SLDH Ch. 78.2: Crow- Peng Yan

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After finally making it to nap time, the five small frys sneaked into the classroom and woke Peng Yan up.

“You little frys, why did you wake me up?” Peng Yan said in a much gentler tone to the demon cubs.

“Shh!” Little girl Yaya said nervously, “There are surveillance cameras in the classroom, don’t speak too loudly.”

“…” Peng Yan.

“We want to ask you if you have any savings.” Little girl Yaya asked in a low voice.

“No.” He was a majestic demon king. What was the use of human money? Whatever he needed, he could just grab it.

“Ah, you have no money, you are so poor.” Little girl Yaya looked regretful.

“Then we can’t take you to see a doctor. Treatment from Sister Wanwan costs one million yuan.”

“Yes, yes. We also said that if you have money, we will take you to see her after school. Sister Wanwan treats diseases. She is the only one in the world who can treat demons.”

Sister Wanwan, did these little guys want to take him to get treated from Fan Chen’s girlfriend? Peng Yan’s golden eyes glared fiercely, and he secretly thought that it was very risky, and he would lose all his money.

“Then do you have parents and brothers? Do you have any kin? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a crow tribe.”

“I’m not a crow!” Peng Yan couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Then what are you?” The five little frys were curious.

“Gu…” No, if he let these little frys know his identity, his identity would be exposed as soon as they go out and talk about it. “Call me whatever you want.”

“Then let’s call you Crow. All the other kids call you that.”

Peng Yan suddenly felt a pain in his liver.

“Have you also been degenerated by the demon poison?” Xiao Hai asked.

“Degeneration?” Peng Yan remembered that a poison had been produced in the demon clan over the past few hundred years that could cause the demon clan to degenerate. He denied, “No, Gu just suffered some injuries and needs to rest for a while.”

“Oh, then you can stay in our kindergarten. The spiritual energy in our kindergarten is very sufficient, which is very suitable for you, the little crow, to recuperate.”

“Yes, because the little white fox brother also goes to school here. The little white fox brother is the legendary ninth-grade celestial fox, and a place with him is particularly rich in spiritual energy.”

It turned out that there was a ninth-grade celestial fox here, no wonder he fell here in a daze yesterday. The ninth-grade celestial fox was an ancient demon clan like him and had a natural affinity for spiritual energy. He was injured now. If he could recover from his injuries by the side of the ninth-grade celestial fox, he could naturally get twice the result with half the effort. Moreover, the wish power of these human cubs was also good for his recovery from injuries. He could just use their wish power to heal his injuries, and then destroy them.

The more Peng Yan thought about it, the more he thought it was a good idea, so he lived quietly in Popcorn Kindergarten. Every day, the children came to care for the little crow, and Peng Yan received the children’s blessings and wishes every day, while he slowly recovered from the injury, and a week passed quickly in this manner.

This afternoon, the female teacher rarely turned on the TV in the classroom and played a live program for everyone.

“Children, do you remember the injured deer some time ago? We prayed together for her.” the female teacher asked.

“Remember~~” the children replied in unison.

“Teacher now wants to tell you some good news. With our prayers, the little deer finally recovered. She now has a very nice name called Lu Jialu.”

“Wow~~~” The children’s eyes went bright with joy. It turned out that the wish they made was really useful.

“Today is the day when the deer would return to the forest. How about we watch it return to the forest together.”

“Okay~~~” the children continued to respond happily.

Haha~ Hypocritical humans, do you think you will be let go if you mention the need to protect the environment and animals every day? It’s just a dream, Gu is a great demon that has existed since ancient times. No matter what you do, you can’t change the persecution of the demon race by humans and nature.

Peng Yan squatted in the birdcage and glanced at the TV screen out of boredom. With his eyesight, he immediately noticed the difference in the sika deer on the TV. The blessing power of the sika deer could almost rival that of the Sanskrit tree. But as far as he knew, sika deer did not have this function, unless the deer was reborn due to a huge wish.

Could it be…


On the other side, in the pet shop in the university town, Mi Wan was also watching the live broadcast simultaneously. Xu Zhuang had asked for leave today. The reason for the leave was: he had personally promised Big Bear and the others more than half a month ago that he would send the sika deer back in person, and he would keep his word.

“Lao Xu is there.” Sparrow Spirit pointed at the TV and shouted.

