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Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “Do you know Magic Silver?”

Xie Ruheng didn’t know why the topic suddenly turned to Magic Silver, “I know.”

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “Magic Silver has the characteristics of moving through time and space. There was once an Alzheimer’s patient who triggered the time and space characteristics of Magic Silver and clearly remembered everything that happened in the past.”

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “One of my necklaces is made of magic silver. One day, I accidentally triggered the time and space properties of magic silver. But what I saw was not the past, but the future.”

Tang Bai said seriously: “I hope you can promise me not to reveal the content of our next conversation.”

Xie Ruheng said solemnly: “Okay.”

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “I saw Xie Ruheng’s true destiny.”

Xie Ruheng’s pupils shrank. Although he had not expected the direction of this matter, he vaguely guessed something. Could it be that Tang Bai saw that he would marry another omega in the future?

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “His true love is Gu Tunan.”

The mecha egg rolled to the ground with a bang.

Xie Ruheng: “?!??!?”

Career: “No way!”

Tang Bai had already anticipated Xiao Cheng’s reaction. He sighed, “Really, if you don’t believe it, I’ll tell you a few clips of the future that I saw.”

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “True love is complementary to a certain extent. Xie Ruheng’s fighting style is more aggressive, while Gu Tunan is more conservative and stable, and more defensive. The tactics teacher will soon discover that their fighting styles complement each other and will specially arrange them as partners.”

Xie Ruheng recalled Gu Tunan’s fighting style, especially in tactics class. Gu Tunan’s style was indeed very stable, seeking victory in stability, and never taking risks. However, their tactics teacher never said that they should let the two of them fight together or things like becoming partners.

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “Young people are always full of passion, and it’s easy to get fired up. During the close physical contact between Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan, they will have inexplicable feelings for each other that they are not even aware of.”


Xie Ruheng smiled.

He and Gu Tunan in love with each other? He and Gu Tunan being greedy for each other’s body? What kind of joke was this little fool making?

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “Why do I always have a great time fighting with him? Why can’t others give me this feeling? Ah, it’s because of love~”

Xie Ruheng took a special look and said, well, today was indeed not April Fool’s Day.

However, when Xie Ruheng saw Tang Bai writing his essay so seriously, a doting and conniving smile appeared on his handsome face, and he cooperated with him: “Is that so? But it sounds more like the feeling of meeting an evenly matched opponent.”

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “Evenly matched opponents become more than just opponents under the arrangement of fate, just like two flints rubbing against each other will spark the spark of love.”

Tang Bai understood Balabala according to his own reading: “The love between Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan was like falling in love but killing each other. On the surface, Gu Tunan is indifferent or even disdainful to Xie Ruheng, but in fact, Gu Tunan cares about Xie Ruheng very much. He treats Xie Ruheng as his only opponent.”

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “After the etiquette test, Gu Tunan will say to Xie Ruheng, you are very good, you are my only opponent.”

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “The only one, isn’t true love the only one?”

Xie Ruheng replied in favor of love: “Well, that makes sense.” My true love is you, little fool.

Tang Bai, who didn’t know he was being doted on by the fierce A, continued to chirp: “Love is also reflected in possessiveness. When Xie Ruheng becomes more and more outstanding and receives love letters from other omegas, Gu Tunan finally wouldn’t be able to help it, and he will specifically say jealous words to Xie Ruheng.”

Xie Ruheng couldn’t help but laugh again.

Ha, how could Gu Tunan do such a thing? He was not mentally ill. Even if he was mentally ill, he himself was not ill either.

While Xie Ruheng was searching whether accidentally triggering the magic silver could make someone’s brain stupid, he replied in a low voice: “Oh? Is that so? But love is not a matter of one person. Even if he really likes Xie Ruheng, Xie Ruheng will not like him.”

Still too naive.

Tang Bai shook his head. Didn’t he think so before? He also asked Xie Ruheng to promise him not to fall in love and just pursue a career, but now Xie Ruheng had begun to have a romantic interest and paid attention to Gu Tunan from time to time.

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “Do you know what true love is and what destiny is? In the love line between Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan, Xie Ruheng originally didn’t have many thoughts about Gu Tunan, but Gu Tunan still became his boyfriend. As Gu Tunan gets better and better, Xie Ruheng will eventually fall into decline.”

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “After all, fate will bring them together. Then they will not only become partners in school, but also outside school because they have to do something. I can’t reveal the specific thing. Anyway, you need to know. In the end Xie Ruheng will fall in love with Gu Tunan, their love will be like a tug of war, time will tell everything.”

Deep worry filled his eyes.

It’s over, I look really stupid.

After Tang Bai finished speaking, he sighed. If possible, he still hoped that Gu Tunan would not be with Xie Ruheng. Could the relationship between the protagonist gong and shou really be changed?

Could he ask God for blessings, or make a wish?

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “By the way, where did you get your lucky charm? I think it’s quite effective, and I want to get one too.” Asking for one might let God tear the protagonists apart.

Career: “That’s a lucky charm my mother gave me. She has passed away, and I don’t know where she got it.”

Tang Bai was stunned for a moment and said quickly: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

Career: “It doesn’t matter, she has been dead for a long time.”

Career: “But that lucky charm is really effective. I always bring it with me when I have to do important things. It makes me lucky and keeps me safe every time.”

Career: “Sometimes I fall asleep with my lucky charm and dream about her. I don’t have a picture of her, so I can only see her in my sleep.”

Tang Bai couldn’t help but feel distressed when he read the text. He couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable he would be if Mother Tang passed away without even leaving a photo.

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “If you still remember the general appearance of aunt, I might be able to help you draw her appearance.”

Xie Ruheng was startled.

Career: “I remember her appearance, but maybe not very clearly. She was very good-looking, with an oval face and long hair.”

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “It’s fine even if you just have a general impression! I’m a little tired today, so I can’t draw it for you right away, so that’s fine, I’ll see you tomorrow night, and then you can ask me to draw it.”

Career: “Okay, see you tomorrow.”

Don’t fall in love and pursue a career: “Be happy! [Super Invincible Snake Skin Bangbang Peacock Happy Opening.GIF]”

Career: “Okay. [Super Invincible Snake Skin Bangbang Peacock Happy Opening.GIF]”

Xie Ruheng stared at the ever-rotating windmill on the emoji, and after a while, he raised the corners of his lips.

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