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Si Huang called Director Liu, was told the location of the studio, and she rushed over with Yu Xi.

They arrived just in time for lunch break.

Guan Li and Director Liu both came over to express their concern to Si Huang. After hearing her say that everything was going well, Director Liu snorted in one direction, “She is the person introduced by Teacher Yu, Yu Lianyun. She has been very concerned about your absence from work for three days and has an opinion about it.”

Si Huang looked in that direction, and it happened that Yu Lianyun was also looking at her.

The two looked at each other, and Si Huang saw her appearance clearly, it was still the face she remembered, her delicate skin, sweeping phoenix eyes under the moth eyebrows, and her eyes moist like autumn waves.

Yu Lianjun was only 21 years old this year and had only debuted for three years. She was a violinist before. Her appearance was very recognizable, and she had a bit of fairy spirit in her nobleness. She had won the best actress crown for an ancient Chinese war movie before. Since then, her star journey had gone quite smoothly, and her net worth had soared.

Despite her young age, she was already one of the brightest stars in the entertainment industry. Many people speculated that she had a strong background behind her.

Director Liu looked at Yu Lianyun and then at Si Huang, touched his chin and smiled with interest, thinking to himself: The brightest new star? I am afraid that this halo will be replaced soon.

Si Huang didn’t waste time, taking advantage of Director Liu and the others eating, she went to change into her costume, and her makeup was still done by Du Qiang.

“Your Majesty hasn’t rested for the past three days, right?” Du Qiang said distressedly.

Si Huang: “Is it that obvious?”

Du Qiang shook her head: “It’s still covered, but is it really good for His Majesty to work as soon as he came back? Why don’t you talk to Director Liu?”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Du Qiang could not say anything more.


According to the plot of “The Emperor’s Path”, there were not many rival scenes between Si Huang and Yu Lianyun, most of which were scenes with a glimpse and a sentence or two. The only thing that tested them the most was when the second female lead, Ling Shuang, tried to seduce the young master Qianji.

Ling Shuang couldn’t stand Young Master Qianji’s disdain for her and wanted to get his help. After several contacts with him, she couldn’t touch Young Master Qianji’s heart, so she finally gave up.

The sea of flowers was long, the moon hung in the middle of the sky, the breeze caressed the curtain gauze glass beads, and the ding dong of the beads rang sweet and gentle on the autumn night.

The scene design of this scene was comparable to that of a movie, and the level of sophistication was pleasing to the eye, while the sound of the drum and zither drifted in the wind.

The young master Qianji in white was sitting in the sea of flowers, and the flower sea which looked the most beautiful till now, did not seem as elegant as this man.

A gentle breeze blew, and a beautiful shadow fell to the ground, wearing a long lavender dress, black hair like a waterfall, a face like a moon plate, dark eyebrows and phoenix eyes, and red lips, as she danced gracefully.

This dance and the two people’s mutual contrast made her look as beautiful as a fairy.

The more she danced, the closer she got to Young Master Qianji, her slender hand stretched out of her sleeve, her slender waist was slightly bent, her most gentle drooping eyes were displayed as she lowered her head, a strand of black hair slipped by the side of her ear, and the autumn waves in her eyes flickered gently, expressing her tenderness.

Her title as the number one beauty in the world was true.

It was a pity that there were men in the world who were steadfast in their love for such women, and also when rejecting them.

“Young Master, I truly adore you.” Her voice sounded softly, with her beautiful eyes filled with sadness, it was unbearable to see such a beauty in this state.

Young Master Qianji said indifferently: “You are not the only woman in the world who loves me.” Such arrogant words were spoken in a calm manner, which made people feel disgusted and as if he took everything for granted.

Ling Shuang’s self-esteem was damaged, who could compare with her in the world? Young Master Qianji reduced her to an ordinary woman in one sentence. Embarrassment flashed in her eyes, and she went closer to this peerless son who seemed to be exiled from the world and seemed immortal, “Young son, I just want to be with you for the rest of your life. We both don’t care about the world, we’ll find a quiet place to live. How does the life of a farmer suit you?”

The wheelchair retreated, causing Ling Shuang to stagger in front of him, not even touching Young Master Qianji’s sleeves at all.

In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Ling Shuang raised herself with Qinggong, intending to catch up, and her voice contained tears, “Master, what’s wrong with me?”

Master Qianji’s wheelchair stopped.

Ling Shuang showed joy on both sides, looking at the man’s profile, she was greedy for his jade-white cheeks, her eyes lingering on him as if covered with a veil, then she heard him say lightly, “I’ve never hit women in my life, but I kill people.”

Ling Shuang froze in place.

The moonlit night was blurred, and the sea of flowers was romantic.

The handsome man and beautiful woman were supposed to be the picture of an immortal couple, but the atmosphere was chilling instead.

Ling Shuang exerted her charm to the extreme, tears filled her eyes, and she showed the deeper the love, the more serious the injury to perfection. The breeze was blowing, the blue silk was flying, the petals were fluttering, the peerless red face and red lips were biting tightly, and the jacket was disturbed by the wind, which also outlined her extremely slender figure.

