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Zheng Li rubbed his face, which was blown by the cold wind, and said, “Let’s go to the Internet cafe overnight.”

They picked up the bags, beer cans and napkins. Pei Jin bent down to help, but was driven aside by He Xun, “I’ll bring it, don’t freeze your hands.”

After the Fatty heard it, he laughed twice. There was not a lot of garbage on the ground. The few people took care of it and threw it into the trash can. At this point, the security guard at the school gate couldn’t bear it and had dozed off, leaving a small gap for one person to enter and exit the automatic door. The group of people carefully left the reserved space under the watchful eyes of the security guard.

The Fatty was the slowest walker, and the space reserved by the automatic door was too small for him, so he had to lean on his side and hold his stomach tightly to be able to squeeze out.

Before he made to the school gate, at this time, the security guard happened to be in a daze and his head fell suddenly, so he woke up. After waking up, he rubbed his eyes and saw a few students sneaking out of the school. He casually counted, hey, there were actually six people, three boys and three girls, there were still quite a few people. There was the Fatty who had not left yet and was struggling to squeeze outside.

The security guard came out of the warm air-conditioned room and shouted in dissatisfaction, “What are you guys doing? Come back! You don’t go back to the dormitory in the middle of the night but want to sneak out of the school. You can get a demerit for this, do you know that?”, he pointed at the Fatty again and said, “If you are so fat, don’t follow others like this. This automatic door is electrified. Be careful, don’t get electrocuted.”

Although the security guard was reluctant to let the Fatty squeeze out, he was so tightly stuck that it was easy to get into trouble if he kept sticking to the door, and there were reports on the news that in case of automatic doors which conduct electricity, people had been electrocuted to death. Sneaking out of school was a small matter, but if anything happened to him, it would be a big deal. And if something happened to Fatty, he, the security guard, would also be held responsible.

Thinking of this, the security guard hurriedly widened the gap in the door, which was convenient for Fatty, and he could finally pass.

As soon as the Fatty squeezed out, he hurriedly moved his huge body, and shouted “Run!” to Zheng Li and the others, and then he used all his strength to run towards them.

The group of people jokingly ran away. Zheng Li also raised his voice and said to the security guard, “Uncle, Happy New Year.”

The security guard watched the group of people run away and pointed at them angrily, but after a while, he couldn’t help laughing again and shouted at them “Happy New Year!”

There were a lot of people on the street on January 1st at 0:00. At this time, the sky was also showing a romantic mood, and there was a little snow.

Under the fluttering snowflakes, the entire Jiang City looked beautiful.

Yu Yuan held her face, rubbed it, and said, “How long will it take to reach the Internet Cafe?”

The Fatty replied, “It’s not far, at most twenty minutes.”

Xu Lulu exclaimed, “Twenty minutes? Damn it!”

The Fatty smiled, “Look, it’s snowing, we’re walking under the snow, what an artistic conception.”

Xu Lulu originally wanted to complain, but when she thought that it was her last year in high school and she might never have another chance like this in the future, and even if there was a chance, there might not be such a group of people as now, so she retracted her complaints.

There were also New Year’s greetings displayed on the large LED screens on the street. There were many pedestrians on the street. Some of them had just got off work at night, and some were going home after a New Year’s Eve celebration to find a place to stay overnight.

Pei Jin looked at the lively Jiang City and felt the warmth from He Xun in the palm of her hand. She only felt that the world was very happy at this moment.

The Internet cafes were very lively tonight, and there were people in front of many seats. However, they were lucky and found six vacancies. Although the six positions were not connected together, there were at least four positions together, and the other two positions were also connected.

Pei Jin, He Xun, Yu Yuan, Fatty sat in a row, while Zheng Li and Xu Lulu sat in the row behind them. As soon as they turned around, they could see them, and it was not far away.

The environment of the Internet cafe was actually very good, no one was smoking, the machines were brand new, and the chairs were still leather chairs. But Yu Yuan still couldn’t help wailing, “We’re staying here all night? Do we lay down in front of the computer when we’re sleepy?”

The Fatty scratched his head, “Yes, what’s the problem?”

Yu Yuan roared, “It’s a big problem, how tiring is it to sleep on your stomach, we still have class tomorrow.”

High school students did not have human rights. There were three days off on New Year’s Day for the first and second year of high school, but they didn’t have it, even if it was on days like New Year’s Day, they also had to attend make up classes, but they would not have to suffer such days for long. After the college entrance examination in June, they would be completely liberated. In the future, they may still miss the youthful time when they had to work so hard.

Fatty didn’t care, “It’s not a big deal. Anyway, it’s just one night, so we’ll do it soon. It’s half past one in the morning, and we can go to school after sleeping for four or five hours.”

He Xun smiled and said to Pei Jin, “Peipei, they can only rest on the computer desk, but you don’t have to.”

Pei Jin blinked and looked around, “Is there a rest area here?”

There was a rest area, but at this point, it must have been occupied by others.

He Xun patted his thigh, “You don’t need a rest area, you can lie in my arms.”



“Tsk tsk tsk tsk.”

