YXBG Ch. 64.1: Abduction

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The situation of Fiona’s unfilial piety, which was originally being criticized on the Internet and in the media, had a big reversal after the lawsuits by Skyline Group and Xunmeng Media.

In Bai Lu’s words: I have to turn this shameless old man into a street rat!

In particular, the latest exposure of a short piece of audio really completely broke the three views of netizens. Everyone couldn’t believe that in this era, there were still such brazen, patriarchal and ignorant people in the world. This was simply two extremes from “Love in That Age”! The thought of the cute and carefree little koi in the TV series, facing such a bad thing in real life, netizens were almost about to explode!

For a while on the Internet, there was a big discussion about this matter:

[As the father of a daughter, it is hard for me to believe that Meng Ke, the same father, would treat his daughter like this! It is a shame for a man, he is not worthy of being a father at all!]

[My God, Fiona is really self-restrained. If it were me, I would really like to pounce and strangle that old cucumber!

[The ghost knows what happened to my family’s Xiaomei, I was so angry that I cried

[Isn’t he an indirect murderer? Shouldn’t he be sentenced? When you came back in the middle of the night, Jane’s ghost must be watching you!

Afterwards, Bai Lu issued a clarification through the person in charge of the post and arranged the text version according to Meng Ke’s dictation in the audio to be posted as well, in fact she almost wrote it into a tear-jerking scumbag complaint. This led to eighteen generations of the ancestors of Meng Ke being cursed. Even so, everyone still felt that it was not enough. Some passers-by who had lost their sense of justice even found the address of Meng Ke’s house and sent him wreaths, there were enough for him to open a funeral shop.

Later, even the information of Meng Ke’s son Meng Tianlong was dug up. The whistleblower published the punishment letter given by Meng Tianlong’s school. He was severely warned by the school for molesting girls when he was in high school.

[This is really like father, like son! What is this scum still doing roaming around, chemically castrate him…]

[Disgusting! Announcing this, the girls have opened their eyes, don’t marry into this family]

[I have a sentence about MMP that I will talk about now]

[it’s not worth 300,000 yuan if you sell yourself. Meng Ke still has the face to ask Fiona for that much money? He has a kidney himself, let’s sell it]

The media also changed their tune and turned to topics such as “how to get rid of the ignorant family control”, but the media that first released the news was still chased and scolded by fans and passers-by for more than 30,000 entries.

Naturally, Meng Ke, who was the first to bear the brunt, didn’t even dare to go home.

He called Zhou Qi angrily: “Hey! You’re not too embarrassed to ask me what’s the matter! Didn’t you watch the latest news? Didn’t you say that as long as I appear on TV, they will be pressured to give me money! I did as you said, but look now, the landlord doesn’t want to rent me the house anymore! I’m being pointed at every day! Even my son has been implicated!”

“Mr. Meng, I can only say that you father and son are of the same class, so don’t look for me for that, but don’t worry,” the man on the other end of the phone sounded like a greasy chocolate, “We still have a way.”

“What else can we do? I’m just a rat crossing the street now, and everyone wants to yell and beat me!” Meng Ke huddled in the corner. He’d been living a life like no one else had lived these past few days. Even when he was on the bus, he was scolded by those enthusiastic aunts.

Zhou Qi said something in a low voice.

Meng Ke hesitated and said, “This…is this really okay…that’s against the law…”

“Then Mr. Meng can think about it before calling me, I’ll be waiting for you. You can call at any time.” Zhou Qi had hung up the phone.


On the first day Yin Zhefei went back to work, he saw Zhang Xiangyi’s enthusiastic face.

“Laughing so happily, what’s the happy event?” He asked lightly, completely unaware that he also had a complacent look.

“I should ask you this! How is it, is there any progress? The show hasn’t aired yet, can you give me a spoiler?”

Speaking of which, this episode of “World in Love” really hit an iron plate, and even one pair of CP didn’t show up, but to everyone’s surprise, the ratings were even higher than when there were CPs before. Maybe this blank space gave netizens’ imagination more room to speculate. Several people were arranged and combined, and they could always find the pair they liked. As a sponsor, Zhang Xiangyi was naturally overjoyed and proud of his wise decision.

