TBVSR Ch. 8: Nightmare

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“Why do you have to use such a heavy hand.”

Looking at the unconscious Leaf on the ground, Jiang Yu couldn’t help laughing and crying at the same time: “She is my client, and the problem had been solved.”


Qiu Li shrugged, then rolled the candy from his left cheek to the right.

He didn’t care.

The red of blood was the only color that could stimulate his nerves.

Therefore, his attack was extremely ruthless, in order to see blood.

Either others or his own.

Just then, a police car drove up and stopped in front of them.

The police got out of the car and saw the unconscious girl lying on the ground, as well as the broken brick in Qiu Li’s hand.

Lu Ming felt guilty. When he saw the police, he was inexplicably frightened and ran away because of the fear of getting caught.

The police received a report earlier, saying that there was a violent incident. When they saw the girl fainted on the ground, they naturally treated the incident as a fight.

Therefore, they were also quite rude to Qiu Li and handcuffed him.

“No, you misunderstood.” Jiang Yu quickly helped explain: “We called the police.”

The policeman said, “If you have anything to say, come to the police station and say it.”

Qiu Li did not struggle or explain. With a lollipop in his mouth, he looked back at Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu was in a trance, as if she was seeing the picture of him being arrested after killing Huo Cheng.

Those depressing eyes looked into hers deeply, as if this look meant a goodbye…

At that time, he seemed to be laughing too.

She rubbed her eyes vigorously.

Strangely, she didn’t know Qiu Li in her last life, even if he killed Huo Cheng, it had nothing to do with her.

How could she have these fantasy images in her head?

In the police station, Jiang Yu cooperated with the police to give a report, explaining the cause and effect of the incident clearly.

However, she concealed the entrustment of [Leaf], and only said that she was passing by chance and encountered Leaf’s murder attempt and tried to stop it.

And Qiu Li was her friend, so when he saw her in danger, he only hurt the people to help her.

The police found out the truth and did not embarrass the two of them. After all, they were trying to prevent accidents from happening.

But Qiu Li’s attack was too ruthless, he directly hit the girl with a brick on the forehead.

Leaf was now in the hospital and had already woken up. The police were rushing over to take her statement. There was nothing for them to do, so they let Qiu Li and Jiang Yu go.

It was almost midnight when the two walked out of the police station.

The street was breezy, with occasional vehicles whizzing past and few pedestrians walking by.

Qiu Li walked in front where his intention seemed to be to ignore her, just like they were strangers.

But after a few steps, he glanced at her inadvertently.

“I thought you wouldn’t come.” Jiang Yu felt guilty, thinking he was caught because of her, and explained, “That’s why I called the police.”

Qiu Li continued to walk forward and said coldly, “I just went downstairs to buy candy, and happened to meet you by chance.”



Jiang Yu laughed: “I thought you were worried about me.”

Qiu Li rolled his eyes, “Am I sick?”

Jiang Yu pouted and said in her heart that you are not only ill, but you are even seriously ill!

“Anyway, if I didn’t have you today, I don’t know how it would end.” Jiang Yu caught up with him, patted his shoulder, and said sincerely, “Brother came in time!”

Qiu Li took advantage of the situation and grabbed her injured left hand: “Really.”

He was holding the wound of Jiang Yu’s forearm, and she screamed in pain: “It hurts! You hurt me!”

The wound was not deep at first, only the skin was broken, but there was no blood. But after being caught by him, blood seeped into her sleeves and stained his fingertips.

Jiang Yu couldn’t bear the pain the most, but she held back her tears, biting her teeth until her lower lip turned white.

This man was so crazy.

If it wasn’t for the mandate of the mission, she wouldn’t provoke him even if they gave her a billion!

He didn’t know why, but when Qiu Li looked at the little girl’s wound, he suddenly felt like he was stabbed by something.

Just as when she hit him, he would hurt, and when he hurt her, his heart would also feel the pain of being pricked by a fine needle.

It was the first time in his life that he felt heartache.

The desire to possess and protect her seemed to have penetrated into his blood.

Qiu Li immediately let go of Jiang Yu, wiped the blood on his clothes, and said solemnly, “Follow me.”

After saying this, Qiu Li strode across the road.

When he walked to the middle of the road and saw that Jiang Yu was not following, he turned around and repeated in a commanding tone: “Follow.”

Seeing that he dared to stand in the middle of the road where cars were passing by, Jiang Yu stepped up to cross the crosswalk and followed him.

Qiu Li took Jiang Yu back to his home at No. 38 Ningyang Road.

His home was located in an ordinary residential unit building called Shuixitai on Ningyang Road.

This community was a bit old, the unit buildings did not even have elevators, and the infrastructure was relatively backward.

Under normal circumstances, Jiang Yu would never just follow a dangerous man home, but when she thought of the progress of the task of [Saving the Devil Boy], she gritted her teeth and decided to follow him for the time being.

Anyway, they were all people who had died once, who was afraid of who!

Qiu Li’s house was enough for three people to live in, so the room was very large and very empty. The furniture was very old, there was a big bookcase against the wall, and the bookcase was densely filled with books.

Jiang Yu walked to the bookcase and lingered for a while. The bookcase was full of works related to psychology and psychoanalysis, both domestic and abroad.

She vaguely remembered that when Legal News ran a special report on him, they mentioned that his father was the top professor of psychoanalysis in the country, but he was later imprisoned for some undisclosed reasons.

These books should all belong to Qiu Li’s father.

“Are you the only one at home?” Jiang Yu asked Qiu Li.

Qiu Li didn’t answer her, took out the first aid box from the cabinet and said, “Come here.”

