TBVSR Ch. 44.2: Jealous Sister

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In the evening, Bai Shuyi locked the door of the office and turned around to see Xue Jiayi.

Xue Jiayi wore a slim and sexy A-line skirt, was hugging her arms, and held a cigarette with her fingertips, as she walked to Bai Shuyi’s side.

“No smoking in school,” she said to Xue Jiayi.

Xue Jiayi didn’t care, she exhaled the white smoke, and said in a slightly hoarse and sexy voice, “Do you know what happened at the dance just now?”

“I heard Wen Lun say that there was some friction between the girls, it’s normal.”

“You don’t think that wherever there is that girl, something like that always happens.”

Of course Bai Shuyi knew that the girl Xue Jiayi was referring to, was Jiang Yu.

“I asked, it had nothing to do with her, it was her roommate.”

“Do you really think of her as a close disciple of yours, so you protect her like this?”

Xue Jiayi said, “Don’t you think she is very similar to Bu Tanyan?”

Bai Shuyi’s footsteps paused as soon as she heard these words.

“Not only does she look like her, dance like her, but even her physique is also similar to Bu Tanyan.”

Xue Jiayi said, “As long as she is there, there will never be peaceful times.”

Bai Shuyi said with a sullen face: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, she is her, and Bu Tanyan is Bu Tanyan. Two people who have absolutely nothing to do with each other, don’t force them together.”

“You really don’t care?”

“What do I need to care about? Bu Tanyan was my best friend, and now there is a student who can catch up with her, I’m glad it’s not too late.”

Xue Jiayi suddenly laughed, and the laughter was particularly abrupt in the empty corridor: “Bai Shuyi, Bai Shuyi, no wonder you tried so hard, but Xie Yuan didn’t even look at you.”

Bai Shuyi said with a cold face, “What are you trying to say?”

“A young lady like you is born from the bottom of the body. The most annoying place.” Xue Jiayi looked at her and said, “Hypocrisy.”

Bai Shuyi didn’t want to quarrel with her, so she snorted softly and turned to leave.

Behind her, Xue Jiayi said, “Did you really bring her under your command to cultivate her, or is there another purpose?”

“What purpose could I have?”

“For example, to hide her from those people along with her talents… “

During this time, Jiang Yu would get up at five o’clock every morning, go to the cafeteria after washing up, and prepare a hearty breakfast for the students together with the aunts.

At first, Jiang Yu felt that she could still do the job, but as the training assignments became heavier and heavier, so she had to drag her tired body back to the dormitory late at night every day, and had to get up early in the morning to work, she really couldn’t bear it.

The Esmera Art Center saved her more than 200,000 yuan in tuition, and just let her go to the cafeteria every morning to work as a part-time worker. It seemed that there was nothing to complain about.

After all, what diligent worker could earn 200,000 yuan in half a month!

Jiang Yu still decided to grit her teeth and keep on working.

The cafeteria of the Esmera Art Center was also very high-end. The breakfast was a buffet, so she could need to add food and snacks at any time, and clean up the tableware and chopsticks on the table at any time as well.

So all morning, Jiang Yu would be busy, going round and round in the cafeteria.

Wen Lun, who was also under the same teacher, couldn’t bear to see it. He came over and said to her, “I’ll help you.”

“Ah, let me do it, hurry up and go to class, Teacher Bai will scold you if you’re late.”

Wen Lun saw that he really couldn’t help much, he was the son of a wealthy family, and he had never done these things since he was a child.

“Then I’ll go and tell Teacher Bai that you should be spared from morning work. You are too tired, and the morning class is very important. Basically, you have missed all the knowledge points taught by the teacher.”

“Hey, you can’t do that.” Jiang Yu quickly said, “It’s only for half a month. If I can’t hold on to this, what would others say about me.”

Wen Lun looked at her worriedly: “Is it really possible?”

“No problem, go to class now!”

Wen Lun took a few steps, looked back at her worriedly, and left feeling uneasy.

Jiang Yu yawned and continued frying eggs lazily. At this moment, someone next to her took the spatula from her hand and silently turned the eggs for her.

Jiang Yu turned her head, and saw Qiu Li in white overalls.

She rubbed her eyes in disbelief, thinking she didn’t sleep well in the morning and was dreaming!

Qiu Li was really a clothes hanger, and even this white logistical uniform could make him look seductive.

“Why are you…here?”

Qiu Li said while frying eggs: “I was bored during the winter vacation, and I just came here when I saw that there was a part-time job on the Internet.”

“Are you here for me?”

Qiu Li was expressionless then looking at her, he said lightly, “It just happened.”

“It’s not! Boyfriend, you are here for me!” Jiang Yu’s eyes shone brightly: “Do you miss me?”

“Not so much.” Qiu Li said restrainedly, “Just a little…”

Jiang Yu knew that his “a little” should be a lot.

Qiu Li scraped off the oil stains on the iron plate, poured the oil again, beat a few eggs skilfully, and said, “You came here to do these things?”

“No, because the scholarship deducts the tuition fee, so doing some public service is also right.”

Qiu Li didn’t speak, just took her hand and rubbed her fingertips like a row of green jade: “Girlfriend, you don’t need to do this, I’ll do it for you in the future.”

“No need, since you’re here for a part-time job, you must have your own work to do.”

“It’s a part-time job, but I didn’t ask for a salary.”


“In the future, you will give me your job and you can go dancing.”

Jiang Yu looked at his serious expression, and a burst of emotion rose in her heart. In addition to the emotion, there was also a trace of delicate tenderness lingering inside.

“Actually you don’t need to…”

She kept her mouth shut, she hesitated, she still didn’t say anything to refuse, and after a long time, she just said, “Why are you so good to me?”

Qiu Li smiled and said, “Because you are my girlfriend.”

“Just because I’m your girlfriend?”

He leaned close to her ear, rubbed her earlobe with his nose, and said softly, “It’s also because you’re the girlfriend I…want most.”

Jiang Yu changed her work clothes with a blushing face. She walked out of the kitchen in a hurry, ready to go to class: “Then I’ll go first, I’ll come to you later after class, you don’t need to do everything, my workload is very light.”

“Well, just go…, and come back soon.”

Jiang Yu’s long legs that had stepped out came back, and he looked at her puzzled.

Qiu Li packed up the tableware and chopsticks on the table, lowered his head, and said casually, “Who was that man just now?”

Jiang Yu thought for a while, then suddenly remembered: “Ah, that’s Wen Lun, he is my classmate!”


“Is there anything else?”

“It’s okay.”

Jiang Yu was about to step out when Qiu Li suddenly said, “I’m a little jealous.”

“…” She looked back at him: “He is really just my classmate.”

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