TBLF Ch. 21

The big boss who ran off tangent completely left the classroom with a blank expression.

For every exam after that, he came early and pretended to be holding a book, studying. However, it’s just that, for the next math exam, he was holding the English textbooks, and for the next English exam, he was holding chemistry textbooks.

Qu Dazhuang understood now. Brother didn’t even know what subject exam was before the papers were issued.

He sighed and passed a note to Liu Haiyang: Brother Ji really fell this time, but he didn’t even know yet.

Liu Haiyang: Except for answers, you are forbidden to send me notes during the exam.

After the examinations for all subjects were over, Ji Rang understood clearly why those good students were often exhausted. It’s really exhausting to take exams seriously. Although he didn’t know any answers, and chose all the multiple-choice options as c, but…

Anyway, it was very fucking sad.

In the last session, he handed in the papers ahead of time. Qi Ying was doing the questions seriously, so she did not see him leave. It was not until the end of the exam when the bell rang and she stopped writing and looked up, that she found that the seat in front of her was empty.

She handed in the papers, packed her pencil case, and walked out with her own things. As soon as she left the classroom, she saw Ji Rang leaning against the wall of the corridor. Seeing her come out, he reached out and handed her a drink.

Qi Ying looked down.

Six walnut[1].

For the need to replenish the brain.

The boss thought seriously.

The two walked back to the classroom with a bottle of six walnut each.

Qu Dazhuang was puzzled: “A good student needs to replenish his brain when he spends his mental energy. But what mental energy did Brother spend?”

Didn’t he choose all multiple choice options-c?

Back in the classroom, all the students were checking the answers. Yue Li asked the study committee member Huang Botong with a bitter face: “Is the first big problem in mathematics really equal to 1 in the end?”

Huang Botong nodded.

He has good grades. In the first three classes, his answer is basically the same as the standard answer.

Yue Li wailed and laid down on the desk.

Huang Botong comforted her: “Just one question, it’s okay, you won’t lose many points.”

Yue Li: “I can’t do this! I did it wrong, ooh…” She saw Qi Ying walking back with a bottle of six walnuts, and quickly wrote down the standard answer she had just received in the draft to show it to her.

Qi Ying watched her while drinking milk, and nodded at her when she finished, meaning: eh! That’s right! This is the answer!

Yue Li: Oh, I am the only one in the world who got it wrong.

As soon as the monthly exams got over, the classes resumed in full swing. On Friday, the results of each subject came out.

As soon as the early self-study was over, the bulletin board was crowded with students looking at their results. The names of the top ten in the grade had not changed much. Yue Li squeezed to the front alone to help the classmates who couldn’t get in from behind to see: “Wow, Huang Botong, you are second, which is higher than the end of last semester. Yu He, you are ranked one hundred and three, why did you fall out of the top one hundred? I’m looking for Yingying, Yingying… Fuck Yingying is rank twenty-seven!”

Because she couldn’t hear, Qi Ying’s English listening questions were all left blank. Those 30 points were basically lost. She didn’t expect to get the 27th place in the school even with the loss of so many points. If you add these thirty points, won’t you directly enter the top ten?!

Yue Li, who was ranked more than 300, felt the crushing pressure of a top student’s IQ.

The class bell rang, and all the students who already saw their grades ran to the classroom, and the bulletin board was finally empty.

In the Class 9 classroom, Ji Rang asked with a blank face, “Where can I see the results?”

Qu Dazhuang almost fell off the chair.

Did the big guy who had never studied since entering school start to care about his grades?

Whether you care or don’t care, you would still be the last one.

Liu Haiyang motioned him not to talk nonsense with his eyes. Anyway, the big guy also wrote the composition on “My Dream” this time. Even if the topic was off the mark, they would give him some comfort points, right?

So a group of people led the big guys to see the results.

Qu Dazhuang very familiarly started checking from the last column.

The last one, Qu Peng.

Second from last, Liu Haiyang.

Third from the bottom, Ji Rang.

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

Sure enough, Brother was studying behind their backs!

Or else how was he third from the bottom!

When Ji Rang saw his name, his eyebrows trembled without showing a trace. He looked up along the last column and thought to himself that the little fool’s name should not be too far ahead.

She was so serious at the time of the exam. If she was too far behind, she would be sad.

Searching and searching, how come there are so many names.

Where is she?!

After looking upward for a long time, he finally found Qi Ying in the first column.

The 27th in the school.

Ji Rang:!!!

Fuck, she can’t hear how can she take the exam so well?

What to do? Has she seen the results? Did she see his name?

The boss had an urge to tear up the grade lists.

Qu Dazhuang, who was not very observant of words and expressions, said: “Wow, Brother your little fairy did well in the exam. I didn’t expect her to get such a good result. If I knew I would have copied her multiple choice questions!”

Ji Rang glared fiercely at him and he shut up.

When he returned to the classroom, it had already been five minutes since the class started. The Chinese teacher was asking the class representatives to distribute the Chinese papers. After sending out the Chinese papers this time, he saw Ji Rang sneaking in through the back door of the classroom. Normally, he would say a few words to teach them. Today, he smiled and while standing on the podium, said: “I want to give special praise to Ji Rang for this exam.”

Other students: “???”

What’s worthy of praise about being last in the school?

