IHSB Ch. 113

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The two of them walked around the mall for a long time. Nuan Nuan’s eyes lit up when she saw a store specialized in selling various models of cars and airplanes.

She couldn’t buy a real car for her fourth brother, but this was fine.

When she walked in, she realized that these models were not cheap. The expensive ones cost hundreds of thousands, while the cheap ones cost thousands.

In the end, the little girl made a lot of choices and chose a black Land Rover model for her fourth brother. If nothing else, it looked very handsome and resembled her fourth brother.

Seeing the airplane model next to it, Nuan Nuan had an idea and solved the problem of her little brother’s gift as well.

Didn’t he clamour to buy a plane before? She couldn’t afford a real plane, but she could afford this one!

She really didn’t know what to buy for her eldest brother and third brother, so Nuan Nuan just bought shirts for them. The eldest brother’s was black.

Saleswoman: “Excuse me, what size do you need?”

Nuan Nuan: She really didn’t know this.

Suddenly she saw on the advertising screen in the store, a foreign model walking on the T shirt who looked about the same height as her eldest brother, but her eldest brother was better looking than the model.

The little girl pointed at the model, “It’s about the same as him, a little bigger.”

The saleswoman said, “???”

Got it, it was the kind with a huge figure anyway!

The eldest brother’s was black, so she bought the white one for her third brother.

The saleswoman said, “Is this the same size as the previous one?”

Nuan Nuan shook her head, blinked her big eyes and asked, “Sister, do you know Gu Mingyu?”

The saleswoman’s eyes immediately lit up, “Who doesn’t know him? Little sister. Do you also like Yuyu?”

Nuan Nuan nodded, yes, she liked all her brothers!

The saleswoman smiled even wider, but… what did this have to do with buying clothes?

Then she heard the little girl say slowly, “They have a figure like Gu Mingyu.”

Saleswoman: “!!!”

My friend, you have great ideas!

In the end, all the gifts were taken care of, and Nuan Nuan also bought some other things. Bai Mohua and Nuan Nuan were carrying shopping bags and were about to take a taxi when Gu Mingyu called.

“Where did you two go!”

Nuan Nuan said coquettishly, “We’re at the exit of the shopping mall. My cousin and I will take a taxi back right away.”

Gu Mingyu: “Go to the intersection and stop running around. I’ll pick you up right away.”


Gu Mingyu was very fast, and Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua were particularly easy to find. Anyway, they were the most beautiful and eye-catching ones at the intersection.

When he arrived, several people were holding up their phones as if taking pictures. Gu Mingyu took off his sunglasses and raised his chin when the car windows were lowered.

“Get in the car.”

“Ahhhhh!!! Gu Mingyu!!!”

“Where is it? Yuyu!”

One of the girls who was taking pictures recognized Gu Mingyu and screamed excitedly.

Gu Mingyu: “Hurry up!”

Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua shuddered and quickly opened the door and got in the car.

Before the crowd could gather around him, Gu Mingyu stepped on the accelerator and sped away.

The speed of escaping was really fast.

However, even though they ran fast, fans still took pictures and posted them online, which quickly dominated the trending searches.

I hate it so much! At that time, I just walked through that intersection and passed by Yuyu!

Yuyu looks so handsome when he drives. Why don’t I have that luck?

Damn it, my husband has come to town and I don’t even know.

He must have come to pick them up. Does anyone know who those two people are?

Looks familiar…

Someone with a good memory immediately remembered the hot airport search that had been suppressed before.

I remembered that little girl from the airport photo!

The same goes for that boy.

It seems like they have a really good relationship. They should be cousins, right?

Netizens began to analyse their relationship in various ways. They could not find any news about Nuan Nuan on the Internet, but they found Bai Mohua, and then the Internet exploded while the three people in the car were safe and sound and finally got back home.

Gu Mingyu talked while helping them take out the things in the car.

“Why did you two went to the mall? You’re not afraid of getting lost and not being able to find your way back home.”

Bai Mohua “…I can find the way!”

Who are you looking down on!

Gu Mingyu glanced at him, “Sorry, you look like you will get lost easily.”

Nuan Nuan hummed, “Nuan Nuan can find the way too.”

Gu Mingyu rubbed her little head, “You look like you get lost easily as well. Come on, sister, promise brother, remember to bring a bodyguard with you next time you go out, you know? Otherwise, if you encounter a bad guy, one of you with short arms and short legs and the other with thin arms and thin legs will be taken away together.”

Nuan Nuan & Bai Mohua: “…”

That’s too much!

When Nuan Nuan took out the gift and gave it to him, Gu Mingyu realized that these two little guys went to the mall to buy gifts for them.

With a smile in his eyes, Gu Mingyu pinched the soft cheeks on both sides of her sister’s cheeks with his slender fingers.

“It turned out that you went to buy a gift for your brother. Why is my sister so good?”

Nuan Nuan looked at him eagerly.

“Third brother, see if you like it.”

Gu Mingyu took a look and saw that the white shirt, from this brand, cost more than 2,000 yuan. Although it was not as good as the high-end clothes in his wardrobe, it was something that his little sister bought for him.

“I like it very much.”

The little girl’s eyes suddenly lit up, and she happily went home with other things.

Gu An also came back from school and snorted when he saw Nuan Nuan.

“Where did you go?”

Who knew how he felt when he came back and looked for his sister happily, but found out that she and her cousin had gone out?

She didn’t even wait for him to come back together. Didn’t it mean that his sister didn’t love him as a brother anymore?

Nuan Nuan put an airplane model into his hand.

“A gift for my little brother.”

The voice sounded soft and sweet.

Gu An looked at the airplane model in his hand, and then at his soft little sister.

The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up.

“Gift for me?”

Nuan Nuan nodded, and Gu An became even happier.

He was also very easy to coax.

Later there were gifts from other people in the family, and Nuan Nuan bought some gadgets. Everyone in the family who received the gifts was very happy. Such happiness… they sent a lot of red envelopes to Nuan Nuan.

Nuan Nuan held her phone and poked at it for a long time before opening all the red envelopes.

Nuan Nuan: ‘Why is she getting more and more money?’

Nuan Nuan, who didn’t know how to calculate a particularly large amount, asked her cousin to help her calculate it, and then it was confirmed that she made a net profit of 20,000 yuan today.

Nuan Nuan: “…”

Others spent money and had less and less money, but she spent it, she got more and more money.

The gifts for the eldest brother and the fourth brother had not been sent out. One was at school and the other was working overtime at the company and had not returned yet.

Nuan Nuan missed her elder brother, but was afraid of disturbing him, so she only sent a voice message when she was about to go to bed.

‘Good night, big brother, remember to rest’.

Nuan Nuan thought that her eldest brother would be too busy to reply to her message, but her phone vibrated as soon as her message was posted.

Good night, go to bed early.

Nuan Nuan rolled around on the big bed twice with happy eyebrows and crooked eyes while holding her cell phone, and then went to sleep contentedly.

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