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There was a knock at the door, and Shen Yu, who had just left not long ago, came back again.

He first leaned half his body in, and when he found Xu Maomao squatting on the sofa, he smiled slightly: “Oscar, I brought you a little friend.”

Then, holding the dog leash tightly, he pushed the door open, carefully bringing in the tall and mighty Caucasian.

When Xu Maomao saw the giant dog in front of him that was equivalent to a hundred thousand mountains in front of him, he was so frightened that the hairs all over his body exploded, and he quickly hid under the coffee table.

As he said before, Xu Maomao was bitten by a dog when he was a child, and the one who did it was a Caucasian dog. Although it was a small Caucasian dog that bit him at that time, Xu Maomao was also a child at that time. The psychological shadow of that was no less than that of facing an adult dog, and the thick Caucasian hair had awakened his memory of deep allergies. Under the double stimulation, not being scared enough to urinate was already an improvement in his ability to resist stress after being a cat for a long time.

Shen Yu: Hey, he was really scared, but why is that cowardly running away and almost slipping pose so cute…

The dog barked aggrievedly, it’s not that it wanted to look so fierce.

“Oscar, don’t be afraid, it’s very good.” Shen Yu came over and picked up Xu Maomao who was trembling with fright, and quickly and gently explained the ins and outs of the matter, “The owner of this Caucasian had an operation last night, and he was very worried. Not only does it not eat or drink, but it also wants me to take it to the hospital, but with its size, it cannot enter the hospital—do you understand? It is the place where human beings treat diseases.”

Afraid that Xu Maomao would not know, Shen Yu also deliberately explained to him.

Xu Maomao wanted to roll his eyes, but after hearing what he said, he gradually calmed down. What’s more, the big dog was quite polite after entering the house, it didn’t bark or pounce on it.

“It’s owner’s operation was very successful, but it will take a while for him to come home. I don’t know if you have a way to communicate with it. If you can, I hope you tell it about it so that it can wait at home with peace of mind.”

Xu Maomao understood, Shen Yu must have had nothing he could do other than bring the dog back. Well, according to previous experience, he also knew a little bit of dog language, and he hoped to be able to communicate with this behemoth.

Shen Yu put Oscar down, and then carefully pulled the dog leash to signal him to come over. Xu Maomao took a small step boldly and carefully and meowed softly towards the Caucasian. When the Caucasian heard it, his momentum was like seeing a rainbow after a storm: “Aww!!!!”

Immediately frightened him again.

Seeing that the cat was trembling and about to hide again, Shen Yu quickly said, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”

On the other hand, the Caucasian couldn’t see his beloved owner because he went out to follow a stranger home, and because of his terrifying appearance, he scared the children. He felt so wronged that he almost cried at this moment.

Hearing that the big brother was quite pitiful, Xu Maomao suddenly softened his heart, and soon encouraged himself not to be cowardly, and decided to persuade the dog to be good. But before that, he suddenly thought of a wonderful idea that killed two birds with one stone, the dog would be helped, and the hard work would also not be for nothing.

He raised his little head and yelled at his shit shoveling officer.

“Meow!” I can help you, but we have to talk about conditions!

Shen Yu: “?”

Xu Maomao brought a ball of wool in his mouth and flopped on it twice.

“Would you like to play with the ball of wool at this time?” Shen Yu looked at it puzzled, and asked uncertainly: “Or play… play? Play games?”

That’s right! Xu Maomao meowed affirmatively, raised his paw to point at the shit shoveling officer and then at himself, then shook his head, nodded, shook his head, and nodded again.

Shen Yu, who understood cats, widened his eyes, and quickly guessed his thoughts: “You won’t ask me to answer the game?”

Yes, yes, yes! You are right again!

Xu Maomao was very pleased, as expected, he had a good understanding, even if he and Shen Yu crossed species, there was no communication barrier!

In the next second, he stood up and raised his hands crossed, in a very typical “forbidden” posture. Then he pointed to the Caucasian, meow meow.

Shen Yu tilted his head, and with its efforts, he finally got what it meant, and said in surprise: “You want to say that you can help me, but if you do that, I won’t ask you to answer?”

Yes, yes, yes, yes! The male god is so smart, should I issue you a cat language translation qualification certificate!

Xu Maomao nodded vigorously.

Shen Yu slowly narrowed his staring eyes halfway again, this master was not only a master, he was clearly following the rhythm of going to heaven! The little guy was slick!

“Okay, I promise you, hurry up and persuade it.” Shen Yu agreed without hesitation, but secretly thought, heh, if you won’t tell me, won’t I investigate it myself? ——As a pussy cat, you are still a little tender!

Mr. Shen, who had rich experience in shoveling shit, already had 10,000 ideas about how to dig into the secrets of his cat master. Of course, this matter must be considered in the long run so as to not startle the snake, jie jie jie jie…

Meow? So easy to talk to? It’s not the style of the male god! Forget it, let’s escape for a while.

As Xu Maomao walked over, he felt inexplicably cold on his back, but he naively thought that his instinct was because he was afraid of this huge Caucasian dog. After all they were natural enemies!

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