“Didn’t you read it online? I wouldn’t dare to spoil anything.” Yin Zhefei refused decisively, joking. If Zhang Xiangyi’s big mouth knew, then half of City B would know it. He didn’t want to be scolded by Xiaomei.

“Okay, then I’ll tell you about my happy event first.” Zhang Xiangyi said happily, “Xiaoyue accepted me! She promised to try to get along with me!”

Yin Zhefei smiled and said, “What despicable method did you use to force her to agree?”

“Look at you, am I that kind of person?” Zhang Xiangyi said shyly, “I am very traditional, that is, I brought a guitar to her house after dinner every day. I sang love songs for her in front of the door and kept on doing it for a week. She was moved by me and agreed. Seriously, you should try it too!”

Yin Zhefei couldn’t help showing a sympathetic expression when Zhang Xiangyi said this. He had heard Zhang Xiangyi singing and he didn’t want to take a half-step into KTV for a month after listening to it… The artistic point of the singing voice was “Bear roaring and dragon singing, chestnut deep in the forest and other animals trembling at the top of the forest”. He could almost imagine Hu Yue’er’s collapse–even if it was to keep Zhang Xiangyi from harassing the people and provoking complaints from neighbors, she would have to bite the bullet and agree. However, after all, she gave his best friend a chance, so he still congratulated him sincerely: “Congratulations, you are free from being single.”

“You can’t do it! It’s useless just to be handsome. Let me teach you a few tricks when you have time. Don’t you see that Xiaomei has been annoyed by her biological father recently? You should comfort her well and take advantage of it…”

“Okay, stop!” Yin Zhefei hurriedly stopped him from speaking even more absurd words, “When you can trick Hu Yue’er into your door, then you can teach me again! At that time, I will study with humility!”

“Look at you, if Xiaomei ran away, don’t come to me and cry again. By the way, what is she doing? Take the initiative at night and make an appointment with others!”

“She just came back, and she has an appointment at noon to have lunch with her friends, she should be shopping at the supermarket now, I will pick her up and take her to the old house in the evening. I’m thinking about calling our friends to get together again.”

“Okay! Hu Fei is easy to say, he was rejected by Xianxian, and there is no competition, so he must have time; that guy Qin Yuan seems to have a situation recently, I have to check with him.” Zhang Xiangyi said as he walked out, “Seven o’clock in the evening! It’s settled!”


Yin Xiaomei’s three-person party this time, the protagonist at this time was undoubtedly Lin Diyi.

“Diyi, I really didn’t expect Gao Yu to think of you after so many years!” Yin Xiaomei said excitedly, “Do you remember him? He was the last one in our class. He is now a well-known painter. To be honest, I was very optimistic about him back then!”

Lin Diyi was both shy and embarrassed, and whispered: “What confession, you misunderstood!”

“I definitely did not misunderstand!” Yin Xiaomei took out her phone, “Look, this is a short video that Xiao Jin recorded at the time, I actually wanted to wait for you to watch the TV yourself, but I couldn’t help it! Hahaha, if Director Xie knew I had spoiled it, he would definitely hack me to death!”

Because the video was recorded with a mobile phone at night, so it was very unclear, but Lin Diyi could recognize Gao Yu’s voice: “…she might be the cutest person in the world, when my schoolbag was thrown downstairs by a classmate, she would help me pick it up, and she also visited my mother to make her believe that I had a good time at school, and secretly gave snacks to me. When I was disappointed, if I hadn’t been thinking about her, I even felt that I might not be able to live anymore…”

“Diyi! He said it was you!” Song Yuanyuan exclaimed, “You helped Gao Yu pick up his schoolbag and gave him snacks, I still remember it!”

Lin Diyi’s cheeks were blushing: “He… how could he say it on TV like this…”

“I think he really wants to confess to you!” Song Yuanyuan swayed around like a tumbler with excitement, “But when did you visit his mother?”

“…” Lin Diyi looked at her in confusion: “Actually, there is one thing I have never told you…”

“You are already married?” Yin Xiaomei changed color.