Mi Wan looked over and saw Xu Zhuang slowly walking out on the screen. He squatted next to the sika deer and stroked the deer’s head lovingly, and then whispered: “Be well when you return to the forest. Don’t get hurt again.”

The sika deer blinked her eyes, her thick eyelashes sweeping back and forth, as if she was promising something.

At this time, another loud roar came from the TV, which was so frightening that the camera couldn’t help but tremble. The sika deer seemed to be aware of it and turned its head to look behind her. There she saw many animals coming out of the dense jungle, headed by the very familiar black bear and panther. Behind them were their wives and children respectively, and behind them were many various animals, there were tigers, wolves, horses, squirrels, pangolins…

Then there was another crisp bird song. Countless birds flew from the forest. They hovered above people’s heads and chirped happily. One of them, a beautiful little oriole slowly flew down from the sky and landed on the sika deer. Then it glanced at Xu Zhuang who was squatting in front of the sika deer, suddenly jumped over, stood on Xu Zhuang’s shoulder and rubbed Xu Zhuang with his beautiful feathers.

“Oh my god, the black bear did come to pick it up.”

“The entire forest must have been mobilized.”

“This sika deer is incredible. It can’t really be a mountain god, right.”

After the live broadcast was silent for a while, the barrage suddenly started frantically.

“Lao Xu is going to be popular again, and our pet hospital is probably going to make a fortune again.” Sparrow Jing turned to Mi Wan and asked, “Boss, don’t you really want to take the opportunity to open a branch or something?”

“I don’t have time. Why don’t you do it?” Mi Wan said casually.

“Okay, I don’t have anything to do every day anyway.” The sparrow spirit chuckled.

The viewers in front of the TV were eager to enjoy the Disney-like animation for a while, but as the black bear and panther continued to approach, Xu Zhuang still gently patted the little sika deer on the head: “Go back, they have come to pick you up.”

The sika deer turned around as if it understood and walked a few steps into the forest. Then it suddenly paused when passing a pink wild flower, it lowered its head and picked the wild flower with its mouth, and then turned around and gave it to Xu Zhuang.

“Giving it…to me?” Xu Zhuang was stunned.

The sika deer nodded.

The barrage exploded again instantly.

“The sika deer is indeed extraordinary, it has spirituality.”

“I feel like I can make a wish with the flower.”

“Is it a wishing deer? Let’s make a wish together.”


The barrage suddenly became full of people wishing to follow suit.

After sending the flowers, the sika deer did not stop anymore. It turned around again and walked into the forest with the animals and disappeared after a while. However, the live broadcast on TV was not over yet. The county magistrate of Qiyang County suddenly appeared in front of the TV and began to announce their final measures for Qiyang County to provide help for these animals.

“Starting from today, Qiyang Mountain will be classified as a national key nature reserve. All of us citizens of Qiyang County will love and protect this forest and the animals in the forest so that they will no longer be harmed…”

“It’s a nice way of saying it, but he just wants to take the opportunity to promote himself, and then facilitate the tourism industry.” The sparrow spirit saw through the trick at a glance, but whether it was a trick or not, it was always good to protect the natural environment.

“Hey, there’s something wrong with the flower Xiao Lu gave to Lao Xu.” Mi Wan kept staring at the flower in Xu Zhuang’s hand.

“What’s wrong?” asked the sparrow spirit.

“It seems that some kind of magic has been added to it. I can’t see clearly. I have to wait until Lao Xu comes back to find out.” After all, through the live broadcast, Mi Wan could only see that the flower was different from ordinary flowers. As for the specific differences, she couldn’t tell at this time.

“Is it really possible to make a wish from it?” Sparrow Spirit thought of the speculation in the barrage just now.

“It’s possible.” Mi Wan thought of the huge vortex of wishing power.

“I want a flower after all.”

“Who doesn’t want it?” Mi Wan nodded in agreement. Who wouldn’t want a flower that could grant wishes?

“Then I’ll take you there to pick it.” At this time, a gentle and low voice appeared behind Mi Wan accompanied by a wave of demon power.

“Fan Chen?!” Mi Wan looked at Fan Chen who she hadn’t seen for a long time in surprise. Was his injury healed?

“Sir…Sir.” Every time he saw this particularly powerful demon boss, the sparrow spirit became a little nervous.

“Are you going? Shall I take you to pick flowers?” Fan Chen ignored the sparrow spirit and looked at Mi Wan.

“Yeah.” Mi Wan couldn’t help but nod.

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