SN Ch. 90

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The old street was very deserted, in the dim light cast by the street lamps, there were only Huo Yunshen and Yun Qing.

When Yun Qing heard him say “chasing you”, her heart jumped with joy and sourness, her forehead rested on his thin shoulder, and she wanted to cry sullenly.

Her brother Yunshen was not dirty at all.

Even though so much blood had flowed from his palm, he still had a dry and crisp breath.

He finally took this step.

But it was not even close.

He forgot her, locked himself in a cage and refused to face her sincerity, and made her sad for so long, so she shouldn’t forgive him too easily.

And more important than this, she not only wanted Yunshen to like her, but also hoped that he could use his feelings to truly get out of the shackles and shadows that held him down, so that he could be confident, understand how good he was, and recognize a…a future worth laughing at and fighting for.

There was still more time, the future was far and long, enough to take it slowly, but his end point must be her.

Yun Qing secretly coveted his temperature for a while, then pushed him away seemingly displeased, and said with a straight face: “I just came to bring you medicine because I couldn’t see you bleeding, there is no other meaning, don’t get me wrong.”

She pursed her soft red lips: “You drove me away, you said those things to me, and you threw my things every day, I remember it, I won’t be stupid again.”

Fearing that the deterrence would not be enough, she added nonchalantly: “If you say it’s the last time, I will definitely do it.”

The heart in Huo Yunshen’s chest was sore and swollen because of her, it was filled into a balloon, and it was about to explode.

He pulled her wrist: “It’s my fault. Even though you hate me, it won’t affect my pursuit of you. I will pay back those who bullied you.”

Yun Qing bit her lip and didn’t look at him.

He stared at her delicate white face, unwilling to look away, and said hoarsely: “As long as you want, you can bully me back at any time. Also, I… I’m not what others say, I’m not so sick… I’m not like a person.”

Yun Qing’s eyes were sore with sadness.

Huo Yunshen promised in a low voice: “I will prove it to you.”

Today, from the moment he saw Qingqing getting close to the class leader with his own eyes, he knew that he was trapped and couldn’t get out. This crazy jealousy could swallow him up. If the little girl was nice to others, he would really go crazy.

He was alone and couldn’t see the light, but the girl’s soft hand pierced through the thorns and stretched out to him regardless of the harm. He wanted to try his best to keep her, catch her, and change her to live a new life.

Huo Yunshen got up very early the next day, and his spirit had not been so good for many years. He went to the fourth middle school first, turned a blind eye to the fearful eyes around him, and silently flipped through the books in his seat.

In the afternoon, there were physical education classes and self-study, so he left school to find a job to make money.

He had a smart mind and good physical strength, as long as he was willing to put down his face, he could do anything. Although he had very little money, he could save it little by little.

When Min Jing found out, he was so shocked that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut: “No, Brother Shen, you have to work three jobs a day? Are you not tired? The last one left work in the middle of the night, and you have to get up early the next day. Your body will not be able to bear it.”

The corner of Huo Yunshen’s mouth curved slightly: “I’m not tired, I can bear it.”

“Brother… You shouldn’t be, are you smiling?!”

Except for a sneer, Min Jing had never seen him really smile.

Huo Yunshen turned his face away awkwardly, and the arc couldn’t help but get wider where no one was seeing.

He heard that Qingqing liked the small purse in the window of a certain boutique, and he wanted to buy it for her, and also wanted to send her food. There were many popular restaurants outside the school, and he wanted her to try the expensive signs inside.

There were also small jewellery and toys that girls preferred.

And in the future…

Huo Yunshen’s eyelashes drooped down, covering his turbulent eyes.

In the future…she would be fine, he wanted to make more money, be worthy of her as much as possible, and prevent her from being laughed at when standing by his side.

Huo Yunshen took time to visit Yun Qing in Ninghua every morning and evening. It didn’t matter to him if she didn’t give him face. He just watched quietly and followed her for a while. Half a month later, he received half of his salary and raced to buy the purse.