“No, no, no! Of course not! I haven’t reached the legal age for marriage yet!” Lin Diyi hurriedly said, “I mean, in fact, the gallery I’ve been helping all this time at is Gao Yu’s. His mother has bad legs, so usually I’ll also go to his house to take care of her…”

“OH My God!” Yin Xiaomei exclaimed exaggeratedly, “You two have already gotten together! You little shit, you never said anything!”

Lin Diyi wanted to hold back her smile, but couldn’t help it: “Yes, but he never confessed to me…”

“Diyi, it’s great, I didn’t expect it.” Song Yuanyuan was so moved that she almost cried.

“Just talking about me, what about you, last time you said you had a boyfriend, who is it!” Lin Diyi hurriedly changed the subject, she secretly felt guilty for her lies, after all, Xiaomei and Gao Yu had been separated for so many years, the time they spent together was also very limited, how could Gao Yu still miss her after so long? She really liked to think too much.

“My boyfriend…well, you’ve all seen him…” Song Yuanyuan drank bean paste ice shake with a guilty conscience.

“Impossible, who is it?” Yin Xiaomei said, “I have no impression at all…”

“Hey!” Lin Diyi shook her head, “I have found that you are really slow, who else could it be, just last time the handsome guy who brought her!”

“What? Qin Yuan?!” Yin Xiaomei yelled.

“Why are you so surprised…” Song Yuanyuan couldn’t help shrinking.

“It’s him! He’s much older than you!”

“So… what…” Song Yuanyuan disagreed.

“You are dazzled by beauty, Yuanyuan! And you earn more than him now!” Yin Xiaomei reminded her friend seriously.

Since Song Yuanyuan had a large number of fans, she had become a spokesperson for weight loss products. At the same time, she was also very business minded. She began to use her social media platform to share makeup and clothing tips. Recently, she was trying to use the first payment she had received to do some clothing design business after school.

“Yes, I earn more than him, so he agreed to be a male model for me for free~” Song Yuanyuan took out her mobile phone and happily showed them the photos, “You see he looks better than a real male model!”

Yin Xiaomei was stunned. Well, it turns out that Yuanyuan with such good grades was also a guy who liked handsome men.

It was just that was Qin Yuan really reliable? She clearly remembered that Yin Zhefei and Zhang Xiangyi both said that the guy was a heartthrob, and his ex-girlfriends could be lined up around the block. But this was Yuanyuan’s private matter after all, she was not a stupid girl, she should be able to deal with it.

After having dinner with her friends, Yin Xiaomei went straight to the supermarket. In the evening, Yin Zhefei was going to have a party, and her favorite thing was shopping, so even if she had to work hard to dress up, she would not hesitate.

Then she thought that when she first came back, she dared to go shopping with only a hat on, but now, it was absolutely impossible without a mask.

Halfway through the stroll, Yin Zhefei sent her a message saying that he was on his way to pick her up.

Yin Xiaomei quickly replied to his message, feeling a little sweet for no reason. In fact, this was not bad. Although Yin Zhefei was vengeful and careful, he had been pretty good to her since he confessed. It would be even better if she could marry him! Then mother would always be hers!

Carrying a large and small bag, she walked to the parking lot. At this time, a black van was reversing out and occupied the middle of the road. She wanted to bypass it, but the car also retreated and blocked her way.

Well, it seemed that this driver was a novice, and she didn’t mind waiting a little longer.

But at this moment, someone behind her suddenly surrounded her tightly, and then a handkerchief covered her mouth and nose, and a disgusting and dizzying smell penetrated her nasal cavity through the mask.

Yin Xiaomei struggled desperately. She had learnt some stunts when she was filming “Desperate Agent”, so she had the basis for melee attacks, but after struggling for only two times, she felt that her limbs had gradually turned numb and soft like noodles.

In the dimness, she saw that the door of the black car in front of her was opened, and then she was thrown into the darkness.

Brother, brother… Her consciousness gradually left her, and the last thing she could think of was Yin Zhefei’s embrace.

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