LGHIHW Ch. 44: Arc 1.40

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Qiao Yanan shouted crazily in her mind: “System, system, where are you? Come out! System…”

She held the podium with both hands to prevent her trembling legs from being unable to support the weight of her body and falling to her knees.

248 was gone, and what she needed to face was no longer dozens of employees in the R&D department of Haiming Group, but practitioners in the entire communications field. They sat in the brightly lit hall and looked at her with admiration. Among them were CEOs of major companies, scientists from top research institutes, and even senior government officials.

If her vest was peeled off in front of these people, Qiao Yanan would no longer be able to gain a foothold in the communications field. She would be ruined and left with nothing. An annual salary of 60 million, hundreds of millions of share dividends, luxury cars and mansions, a bright future, prosperity and wealth would all come to nothing.

She only felt happy when she plotted against Zhuang Li, but when she faced the same situation herself, she realized how desperate it was.

In panic, she held her forehead, shook her body, and looked extremely weak.

The host quickly stepped forward to help: “Minister Qiao, what’s wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell?”

“Sorry, something happened to me before, and my body is still recovering. I didn’t make it in time in the morning and didn’t have breakfast, so I can’t bear it.” She trembled and bent over, her tone full of guilt: “I’m really sorry, I was so rude.”

Pretending to be sick always worked well for pretty women. Moreover, her face was really ugly, and she was sweating profusely, which was clearly captured by the camera. No one doubted her excuse, and her addiction to drugs was no secret in the industry.

For a genius scientist, as long as her brain was good enough, a little flaw in her character or living habits was not a big problem at all.

Those who wanted to ask questions put their hands down and shouted considerately: “Minister Qiao, please go back and rest first. We will communicate again when we have the opportunity.”

Tu Si, who was sitting at the front table with the government officials, also stood up and walked quickly to the stage, as if wanting to help Qiao Yanan himself.

At this moment, a lazy voice spread through the microphone: “Ms. Qiao, you can find someone to be a gunman for your speech, you can steal scientific research results, but no one can help you with technical exchanges. So this time you have to use your old tricks again. Are you pretending to be sick to avoid it again?”

Everyone followed the voice and saw Xuan Ming raising a microphone to Zhuang Li’s mouth. Zhuang Li held his chin in one hand and patted the table with the other. The smile at the corner of his mouth was very light, but still full of contempt and ridicule.

Qiao Yanan wanted to continue walking backstage, but Tu Si clamped her arm and held her in place, his brows furrowed as if he was offended.

Zhuang Li continued: “Ms. Qiao, I said you don’t understand communication technology. No matter how many people question me, I will never take it back. If you still have some backbone, if you want to prove yourself, if you have absolute strength, please answer my question. If you can answer this question, I, Zhuang Li, will disappear from your eyes forever from now on. How about it, do you dare?”

Qiao Yanan’s face turned from white to blue in an instant.

Did she dare?

Even if 248 was still there, she didn’t dare to respond to Zhuang Li’s provocation, let alone now?

248 was a highly intelligent robot. How smart could a person be if he couldn’t even compare to it? Could Zhuang Li, who had won several consecutive battles with intelligent robots from higher planes, be something ordinary people could afford to offend?

Qiao Yanan wanted to shake her head, run away, and disappear on the spot, but she couldn’t do so because of Tu Si’s obstruction, and she stayed in place because of the faces in the audience who supported her.

“Minister Qiao, you stay and teach this gentleman how to behave.” Someone shouted indignantly.

The 5G technology provided by Zhuang Li was still confidential because it was too advanced and comprehensive, so the outside world did not know his true strength. However, a few government officials who knew the inside story raised their eyebrows, slightly dissatisfied.

“Yanan, you are now the director of Future Map’s R&D department. When you are questioned, Future Map is also questioned. It’s just one question. It can be solved in a few minutes. Go ahead.” Tu Si held Qiao Yanan’s shoulders, full of trust in her.

Qiao Yanan was pushed back to the podium and was also lifted into the air. The most embarrassing encounter for her was now happening again, with the same enemy and the same predicament, like a reincarnation nightmare that would always be fought back to the end.

Could she shake her head and say no?

Of course not. If she did, her knowledge and abilities would be questioned by everyone.

Or just faint?

As soon as this idea came up, Zhuang Li smiled and said: “Don’t pretend to be dizzy, I have plenty of ways to wake you up in a second.” He stretched out his slender index finger and shook it from side to side, his narrow and slightly curved eyes twinkling, with a narrow brilliance.

Qiao Yanan, who was holding her forehead in a shaking position, immediately became stiff all over.

Tu Si, who still had his hand put on her shoulder, noticed her suddenly tense muscles, and his eyes darkened, as an ominous premonition surged from deep in his heart. But the situation was completely in Zhuang Li’s hands, and there was nothing he could do to break the situation.

Zhuang Li had put Qiao Yanan too high. Now she only had two choices, one was to rely on her own strength to soar, the other was to fall down in mid-air and fail miserably.

At the same time, the technicians of Haiming Group were still shouting: “Minister Qiao, it’s just a question. What are you afraid of? You are the most outstanding scientist in the field of communications!”

Well, the shelf was getting higher and higher, and she really couldn’t get down.

Qiao Yanan bit the tip of her tongue and said with a mouth full of fishy smell: “Mr. Zhuang, what do you want to ask?” She tried hard to control the panic in her heart, but every muscle on her body trembled involuntarily.

