TBVSR Ch. 7: Passing By

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According to the basic information sent by [Leaf] Jiang Yu took a taxi to the entrance of the vocational university and waited for her to finish school.

The young leaf in the photo looked to be around nineteen or twenty, with heavy make-up and highlighted hair, wearing a leather jacket and leather pants, with long legs, looking very sassy and cool.

Her mood when chatting with her not very good. She didn’t say clearly what would happen.

But in fact, it didn’t need to be explained, Jiang Yu has almost guessed it.

She had watched a Korean movie called “Su Yuan” before and guessed that the experience of [Leaf] must have been mostly similar to that of Su Yuan.

Such an unfortunate encounter would make her brooding for many years. Even if she asked Jiang Yu for help many years later, she would keep her mouth shut, and it must be unbearable for her to look back on what happened in the past.

Jiang Yu did not force her to tell the specific situation. She was also a girl. She was determined to protect the young leaf tonight so that she would not be hurt.

Jiang Yu waited patiently for Leaf to finish class at the school gate.

There was a drum beating in her heart, She was afraid that she would not be able to handle it, and even wanted to take out her mobile phone to call the police.

It’s just… what will she say to the police, that was a big question.

She couldn’t tell the police that there would a premeditated crime being committed here, don’t ask how she know, you won’t believe it.

It’s too far-fetched.

Moreover, Jiang Yu was not sure what would happen.

Jiang Yu opened the map and observed the route given to her by the client [Leaf], and found that the route was very close to the address, No. 38, Ningyang Road, which was sent by Qiu Li earlier.

Qiu Li’s house should be near here.

This area was one of the most crime-prone areas in the old city, with shanty towns, cheap bars and entertainment rooms crowded closely, while being sparsely populated.

Jiang Yu sent Qiu Li the route positioning: “For the sake of saving your life last time, now is the chance to repay me, wait for me on this road later!”

It took five minutes for Qiu Li to reply to her: “Who saved who?”

Last time, she jumped into the river to save him, only to be rescued by Qiu Li instead.

Jiang Yu gritted her teeth and said bravely: “Help me, I’m a little scared to walk this road alone.”

Qiu Li: “You don’t look like someone who is afraid.”

Jiang Yu: “I’m a girl too!”

Qiu Li: “Then just wait.”

Jiang Yu thought about his tone, and was convinced that most likely he won’t come.

She lowered her head and thought for a moment before deciding to call the police.

When you were unable to protect others, it was the best way to seek help from the police.

Whatever happened, the police would arrive just in time and everything would be fine.

Jiang Yu called the police, but did not say too clearly, only said that there was a violent incident on this road, and asked them to come over quickly.

As soon as she put down the phone, Jiang Yu saw a girl wearing makeup walking out of the school gate, her hair was dyed a touch of blue, wearing a plus-size sweater with ripped denim jeans, chewing gum in her mouth.

She was the young Leaf.

Jiang Yu hurried up to meet her, and said to her, “Hello.”

Leaf blew the chewing gum in her mouth into a bubble, glanced at Jiang Yu, ignored her, and left.

Jiang Yu quickly chased after her, grabbed her wrist, and said eagerly, “You can’t go this way.”

“Who are you?” Leaf looked rebellious and said coldly, “Am I familiar with you?”

Jiang Yu continued to explain: “If you go this way home, there will be an accident.”

Leaf rolled her eyes, obviously not believing what Jiang Yu said, and continued to walk forward.

Jiang Yu chased after her, grabbed her wrist, and said stubbornly, “Listen, you will regret it, there are dangers on this road.”

However, before she finished speaking, Leaf suddenly took out a small knife, pointed at Jiang Yu, and said angrily, “Go away!” Jiang Yu immediately stepped back and looked at the tip of the knife in her hand, which was icy cold.

This girl actually carried a knife with her, and seeing the way she drew the knife, she seemed to be very skilled.

A little sister.

Jiang Yu must take into account her own safety, and it was not easy to stop her, so she could only let her leave.

There was no need to worry, because she had just called the police.

Even if there were hooligans or criminals later, the police would soon come over and save Leaf.

Jiang Yu followed Leaf from far away, guarding against unexpected situations.

Leaf passed through the deserted streets and came to the lively bar street. Standing at the door of a bar, she lit a cigarette for herself and smoked it skilfully.

Jiang Yu was very nervous when she saw that her hand holding the cigarette was shaking.

She frowned, realizing that the current situation… was not quite what she imagined.

Jiang Yu observed the surroundings. The bar was very lively, but there were not many people on the street, and it was deserted. Sometimes a few drunkards passed by talking nonsense.

She was vigilant about bad people among these passers-by who might have bad intentions and commit crimes.

At this moment, a couple came to the intersection, both of them were very young, looking about the same age as Leaf.

The two were carrying schoolbags, holding hands, and smiling sweetly.

Seeing the two of them, Leaf immediately changed her face, rushed up and grabbed the girl’s hair, scolding angrily: “It really is you, bitch!”

The girl saw Leaf, her eyes were full of shock, and she felt a little guilty. She immediately let go of the boy’s hand: “Why are you here…”

“I heard from my roommate that you two are together, but I didn’t believe it at first.”

Leaf couldn’t control her emotions and shouted excitedly: “Qiao Ya, I regarded you as my best friend and told you everything! You actually stole my boyfriend!”

Qiao Ya apologized pitifully to her: “I’m sorry Leaf, listen to my explanation, this happened very quickly. I really didn’t want to lie to you, but I couldn’t help myself, I like Lu Ming, and he also said that he has no feelings for you…”

Her excuses angered Leaf even more. She reached into her bag and tightly held the knife that had been prepared.

