SLDH Ch. 78.1: Crow- Peng Yan

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Little Loli was holding the bird with both hands, but she had no hands to support herself on the ground. So, even after she twisted her butt several times, she was unable to get up from the ground. She didn’t want to let go of the bird she picked up, but she also wanted to get up from the ground. What should she do? The little Loli’s big eyes rolled around, and suddenly an idea came to her. Although her little hands were holding the little bird, they could still be used to support the ground. So, she held the little bird in both hands and climbed up numbly.

“Gah~~” The Demon King, who had just woken up, was stunned again. How dare you use Gu’s face as a pedal?

“Little girl, what are you holding in your hand?” A little boy with a tough head came closer to the little Lolita.

“I picked it up, a bird.” The little Loli showed off happily.

“So ugly.” The little boy said in disgust.

“It’s a bit ugly.” Little Loli also felt that this black bird was the ugliest bird she had ever seen.

“Let me hold it for a while.” The little boy reached out and wanted to give the ugly bird a hug.

“No.” The little Loli protected her bird tightly.

“Didn’t you say that the bird is ugly? Then you must not like it. Give it to me and I will throw it away for you.”

“I don’t not want it, you just want to steal my toy.” The little lolita was smart, what were you thinking? She could tell at a glance that he was the one who had snatched her plasticine yesterday.

“I’ll just give it a hug.”

“I won’t give it to you.”

“Give it to me!”


The little boy was considered a bully in the class, a standard naughty boy. It was rare for him to beg the little loli in a good manner. After asking for it for a long time, the little Loli actually refused to give him face, which was okay. So, the little bully became angry, then he rushed over and grabbed the bird. In a moment of tug of war, he grabbed the bird’s wings, while the little loli was not afraid of power and firmly grabbed the bird’s claws. The two of them pulled hard with all their strength.

“Give it to me.”


Peng Yan came to his senses again during the tug of war, and when he realized what situation he was in, he suddenly became furious. He, the majestic demon king, had turned into a toy for human children. Was this okay? These two brats were looking for death. Peng Yan was furious and was about to use his demon power to kill the two brats, but as soon as his demon power moved, it immediately stopped moving.

He was in Kangcheng now. If he used his demonic power, he would probably be discovered by Fan Chen. Moreover, he was very seriously injured and needed to recover for a while. If Fan Chen discovered him at this time, he would be sealed again, right? The last time he was sealed for five hundred years ago. Who knew how long it would take to break the seal this time. No, he couldn’t be impulsive and expose himself for two human cubs.

Thinking of this, Peng Yan immediately gave up the idea of killing the two cubs. He pretended that he was a toy that could be pulled by any two children. Anyway, he was so strong that even a hundred cubs couldn’t pull off a feather from it.

“Give it to me.”


The competition between the two children soon attracted all the friends around them to come and visit.

“Hey, is this alive?” A child asked worriedly.

“It doesn’t seem like it, it’s not struggling at all.” A child who was good at observing replied.

“The bird is so pitiful, please don’t pull it like this.” A kind-hearted child begged, even if it was just a toy, it was very pitiful to hold it like this.

Peng Yan became even angrier hearing this discussion. These human brats were really hateful. While pretending to be afraid of him getting hurt, they continued to pull hard. They were so insidious at the age of only three or four years old. When he recovered, the first thing he would do was to destroy them.

“If you don’t let go, the little bird will be in pain.” Little Loli couldn’t help but feel a little distressed after hearing her friends’ comments.

“I won’t.” The little boy said hard, but his pulling force was obviously much weaker. He also went to kindergarten. Although they were young, the teacher also taught them to care for animals.

“What are you doing?” The strange movement on the playground finally attracted the teacher. The teacher was a young girl about twenty years old. She came over and saw two children pulling on a bird, one pulling the wings and the other pulling the claws, that scene was extremely scary. She suddenly broke out in a cold sweat, hurried over and snatched the bird, and criticized severely, “You will hurt the bird like this. How does the teacher usually teach you?”

“I’m sorry.” The children immediately knew that they were wrong, and they all bowed their heads in guilt and apologized in unison.

Peng Yan, who finally stopped being pulled, snorted coldly in his heart: Now you know to apologize, but it’s too late. When I recover, you will die.

At this time, a burst of melodious music sounded in the campus, which was the bell for class.

“It’s time for class, you go back to the classroom first.” The female teacher said.

“Yes.” The children all responded again, and then quickly ran to the classroom not far away.

The female teacher waited until the children had gone away, then she held the bird and checked it over. She gently pulled the bird’s wings, checked its body, and soon found a slight injury on the bird’s lower abdomen.

“You’re injured. It’s so pitiful. I’ll take you to bandage it later.” But before going to get it bandaged, she had to go to the classroom to take a look.

The female teacher took the bird back to the classroom, and the children sat in rows around her with small stools. After the female teacher glanced at them, she called out the two children who had just been pulling at the bird: “Xiao Yu, Fei Fei, come here.”

The two children looked at each other, stood up obediently, and apologized again proactively: “Teacher, we were wrong.”

“Where did you go wrong?” the female teacher asked softly.

“I shouldn’t have competed with Xiao Yu for the bird.” Fei Fei said.

“We should love animals.” Xiao Yu replied.

“The teacher often tells you that we should care for the environment and animals. This time you are wrong. The teacher hopes you can improve. Can you do it?” the female teacher asked.