The scene in front of her was so grand and solemn that all the industry leaders, experts, CEOs, and officials from relevant government agencies were watching her performance in the audience. The densely packed cameras on the truss were also broadcasting her every move on the Internet, allowing thousands of ordinary people to comment as much as they wanted.

She was like a trapped animal imprisoned in an iron cage, with swords, spears, and halberds stuck all over her body. Her fur was stained with bright red blood. She was about to be completely killed, but there was no place to retreat and hide.

She shouted for the last time in her heart: “System, help me!”

She was still greeted with deathly silence.

Not only was her body shaking, her teeth were also chattering.

Tu Si, who was standing aside, had a dark complexion, but he still managed to put on a decent smile. He naturally understood Qiao Yanan’s strange behavior, and while he was anxiously thinking about how to get out of trouble, he heard Zhuang Li say in a casual tone: “Ms. Qiao, listen carefully -“

He deliberately paused for a few seconds before asking a question.

Qiao Yanan, who was already restless, felt her heart in her throat. Her mind was in a whirlwind, and she couldn’t remember anything or think about anything.

Zhuang Li raised the corners of his red lips and continued: “Please explain what non-orthogonal multiple access means.”

Tu Si’s tense heartstrings suddenly relaxed, and his stiff smile immediately turned into a real smile. The entire audience also burst into astonished noises. They never expected that Zhuang Li would put Qiao Yanan in such a high position and force her to be unable to get off the stage, but in the end he would ask such a mentally retarded question.

Translated into Chinese, non-orthogonal multiple access technology meant non-orthogonal multiple access technology. It was one of the entry-level technologies for 5G research and development. In her speech just now, Minister Qiao also mentioned this technology many times and emphasized its importance. Could she not answer such a question? Come on?

Was there something wrong with Mr. Zhuang’s brain? Did he come to the player’s house for a drink? Mr. Xuan promoted such a person to the position of head of the technical department. He was really ambitious and courageous!

Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help but look at Xuan Ming with subtle eyes.

The engineers at Future Map laughed one after another, sighed and shook their heads, and finally said with emotion: “It’s our fault. We shouldn’t have argued with Mr. Zhuang before. How old is he? Is he three years old? Mr. Xuan, you’d better send him for further study in kindergarten.”

Someone else cursed more bluntly: “This question is simply retarded!”

“Well, this question is indeed retarded,” Zhuang Li was not angry at the mockery, but smiled and nodded, raising his chin to the stage, “But your Minister Qiao can’t even answer such a retarded question.”

Everyone looked at Qiao Yanan and then fell silent.

She was dripping with cold sweat, her lips were trembling, her pupils were trembling, and she looked like she was knocked down.

No way! It was just a translation of an English technical term into Chinese. There was no way Minister Qiao couldn’t answer it! Had she become addicted to drugs again?

As soon as everyone thought of this, Zhuang Li casually blocked another escape route for Qiao Yanan: “Minister Qiao, don’t always use drug addiction as an excuse. Your physical examination report has been put on your job resume and everyone can see it. You must be in good physical condition currently, otherwise Future Map will not be eager to invite you to join them.”

Qiao Yanan dug her fingers into the podium, breaking several nails and bleeding a lot, but she couldn’t feel the pain at all because of her nervousness. She was trembling, trembling continuously, cold sweat covered her forehead, and slid down her wet temples to her chin, looking extremely embarrassed. The anxiety, guilt and panic in her eyes almost turned into tears.

Without her biggest support, she was knocked back to her original form in an instant.

A camera suspended above her head captured these details and displayed them on a giant LED screen.

The entire venue could see these extremely clear images and could truly feel Qiao Yanan’s mood. She wanted to run away, but her legs were so weak that she could hardly stand. She couldn’t answer this simple question that could be called a retarded one!

Then a ridiculous idea appeared in everyone’s mind at the same time.

However, before they could raise any questions, Zhuang Li chuckled and gave his verdict: “I said last time, how can you understand communication technology if you don’t even understand professional terms? You said non-orthogonal multiple access technology 17 times in the speech just now, which is translated into English as non-orthogonal multiple access.”

Zhuang Li’s chuckle was like a cold wind, making Qiao Yanan shiver with cold.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something professional enough to refute, but there was no knowledge in her mind for reference. She still didn’t know what 5G technology was all about.

Zhuang Li asked questions one after another: “Didn’t the person who wrote your manuscript help you mark the English terms?”

“It seems that you didn’t learn English well either. Then how did you write the purely English papers you published in foreign journals?”

“Where did you steal your scientific research results from?”

“You seem very unconvinced by me?”

Zhuang Li’s interested eyes met Qiao Yanan’s vicious eyes. He waved his hand briefly, included everyone present, and said with a chuckle: “Then please answer the questions raised by everyone here now and prove yourself with your superb skills. Anyone who wants to communicate with Minister Qiao can raise their hands now.”

A large number of arms were raised in the venue. Some people looked puzzled, some were extremely angry, and some shouted hurriedly: “Minister Qiao, you must prove yourself today!”

Qiao Yanan closed her eyes tightly, not daring to face this terrible world again.

However, no matter how she tried to escape, she had to cross this hurdle today, even if the other side of the hurdle was an abyss that Zhuang Li had already prepared for her.

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