TBVSR Ch. 45.1: I was wrong

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Jiang Yu trotted all the way, crossed the green playground, came to the teaching building, and looked into the classroom through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The classmates had been lining up, holding the armhold in front of the mirror with one hand while practicing squatting.

Bai Shuyi was instructing the three or four classmates to do basic movements. Seeing Jiang Yu standing by the window, she asked her to change clothes and prepare for training.

Jiang Yu went to the locker room and changed into suitable training clothes, stood in the back row with the classmates, and joined them to practice together.

Wen Lun, who was standing in front of her, turned his head and whispered, “Teacher Bai is instructing us to squat, you can follow me.”

Jiang Yu thanked him gratefully.

Bai Shuyi walked to Jiang Yu’s side, tapped her slender legs with a teaching stick, and said, “Although ballet dancers seem to have long and thin legs, they are actually quite powerful. We want our strength to be displayed on the stage, which requires you to lift your body as high as possible when you are squatting.”

Jiang Yu followed her instructions and tried to meet her requirements.

Bai Shuyi looked down at her feet, and said, “I don’t know what training you have received before, but here I ask for absolute norms and standards, Jiang Yu, give me one foot.”

Jiang Yu tried one foot, and in this posture, it felt a little reluctant.

In the past, when Jiang Yu danced, she would do it in the position that she felt comfortable with. Although it was not necessarily an absolute standard, it was within an acceptable range.

If she followed Bai Shuyi’s requirements, there may not be too many problems when practicing, but if she really danced, she might not be able to perform to her best standard.

Although she felt uncomfortable, she still completed the squat training according to Bai Shuyi’s request.

When the class got over, Bai Shuyi told them: “After our training camp is over, we will give you a chance to show yourself on stage and will re-assess the ABCDEF grading. Of course, after you enter Esmera, every semester will end like this. A staged stage show then you will be re-divided into classes. Therefore, students, for your own goals, practice diligently and work hard.”

After her encouragement, the students stayed and determined to practice more for a while.

Bai Shuyi took Wen Lun and Jiang Yu to another empty classroom and taught them individually.

“There’s nothing wrong with Wen Lun, but Jiang Yu’s problem is bigger.” Bai Shuyi said without hesitation, “Jiang Yu, you dance too casually.”

Jiang Yu blinked and looked at Bai Shuyi: “Is it… not standard enough?”

“Very irregular.”

Bai Shuyi frowned and said, “I don’t know how your previous teacher taught you, but in Esmera, we require every dancer to be the most standardized.”

Jiang Yu hesitated and said: “But on the stage, shouldn’t dancers find their most comfortable state, so that they can play to their extremes.”

“So you mean that professionalism and norms are not important, and the most important thing is to have fun?”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Do as I say, Esmera doesn’t need students who have too many problems.”

Jiang Yu found that although Teacher Bai Shuyi was very gentle on weekdays and treated her very well, but in class she was really harsh.

It was not just against her, she was equally strict with other classmates, and had even made a girl cry just now.

Jiang Yu knew that it was good for the teacher to be strict with them. If the teacher was always gentle, they would never grow up. Wasn’t the purpose of her entering Esmera just to dance better.

According to Bai Shuyi’s requirements, she completed the specifications of each action.

In the evening, it was a rare leisure time for Esmera students. Many girls liked to sit by the green fountain behind the park and have a rest and chat.

Wearing a loose hooded sweatshirt, Jiang Yu danced the ballet excerpt from “La Traviata” that she had practiced today.

Qiu Li sat on the ground with a grass stalk in his mouth, looked at her in the setting sun but his eyes had narrowed a little, “This is what the school you tried so hard to get into, taught you?”

Jiang Yu ignored him. She continued to do the big kicks: “When did my boyfriend get experience with ballet?”

“Every time on a date, my girlfriend is either practicing dancing or looking for a place to practice dancing. I should have become a professional by now.”

Jiang Yu walked up to him, and squatted down: “Then tell me, why am I not dancing well?”

Qiu Li wiped the sweat from her face with his sleeve and said, “It’s not as natural as before, when you used to dance, you always smiled at me, but you didn’t smile at me just now.”