But the purse was bought first, and the place in the window was empty.

He frowned and stood for a moment, chose a more expensive one, wrapped it in his scarred hand, carried it on his body, and covered it in his body temperature.

Huo Yunshen rushed to Ninghua Middle School and saw Yun Qing coming out of school from a distance. The class monitor caught up with her from behind, took out the same packing box as him, and opened it in front of her, revealing the purse that he had been looking at for more than ten days.

His nerves were jumping, and the fear of being robbed was suffocating.

Huo Yunshen couldn’t control himself, strode towards her, and heard Yun Qing’s gentle voice say: “Thank you——”

With his heart twisted, he forcefully pulled Yun Qing behind him, and rudely shoved his box to her, angrily saying, “No! This is for you!”

Yun Qing was startled, looking at the expensive gift in her hand, thinking of his living conditions, her eyes showed distress.

She controlled her emotions, and finished the rest of the sentence to the monitor first: “Thank you, it’s too precious, I can’t take it.”

After refusing, she returned the box to Huo Yunshen, and imitated his cold voice: “It’s the same with yours, take it back, and I will buy the things I like by myself.”

Yun Qing pretended to be angry, turned around and walked towards the station.

Her heart was sour and sweet, and she couldn’t stop thinking about how much money Brother Yunshen had spent.

The class monitor was a gentle and decent top student. He was blocked by a brutal bully like Huo Yunshen. Where did he dare to move forward? Huo Yunshen gave him a cold look and followed Yun Qing silently.

He was also carrying a bag full of treats and small toys.

She didn’t want it anymore.

He was too impulsive, thinking that she was going to take that person’s things, and his attitude became fierce again…

Almost at the station, Huo Yunshen couldn’t bear to catch up with her, lowered his head and said rustlingly: “My money is clean, these are for you.”

“I don’t want.”

“Look first.”

“I don’t want to see.”

The tendons on the back of his hand were tense, and he was provoked a little badly. He grabbed her hand and smoothed it, and forcibly gave her the thing: “It’s for you, if you don’t want it, just throw it away.”

Yun Qing was furious, but when she looked up and saw that his eyes were bloodshot, she was trying to maintain her composure, but she couldn’t bear to talk about him.

She threw the gift back very lightly and carefully, picked up the smallest and cheapest pack of toffee, and said with a stern face: “That’s fine, don’t follow me, and don’t spend any more money on me! Put your purse away.”

Huo Yunshen watched her puffy expression while holding the toffee, the haze in his heart dissipated, and fireworks bloomed.

No matter what, as long as she accepted his gift, he would explode with joy.

Huo Yunshen worked part-time from dawn to dusk, and delivered food to Yun Qing after school every day, regardless of whether she wanted it or not, she left as soon as she filled it up.

Yun Qing had no choice but to go to No. 4 Middle School to pay him back. After paying back twice, Yun Qing realized that this was his conspiracy, just to get a few more glances at her.

She couldn’t indulge him so easily.

The third time Yun Qing didn’t go, Huo Yunshen really couldn’t bear it, and came to Ninghua to look for her without saying a word.

Cheng Tian was the messenger, so he rushed in and said, “Yun Qing, Yun Qing, the big devil is here!”

Yun Qing took out the bag in her schoolbag in time, which contained the exact same snacks as the ones he sent, and she bought them herself.

She generously gave it to her classmates so that Huo Yunshen could see how she didn’t care, so she wouldn’t give it away anymore.

It was just a coincidence that when Huo Yunshen just walked outside the door, the squad leader took the initiative to come over, handed her to someone else to pick it up, and said kindly: “Thank you Yun Qing for choosing this for me, I like it very much.”

It was too late for Yun Qing to take it back, so she couldn’t help turning her eyes to the outside.

That figure had disappeared.

Two days later, there was going to be a joint sports meeting for all high schools in the city. Yun Qing would participate as a representative of the school’s cheerleading team. Ninghua Middle School was the favourite to win the championship every year and had attracted much attention.

