CREG Ch. 27.2

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As a result, Shen Yu came out after washing, and grabbed Xu Maomao who was about to climb the cat shelf with a clean body and gave a very shy order: “In exchange for the right to privacy, you will go to bed with me from now on.”

When Xu Maomao heard this, the furry cat’s face instantly turned red like a small apple. Don’t blame him for thinking too much, this sentence was too ambiguous.

But Comrade Shen Yu hugged it to the bed very domineeringly, never giving it a chance to refuse.

“Hey, what are you doing, sleep well.” Shen Yu dissatisfiedly pushed Xu Maomao, who was trying to slip out of the bed, into his arms and used it as a pillow.

Touching his round belly with his hand, Shen Yu laughed lowly: “You enjoyed eating.”

Xu Maomao was touched by him very fittingly: “Hi.”

Shen Yu moved his hand away and said quietly: “Wait for me to make up for it. After finishing sleeping, continue the game from last night, don’t think you can escape, this time I will ask you thoroughly.”

Meow! How do you still remember that, I thought you forgot! But Xu Maomao had already made up his mind to lie, so he was not afraid of his little game, hum.

“Don’t twist about, sleep with me obediently.” Shen Yu yawned, his eyes were blurred and gentle, but his movements were domineering, and he grabbed his little paw and pinched it twice in his palm as a warning. He was very tired. After all, he had been in the hospital all night, so he fell asleep immediately after saying that sentence, and even snored slightly.

In fact, Xu Maomao did go to his bed to sleep several times, but he didn’t expect that after knowing that he could transform, Shen Yu would not have the slightest sense of avoidance… Maybe in his eyes, he was still just a cat?

Xu Maomao, who smelled the refreshing scent of shower gel all over the body of the male god, wanted to cry but had no tears. Do you know that I just finished eating, and now you are making me think of lust! It’s dangerous for you to look like this, let me tell you! I don’t intend to play human-animal play with you yet, you know? I understand it rationality, but this codeword machine, which has always been rich in imagination, has already begun to make indescribable brain supplements, tsk tsk, the content is unsightly.

However, Shen Yu hadn’t slept for a long time, when after nine o’clock, the pet shop called again.

“Manager Shen, that dog from yesterday came again! It’s still so fierce, many customers were frightened!”

Shen Yu woke up instantly, and even though he was very in love with the sensation of sleeping while holding the cat, he quickly got up and went out. When he came back to the pet store, sure enough, the Caucasian dog was barking again, and the sound was shrill and loud, which not only scared the customers who came to consume, but also scared the pets inside.

But as soon as it saw Shen Yu, it ran over like it had seen its own mother. He didn’t know whether it was being coquettish or wronged, but its whole body threw itself on him begging for a hug.

In order not to let this scary-looking big dog affect other people, Shen Yu tried to bring it back to his own home. The Caucasian was also very cooperative and just followed him home, but he refused to go in when he got to the villa. Instead, he barked loudly and turned around in circles.

Shen Yu: “What’s the matter? This is your own home? Go in, and I’ll get you something to eat.”

“Wooooooooooooooooooo!” But it refused desperately, and kept barking, while bowing its head and sinking its claws in, with great strength, seemingly urging him to go somewhere else.

Shen Yu was repeatedly pushed by him for several steps before he realized that the direction in which it was pushing him seemed to be the direction where the old man was taken away by the ambulance.

Could it be that… this Caucasian was asking him to take it to see the old man?

Dogs were highly intelligent animals and were very loyal to their owners, especially the Caucasian breed. Recalling that when the old man was taken away by the ambulance yesterday, it chased it for a long time, and even when it found that it could not catch up, it squatted there for a long time until the ambulance disappeared from sight.

“Oooooooooooooooooooo…” it whimpered softly, its claws hugged Shen Yu’s legs, and it kept arching its head in that direction.

Shen Yu was very moved, and naturally wanted to take him to see the master. But if it was the size of Little Teddy, it would have been fine. He could tell the hospital and be able to bring it into the single VIP ward where the elderly was staying, but he couldn’t bring a dog with the Caucasian body type in. Let alone the ward, just entering the hall could scare everyone. The vast majority of patients, although they loved pets, they also had to be a bit afraid, don’t they?

Shen Yu tried to reason with it: “Hey, your master is fine, the operation was successful, and he will be discharged from the hospital in a short period of time. You stay at home, and the hourly union will come to cook and clean for you, you know?” It didn’t understand at all, it was still in a hurry and pitifully urged Shen Yu to take it to the hospital.

Finally, when it saw that this savior-like human being couldn’t do it, it cried sadly. A pair of small mung bean eyes blinked and shed big tears, he looked really pitiful.

Shen Yu: …

Touched and at a loss, he finally had to make a decision. He took the Caucasian into his car.

I hope that my cat master, who has become a master, is proficient in dog language and can persuade this behemoth to go back.

When returning home, Shen Yu thought of something and stopped with reassurance, bent down and said to the dog: “You have to be polite to my little guy later, you know?”

After all, this Caucasian’s body was much larger than Oscar’s. It was really scary, and while he was confident he could calm the dog down, the rules had to be followed.

The anxious dog who he didn’t know if he could understand: “Woo!”

Xu Maomao at home pricked up his ears, what’s going on? I think I hear a dog barking?!

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