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Bai Mohua felt that this constructive opinion could still be considered. After all, he was not a child anymore, and he did not need to stay with his parents at all times. He could draw anywhere.

Nuan Nuan also didn’t expect that her cousin was so capable. After raising the possibility of buying a house, he immediately took her to look at the house together.

Nuan Nuan: “…”

“Wait a minute… Third brother is still inside.”

Bai Mohua said oh, he really forgot about it, then turned around and took Nuan Nuan’s little hand to find Gu Mingyu.

“Gu Mingyu, let’s go buy a house.”

Gu Mingyu, who was lifting weights: “???”

So what earth-shattering thing happened during my absence? Why did you jump to buying a house all of a sudden!

In the end, he was taken to see the house together. After all, if these two little fools who knew nothing were allowed to go, he felt like all their money would be defrauded.

“Little cousin, how about I buy you a house too?”

Nuan Nuan shook her head quickly, “No.”

Gu Mingyu, “… you are quite rich, aren’t you?”

Bai Mohua smiled innocently, “I was in country Y before. The two paintings I took at the Bian Art Exhibition cost over 10 million, plus what I saved before, it should be enough.”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes suddenly lit up, the cousin who relied on his talent to make a living was so handsome!

Gu Mingyu was almost fully armed when he went out, and his whole body was wrapped except for his eyes. When he walked into the sales center, he didn’t look like he was going to see a house, but like he was going to rob someone.

He don’t know how many pairs of eyes fell on him and muttered, but he himself was very calm.

“Third brother, many people are looking at us.”

Nuan Nuan took his hand and said in a low voice. In fact, she felt that they were basically looking at third brother.

Gu Mingyu said confidently, “That’s right, after all, I’m so good-looking.”

Bai Mohua stared at his current appearance and hesitated to speak.

“What’s the point of only seeing one pair of eyes?”

Gu Mingyu said quite confidently, “You don’t understand, even if I’m wrapped up tightly, they can still see through my superficial appearance to see through my essence. After all, my temperament is so excellent.”

The two security guards at the center walked past them as if they were not there, and glanced at Gu Mingyu several times.

Gu Mingyu didn’t take it to heart at first, but who told him to have sharp ears? After the two security guards passed by, they whispered on the walkie-talkie.

“Headquarters, they are not here to rob or cause trouble. They probably have some special quirks.”

Gu Mingyu: “…”

Bai Mohua: “I…”

Gu Mingyu: “Shut up.”

Bai Mohua: “…Oh.”

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, but she actually heard it too.

The house that Bai Mohua bought was also in Nanjin Biewan. Don’t ask why, it was just close to Gu Nan’s villa. When Nuan Nuan came here, she could go to Gu Nan’s place to play or go to his place.

“Buy a big one with a yard and grow grapes for Nuan Nuan!”

He was so proud. Nuan Nuan was so moved that she decided to wait for the strawberries to ripen and leave the first big strawberry picked for her cousin!

The house in Nanjin Biewan was really expensive. Bai Mohua took a fancy to a small villa not far from Gu Nan’s villa. He didn’t need a big one, it was just big enough for him and Nuan Nuan to live in.

This alone cost him half of his savings.

Bai Mohua held his bank card with a solemn expression. It seemed that he had to make more money, otherwise how would he be able to support Little Orange and his little cousin.

Gu Mingyu originally came here with these two idiots, but in the end he also fell in love with a villa, and finally generously paid for it. He had a hunch that he would come here often in the future.

After selling two villas at once, the salesman was so happy that he almost made them his ancestors.

Gu Mingyu: ‘Ha… didn’t you say I looked like a robber before?’

After buying two villas, they both found interior designers very efficiently, mainly Gu Mingyu, because after all, he had a wider network of contacts.

When designing and decorating, they both unanimously reserved a room for Nuan Nuan, and asked the designer to ask her opinions when decorating her room.

Unexpectedly, her brothers all specially reserved a room for herself, and Nuan Nuan only felt warm in her heart.

Before she was five years old, Nuan Nuan felt that she had no place to live. Especially after her grandmother in Xiaoxi Village passed away, she felt that she had no home.

But after the age of five, or to be precise, after being found by the Gu family, Nuan Nuan felt that she couldn’t live in all her houses anymore. This was probably a combination of pain and happiness.

That night, Gu Mingyu went back to his home, and Nuan Nuan took her cousin shopping.

“Nuan Nuan, what do you want to buy?”

Nuan Nuan: “Buy gifts for my brothers.”

She felt that her brothers were too kind to her, so she must be kind to her brothers.

Unfortunately, she was still young and could not make money on my own, so she could only spend the pocket money given to her by her father and brothers.

“Does it have mine too?”

Bai Mohua’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard that Nuan Nuan was about to buy him a gift.

The little girl holding his hand nodded softly and made a babyish sound.

“Of course there is a gift for my cousin. My cousin is very kind to me. I want to buy a gift for my cousin!”

Nuan Nuan was thinking about it in her mind while walking to the mall. She didn’t know what her eldest brother liked, but she asked Nan Feng and the result was… What he liked was making money.

Nuan Nuan: “…”

Then she couldn’t help her eldest brother. After all, her eldest brother had much more money than her.

Then she asked agent Uncle Zhao about what her third brother liked, but Uncle Zhao told her that her third brother also liked making money. Apart from making money, he loved himself and looking beautiful, and there was nothing else he particularly liked.

Nuan Nuan didn’t know what to buy for him.

Then there was the fourth brother. The fourth brother’s hobbies were quite obvious. He liked very handsome cars, but her money was probably not enough to buy a car. Nuan Nuan was worried to death.

Her little brother liked figurines, and this one was really easy to buy.

Finally, it was her cousin. Because she was too young, her family would be worried if she went out to buy things by herself. Since her cousin was also around, she just brought him with her. So of course, she asked him directly what he liked.

“Cousin, what do you like?”


Nuan Nuan’s delicate little face suddenly wrinkled, and her big wet eyes looked at him pitifully.

“But I can’t draw, so what should I buy for you?”

Bai Mohua suddenly laughed. His smile was really clean and sunny, which instantly attracted many people around him.

“Then if Nuan Nuan wants to give it away, buy that one for me.”

He pointed to a store selling cameras in front of him.

Nuan Nuan’s eyes lit up, and she immediately ran in with him. When she came out again, Bai Mohua had a camera hanging around his neck.

“Whenever I see beautiful scenery in the future, I will take pictures with the camera Nuan Nuan gave me and share it with Nuan Nuan.”


The little girl who followed him step by step nodded vigorously.

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