“Yes!” the two children replied loudly.

“Okay, if you know your mistakes and can correct them, you are a good baby.” The female teacher smiled happily, and then took the opportunity to teach everyone, “Does everyone know?”

“I know!” More than a dozen children answered in unison.

Hypocritical, Peng Yan glanced at the room full of human cubs with disdain.

“Teacher, will the little bird be okay?” Xiao Yu looked at the little bird in the teacher’s arms worriedly.

“The little bird is a little injured, but you don’t have to worry. The teacher will take it to the petting zoo hospital outside for treatment soon.”

“The little bird is injured?” The children all exclaimed.

Seeing that the children were so worried about the bird, the female teacher took the opportunity to give another wave of love education: “Children, let’s wish the bird well and wish it a speedy recovery.”

“Okay.” The children immediately gathered around.

When they came over, one of the girls with two pigtails asked curiously: “Teacher, what kind of bird is this?” When she asked, the other children also looked at the teacher curiously.

The female teacher suddenly became worried. She had also been thinking about this problem just now. The bird was completely black and looked like a crow, but if she looked closely, it didn’t look like it exactly. For a moment, she had no idea. But under the expectant eyes of the children, wouldn’t it be very shameful to say that she didn’t know?

“It’s so dark, it must be a crow.” Fei Fei suddenly said loudly.

“Yes, that’s what the crow in the cartoon looks like.”

“It turned out to be a crow.”

“Hello, crow.”

“Crow, you need to get better soon~~”

Crow, your sister, you are the crow, your whole family is a crow, how can this seat be a crow?

But no matter how angry Peng Yan was, he couldn’t stop more than a dozen children from lining up to touch it with blessings. Every time they touched it, the children would say lovingly: “Little crow, you need to get well soon. You are still young~~”

You are young, your whole family is young, and all the generations in your family combined have not lived as long as I have.

“Huh.” At this time, a particularly good-looking little girl came over. She did not stroke the crow like the previous children but stared at the crow curiously. After watching it for a while, she quietly turned back and asked her friends around her, “Xiao Hai, it seems to be… that.”

“Well, I noticed it too.”

“Is it really true?”

“Is it the same disease we had before?”

Peng Yan, who had closed his eyes and was pretending to be dead, opened his eyes in confusion, and then he immediately saw the difference between the children in front of him. They were actually the cubs of their demon clan? Then his eyes fell on the black bracelet on the child’s wrist. It was a magic weapon used to restrict demon energy. No wonder he didn’t notice it just now.

“Yaya, Xiao Hai, what are you talking about?” The female teacher looked at the new children curiously.

“It’s okay, teacher.” Yaya and the others shook their heads tacitly, and then imitated other children and began to bless the crow. After blessing the crow, they asked, “Teacher, which pet shop are you going to take it to for treatment soon?”

“It’s the one next to our kindergarten.” The female teacher replied.

Yaya frowned. The vet next door shouldn’t be able to cure the crow, but if she sent it to Sister Wanwan, the treatment fee would be very expensive. Otherwise, when the teacher was away, they could ask the crow if he had any savings.

“Okay, you guys sit back in your seats. Teacher Xiaohua is going to teach you how to play games.” After explaining, the female teacher took the crow out of the classroom, then took her mobile phone out of the school and went to the pet shop next door.

In the pet shop, the pet doctor gave the crow a brief examination and said, “I don’t know what penetrated the bird’s body, but it was lucky that no vital parts were injured. We will give it some medicine and it will heal itself after a while.”

Quack doctor! Peng Yan cursed, as if cleaning the wound would really help with recovery. It planned to fly away immediately after the treatment when these humans were not paying attention.

The doctor came over with wound medicine and alcohol dipped cotton to help Peng Yan treat the wound. Suddenly, a cool warmth came from the wound.

Hey, how could there be cool warmth? Peng Yan turned his head and looked at his wound. He saw more than a dozen tiny light points in the void melting into his wound one by one. When each light point fell, his wound would feel a warmth. Was this…wish power?

Peng Yan was stunned. Someone was blessing him. How could this be possible? Could it be the dozen human cubs just now?!

“By the way, doctor, what kind of bird is this?” The female teacher took the opportunity to ask. If she could get the answer from the pet doctor, she could go back and correct the children.

“I haven’t seen this specie either.” The doctor replied while treating the wound. “It looks like a crow, but there is something different. There is no such fin-like thing on the crow’s back. It may be a mutant species of crow.”

The female teacher nodded thoughtfully, then just thought of it as a crow.

Peng Yan suddenly became angry again. You stupid, ignorant humans don’t even know about the ancient Kunpeng[1].

“It’s bandaged, and I’ll change the dressing in two days. It won’t take long for it to recover,” the doctor said.

“Okay.” The female teacher responded happily, and then she carried the crow back to the kindergarten, found a birdcage, put the crow in it, and hung it in the classroom.

Peng Yan didn’t resist, because he could unlock this broken birdcage by just stretching out his paws, and he could run away whenever he wanted when no one was around.

“Children, the little crow has to recuperate in our kindergarten for a while. During this time, you must take good care of it.” The female teacher never missed any opportunity to educate the children.


Peng Yan ignored them and lay down in the cage to sleep. He wanted to take advantage of the ten points of wish power he received just now to heal his wounds.

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[1] Kunpeng or Dapeng is a giant bird that transforms from a Kun or giant fish in Chinese mythology.

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