Chinese teacher: “Dear students, I have been reiterating to you, what is the most important thing in learning? Attitude! No matter how good your grades are, if your attitude is not correct, it won’t work out! On the contrary, even if the grades are bad, but your learning attitude is correct, you will be rewarded one day! For example, in this exam, Ji Rang asked his fellow classmates to complete the Chinese test paper very seriously, and even wrote eight hundred words for the composition! Cough, although all of them were off the subject, this serious attitude is worth praise. So classmates, study hard!”

Ji Rang: “…”

Are you complimenting me or insulting me?

Chinese teacher: “After you get the test paper, you first check where you lost your points.”

Ji Rang who got the paper: Lost points for the whole paper.

Ok, fine.

Ji Rang tried to listen to the class for the first time.

The Chinese teacher started with the first question.

It turned out that filling in the blanks in the front of the poem is a compulsory question and as long as you have memorized it, you can easily write it. “Qinyuanchun·Changsha” is correct, “Qinyuanchun·Shanghai” is not.

In the classical Chinese that he couldn’t understand a sentence before, as long as he carefully read the notes on the language document, he would have had the answers to the several multiple-choice questions.

It’s very simple.

After listening to the Chinese class, the big guy suddenly felt that he was actually very talented in learning.

He regained a little confidence.

The second period is math class.

As usual, the papers were issued first. The overall math average in Class 9 was very poor this time. The math teacher didn’t look good, so he did not say a single extra sentence, so he started to talk about the questions when he saw that all the papers were distributed.

Ji Rang tried hard to listen.

Five minutes later, he was dead.

Fuck, what the hell is he talking about? I can’t understand a word.

The little confidence in his learning that finally rose in his mind was ruthlessly stifled in the cradle by the cold hands of mathematics.

The boss was depressed all day.

After school, he didn’t want to go to the game hall with Qu Dazhuang and the others, and walked out listlessly with his schoolbag. As soon as he walked out of the classroom, he saw Qi Ying running towards him with her schoolbag on her back.

Ji Rang:!!!

Shit, did she come to ask him about his monthly exam results?!

Very scared, very scared.

Ji Rang turned around and left, almost running. He jumped down the stairs two or three at a time and ran away.

Qi Ying:???

Oh, why had the general started avoiding her again?

Even if he coaxes her with a candy again this time, she wouldn’t forgive him easily!

There must be at least two candies!

Qi Ying returned home unhappy. Yu Cheng knew that results were announced today. He asked her for her result as soon as she came back. Qi Ying handed him the class transcript. She was ranked 27th in the entire grade and seventh in the class. Yu Cheng smiled at the results.

Even if she can’t hear, their Yingying is better than others!

Wu Yinghua was worried: “I don’t know how that stinky boy did in the exam. He just called and said that he won’t come back for dinner. Most of the time he doesn’t do well in exams and he doesn’t have the face to come back!”

Yu Zhuo didn’t return home until nine o’clock.

Wu Yinghua sat on the sofa watching TV. She waited for him to enter the living room and asked, “How was your result? Let me see the transcript.”

Yu Zhuo handed in the transcript very easily.

He was rank 300 in the grade and 30th in the class.

Wu Yinghua was so angry that she twisted his ears: “Do you still have a face to smile at me? Do you know how well your sister did in the exam?”

Yu Zhuo jumped and knocked her hand off, and ran to the refrigerator to look for snacks.

Wu Yinghua took the transcript and the test papers from his schoolbag. She didn’t go to school much, so she couldn’t understand the other subjects, and the only thing she could read was Chinese.

Yu Zhuo’s language performance was not satisfactory.

Wu Yinghua read for a long time, almost laughing at his answers.

“Lao Yu, come and see how your son did in the exam. The teacher asked him to use ‘I like a tree to embrace the sun, and I like a breeze to embrace the fragrance of flowers’ in a sentence. Guess what he wrote?”

Yu Cheng was brushing his teeth; he stuck out his head with a mouthful of foam.

“What did he write?”

“He embraces the light bulb like a moth.”

Yu Cheng: “Puff…”

Wu Yinghua pulled Yu Zhuo who was drinking Coke onto the sofa and sat down, and pointed to a talent show called “Starlight Boy” that was being broadcast on TV: “You learn from this female star. She just graduated from junior high school, yet listen to how she uses words and phrases! What starlight, moonlight, white snow, sunshine, and praise, and not a single word is repeated!”

Yu Zhuo: “They all Baidu in advance! If the exam can be done through Baidu, I can do it too!”

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So this is an actual drink….

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    By right of her disability, it “makes sense” to not take that exam at all, but what I’m assuming is that if that section would’ve been removed for her, some students might feel wronged. This is also one of the reasons why special students stereotypically get bullied.
    I’m probably being cynical but teenagers are pretty selfish. As long as they pity someone, it’s all cool, but if someone gets an advantage due to that, it is seen as ‘green tea’ behaviour. For a normie/groupie/average student, there is a clear line between students & teachers/adults. You can only stand on one side.

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    Honestly, I am not surprised that this lack of accommodation for a (temporarily) disabled student has occurred. It happens in Western schools, and it definitely is more prevalent in Eastern schools, unfortunately. Even though I did not go to a school in any Asian country, I have met others who received mainstream education (not enrolled in specialized school for the disabled) in various Asian countries. They struggled more with accommodations, the pressure of culture, able-bodied expectations, etc. Living in a culture of conformity vs. individualism makes a big difference on the environment for a disabled person.

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