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Pei Jin was a little surprised. Listening to his tone, this little brother was also from Jiang City?

“Yeah, are you too?”

The little brother didn’t seem to have quit the app yet, and the reply was very fast.

“Well. Are you also a senior in high school?”

“Yes. Could it be… you too?”


Pei Jin didn’t expect this world to be so small. She felt amused and replied. “Are you also from No. 12 Middle School?”

This time the other party replied no, “I am from Huai’an Middle School.”

Huai’an Middle School!

The old famous school was also the school where the original body studied before.

Pei Jin suddenly thought that this little brother’s voice, which was gentle and pleasant, and it also inexplicably matched the voice she had heard just a few days ago. It wouldn’t be so coincidental, right?

She originally wanted to ask if the other party was Qin Jun, but she felt it was too abrupt.

Not only abrupt, but what if he were? She already had He Xun, and it was the original body that liked Qin Jun. To put it bluntly, it had nothing to do with her.

So, Pei Jin gave up asking if he was Qin Jun, but Qin Jun sent her a private message first, “Pei Jin?”


Were top student’s observation skills so powerful? How could he guess her identity so quickly?

“How did you recognize…”

“Your voice.” After posting this, he added, “I’m Qin Jun.”

Guessing in her heart was one thing, but really finding out that it was like that was another thing. Pei Jin didn’t know what to say.

The world was sometimes big, but sometimes it was really small. As small as two people knowing each other interacting casually.

The two were silent for a while, and Qin Jun suddenly sent another message, “So the statement from the men’s high school is actually false?”

Qin Jun was such a smart person, he could roughly guess some clues after a little bit of association. After that, all the signs showed that this Pei Jin and the Pei Jin in the statement of the men’s high school were the same person.

In other words, Pei Jin did go to a men’s high school. It was estimated that she and He Xun slowly came together while they were studying together in the men’s high school.

Pei Jin did not reply to this private message, and Qin Jun tacitly did not ask any further questions. He reminded her of some things to pay attention to in regard to math questions, so that she would not be offline next time or make the same mistakes again. Pei Jin breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that the other party’s avatar had gone dark, and then she uninstalled the app.

She and Qin Jun were not familiar with each other, and there was no need for contact in the future.

After uninstalling the app, Pei Jin put Qin Jun at the back of her head.

The next day, another big event happened at the boys’ high school next door.

That was Xia Ying lost her vest! Her identity as a girl was revealed!

Pei Jin counted the time and found that it was about this time in the book that the heroine and the supporting actress’ identities were revealed. After she read the book, in order to avoid the original ending, she transferred schools in advance, while the heroine was still studying in the men’s high school as a boy.

Because of her, the men’s high school specially issued a statement. Although this statement helped her out of the predicament, it also put the men’s high school itself on the cusp. Many people were watching every move of the men’s high school, wondering if there was a good show to watch, but they didn’t expect that what they were really waiting for actually happened.

Most people thought that there could not be any girls pretending to be boys in boys’ colleges. Although the matter of Pei Jin was very noisy before, in the end, the official explanation showed that the two Pei Jins were not the same person at all. But now, the men’s high school had revealed a sure thing, there was a real hammer, there was an actual girl pretending to be a boy to study in the men’s high school. Some people jokingly said, could this be a misunderstanding as well?

But the men’s high school that came out at the speed of light to make a statement before, this time was as quiet as a chicken.

Yu Yuan took advantage of the ten minutes between classes to frantically swipe Weibo.

“It’s over, it’s over, this Xia Ying is over.”

Pei Jin’s heart tightened, “What’s wrong?”

“Everyone is calling her a pervert, a voyeur, and a hooligan on the Internet! They are not only scolding this Xia Ying, but also scolding the men’s high school. A private high school actually allowed a girl to enter a school full of boys. Such a spicy school is also aristocratic! It is a noble school with such high fees! The students’ sex is not even guaranteed! Think about it, a girl with a group of boys, there must always be something to show. Everybody feels so disgusted after finding out.”

“Did she not explain?”

Yu Yuan glanced at Pei Jin strangely, “Explain what?”

” Explain… the reason why she went to the boys’ high school?”

The expression on Yu Yuan’s face became even stranger, “What could be the reason? A girl can’t pretend to be a boy to go to a boys’ school. How unfair is this to other people?

Pei Jin tried her best to calm down, “So…a lot of people are scolding her now?”

Yu Yuan hummed, “Yes. Have you ever encountered a one-sided situation? No matter what happened on Weibo in the past, it would always be divided into two camps, either 5-5 on both sides, or 4-6, 3-7, but never one-sided. But now it is one-sided, they are all scolding Xia Ying, and there is no one who has good words for her.”

Pei Jin felt fortunate and fearful.

Fortunately, she transferred schools, otherwise Xia Ying’s end might have been her end.

Thinking of that possibility, cold sweat broke out on Pei Jin’s palms.

She sat stiffly on the seat, allowing her palms to sweat coldly. At this moment, her hand was suddenly wrapped by a large warm hand.

This hand had well-defined joints and slender fingers.

Pei Jin slowly raised her head, and then saw a face that made her feel at ease.

He Xun didn’t say anything but pressed her head against his body with his action in silence.

Pei Jin was sitting, and He Xun was standing, so the place she was leaning against was He Xun’s abdomen.

He Xun’s abdomen was obviously hard, but strangely, Pei Jin’s flustered heart seemed to have found its mooring suddenly, and she gradually calmed down.

He Xun gently stroked the back of Pei Jin’s head, as if comforting her silently.

Yu Yuan couldn’t take it anymore, “In the public, the two of you restrain yourself!”

Pei Jin blushed a little when she heard it. At this time, the bell for class happened to ring, and He Xun released her in time and returned to his position.

Not long after He Xun went back, Pei Jin received a WeChat message from He Xun.

Panicked because of Xia Ying?

Pei Jin replied um.

Great Demon King: She is her, you are you, don’t worry.

Pei Jin was still a little nervous at first, but because of He Xun’s words, she calmed down completely.

The next day, Weibo exploded again.

This time it exploded because Xia Ying’s own brother came out to speak for his sister in person!

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