The boy named Lu Ming came over, pulled Qiao Ya behind him, and scolded Leaf: “Enough, don’t act like a shrew! We’ll go back if there’s nothing to do.”

Leaf looked at her two closest people, one was her favourite boyfriend, and the other was her best friend… Tears of despair dripped down her cheeks.

Just as Lu Ming turned and left while protecting Qiao Ya, Leaf seemed to have made up her mind, and suddenly took out a shiny knife from her bag.

The spring bounced off automatically. She aimed at Qiao Ya with the tip of her knife and shouted, “Go to hell, bitch!”

Jiang Yu reacted immediately when she saw her taking out the knife.

Where was the Leaf the victim, she was the potential murderer!

Tonight must be the night she committed the crime!

Jiang Yu didn’t have time to think about it and she rushed forward in two or three steps to stop Leaf’s crazy behaviour.

“Don’t be like this, calm down!”

“Let go of me!” How could Leaf calm down, she just pushed her away with a backhand stroke, then Jiang Yu felt a tingling in her forearm.

The sharp blade pierced the skin of Jiang Yu’s forearm, the skin was broken, and blood flowed down her wrist.

Jiang Yu’s pain nerves were particularly sensitive, so the piercing pain caused by this stab densely penetrated into her nerves.

But she couldn’t care about it anymore, Leaf still held a knife and was stabbing at Qiao Ya like crazy.

“I will kill you, bitch!”

Qiao Ya hid behind Lu Ming in fright: “You…you’re crazy!”

Leaf fell into a state of complete loss of control, chasing Qiao Ya with a knife.

Qiao Ya was so frightened that she hid here and fled there.

When Lu Ming saw the dazzling knife, his subconscious reaction turned out to be to run away and leave the defenceless Qiao Ya.

Qiao Ya was unable to retreat and fell to the ground.

Jiang Yu stepped forward again and tried to stop Leaf, but Leaf threatened her with a knife: “Touch me again and you’ll see!”

Jiang Yu immediately raised her hands, took a step back, and said, “Calm down, or you will regret it.”

Leaf cried in despair and shouted excitedly: “I will not regret it, I just want to kill this bitch, she has ruined my life! Ruined!”

“Life is so long, why waste it on a boyfriend?” Jiang Yu just thought it was funny, and continued: “If you kill her, you will really ruin your life.”

“You say it again, and I will kill you both together!”

“You can kill me, will it be useful?” Jiang Yu said: “Can killing me really relieve your pain? You won’t find me in the future, and I won’t be here.”

“What nonsense are you talking about.”

Jiang Yu persuaded: “I just want to tell you, don’t use your whole life to atone for your impulsiveness.”

Jiang Yu knew that if she didn’t stop her at this moment, the [Leaf] in the future would spend her whole life in remorse.

“Also, he should be the one who should pay the most.”

Seeing that Lu Ming was about to run away, Jiang Yu ran over, grabbed him by the collar, and dragged him back.

She practiced ballet since she was a child, and her swan arms looked thin, but were actually full of muscles. Lu Ming was dragged by his clothes and brought in front of Leaf.

“This matter can’t be avoided, the person who stepped on two boats is him, and the person who betrayed you is also him. Even if you want to vent your anger, you shouldn’t only spend your anger on your best friend. Isn’t this man more appropriate to kill?”


Lu Ming was a weak and unseemly man. Seeing the bright blade in Leaf’s hand, he was so frightened that his legs had softened, and he said embarrassedly: “Aye, I love you, I really love you. It’s all the fault of this bitch, Qiao Ya, she seduced me! I didn’t want to, I only have you in my heart!”

Qiao Ya, who was sitting on the ground, heard this, stood up, and looked at Lu Ming in disbelief: “You…you bastard! It’s obvious that you found me first! After meeting at the party, you took the initiative to add my WeChat, and now you don’t admit it?”

He poured all the dirty water on Qiao Ya: “That night, she was drunk and sent me a WeChat message saying that she had been secretly in love with me, and that she had endured it because of her relationship with you. It was all her fault. Right! Leaf, you please forgive me, I still love you!”

Leaf bit her lower lip, then she looked at Lu Ming in disappointment, while her hand holding the knife was trembling: “Liars, you are all liars!”

Jiang Yu gave Qiao Ya a wink and told her to leave as soon as possible.

Qiao Ya burst into tears in disappointment and ran away.

Jiang Yu said to Leaf: “Now you can see clearly, is such a man worthy of you committing a crime for him, and spending a lifetime in prison?”

Leaf listened to Jiang Yu’s words, and then looked at the cowardly and irresponsible man in front of her. Then the truth suddenly dawned on her.

She shook her head in disappointment, sobbed and took two steps back: “Yes, it’s not worth it, you’re not worth killing for, and you’re not worth me liking you so much!”

Jiang Yu was relieved to see that her words were effective, she encouraged her and said: “Yes, you will meet a better boy in the future.”

Leaf’s mood finally stabilized, and she no longer made random gestures with knives.

At this moment, someone suddenly knocked a brick on Leaf’s head.

Jiang Yu looked over in surprise, and saw Qiu Li in black T-shirt standing behind Leaf, holding a broken brick in one hand, a lollipop in his mouth, and his eyes full of light.

Leaf fainted at his feet, and Qiu Li kicked the knife away from her.

Jiang Yu said in horror: “You…what are you doing?!”

Qiu Li glanced at the blood that was winding down her forearm, his cheeks bulged by the lollipop, he said as if was obvious: “Passing by, it’s easy.”

“… “

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