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Xie Ruheng couldn’t express his complicated feelings at the moment. He thought for a long time and couldn’t figure out where his main account had lost.

Was it really because Tang Bai worshiped his main account as an idol that he would not have any other emotions besides worship?

Xie Ruheng: “I also have someone I like.”

Xie Ruheng: “He gets along with me day and night every day, but he seems to only regard me as a good friend and doesn’t like me.”

Tang Bai staggered and almost fell.

When did Gu Tunan and Xie Ruheng become good friends?!

Wait, counting the time, it seemed that this was the time in the book, when Gu Tunan and Xie Ruheng were teamed up by the teacher in the school, and they were also teammates in the mecha combat class.

Moreover, the military would arrange for the two of them to do a secret mission in a few days. The relationship between the two in the book also heated up rapidly because of this mission.

From some details, it could actually be seen that the two people interacted much more than before. For example, Xie Ruheng previously posted a screenshot of a fans’ explanation of the meng mecha. Gu Tunan, who had always been arrogant and conceited, agreed with other people’s explanations for the first time and also followed him to post the same type of comment!

This… what was this if not love?!

You must know that Gu Tunan also criticized the poor design of his Rabbit mecha in his circle of friends. But as soon as Xie Ruheng came out, Gu Tunan immediately changed his tune like a husband following his strict wife.

The more Tang Bai thought about it, the more he realized that this was the case. He was helpless and blamed himself. During this period, he was busy doing too many things. He spent more time chatting with Xiao Cheng than with Xie Ruheng and missed the ambiguous period between the protagonist Gong and Shou. With the progress of their relationship, Xie Ruheng was obviously already a little attracted to Gu Tunan!

This was also his own fault!

Tang Bai remembered that after doing the glandular scar imitation makeup, Gu Tunan helped Mrs. Gu also do one. At that time, Xie Ruheng intentionally or unintentionally mentioned this matter to him and wanted to ask him what he thought of Gu Tunan: “I found out that Gu Tunan seems to really pay attention to what we do, but I heard that before making this video, he didn’t like these things, and occasionally mentioned it to his classmates in a disdainful tone.”

Xie Ruheng must have noticed at that time that Gu Tunan’s straight A cancer had begun to improve. Under the general environment, there were not many young alphas like Gu Tunan who were willing to accompany their families to do fake glandular scar makeup.

So, now he was getting along day and night with an alpha who had begun to understand the equality of AOs, had excellent looks, excellent qualifications, was excellent in studies, and had a prominent family background. Not to mention that they were both teammates in the mecha combat class. When the two of them simulated battles, their young and energetic bodies would often be entangled with each other. At such a time, it was understandable to feel your heart pounding inadvertently.

Tang Bai was obsessed with his own thoughts and couldn’t help himself.

It was just that now Gu Tunan still regarded Xie Ruheng as an alpha. Although he had a good impression of him, he couldn’t transcend the worldly perspective and try AA love, so Gu Tunan couldn’t respond to Xie Ruheng’s feelings.

He sighed and said reluctantly: “Relationships are all about timing. The right time, place and people are indispensable. Wait until you feel that the time is ripe…” Wait until you want to reveal your feelings to Gu Tunan. Or when you have the status of an omega…

Tang Bai: “I will make you a button, and you can give it to your sweetheart.”

Xie Ruheng fell into deep thought after seeing this reply.

Wasn’t his sweetheart Tang Bai?

“I give you buttons, and you give me buttons.” Did Tang Bai mean that if Tang Bai was attracted to him, he would make mechanical buttons for him?

It seemed that Tang Bai couldn’t choose between his main account and his vest. Xie Ruheng didn’t know whether to feel happy or sad for a moment. What was happy was that no matter what he was like, Tang Bai could like him, even to the point where he fell into a choice barrier.

The sad thing was that he still couldn’t figure out where his main account had lost.

It seemed that this was the only way. If Tang Bai chose his trumpet, he would find the most appropriate time to reveal his vest. If Tang Bai chose the main account, he would completely abandon the trumpet.

Xie Ruheng: “Okay.”

Oh, how could a good omega fall in love with Gu Tunan?

Tang Bai walked sadly to the Academic Affairs Office, preparing to get his college uniform. Thinking of the handsome uniforms of the Mechanical Manufacturing Department, Tang Bai suddenly became excited again. He climbed the stairs and quickly passed the few military students in front of him, leaving behind a subtle fragrance.

The three military cadets were stunned on the spot and stopped on the stairs as if they had been petrified.

“…Am I dazzled?”

“That omega is Tang Bai?!”

“Well, so beautiful!”

It was not unusual for Tang Bai to show up at the Federal Military Academy, but Tang Bai usually went to the mecha combat department before to send lunch boxes to Xie Ruheng.

Occasionally, photos of Tang Bai would be circulated on the campus forum of the Federal Military Academy, and a lot of alphas would come to lick his face. However, there were still some alphas who thought Tang Bai was green tea, so they kept secretly dissing Tang Bai, and accusing Tang Bai’s admirers of being superficial.

However, since Tang Bai’s vest was exposed yesterday and he won the mecha manufacturing competition, Tang Bai’s dream lover status in the forum had become unshakable!

He was the only omega mecha manufacturer in history. He won the overall championship in the mecha manufacturing competition and became an idol in the mechanical manufacturing department, attracting a large number of admirers with his strength.

Who wouldn’t love an omega who was beautiful, capable, literary, and was also good at cooking, singing, dancing and painting?

As for green tea? Just kidding, having such an excellent omega as one’s boyfriend, did he still need to serve tea to other people. He was just playing tricks and using his performance art to satirize the phenomenon of green tea being dominant in society.

“He entered the Academic Affairs Office. I, I want to ask him for an autograph later.” An alpha murmured.

“Go and ask for it later, you are the most handsome.”

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