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Among the divided examination areas, the examiners responsible for the assessment of childcare workers were most concerned about the area of the 09 test questions.

In previous years of interstellar childcare assessments, the staff of the Cub Care Association in the Star Alliance did not give any exam questions related to the Muka tribe. This year was an exception.

The reason for this exception was that a lot of changes had taken place in the Muka tribe in recent years which had made the Star Alliance aware of its importance.

After the price of the Basse ore produced by the Sena star was raised, the Muka people built many new cities during this period of time, the number of airports on the Sena star increased by no less than ten, and the environment of the planet full of wind and sand was also gradually improving.

Compared with not long ago, it could be said that there had been a big change.

These changes visible to the naked eye all illustrated the development of the Muka people. Although there was still a considerable gap compared with other races, they had made a lot of progress compared with their own situation some time ago.

This forced the Star Alliance to seriously consider this race that had been overlooked by them in the past and rethink their positioning of the Muka tribe.

In fact, even without these changes, the Cub Care Association established by the Star Alliance had paid attention to the treatment of the Muka cubs of each branch in recent years. This matter had been discussed many times. Now the Muka tribes’ change and development had just become an opportunity.

Many relevant department people of the Star Alliance had voluntarily applied to join the Cub Care Association, and they were basically people who had a caring heart for cubs.

Regardless of race, they hoped to win a good growth environment for the cubs of each race.

It was a good way to start changes from the assessment of childcare workers. The subject of taking care of Muka cubs was thus added to the assessment.

In this way, from this year onwards, all candidates who would participate in the interstellar childcare assessment would take the initiative to learn the theoretical knowledge related to the Muka cubs and learn how to take care of the cubs of this race.

The content of the assessment would reflect the attitude of the association, and then it would be natural for each branch to gradually make corresponding changes.

They guessed that the candidates who were administered this test question should be quite flustered now. The examiners sitting in the rotunda zoomed in on the monitor screen of the No. 09 test area and observed it.

In order to avoid an examinee really irritating a Muka cub due to improper practices, causing him to be attacked, there were security officers on standby outside the 09 area, and the personal safety of the examinees was guaranteed.

The examiners who were sitting in the rotunda were very serious and upright. However, when the screen showing this area was enlarged, a young examiner in the rotunda even opened his mouth and let out a “uh” sound.

On the screen showing this area, the examiners saw the black-haired youth who was surrounded by a group of Muka cubs, but these Muka cubs did not show any aggressiveness towards each other or him at all and were more like… …It seemed that they were surrounding this young man because they liked him. Several cubs lowered their heads when the latter reached out.

This affinity must be full marks.

They knew that as long as they were treated correctly, the cubs of the Muka clan would not attack others casually, but the examiners present had never seen the cubs of the Muka clan be so gentle and obedient like a good baby. Just like the other candidates in the exam area, they were stunned.

Unexpectedly, this was the test question drawn. Xie Luan was a little surprised, which could be considered good luck to him.

Although Xie Luan was confident that he could take good care of cubs of other races, but the cubs of Muka race were undoubtedly one of Xie Luan’s most familiar cubs.

Precisely because they were a natural fighting race, the cubs of the Muka clan were more sensitive to all aspects of other people’s performance, including the kindness or hostility expressed by others.

If the caretaker was gentle with the cubs of the Muka tribe, these cubs could feel it, and when treated with gentleness, the response of these cubs was to become obedient babies and would not show any aggressiveness at all.

What kind of response would be given was in response to how it was treated. If a Muka cub showed an aggressive behavior, it must be someone was unkind to the cub first to have such a result.

“Good.” Xie Luan said in a soft voice, raised his hand slightly and touched the head of a Muka cub that was lowered towards him. The palm of his hand touched the head of the Muka cub covered with a hard shell. Xie Luan gently touched the head twice.

These Muka cubs were smaller than Nick. It could be seen from this that most of these Muka cubs were babies under one year old, maybe six months but not more than eight months old.

This question appeared in the interstellar childcare assessment. Xie Luan was surprised that he happened to be good at the question from the beginning. He immediately realized that the Cub Care Association of the Star Alliance should have done this intentionally to change the situation of the Muka cubs in the interstellar.

At the moment of realizing it, Xie Luan was really happy from the heart.

The Muka cubs that appeared here should have been brought to this planet by the staff of the association after they went to Sena Star to contact some Muka families. They were the same as the other Muka cubs that Xie Luan had contacted. The cubs in front of him were also very well-behaved and easy to coax.

The young man touched their heads with his palm which had his warm body temperature, and the young Muka cubs, who were lowering their heads, made a low hiss from their throats.

At this time, the scarlet eyes of the Muka cub didn’t seem to be cold and fierce, but just like an ordinary cub.

Seeing that the young human approaching the group of Muka cubs got along well with these cubs, the other examinees who had just been stuck in place were also trying to take action at this time. This was an assessment. They could not continue to stand in place.