Jiang Yu walked over slowly, then Qiu Li rudely pulled her over and tore up her sleeves.

“Hey.” Jiang Yu knelt on the carpet and shrank back: “It hurts.”

Qiu Li ignored her cry, opened the box of Yunnan Baiyao, smeared the powder on her wound, and then used a clean gauze to bandage her.

The movements were meticulous, but not gentle.

“You don’t have anything else to do, are you busy all day?”

Jiang Yu said dissatisfiedly, “I’m busy.” As if for revenge, he exerted a little force, and the gauze tightly bound the wound.

Jiang Yu was in pain and tried to withdraw her hand, but she was gripped so hard that he couldn’t struggle.

“It hurts!” She glared at him hard, and said angrily, “Can’t you be gentle!”

“Mind your own business if you’re afraid of pain.”

“Do you think I want to?” She said dissatisfiedly, “I want to earn money, and if I don’t have money, I won’t have tuition fees.”

Qiu Li re-bandaged her wound and shook off her hand: “Then focus on earning your tuition, and don’t provoke me.”

Jiang Yu retracted her hand and gave him a shy look: “If you don’t provoke others, no one will provoke you.”

Today, she had an arm injury and lack of combat power, so let’s just follow him for now.

Qiu Li bandaged her wound, turned around and went back to the study, leaving her alone.

Jiang Yu cleaned up the bloody gauze on the coffee table, then she tied the bag and placed it by the door, ready to take down later.

“Qiu Li, I’m leaving.” She came to the door of the study and said goodbye to him.

He was sitting at the desk doing his homework, the warm yellow light of the desk lamp outlined his body, at this moment he showed a soft feeling different from the past, and his expression was very focused.

It seemed that he was not a gangster, but a scholar.

Jiang Yu remembered the legal report, saying that when Qiu Li committed the crime, he had already obtained a doctorate in the field of psychoanalysis, and he was only twenty-four years old that year.

Really high IQ.

“Brother, I’m leaving.”

“Don’t call me brother, I’m not younger than you.”

“Even if you’re a minute younger, you’re still my brother.”

On the side, she shrugged, and asked again: “By the way, why did you get beaten up the night we first met?”


“Do you know those little gangsters?”

Jiang Yu speculated that with his temper, he must have made a lot of enemies in the school, and the number of beatings he got was normal.

However, Yuxi High School was not much better than No. 12 High School. There was no shortage of bullies everywhere in this world.

Jiang Yu said to him, “If you are bullied at school in the future, remember to come to me.”

Qiu Li turned his head and glanced at this little girl who was probably only a few months older than him, and asked, “I should come looking for you?”

“It’s not that I like to meddle in other people’s business.” Jiang Yu said righteously: “But in the future, this sister will protect you.”

“Take care of yourself first.”

She took out a Ferrero Rochers chocolate from the bag and handed it to him: “Anyway, thank you for showing up today, and thank you for giving me medicine.”

Seeing the Ferrero Rocher, Qiu Li’s expression suddenly dropped to freezing point: “I don’t like it, take it back.”

“I think you like sweets.” Jiang Yu said: “This one is expensive, I only bought one, please eat it.”

“Can you get out of here?”

“What is it, I’ll leave if you take it.”

He grabbed the Ferrero Rocher chocolate in her hand, slammed the door with his backhand, and said irritably, “Go away.”

Jiang Yu was startled, hurriedly dodged, then turned and left.

What a moody psycho.

After Jiang Yu left, Qiu Li kicked the desk irritably, and the chair immediately moved back a few meters.

His mood was extremely agitated.

That Ferrero Rocher reminded him of the man who shrouded his entire childhood like a nightmare.

Qiu Li’s father, the most promising psychologist in the field of psychoanalysis.

Also a lunatic.

The reason he was imprisoned was the crime of child abuse, and the object of his abuse was his only son, Qiu Li.

In order to make Qiu Li get rid of his bad habit of eating sweets, he once did a very extreme mental experiment on him.

In Qiu Li’s childhood, Ferrero Rocher chocolate used to be his favourite, but now he would feel sick to his stomach and vomit whenever he saw it.

Those dark days, every day, were boundless torture for Qiu Li.

Not a physical injury, but a mental one…

Later, his father was jailed for abuse, and he was finally freed.

However, the evil spirit who crawled out of hell had long since lost the qualification to be called a human being.

Because of these mental and psychological barriers, Qiu Li’s nerves were numb to the point of losing consciousness, and he also lost all feelings of sympathy and empathy.

Even if he ate sweets constantly, his taste buds couldn’t capture the sweetness. There was no pain and no pleasure.

Even if he did certain “things” to himself every night, he won’t feel any pleasure.

Feeling nothing, like a dead person.

Qiu Li sat quietly in the dark for a long time, then he got up, and picked up the Ferrero Rocher from the ground.

The chocolate must have been kept in her pocket all the time, so some of it was melted.

He unwrapped the foil and put the melted and deformed chocolate in his mouth, hopelessly.

In an instant, the sweet and greasy taste spread from the tip of the tongue, and his taste buds exploded!

Qiu Li suddenly widened his eyes.

It was like the pain of being slapped by her that day.

In the numb world where he had been unconscious for more than ten years, the girl had brought him the only consciousness.

Moreover, it came so strongly!

Qiu Li clenched the gold foil paper tightly in his hand, until the last touch of sweetness melted, and he slowly released his hand… After a long time, the corners of his mouth raised involuntarily, and his dark eyes revealed unprecedented interest.

He murmured two words: “Sister.”

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