“That’s it, so my boyfriend’s standard of judgment is whether I smile at you?”

“This is very important.” Qiu Li pinched the nose on her face: “If you don’t smile, I don’t think it looks good.”

“I really don’t care.” Jiang Yu pushed his hand away and said thoughtfully, “In the past few days, Teacher Bai has been digging into the details of a lot of my movements, and the requirements are very strict, so I have to jump to the most standard state.”

“What’s the point of that?”

Jiang Yu gave him a fierce look, and he immediately changed his words: “Then this is very interesting, if everyone dances exactly the same, wouldn’t it be like watching the robot dance.”


“You should still speak human words.”

“You used to… play freely, and I fell in a good mood when I looked at it.”

“It seems to make sense.”

At this moment, a faint voice sounded: “From a professional point of view, ballet does require a strong standardization.”

Jiang Yu turned around and saw Wen Lun approaching.

He was wearing a loose casual white sweater, and after saying goodbye to his friends, he had walked up to Jiang Yu and Qiu Li: “What you just said is not quite right, ballet is not a personal performance like jazz or hip-hop, ballet is a group dance. If everyone has their own personality, then there is no way to complete the performance, so the standardization required by Bai Shuyi is very important.”

As soon as he came over, the smile and tenderness on Qiu Li’s face disappeared instantly and his eyes sank.

“From an outsider’s point of view, when he watches his girlfriend’s dance, he hopes that she feels comfortable, so that he will be comfortable. If she dances unnaturally, of course the audience will feel awkward.”

Wen Lun heard the words “boyfriend”, he glanced at Qiu Li subconsciously, and asked Jiang Yu, “How did he come in?”

“He is… here to help me with public service.”

Wen Lun glanced lightly at the pair of mended shoes on Qiu Li’s feet and said: “Of course he wants her to perform to the extreme, but from the overall perspective of the normal performance, it is necessary to maintain the universality of the norms. This is my professional opinion.”

Jiang Yu could see the undercurrent of tit-for-tat between the two, and she quickly said to Wen Lun, “My boyfriend is a layman who doesn’t understand ballet. He is also very stubborn and not easy to be persuaded.”

Wen Lun nodded, was about to give up, when he heard Qiu Li say again: “What did Bu Tanyan do?”


Qiu Li raised his jaw, looked at Wen Lun, and said calmly, “Bu Tanyan is recognized as the best dancer in your circle. I have watched all her performance videos, she is not the standard dancer you have talked about, she danced very casually, just like Xiao Yu used to.”

Qiu Li called moved out “Bu Tanyan”, so not only Wen Lun, but even Jiang Yu was stunned.

In the past, he had always had a mediocre interest in ballet, so she had not expected him to search for Bu Tanyan’s performance videos, and also see them all.

Obviously, he didn’t seem to care about every word she said, but he actually did his homework with all his heart.

Wen Lun pondered for a moment, and it seemed that he really couldn’t find any words to explain Bu Tanyan’s dance. After all…she was the queen of the ballet world, and they couldn’t find another Bu Tanyan even after so many years.

He was embarrassed: “The example you gave is not universal. After all, not everyone can become Bu Tanyan.”

Qiu Li sneered and said, “It’s really unfortunate, but our family’s Xiao Yu can do it.”

Jiang Yu was a little embarrassed, and secretly pulled his hand.

He had never given such a compliment to his girlfriend in front of outsiders.

Wen Lun smiled decently: “I can understand what you said.”

Jiang Yu said quickly: “Don’t mind, my boyfriend is just a little stubborn.”

“It’s okay.”

Wen Lun said to Jiang Yu: “I want to cooperate with you on the stage show after the training camp. Let’s fight for no one to be relegated. How about continuing to be a student of Teacher Bai?”

“Ah, of course.”

If she could cooperate with Wen Lun, it would definitely achieve the best results. After all, Wen Lun’s strength was the most outstanding among all the male dancers in Esmera, and Jiang Yu’s black swan also needed to have a “Demon King” or The Prince’s cooperation.

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