SLDH Ch. 79.2: Sweet Dream

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“I thought of it.” At this time, Mi Wan suddenly stopped thinking and shouted excitedly, “I thought of a logical wish that can be realized immediately.” The so-called logical meant that you could not imagine something out of thin air when making a wish.

For example, if you wished to pick up one million cash immediately, how could you summon one million in the forest immediately in front of you for you to pick up? Even if you want to pick it up, you have to go to the bank to pick it up.

“What wish?” asked the sika deer.

“I want to sleep and have a sweet dream.” Mi Wan said, “If I can fall asleep immediately after getting the flower and have a sweet dream, it means that your wishing flower is useful.”

“Okay, you wait.” After saying that, the little sika deer quickly ran to the river, picked a flower from the butterfly group again, and delivered it to Mi Wan.

Mi Wan took it, and immediately she felt a warm force. This force was like the wind at the beginning of spring, like the warm sun in the afternoon, like the fragrance of flowers and plants, like a melodious melody, and then…she yawned and slowly fell down.

The little sika deer hurriedly took two steps forward, caught the human girl who suddenly fell asleep with her body, and then lay her on the ground, letting the girl sleep comfortably on her back.

“Have a sweet dream~~” the little sika deer blessed.

Mi Wan only felt that her mind was in a trance for a moment, and then she suddenly woke up. After waking up, she found that she was still standing under the tree, still holding the wishing flower in her hand, and had not fallen asleep.

“Hey, I’m not asleep, it didn’t work.” Mi Wan looked at the little sika deer in front of her in confusion.

“Maybe the blessing is not strong enough, I will add more blessings.” said the little sika deer.

“How to bless more? Give me another flower?” Mi Wan asked curiously.

“No, just stand still and let me bump you a few times.” said the little sika deer.

Bump? Although Mi Wan was confused, she did not avoid it, and she acquiesced.

Then, the little sika deer took a step forward and hit her waist twice with her head. Then she moved to her back and hit her a few more times. Then she moved to another place and continued to hit her.

“…” Mi Wan was speechless for a moment, “What are you doing?”

“I’m activating my special skills.” The little sika deer asked, “Do you feel it?”

“What should I feel?” Mi Wan sighed, “I just feel you bumping around.”

“Yes, this is my ultimate skill, the deer is bumping around!”

Was she telling a bad joke?

Mi Wan felt that the little sika deer might have discovered that her wishing flower was not working, and her brain was confused due to the shock, so she thought about it and was about to say a few words of comfort when the little sika deer’s eyes suddenly flashed with a golden light, making her whole being feel sucked in it.

Mi Wan closed her eyes subconsciously, and when she opened them again, she found that she had changed places and appeared in Fan Chen’s house, and Fan Chen was wrapped in a bathrobe and sitting on the sofa in the living room.

This scene looked familiar. It seemed to be the first time when her soul left her body and floated to find Fan Chen. At that time, Fan Chen seemed to be planning to take a bath, so he was wrapped in a bathrobe.

Wait, so… the deer bumping skill really worked? Was she asleep or dreaming?

But was this a sweet dream? She remembered thinking that nothing happy had happened to her at this time.

“Why don’t you speak?” In the dream, Fan Chen looked at Mi Wan impatiently.

“Speak…what should I say?” She had just arrived, so she didn’t know how far the chat had progressed.

“How to take back the power of the Qiankun Vine.” Fan Chen’s temperament in the dream was a little different, and he seemed to be colder. He looked at Mi Wan calmly and used his huge demonic power to suppress Mi Wan’s soul that had not fully recovered, “I will give you two choices. The first is, I tear apart your soul and directly take back the Qiankun Vine. The second is dual cultivation. Which one do you choose?”

Dual cultivation? Dual cultivation? Dual cultivation?

Did this mean she had to choose either death or dual cultivation?

“You…how could you do this?” This was definitely not the Fan Chen she knew. The Fan Chen she knew would not be like this.

“Haha~~ I’ll give you ten seconds to choose. If you don’t choose after ten seconds, or I will default to you choosing the first one.” After saying that, Fan Chen started counting down, “Ten, nine, eight, seven…”

“Wait…” What was the first choice? It was to tear her soul apart. She didn’t want to die.

“Three, two…”

“I choose dual cultivation!” Mi Wan shouted.

“Then come.” With that said, Fan Chen got up from the sofa and walked slowly towards Mi Wan. As he walked, the bathrobe was slowly sliding off~~~


In reality, Fan Chen had repaired the mountains and returned.

When he got to the lake, he found that Mi Wan was sleeping soundly on the body of the sika deer. She slept very uneasily, her face turning alternatively red and white.

“What’s wrong with Wanwan?” Fan Chen asked.

“She’s dreaming,” the deer replied.

It seemed like it was not a good dream. Fan Chen knelt down and picked up Mi Wan, allowing the sika deer to get up: “Let me take care of her.”

“Okay, then I’ll go find the little oriole to play for a while.” After that, the sika deer jumped away.

Fan Chen lowered his head and saw that Mi Wan was getting more and more uneasy. So, he couldn’t help but reach out and pat her face to wake her up: “Wanwan, Wanwan, wake up…”

After a while, Mi Wan opened her eyes. Fan Chen saw that she was awake and was about to speak, but his body was suddenly pulled down by Mi Wan, and his lips fell on a piece of softness unexpectedly.

“Dual cultivation, I choose dual cultivation, come on!”


In an instant, an invisible demonic power spread throughout the forest, and wherever it went, flowers bloomed everywhere~~

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