Zheng Li turned around and complained, “Letting us eat dog food at the beginning of the new year, He Xun, you are simply crazy.”

He Xun didn’t bother to pay attention to Zheng Li, he patted his thigh again, “Come on, Peipei, sit on your husband’s lap.”

Pei Jin listened to He Xun’s self-proclaimed “husband” tag, and she blushed a bit, “He Xun, don’t you want to play with the computer?”

He Xun said in a frantic tone, “Only single dogs play with the computer.”

Zheng Li couldn’t help but shake his fist at him.

He Xun laughed, and did not take Zheng Li’s threat seriously, “Peipei, come.”

Pei Jin hesitated for a while, but then she stood up and sat on He Xun’s lap, He Xun stretched out his hand a little. As soon as she tried to move, he threw her into his arms.

He Xun’s embrace was warm and reassuring.

He Xun smirked, “Are you comfortable?”

Pei Jin twisted his arm slightly. This time it was like someone was tickling him. He Xun didn’t feel any pain, so he asked again, “Does your husband make you feel comfortable?”

Pei Jin’s ears were red, but she replied in a very low voice, “Comfortable.”

The Fatty scolded, “Brother Xun, don’t be so dirty, okay?”

He Xun sneered, “Where am I being dirty? You can’t see it when I’m being dirty.”

Yu Yuan joked, “That’s natural, this is Pei Jin’s exclusive right, we definitely won’t be able to see it.”

This dog food was really enough for the Fatty to eat, then he glanced at Zheng Li who was whispering to Xu Lulu behind them. Their heads were very close, and their bodies were also very close, as if they were about to kiss in the next second. In the previous time at the KTV, Zheng Li and Xu Lulu had actually showed some signs, but they seemed to be still in the ambiguous state, and they were not really together.

But they were actually pretty much together now, they just needed to clarify their relationship. He glanced at He Xun and Pei Jin next to him again, needless to say about this pair, they interpreted the three words “sweet honey” every day. Among the several brothers, he was the only one left.

He also felt a little lonely.

Fatty cautiously said to Yu Yuan, “Hey, tell me, why don’t we get together?”

Yu Yuan was taken aback by this sentence, she stared at Fatty’s belly with disgust, it was like a woman’s pregnant belly just before giving birth, so she mercilessly scolded him, “Go away.”

Fatty still didn’t give up, he said with his fingers crossed, “Listen to me, in fact, we have a good relationship, we are in the same class and in the same circle, what kind of fate this must be. Your name is Yu Yuan, and your face is a little round, and I am a little fat, and we are actually a good match together.[1]

God is a goddamn match.

Yu Yuan sneered mercilessly, “You’re a bit fat? I’m afraid you don’t know enough about the word fat.”

Yu Yuan said it all, and Fatty’s face was not as thick as a city wall. The confession failed, and he let out a sigh.    

Zheng Li couldn’t stand it any longer, “Fatty, what’s the hurry, when we are in college, brother will help you find a good one. If I can’t find it, I’ll ask He Xun to find it for you. If Brother Xun goes out, what could go wrong?”

Only then did he feel happy again. His emotions came and went faster.

Relationships also had a lot to do with fate. It was normal for Yu Yuan not to like Fatty. Although the atmosphere was a little embarrassing at first, it soon returned to normal.

Pei Jin was lying in He Xun’s arms, and He Xun reached out and intertwined her fingers.

“He Xun, what college do you want to study in?”

He Xun was dissatisfied, “He Xun is called by everyone else, Peipei, you have to call me husband.”

Pei Jin pursed her lips and said, “Husband.” She used to be like Fatty and called him Brother He Xun, and later she called him by his name directly. Although she called He Xun the Great Demon King in WeChat, the verbal address to him had always been very common, and there had never been an exclusive address. When she thought that He Xun had always called her Peipei, she felt that she had been a little derelict in her duty, so she cooperated unexpectedly this time.

The words “husband” came out of Pei Jin’s mouth, with a bit of sweetness, a bit of softness, and a bit of stickiness. After He Xun heard it, his heart softened.

He smiled and his chest vibrated slightly, “Good. I’ll go wherever you go to university.”


Pei Jin was also tired at this time, and she fell asleep in He Xun’s arms after a while.

He Xun touched her face and kissed her eyes again. Pei Jin purred softly but did not wake up. At this time, out of the corner of He Xun’s eyes, he suddenly saw two familiar people.

Ji Chengjue and Xia Ying.

He didn’t expect that Xia Ying would dare to come back to Jiang City, and Ji Chengjue, who almost pulled Pei Jin into the water before, would still have the courage to appear in front of him.

He Xun sneered, he placed Pei Jin on the chair carefully, let Yu Yuan look at her carefully, then winked at Zheng Li, and the two walked towards Ji Chengjue.

Xia Ying had indeed left the city, but she naturally wanted to spend the special day of New Year’s Eve with her boyfriend. The two did not go to open a room after the New Year’s Eve but planned to open a black room in an Internet cafe together and play games for a while.

The enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road[2], but they never expected to meet He Xun here.

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[1] Yuan means round.

[2] One cannot avoid one’s enemies in this small world.

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