Knowing that every performance in this test area would affect their score, but in the face of large cubs that they could not touch in terms of size, under the leadership of Xie Luan, candidates who were also close to these Muka cubs were still somewhat troubled.

They didn’t know how to get in touch and take care of it…

Many candidates couldn’t help but turn their eyes to Xie Luan who was not far away, trying to imitate and learn some methods from the latter’s actions.

What’s more, some candidates had already approached him decisively to ask for advice.

“These cubs don’t attack people casually, don’t be afraid.” Xie Luan did not not want to respond to candidates who asked him for help because it was an assessment and raised his eyes at this moment.

And there was no reason that caretakers should be afraid of cubs.

“Except for a larger body and a stronger fighting capacity, the cubs of the Muka clan are actually no different from other cubs.” Xie Luan even felt that the cubs of the Muka clan were particularly well-behaved and were the most obedient babies when they were taken care of. But he didn’t say this sentence. He just added one more sentence, “You treat the cubs as you usually do, these Muka cubs will definitely not hurt you.”

Listening to Xie Luan’s words, other examinees in the examination area gradually began to fumble, trying to get in touch with the Muka cubs nearby.

In addition to comforting these candidates, Xie Luan also taught them how to better coax these Muka cubs. As long as he knew it, Xie Luan didn’t hide it.

Xie Luan thought it was a very good thing to let more childcare workers in the interstellar understand the cubs of the Muka clan, and he was very valuable in doing so.

After such a guided exploration and experimentation, in the eyes of the examiners in the rotunda, the pictures on the monitoring screen seemed to become more and more harmonious.

All the examinees in the 09 area had a good interaction with the Muka cubs in this area. It could be seen that the examinees were getting along with these cubs. This picture could be said to perfectly meet all the expectations of the examiners who gave this test question.

In the rotunda, they didn’t know which examiner applauded first. As the first applause fell, more follow-up applause sounded in the temporarily closed rotunda.

It was really rare.

This sentence referred to the picture they were currently seeing, and it also referred to the youth who had performed very well in this assessment and performed quite dazzlingly in their observations.

Based on the disadvantages of physical ability alone, they felt that the human race was not suitable for interstellar childcare. Perhaps their view had always been too narrow.

At this time, the examiners in the rotunda realized this.

When the system announced the end of this assessment, the candidates in the 09 area looked at the aggressive Muka cubs in front of them, and they had very different experiences in their hearts.

When being coaxed, these Muka cubs would shrink their sharp forearms back, presumably for fear of accidentally hurting the person who was coaxing them.

This kind of performance was not difficult to observe. The behavior of these Muka cubs retracting their sharp forearms was very simple, and it was easy to touch people who saw them.

The cubs of the Muka clan did seem to be very well-behaved… The Muka cub who had been coaxed, at the time of parting bowed their heads and arched lightly. Not to mention the appearance, the examinees who were arched in their arms couldn’t help feeling like they were really lovely.

The next few assessment items also require personal contact with the cubs. According to the serial number on the number plate, the test questions were then selected to contact the cubs of different races.

For example, to test the ability of a childcare worker to teach cubs, candidates would be allowed to teach cubs to learn Interstellar Common Language as a demonstration.

Xie Luan held a Sem cub who was biting his finger in his arms, freed his other hand to touch the fluff on the cub’s back, and then put a special book for the cub to learn. He opened it and placed it in front of this little lion-like Sem cub.

He touched the pointed little milk teeth of the baby Sem with the finger that was bitten, Xie Luan pointed to the Interstellar Common Language in the book, and said warmly: “Come here, the baby is about to start learning. “

It didn’t mean to bite the young man. This baby Sem just bit Xie Luan’s finger with its milk teeth. This kind of bite was meant to express good feelings among the Sem and Buduo people. At the same time, the cub obediently moved his gaze over the book Xie Luan was pointing at.

After all the assessment items were over, all candidates had to wait quietly in the venue for a short period of time. The staff responsible for this assessment would import the data on the record sheet, and the assessment system would begin to calculate the final score of each candidate.

“These are the results of this assessment of the caretaker level, in case of an initial rise in rating or new ratings, the candidates would receive a certificate by the Association mailed within a week, the candidates who did not pass the examination, please continue to work hard next time.”

The system of electronic sound synthesis broadcasting in the venue, sounded this announcement, then the assessment results were displayed on the largest virtual screen in the venue- even if they knew it would not be themselves, many people would still habitually first go to see the first place in the assessment results.

The name of the person who appeared in the highest position and the specific scores behind the name made the people who moved their eyes to take a small breath, and at this moment they even doubted their eyes.

 [Xie Luan]

 [100, 33, 120, 100, 100…]

Except for physical ability, all other tests had full marks——??

Mental power even broke through the full score, soaring to 120 points. Was this a system malfunction or a joke? Candidates who noticed the results of this assessment were now a bit stunned.

What made them feel unbelievable was the name of the person in front of these points.

Xie Luan, was this the name of the human candidate?

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