SLDH Ch. 79.1: Sweet Dream

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The little sika deer ran happily in the forest. She rubbed her head affectionately with every animal around her to express her gratitude.

“Thank you for saving me.” The little sika deer used her spiritual power to convey her gratitude to every corner of the forest. She was able to survive this time not only because of human will, but also because of the mountain range’s influence and blessings on her.


In an instant, the roars of beasts and the chirping of insects sounded in the forest again.

The little sika deer chuckled, jumped up high with her flexible body, and landed lightly on a boulder. Then she suddenly felt a powerful demonic force coming from the air, making her not help but look up.

“Hey, Lord.” The little sika deer looked at Fan Chen who suddenly appeared from the sky in surprise, and then jumped again to the place where Fan Chen landed.

“Little Sika Deer, are you completely fine?” After falling from the air, Fan Chen reluctantly let go of Mi Wan’s hand, then turned around and greeted the little Sika Deer gently.

“Well, everything is fine, and I feel like my strength has gotten stronger during this time.” The little sika deer replied happily.

“Your cultivation level has indeed improved. When I first met you, you were almost at the peak of the third level. Now you are almost at the fifth level.” Mi Wan emerged from behind Fan Chen.

“Do we know each other?” The little sika deer looked curiously at the human girl who suddenly appeared with its big eyes.

“I saw you once when you were still in a coma.” Mi Wan explained with a smile.

“So that’s it~~” the little sika deer chuckled. Many humans had seen her when she was unconscious.

The little sika deer’s eyes turned back to Fan Chen again. After waking up this time, her cultivation level had crossed two realms. There were many things she didn’t understand and she wanted to find someone to ask. If she didn’t take advantage of the demon clan master’s presence to ask her questions clearly, she didn’t know when she would be able to fully understand it.

However, when she turned her gaze back to the demon clan leader, she found that the demon clan boss’s eyes were fixed on the human girl next to him. His gaze was so gentle that it looked like… …like…when she thought of it, it was especially like Uncle Black Bear staring at Aunt Black Bear, and Brother Black Panther staring at Sister Black Panther.

(Fan Chen:…)

Then, she had a faint feeling. This feeling was very warm, and it was very consistent with her power after rebirth. She had felt it when she was recuperating in the human world, and it was a thing called wish. This was an additional ability that she gained after mastering her new power, an ability that could understand the deepest wishes of people’s hearts.

It turned out that it was not just the human heart, but also the demon heart.

The little sika deer suddenly became very curious. She closed her eyes and focused on it carefully, realizing the warm artistic conception. After a while, the little sika deer opened her eyes again. Her eyes flickered back and forth between the two of them, then she suddenly turned around and ran away, running to the flowers by the lake in the blink of an eye.

There were many butterflies flying over the flowers. They didn’t panic when they saw the little sika deer coming over. Instead, they rubbed the little sika deer’s cheeks affectionately and even landed on the tip of her nose. They even let the little sika deer pick their favorite flowers, then turn around and leave.

The little sika deer held a flower in its mouth, quickly returned to the two of them, and then, under Mi Wan’s surprised gaze, delivered the flower to Fan Chen’s hand.

Fan Chen was startled. He came here mainly to help Mi Wan ask for a wishing flower, but now when he hadn’t even said anything, this little sika deer took the initiative to give him one? It was a pity that once the wishing flower was picked, the wisher could not be changed, even if he wanted to transfer it to Mi Wan. After thinking about it, Fan Chen reached out and took the wishing flower given to him by the little sika deer.

“Thank you.” As soon as the light yellow flower touched Fan Chen’s finger, a power of blessing was emitted. As the demon king, Fan Chen could easily understand the conception of this power of blessing.

Fan Chen froze slightly and glanced at the sika deer in front of him unnaturally. He suddenly didn’t like these juniors who were cultivating the power of wish. In front of them, there was almost no privacy. However, the little sika deer was much more discerning than the little Sanskrit tree. At least she didn’t say it out loud, but only silently sent a wishing flower.

“Thank you.” Fan Chen thanked her again.

“I wish you success as soon as possible.” The little sika deer blinked and gave Fan Chen a tacit smile.

“Success? What success?” Mi Wan was confused for a while, and then suddenly realized. The flower that the little sika deer gave to Fan Chen just now seemed to be the flower with the power of making wishes, so the sika deer was helping Fan Chen realize his wish?

Mi Wan naturally pulled Fan Chen’s sleeve and asked curiously: “What wish did you make just now?”

“Guess.” Fan Chen smiled and put the wishing flower in Mi Wan’s hand.

Mi Wan held the flower curiously. The wish on it had disappeared, so at that moment, the flower had actually been blessed, but Fan Chen didn’t seem to have changed at all. So… had this blessing been successful?

“Little Sika Deer, is this your wishing flower spiritpower?” Mi Wan asked the wishing deer on the side.

“I don’t know. I sent two flowers in total. One was given to the doctor who took care of me, and the other was given to the Lord.” The little sika deer said that she was also a novice.

Mi Wan looked at Fan Chen involuntarily and asked, “Has the wish you just made come true?”

“Not yet.” Fan Chen smiled and shook his head.

“Yes, the time is too short. It may take some time to know the result.” Mi Wan thought for a while and said, “Unless you make a wish that can be realized immediately.”

“Then let’s give it a try.” The little sika deer became interested immediately, she also wanted to test her new power. “You make a wish that will come true immediately, and I will send you a flower.”

“Okay, okay, I want to make a wish first.” Mi Wan hurriedly said nodding, what was the wish that could be realized immediately?

With her hands clenched into fists and holding her chin, Mi Wan took a meditative posture while looking at the sky at a 45-degree angle.

Seeing her like this, Fan Chen guessed that the game might not get over for a while, so he greeted the sika deer and said: “The mountain collapsed in many places during the last earthquake, and some places have come loose. Let me help you fix it.”

In fact, as long as the sika deer returned to the forest, even if another landslide occurred in the loose mountain area, it would not cause too many casualties. But now that he had discovered it, it was not troublesome to plug it up.

“Thank you, sir.” The little sika deer thanked him.

“It’s fine.” Fan Chen smiled and walked calmly up the hillside.

This powerful senior was really a good demon. The little sika deer became more determined to help him realize his wish. She looked puzzledly at the human girl in front of her who was still looking at the sky at a 45-degree angle, wondering why she hadn’t agreed to this senior’s request.

The senior was obviously so good, so powerful, and so outstanding, such that the human and demon seemed to be a perfect match.

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