APY Ch. 142: Fight

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One of the curly-haired girls glanced at Yu Xiaoxuan with contempt, and said, “Xitong, what kind of eyes does your sister have to make friends with someone from such a poor family, and she has nothing to gain from her identity.”

Shen Xitong’s face seemed a little unnatural. “Don’t say that about my sister… After all, she didn’t grow up in the capital, and she didn’t have any friends after returning home. It’s rare to make one, so naturally you can get closer.”

“Then if she can’t make friends, she should go back. Also tell your sister and let her make friends of her own status, she still need to know the identity of the other party, even if she make friends, she must pay attention to the right one.” The curly-haired girl said earnestly.

Yu Xiaoxuan didn’t want to pay attention to them at first, but the more they talked, the more unpleasant they were. Finally, she couldn’t bear it anymore. She put the wine glass in her hand heavily on the bar and stared at the curly-haired girl who was talking, “It’s none of your business who I am, if you have this much spare time, you might as well take a good look at yourself in the mirror, you’re only a follower behind others, but you have the nerve to talk about others.”

Then she glared at Shen Xitong, “And you, I didn’t ask you to figure out your own identity. Your identity is just the adopted daughter of the Shen family, and you dare to dislike Qinglan behind her back. If Grandpa Shen hears about it, you won’t be the lady of the Shen family anymore.”

The curly-haired girl’s face turned green after listening to Yu Xiaoxuan’s words. It was white for a while, and then turned to pitch black. Shen Xitong’s face was not good-looking either. She didn’t expect that even though Shen Qinglan was not present today, but this dead girl would still dare to be so arrogant.

But Shen Xitong’s external image had always been good, even if she wanted to pounce and tear Yu Xiaoxuan apart at the moment, she didn’t show it on her face, but said, a little aggrieved, “I know that my sister has always hated me because our mother likes me more. As my sister’s friend, it’s right for you to hate me, but please pay attention to what you say, I didn’t mean to slander my sister, I just came here to say hello to you.”

The curly-haired girl saw what Shen Xitong said and that she had a good enough temper to explain, so her temper came out, “You are nothing, but a poor householder, and you dare to scold people so arrogantly, and call me a dog. Today, I will teach you what etiquette is.”

The curly-haired girl rolled up her sleeves while scolding and was about to go up to hit Yu Xiaoxuan, but Yu Xiaoxuan was not a vegetarian, and before the curly-haired girl’s slap fell, she had already slapped the curly-haired girl in the face.

The curly-haired girl did not expect that Yu Xiaoxuan would dare to fight back, and looked at her in disbelief. From childhood to adulthood, she had been the darling of her family. Not to mention beating, she had never even been scolded. After suffering such big grievances, it would be strange if she gave up and let go.

Shen Xitong stood aside and saw the curly-haired girl being beaten with a nervous expression, “Yuanyuan, are you alright?”

The girl called Yuanyuan pushed Shen Xitong away, originally just wanting to vent for Shen Xitong, but now it was Yu Xiaoxuan who got her to be very angry, “Xitong, get out of the way, if I don’t teach her a lesson today, I won’t be called Lin Yuan.”

Shen Xitong was pushed aside, her face full of anxiety, but her eyes flashed a hint of pleasure.

She looked at the two people who were about to fight, and looked anxiously at the two men who came with her, “Hurry up and persuade them, don’t let them fight, what if they get hurt.”

One of the men spread his hands, looking helpless, “They’re both women, when women are fighting, what’s the matter with men interfering.” The other man nodded in agreement, with a look of watching a good drama on his face.

In fact, both of them could see that Yu Xiaoxuan was already drunk. The moment she stood up and hit Lin Yuan just now was a fluke, and if it wasn’t for Lin Yuan’s unpreparedness, she wouldn’t have been able to hit Lin Yuan at all. Lin Yuan would not be the one suffering, so how could they come forward.

Shen Xitong also knew that it was just a pretence. Seeing that the two of them didn’t come forward, she just stood there and shouted, “If you have something to say, don’t do anything.” But the footsteps did not move.

Seeing that Lin Yuan was going to hit her, Yu Xiaoxuan wanted to dodge, but found that she was dizzy, and seeing that the slap was about to fall, she closed her eyes tightly.

The expected pain did not strike. She opened her eyes carefully, only to find that a hand stretched out from nowhere, holding Lin Yuan’s wrist tightly, and looking up along the hand, she saw Han Yi’s enchanting face that could bring disaster to the country and the people.

Han Yi looked at Lin Yuan with a half-smile, “As a girl, it’s better not to do anything, or you might not be able to marry in the future.”

Lin Yuan’s face flushed, she naturally knew Han Yi, one of the six young masters in the capital.

Han Yi let go of Lin Yuan’s wrist, Lin Yuan put down her hand, and did not raise it again, but the expression on her face was still unsightly, “Young Master Han, do you know this shabby girl?”

Han Yi glanced at Yu Xiaoxuan, the shabby girl. She kept rubbing her temples, already looking like she was drunk and uncomfortable, a look of displeasure flashed across her eyes, but it flashed by so quickly that people couldn’t catch it.

“I know.”

“I don’t know.”

Han Yi and Yu Xiaoxuan’s voices sounded at the same time, the former belonging to Han Yi and the latter belonged to Yu Xiaoxuan.

Han Yi’s face darkened, and he glared at Yu Xiaoxuan, this dead girl with no conscience, he just helped her, and the bridge was demolished as soon as she crossed the river.

Yu Xiaoxuan glared back at him unwilling to be outdone, thinking that seeing this dead shemale here was simply unlucky.

Originally, as Yu Xiaoxuan’s boss, Han Yi had nothing to do with her, and he shouldn’t have been so confrontational, but something happened a while ago, which made Yu Xiaoxuan angry when she saw Han Yi coming.

Here’s the thing.

A week ago, because Yu Xiaoxuan worked hard and performed well in training, Linda was very satisfied, so she gave Yu Xiaoxuan a day off to rest. Yu Xiaoxuan hadn’t been home for a long time, so she went home to see her parents. Now, it was rare for the family to reunite. With a wave, her father decided to take his daughter and wife to the restaurant to eat and ordered a private box.

Halfway through the meal, Yu Xiaoxuan suddenly wanted to go to the toilet. When she came back, she passed a box and heard the cry of a girl inside. Seeing that the door was not closed tightly, Yu Xiaoxuan lay on the door and looked in.

Then she saw Han Yi, dressed in a straight suit, sitting on a chair like a boss. In front of him was a girl who was crying with tears in her eyes. The girl had her back to her so she couldn’t see it. However, from the slender figure of the back, it seemed that the front would not be too bad.

“Yi, this child is really yours, don’t you want him?” The girl whispered and pleaded.

Han Yi looked indifferent, “Don’t let me say it a second time, go to the hospital to have it done right away.”

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