Huo Yunshen stood at the front with a blank expression, his dark eyes staring at Yun Qing who was wearing a small skirt.

Yun Qing’s heart was beating wildly, she didn’t dare to look at him in a panic.

The misunderstanding with the squad leader, she still didn’t know how to make him understand…

All the schools gathered at the scene, but no one looked down on the No. 4 Middle School, especially the notorious Huo Yunshen. Usually, no one would dare to provoke him when they met him alone, but today there were so many people, everyone was not so afraid, and some people appeared from time to time, with one or two sentences of “garbage”, “mad dog”, “a castaway who was kicked out”, acting secretly ironic.

Huo Yunshen didn’t seem to hear, he just stared at Yun Qing without saying a word.

The sports meeting began, and the No. 4 Middle School participated in four popular events, three long and short distances, plus basketball.

These events used to be competitions for several key high schools, but this time, witnessed by the stunned audience, Huo Yunshen won all the championships.

He was wearing a very simple and plain sportswear. He had short black hair and a formidable aura. His facial features were too handsome, and his viciousness was diluted by sweat, making him even more eye-catching, which made all the girls scream.

Even Cheng Tian, who had always dissed him, couldn’t help gossiping with Yun Qing: “Actually, I’ve heard that many people have chased after the big devil. There are always some girls who are not afraid of that, and just want to show off their prestige. He’s really handsome, and many of the people who posted about him were big beauties, trying to attract him in all kinds of ways, but unfortunately—all of them came back crying, and no one could get close to him, I really doubt that he has no human feelings.”

Yun Qing’s throat was dry, and she looked at Huo Yunshen across the crowd.

His eyes were deep and dark, as if the whole world had nothing to do with him, and he only looked at her, full of paranoia and fiery demands.

On the night of the sports meeting, there was a performance organized by the city to watch, and all participating students from each school gathered in a huge venue.

Yun Qing came late, she did not go to the seat that Cheng Tian had reserved, but sat at the back by herself.

Within a few minutes of the start, the people around her were silently replaced. Huo Yunshen changed into clean clothes and sat down, and gave her the four small trophies he had obtained.

Yun Qing curled her fingers and didn’t answer. He silently took out a very authoritative Olympiad exercise book from his bag. No matter how noisy the stage was, he pulled out his pen with lowered eyes and said to Yun Qing: “You can choose as many as you like.”

“What are you doing……”

He didn’t answer, but just waited stubbornly, Yun Qing had no choice but to touch two of them with her fingertips, it was very complicated, and it would take her some time to solve it.

But Huo Yunshen wrote down the pen directly, and he answered eloquently.

His handwriting was beautiful, he had a cold and arrogant character, but his thinking was quick, which was not inferior to any top student in Ninghua.

Amidst the noisy singing and dancing, Huo Yunshen said in a low voice: “I’m not rubbish, and I’m not ignorant. You like people who study well. I can always do it, and I can surpass others in sports.”

He could do anything, he just didn’t have the chance.

He couldn’t take the college entrance examination, couldn’t get out of this circle of walls.

Yun Qing stared at him blankly, feeling sore in her heart.

Lights and shadows flowed in the venue, drawing a bewitching edge on his face. He stared at her fiercely, with mottled scarlet in his eyes, and said in a hoarse voice, “I’m no worse than that person.”

Yun Qing realized that he was talking about the class monitor. He saw the scene of delivering snacks outside the door that day, and thought she…

She wanted to explain a few words, but the lights at the venue suddenly went dark, and there were screams everywhere, and a teacher rushed to the stage, shouting: “Temporary power outage, it will be repaired soon, please be safe, don’t move!”

In the dark, sticky air, a hot body was approaching her.

Yun Qing sat still, forgot to breathe, and also forgot where she was.

Huo Yunshen leaned over, and while no one knew, he hugged her tightly, wrapped his steel-like fingers around her, then he begged and threatened, while whispering in her ear: “Qingqing, you don’t like me, how long will I love you? I can afford to wait, but you are not allowed to like others, not anyone but me.”

