu Zhuo glanced behind him.

He saw a few figures crowded together, and that there were also seemingly unpredictable arguments happening among them.

Yu Cheng was already in the driving seat and called him: “Get in the car.”

Yu Zhuo tucked his phone in his trouser pocket, “Dad, I suddenly remembered that I had an appointment with my classmates nearby. I’ll just go to find them, so I won’t go back with you.”

After speaking, he turned around and ran without waiting for Yu Cheng to respond.

Yu Cheng yelled twice, but he was used to him wandering outside on weekends. He cursed at the little jerk and drove the car away from the hospital.

Over there, Yu Zhuo had already reached the source of the quarrel.

He also didn’t understand why he wanted to help her. He and Ji Qian had only met three times. Maybe she didn’t even need his help.

But he always felt that if he knew that something might happen, it was not good for him to ignore it.

After all, Ji Rang also helped his sister.

Then if he helped Ji Rang’s sister once, it could be regarded as returning the favor.

When he ran near, it was indeed Ji Qian who was being besieged by the group.

She drove a red Ferrari today, with the car keys in her hand, but could not open the door because a middle-aged man was blocking the door; and she was not allowed to get in the car.

Several other men and women were gathered around her, yelling.

In this situation, Ji Qian seemed to be quite calm, with a shallow arc of red lips, and said with a sneer: “Do you want me to call the police?”

A young man pointed to her nose and cursed, “You still dare to call the police if you hit someone? You report and see whom the police will come to arrest!

Ji Qian slapped his hand away: “You show me respect! I don’t know which bug that floated up from the gutter would dare to point in front of me?”

The young man was furious and felt that he was embarrassed by this girl who was younger than him in front of his uncles and aunts, but he made a vow in front of the few elders and would definitely help them ask for compensation.

Besides, in terms of seniority, this girl should call him cousin with respect!

He raised his hand to push Ji Qian, and began to scold her.

Ji Qian was wearing a pair of black stiletto heels measuring 7 centimeters in length today. When he pushed her like this, she couldn’t stand firmly, and fell to the side.

She grabbed out in thin air, trying to grasp something to stabilize her body, but it was in vain, and she was going to fall badly.

However, she fell into an incomparably steady embrace.

Yu Zhuo rushed up to catch her.

Fortunately, although he was not strong, he was tall. When he hugged Ji Qian, he didn’t cause both of them to fall because of inertia.

Ji Qian saw that it was him, and was stunned.

Yu Zhuo helped her stand firmly, and turned around and kicked the man: “You go push your mother!”

He almost kicked the man down on his knees. Although the few people around seemed to be making a lot of noise, they didn’t really think about helping the man. Seeing this young boy who didn’t know where to stir the scene, they immediately surrounded him angrily.

One of them said angrily: “Who are you?”

Yu Zhuo: “I am your father!”

The scene was chaotic for a while. But a group of older uncles and aunts, plus a young man who was directly kicked out of combat by Yu Zhuo, how could they be the opponent of Yu Zhuo who grew up group fighting?

In twos or threes, all the people were beaten to the ground.

In fact, he hadn’t really done anything yet. These people were not good at fighting. While he was absolutely top-notch in fighting. Before he touched them, they lay directly on the ground and began to cry stomping on their chests.

Soon, only Yu Zhuo and Ji Qian were still standing.

There was a loud running sound.

The hospital security hurried over. Seeing this situation, he didn’t wait to call the police.

Soon the police car drove up, and the doctor rushed over, and found that the group of people lying on the ground was howling fiercely, but they were not injured. They were all taken in the police car and brought back to the police station.

In the car, Yu Zhuo and Ji Qian sat face to face.

Ji Qian couldn’t tell what expression to show on her face. She wanted to laugh, was moved, and also surprised.

The look in her eyes seemed to say: I couldn’t see it, kid, you are a pretty fierce fighter.

Yu Zhuo: “…”

At the police station, a group of people were all taken to the interrogation room. They were made to stand one by one to explain the whole story.

The group of uncles and aunts began to howl again.

The police had a headache because of the howling, and patted the table and said: “Shut up! Each one is louder than the other, isn’t it?” He turned his head and looked around, and felt that the handsome boy in the corner looked more reliable. He reached out to him a little: “Come here.”

Yu Zhuo walked to the police honestly.

The policeman asked: “What is your name? Tell me why you were fighting.”

Yu Zhuo raised his head, pursed his lips, his eyes very earnest and serious: “Uncle Police, my name is Yu Zhuo. The one immersed in mud but unstained, and the one who is demonic but not a demon. My friends call me Yu Bailian because of it. They say my character is as noble as a lotus. I am a good boy and never fight.”

Other people:”?????”

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