This scene was already so beautiful off the screen that it made people feel moved. Ling Shuang, who was condensed into the screen, had more jade-like skin, picturesque eyebrows, and the condensed tears in her eyes were crystal clear. There were only a few men in the world who could refuse her initiative to embrace them.

Director Liu was still awake. He was staring at the picture on the screen. The close-up on his screen was about to change from ‘Ling Shuang’ to ‘Young Master Qianji’.

If the young Si Huang was attracted by this superb beauty, revealing any flaws, he could predict the NG of this scene.

The screen turned.

From the grief-stricken peerless beauty to the indifferent peerless son.

Young Master Qianji didn’t show any pity in his eyes, his eyes were still clear, as if everything in the world was nothing but black and white.

Under his eyes, Ling Shuang’s eyes could no longer support the heavy tears, and two lines of clear tears fell down her delicate cheeks.

At this moment, Young Master Qianji twitched the corner of his mouth.

The gentleman was like jade, and the white jade was flawless.

They took the best shots.

An unidentified smile, absolute and gentle, were not enough.

No one understood, but it didn’t prevent everyone from getting lost in this smile.

In the picture, only Young Master Qianji turned around and left without a pause, walking away.

Ling Shuang stared at his back and felt lost, unable to bear it.

She had really fallen in love with this young man who was born with a disability but with peerless elegance. She longed for his love, knew her selfishness, and wanted to conquer him and help herself get everything. If he really wanted her to give up the prosperity of the world and just retreat to the countryside with him, she would not be unwilling. But why could he come out for Shui Lingxin, but couldn’t do the same for her?

All the complexities in Ling Shuang’s heart were condensed in the interpretation of her eyes.

“Cut!” Director Liu slapped his hand vigorously, and said with a big laugh, “Okay!”

This scene was neither long nor short, it was not difficult to perform well, but it was difficult to perform the essence, especially for the actors.

The two people in the play were the best from the same sex. If something went wrong, they would be suppressed by the other party. Once the charm was suppressed, the characters in the whole play would be lowered by a level.

However, the performance of Si Huang and Yu Lianyun exceeded Director Liu’s expectations.

A seductive allure, an indifferent refusal, and a silent charm battle made this scene good enough to amaze and attract the audience’s attention.


“You have passed the test.”

Yu Lianyun, who was at the end, said to Si Huang.

Si Huang bent over, “I’m sorry to keep senior waiting for a long time.”

Yu Lianjun said with a smile: “I said before, if you have this NG, I will not forgive you. Since you have passed, this matter is over.”

Si Huang also smiled refreshingly.

Yu Lianjun stared at her smiling face admiringly, and suddenly said: “Si Huang, you are so lucky.”


“You have everything that most people can’t get for their entire lives, appearance, backing, resources, as long as you walk on this road, you will definitely become a superstar.” Yu Lianyun said with certainty.

Si Huang’s eyes flashed, and she smiled, “I am indeed very lucky.” To be reborn, this was her greatest luck, and everything after that, whether it was her life or anything else, she would do her best to fight for it.

Yu Lianjun stretched out her hand, “I hope we will have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.”

Gentleman Si Huang shook her hand, and Yu Lianyun let go of her hand in just a second and turned to leave.

A flash of light appeared in Si Huang’s eyes, and she whispered to Yu Xi who came to her side: “Wet wipes.”

Yu Xi took out a pack from her pocket and gave it to her, “What’s wrong?”

Si Huang didn’t say anything, she just threw the stuffed note that was handed to her aside, and then he pulled out a wet wipe and wiped his palm indifferently.

Yu Lianyun’s fingertips slid across the palm of her hand, leaving a numbness and leaving her with no good impression of Yu Lianyun.

She abhorred hidden physical cues to seduce minors!

After receiving the note, Yu Xi was stunned, and then recalled the person who stood with Si Huang before. The thought that crossed his mind for a moment turned out to be true.

The next moment, Yu Xi’s eyebrows trembled slightly, staring at Si Huang. While Si Huang hesitated.

Si Huang asked him what he wanted to say with his eyes.

In the end, Yu Xi still shook his head without saying a word. What should he say about this? Suddenly he remembered that the seemingly bright circle of the entertainment industry was full of endless darkness and temptation. For a person who was not yet an adult, he didn’t know if he could really withstand it?

After a day’s work, Si Huang returned to the hotel, a little tired.

She had time to think about other things in the dead of night.

The turmoil of Weibo’s entertainment and gossip in all aspects had not ended, and there were still many trolls making noises, especially since Si Huang had not appeared for three days, making those trolls look like hungry dogs seeing fat, they wanted to be ruthless and bite hard while not letting go, but it didn’t mean that she was afraid, or that she would hide.

The crew of the “The Emperor’s Path” had done a good job in maintaining secrecy, at least the outside world still didn’t know where she went in the past three days.

Si Huang swiped across the comment area, and then opened her private messages.

She froze for three seconds before choosing to pay attention to Indus V, waiting for your perch’ and replying to his private message.

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