She choked up.

The girl’s voice was very soft, and she answered him: “If you work hard, I will consider it.”

This year’s winter came very early, the cold air dropped suddenly, Yun Qing’s health was not that good, and she caught a bad cold shortly after the sports meeting.

After her mother passed away, the family was occupied by the stepmother and her children, and her father turned a blind eye to her. In the occasional conversation, he just repeatedly emphasized that she should not make trouble, and honestly wait to marry the heir of the Huo family, so that she could be worthy of his years of training.

Yun Qing didn’t tell anyone when she caught a cold, she bought medicine and took it herself, and wrote English listlessly in the classroom, feeling dizzy and unable to raise her spirits.

When school was over, Cheng Tian asked her with concern: “Are you feeling unwell? Shall I take you home?”

Yun Qing smiled as usual: “No, I’m fine, I want to write for a while and leave later.”

Cheng Tian didn’t suspect her, so she left her in the classroom.

Soon all the classmates left, only Yun Qing was left alone.

Yun Qing didn’t want to go home, didn’t want to see anyone from the Yun family, she curled up her hot body in a big coat, only showing a small, flushed face.

She didn’t know when she passed out, and when she woke up again, her whole body was jolting.

A pair of strong arms held her tightly, as if holding some priceless treasure.


She cried out in a daze.

Huo Yunshen’s voice seemed to be torn apart: “I’m here! Don’t be afraid, let’s go to the hospital!”

When he came to look for Qingqing, he saw her lying on the table with a high fever, like a dehydrated and emaciated kitten. He rushed to pick her up, wrapped her in clothes, and ran to the hospital.

His heart was rubbed by her helpless appearance, crushed and pieced together.

It wasn’t until the moment he heard her speak that he was rescued from his dying suffocation.

Huo Yunshen accompanied her every step of the way for injections, ordered porridge and blew it cold to feed her. Regardless of whether she agreed or not, he carried the weak woman back to his solitary hut.

The Yun family was only interested in profit and would not care about her. If she wanted to go to a hotel, she was still young and did not have an ID card.

Huo Yunshen lived in a simple attic, which was cramped and narrow. There was only a small bed and a simple table and cabinet in it. He didn’t have anything else, so it was clear at a glance that he was cold.

Yun Qing was still dizzy and couldn’t open her eyes.

Huo Yunshen carefully placed her on his bed, covered her with a quilt, and stood by, resting his head on her hot palms to absorb her warmth.

He fell asleep unconsciously.

When Yun Qing woke up at night, she was secretly delighted with the environment she was in, turned her head with difficulty, and saw the exquisite box next to the bed at a glance.

Everywhere in his home was simple, but this one was special.

She didn’t have the strength yet, but she couldn’t resist her curiosity, tremblingly opened the lid, and then froze.

It was full of…

It was everything she gave him when she persevered in going to No. 4 Middle School.

Lunch boxes for meals, glasses, small spoons, wound medicine, key chains…

There were even those wrapping papers left over after eating, which he wiped clean, folded neatly, and kept them together in a cherished way.

He threw it out of the window countless times, and it turned out that…he picked it up silently, and hid it next to the pillow where he slept every night like a baby, waiting for her to fall asleep.

Yun Qing’s vision was blurred, and she tried not to cry.

She raised her hand, took advantage of Huo Yunshen’s deep sleep, touched his short hair, and stroked it gently.

Huo Yunshen woke up startled, seeing her red eyes, he hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yun Qing withdrew her hand and whispered, “…it’s cold.”

Huo Yunshen looked around his barren living quarters, there was nothing to keep her warm.

He lowered his eyelashes, got up and wrapped the corner of the quilt tightly for her, then turned off the light, lay on his side on the small bed, and hugged her together with the quilt forcefully into his arms without any explanation.

The little girl was trembling faintly.

Huo Yunshen hugged her with all his strength, and in the dark and cold night of the first embrace, he whispered to her: “Qingqing, don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

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